Stevenage Show showing results, 21 May, 2011

  • Cherif/RIHS part-bred Arab (C Chubb) sml.— 1 & ch, A Court’s Braeglen Symphony; 2, C Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition; 3, J Harvey’s Deanhills Sweet Dreams. lge.— 1 & res, A Miller’s Paschal Willow; 2, H Hammond’s Silver Addiction; 3, F Wells’ Podalyn Farys. int SRT.— 1, V Windsor Phillips’ Silent Words; 2, R Seager’s Raemoir Make Believe; 3, S Kivolchan’s Carnsdale Aristocrat. SHP novice.— 1, L Hillyard’s Vaguely Venture; 2, C Durdin’s Meoltryfan Blackout; 3, D Swan’s Harlaws Goldmine. do, SP.— 1, R Cross’ Barkway Wedding March; 2, J Armstrong-Small’s Longvalley Pirouette. open SHP.— 1, Vaguely Venture; 2, C Cutmore’s Fanville David. do, SP.— 1, S Kivlochan’s Millay Gingerbread; 2, Barkway Wedding March. lead-rein SHP.— 1, S Ready’s Pendock Cactus. do, DP.— 1 & ch, L Hillyard’s Moorhall Tinkerbelle; 2, S Cooper’s Deanhills Fascination; 3, M Baxter Davies’ All That Jazz. FR.— 1, Millay Gingerbread; 2 & res, B Taverner’s Barkway Precocious. cob (J Conifey) amateur.— 1, C Felce’s Shantaine Soloman. do, riding horse.— 1, H Raley’s Kings Gold; 2, A Munro’s Granite. hack.— 1, A Kelmanson’s Whistle Up The Wind. M&M ridden (Mrs C Whiteley) sml brds.— 1 & ch, L Shilstone Rocks North Westerley; 2 & res, J Armstrong-Small’s Plasdrew Nutkin; 3, M R Bryant’s Frithsden Alberti Bass. lge brds.— 1, V Lucas’ Fairyhill Murphy; 3, M R Bryant’s Starcrest Ronaldo; 3, K Johnson’s Brittleton Ledaig. LR novice.— 1 & ch, L Hillyard’s Idyllic Perdita; 2, Mrs Barnett’s Clibberswick Haliboo; 3, O Ashpole’s Honest Little Madam. do, FR.— 1 & res, J O’Keefe’s Tinsley Rock N Roll; 2, A Ray’s Rhydyfelin Squire; 3, K Murphy’s Hollydell Poseidon. open, sml brds.— 1 & ch, S Ready’s Annandale Water Lily; 2 & res, Frithsdean Alberti Bass; 3, Clibberswick Haliboo. lge brds.— 1, K Johnson’s Cloverdene; 2, Starcrest Ronaldo. ridden Appaloosa.— 1, C Jacklin Lee’s Jaylan First Early. in-hand.— 1 & ch, R Gale’s Rodega Merab; 2 & res, J Broom’s Truly Amazing; 3, Jaylan First Early. M&M LR (Mrs C Whiteley).— 1, S White’s Rookery Jumble; 2, Honest Little Madam. FR.— 1 & ch, Tinsley Rock N Roll; 2 & res, L Hillyard’s Kenilwood Monarch. jun ridden.— 1 & ch, Annandale Water Lily; 2 & res, Cloverdene. cob (Mrs T Day, N Arnold) lwt.— 1 & ch, H Webb’s The Senator; 2, A Woolliams’ Pebbly Huntsman; 3, C Bardo’s Hannah Pavlova. novice.— 1 & res, Pebbly Huntsman; 2, R McCourt’s Cob-In-Hood; 3, Shantaine Solomon. maxi.— 1, L Young’s Coachman; 2, T Ellis’ All Bar One; 3, J Dack’s Keelan Bay. riding horse, sml.— 1, C Johnson’s Fenshaw Grace And Favour. lge.— 1 & ch, Kings Gold; 2 & res, C Preston’s Beaurepaire Alys; 3, E Curtis’ Double Chance. novice.— 1, Granite; 2, L Percy’s Birchbrook Rhapsody. hack, sml.— 1 & ch, C Preston’s High Fidelity; 2, Hickstead Feeds’ Soldiers Pride; 3, K Healy’s Abbeys Finale. lge.— 1 & res, C Sale & J Farel’s Honey Glider; 2, Whistle Up The Wind. novice.— 1, C Bardo’s Pillow Talk; 2, C Taylor’s Inkjet. PUK hunter (J Conifey) open.— 1, M Morley’s Tullyhyland Heathcliffe; 2, S Proctor’s Flight Of Freedom; 3, L Hansen’s Winner. sml.— 1, Hickstead Feeds’ Fred Robinson; 2, M Morley’s Ocean Trend; 3, V Thirlwell’s Janill Prunella. competition horse/pony.— 1, Winner; 2, M Cooper’s Centaurus; 3, Janill Prunella. riding horse.—1, C Bardo’s Pimlico Walk. ridden coloured.— 1, S Mitchell’s CT Rider Special Print; 2, Fanville David; 3, Centaurus. hack.— 1, C Bardo’s Coco Chanel; 2, Soldiers Pride; 3, L Haines’ Kookaburra. part-bred.— 1, E Wells’ Bolgoed Just Joshua; 2, Raemoir Make Believe. Kemplay cob.— 1, R Patterson’s Lindlington; 2, J Howell’s Silversmith; 3, S Goldsmith’s Maybach. miniature (Mrs A Blaker) 3-y-o & over.— 1, J Hands’ Alamos Shadowplay; 2 & res, R Leppard’s Karosel City Life. y’ling.— 1 & ch, J Hands’ Shadowplay Beyond The Pale.

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