South East Region AHS Show 19 June ’04

  • SOUTH EAST REGION AHS Ardingly Showground, 19 June

    pure bred in hand female y’ling 1, M Freeman’s Emeldaria; 2, Silverdale Training Centre’s Gwinivine; 3, M Calvert’s Keziya. 2-y-o filly1 & res jun fem, C Reeves’s Azzotica; 2, Silverdale Training Centre’s Aaazia; 3, L Tait’s Enyaa. 3-y-o filly1 & sup, T Aggad’s Marani; 2, Hill&Blythe’s Maysu; 3, Atkinson&Howard-Price’s Nyinski Kossack. mare with foal1, M Calvert’s Bhavna; 2, Silverdale’s Ewoluta. foal 1, M Calvert’s foal; 2, Silverdale’s foal. barren mare 1 & res, Silverdale’s Eka; 2 & res sen fem, J Adkin’s Ermina; 3, C Reeves’s Metelica. pure bred in-hand male y’ling colt 1 & res jun male, T Aggad’s ROE Aseel; 2, P Meylan’s AH Walmir; 3, L Boreham’s Van Mail Kossack. 2-y-o colt 1 & jun male ch, V Brown’s Notorious Psy; 2, A Antoniades’s Moloko; 3, J Bundy’s Jabban. 3-y-o colt 1, S Clyma’s Gladiattor; 2, S Jones’s FH Ibn Dageegah; 3, A Antoniades’s AH Danza Bey. jun geld 1, B Bermingham’s Ymerik; 2, C Reeves’s Mishal; 3, P Biles’s Baakar. do sen1 & ch, M Burr’s Rushkar; 2 & res, Mahradi; 3, N Smith’s Taher. stallions1 & sen male ch, E Maxwell’s Adawy; 2 & res, male Silverdale’s Arrizona; 3, S Murfin’s Benzali. anglo & part bred in hand geld 4-y-o & over1 & sen ch, R Dear’s Ottoman; 2, S Nundy’s Harvards Panache; 3, J Stevens’s Blysful Gnorance. mare 4-y-o & over1 & res sen, J Johansson-Massey’s Fantastica; 2, M Burr’s Spice Girl. y’ling 1 & res jun, S Pointing’s Supreme Dream Of Midfield; 2, N Hutton-McKenzie’s Mettlewood Amira. do 2-y-o1, N Hutton-McKenzie’s Mettlewood Jubilee Tribute. do 3-y-o1 & jun ch, J Johnasson-Massey’s Jims The Man About Town; 2, A Theobald’s Highlander; 3, N Hutton-McKenzie’s Mettlewood Francescas Gem. light horse 4-y-o & over 1, J Bishop’s Chinook Discovery; 2, Fantastica. do pony y’ling/2-y-o1, Mettlewood Amira. do 1/3-y-o 1, Highlander; 2, Mettlewood Francescas Gem; 3, Jim’s The Man About Town. amateur owner 1, Harvards Panache; 2, S Minear’s Galoul; 3, A Palmer’s Rajol Ibn Rusleem. vet1, R Dingwall’s Phylandbri Mandinko Warrior; 2, S Jones’s Vidas; 3, A Campbell’s Cheiftain’s Girl. young rider 1, L Watson’s Farhan; 2, C Fallow’s Abbas Queens Silk; 3, Parfait. open ridden pure bred jun mares 1, S Zebedee’s Eastworth Amoshini; 2, J Woodward’s Mi Dahling; 3, S Rose’s Shayna Maydel . do sen mares 1, C Dabb’s Ramilla; 2, J Bishop’s Muzahla; 3, A Rodger’s Crystal Chara. do jun geld1, G Ayub’s Dreamcatcher; 2, M Burr’s Majeed; 3, J Hopkin’s Hi Power. do sen geld1 & res ch, S Turner’s Nayinski; 2, A Boyle’s Maleikero; 3, A Theobald’s Mystic Moon. do stallions 1 & ch, I Ibbotson’s CAS Sabur; 2, L Hodgett’s Paneer; 3, G Rees’s Valletta Summer Soltice. open ridden anglo 153 cm 1, J Brymer’s Astral Mazurka; 2, P Lovell’s Mister Perkins; 3, T Newman’s Cervana Crisabella. do 148cm 1 & sup ch, A Miller’s Ashlings Kristella May; 2, Ottoman; 3, C Fallow’s Abbas Queen’s Silk. do partbred 148-153cm1, M Speller-Porter’s Cratfield Magic Lantern; 2, Harvards Panache. do ponies 1 & res sup, M Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink, 2, Chinook Discovery; 3, S Clarkson’s Marbon Marbaya. ridden novice jun1 & ch, N Martine’s Kings Ramses Shahir; 2 & res nov, P Carr’s Melika Shaharazade; 3, M Thomas’s Brede Bellisima. sen 1, A Turnbull’s Khatasha; 2, M Rose’s Parfait; 3, D Boswell’s Red House Zinderella. do AA 1, L Hodgett’s Blacklord Midnight Velvet; 2, M Wallace’s Parrock Thatchers Cognac; 3, T Chan’s Legend Moon Empress. do vet 1, J Marsh’s Magic Hussar; 2, G Ayub’s Shabana Naseeb; 3, J Cooper’s Newholme Fine Fella.

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