Stithians showing results, 16 July 2012

  • Ridden hunter, sml.– 1 & ch, A Buckingham’s Miners Town; 2, D Curnow’s Gew Cedarburg; 3, S Smith’s St Mawgan Targa. local.– 1 & res, D Weston’s Rubins; 2, H Franklin’s Spirit Song; 3, A Dunnett’s Collette II. ridden cob.– 1 & res, W Burley’s Garrangrena Dream; 2, R Harper’s Hot Property; 3, L Allen’s Ballymacauley. riding horse.– 1 & ch, J Stokes’ Twice As Smart; 2, P Cook’s Kings Crystal Maze; 3, K Rashleigh’s Dazzle Me. HOYS LR.– 1 & ch, H Barton’s Westleake Sophistication; 2 & res, C Davies’ Caradines Marquise; 3, S Lobb & F Dymond’s Barkway Tiara. FR.– 1, E Perry’s Fofsway Wishing Well; 2, C Pooley’s Baylew St Patrick; 3, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tigris. HOYS SP 128cm.– 1 & res, K Gillott’s Colbeach Salaman; 2, J Roynan’s Parkhills Little Aria; 3, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Maydream. 138cm.– 1 & ch, B McKinnon’s Chagford Picture Perfect; 2, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Jester; 3, L Bowen’s Barford Paparazzi. 148cm.– 1, D Thomas’ Pendley Mastermind; 2, A Hurst’s Abbas Cornish Dancer; 3, N Evans’ Cwmcarrog Satin Knight. HOYS int SRT, sml.– 1 & res, A Hewitson’s Binghams Toy Story; 2, K Lockhart’s Longpark Pretentious; 3, A Thomas-Chambers’ Anton Little Astaire. lge.– 1 & ch, A Thomas’ Roseberry Ladies Day; 2, K Harris’ Time Out; 3, N Marshalsay’s Manhattan IV. int SHT.– 1, K Campbell’s It’s After Eight; 2, Patterson Horseboxes’ Lambwath Classic Moment; 3, V Trice’s Pipistrelle. HOYS SHP 122cm.– 1, D Thomas’ Greylands Maid In The Dark; 2, K Cousins’ Treowen Flashman; 3, A True’s Littlecourt All Gold. 133cm.– 1 & res, B McKinnon’s Yealand Breeze; 2, C Hughes-Jones’ Techon Alwyn; 3, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V. 143cm.– 1 & ch, K Roberts’ Tyrdulais Lady In Waiting; 2, D Thomas’ Warleigh Byzantium; 3, D Hazel’s Chaseford Sparkle. 153cm.– 1, A Curry’s Noble Star; 2, D Thomas’ Greylands Sundance Kid; 3, K Campbell’s Bucks Fizz. HOYS WHP 133cm.– 1 & ch, L Bowen’s Purple Ronnie; 2, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V; 3, K Link’s Limerick Lad. 143cm.– 1 & res, S Goodman’s Rocky B; 2, K Goord’s Reduster Polanski; 3, L Stuart’s Carnsdale Casper. 153cm.– 1, H Gibbon’s St Patrick III; 2, S Goodman’s Viola; 3, S Graves’ Pebbly Jackson. int.– 1, J Richards’ Pebbly Role Model; 2, S Woyka’s Carnsdale Absolutely Fabulous; 3, D Ward’s Get Set III. HOYS WH.– 1, M Hennah’s Anchorman; 2, H Gaunt’s Uroko; 3, Pebbly Role Model. NPS LR.– 1 & ch, A Clerey’s Thistledown Passion Flower; 2, G Jones’ Newoak Classic Edition; 3, K Carne’s Churchwood Herald. FR.– 1 & res, F Vincent’s Dryfe Sheer Sensation; 2, L Ball’s Newoak Star Edition; 3, P Furniss’ Polmesk Supersonic. M&M sml.– 1, R Jones’ Sidehills Single Malt; 2, C Pooley’s Vennebos Pearly King; 3, Polmesk Supersonic. M&M lge.– 1, A Douglas’ Dunedin Monarch; 2, J Cooper’s Kenwyns Kensa; 3, T Chenoweth’s Benoakes Ariel. BSPA horse.– 1, E Thomas’ Just Imagine; 2, B Reynolds’ Troika; 3, L Mitchell’s Mischief. pony.– 1, J Sleep’s Wiske; 2, A Mount’s Hollyland Lalique; 3, J Thrupp’s The Legend. Cornish LR.