Stable licks boost health

  • For horses with respiration problems HORSLYX Repiratory Lick may help provide some relief

    Winter can mean horses spend increased periods of time in their box. Even the best stable management routines can’t eliminate dust completely, so alongside dust free bedding and feeding soaked hay or haylage, a HORSLYX Respiratory Lick can help improve your horse’s respiration system.

    Manufactured by Caltech, HORSLYX Respiratory Lickhas been formulated by nutritionist Dr. Cliff Lister. After months of research this lick has been formulated with specific quantities of menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed, which are well known for their beneficial properties.

    Using a patented “cooking” process HORSLYX begin to soften at 30( C, so is safe to feed ad-lib, without the risk of colic now associated with chemically-hardened molassed licks.

    This high quality lick contains all of the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in the original HORSLYX, while containing properties to help maintain a healthy equine respiratory system.

    HORSLYX Respiratory Lick is guaranteed free from prohibited substances as defined by the Jockey Club and FEI

    Available in 5kg refill tubs for the wall mounted HORSLYX Stable Lick containers.

    Cost at around £8

    For more information contact HORSLYX (tel: 01697 332592) or click here to visit www.horslyx.co.uk

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