– 1, F Smith’s Mouse; 2, H Menhennet’s Chyvogue Magic Maythorn; 3, N Lewis’ Bunbury Sabrina. FR.– 1, Baylew St Patrick; 2, S Pascoe’s Cosford Chameleon; 3, S Butcher’s Pablo. YR.– 1, S Hutchins’ Arrow; 2, Wiske; 3, A Hurst’s Abbas Cornish Dancer. open.– 1, P Williams’ The Domino Effect; 2, C Rule’s Buckaroo; 3, S Butcher’s Celtic Dignity. hunter breeding, y’ling.– 1 & res, G Horrocks’ Persephone; 2, K Gason’s Maili Bhan; 3, G Young’s Minuet IV. 2yo.– 1, K Downie’s Carnmellyn Royal Dazzler; 2, R Harvey’s Paradise Dream; 3, A Powell’s Darkwaters Debut. 3yo.– 1, Dalcotes Stud’s Generous DS; 2, J Jilbert’s My Name Is Earl; 3, J Randelsome’s Coswarth Hayden. b’mare.– 1 & ch, C Hogg’s Heligan; 2, unlisted. foal.– 1, C Hogg’s Pentire Milo; 2, Carnmellyn Kings Law. M&M in-hand, b’mare.– 1 & res, L Booth’s Voadens Verity; 2, S Bowman’s Rowfantina Prima Diva; 3, E Kenyon’s Kibi Of Houlland. foal.– 1, L Booth’s Hurstock New Flame; 2, E Kenyon’s Kib’s Girl Of Tresparret; 3, S Bowman’s Park Farm Percius. y’ling sml.– 1, N Budd’s Langwedh Secret Agent; 2, C Garcia’s Zennor Aster; 3, A Douglas’ Zennor Tatty Teddy. lge.– 1, L Booth’s Hurstock Cornish Flame; 2, M Roberts’ Whitefield Princess Tattianna; 3, E White’s Brynfa Jack Daniels. 2/3yo sml.– 1, R Bunney’s Owetre Fenella; 2, V Bennett’s Bayleaf’s Cherry Blossom; 3, H Geach’s Helawi Pen Rose. lge.– 1 & ch, M Roberts’ Finches Dollybird; 2, L Booth’s Hurstock Cornish Amber. 4yo & over sml.– 1, S Bowman’s Rowfantina Rosy Posie; 2, G Trevenna’s Colby Silver Cloud; 3, D Kellow’s Chywoon Granite. lge.– 1, L Booth’s Hawkhill Mayday; 2, L Booth’s Wootton Crystal Fire; 3, B Hall’s Holly House Opal. SP breeding b’mare.– 1, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Celebration; 2, A Hill’s Darcy Bustle; 3, C Kivell’s Holltess Sugar Tot. foal.– 1, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Sovereign; 2, C Kivell’s Crahan Sweet Elegance; 3, A Hill’s Cowance Dancing in the Dark. y’ling.– 1, C Horswell’s Gypsy Lane Moondance. 2/3yo.– 1 & res, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Jupiter; 2, C Kivell’s Craham Rum Truffle; 3, M Coombes’ Goresmead Chophard. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, G Trevenna’s Colby Velvet Charm; 2, F Vincent’s Linksbury Devotion; 3, J Nicholls’ Derw Dream Maker. HP breeding y’ling.– 1 & res, E Turner & E Kenyon’s Piran Oh So Joyful; 2, E Haines’ Retyn Ha’Penny; 3, C Horswell’s Gypsy Lane Moondance. 2/3yo.– 1, B Pedler’s Churchmoor First Edition; 2, S Morris’ Cahernagry Boy. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, D Cosgrove’s Lucky Strike; 2, F Vincent’s Linksbury Devotion; 3, D Kellow’s Chywoon Ruby. BSPA in-hand, pony y’stk.– 1 & res, K Broad’s Calico Karma; 2, E Thomas’ Treveglos Iggley Piggley; 3, K Connelly’s Teddy. horse.– 1, L Batty’s Crillions Checkmate; 2, L Jeys’ Mayflower Blue; 3, R Harvey’s Roman Numeral. 4yo & over pony.– 1, P Husband’s Lady Taboo. horse.– 1 & ch, E Thomas’ Just Imagine; 2, P Williams’ Domino Effect; 3, L Mitchell’s Mischief.

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