So you want to be a Shiatsu practitioner?

  • Expert advice from HORSE magazine on the training required to become a Shiatsu practioner

    Shiatsu is a form of acupressure in which the hands are used on pressure-points to bring the body’s energy flows into balance. Shiatsu can aid musculo-skeletal problems and reduce a horse’s susceptibility to injury.


    There is currently no common standard for practitioner-level courses. The Equine Shiatsu Practitioners Association is working to establish standards for equine shiatsu practitioners.

    Location: Training schools throughout the UK.

    Duration: 2-3 years.

    Content : All Shiatsu courses cover theoryand technique, location of the 14 main meridians (energy pathways) and associated acupoints, anatomy, physiology and pathology, equine behaviour, health and safety and development skills.

    Time commitment :This varies by school but courses are designed to fit work commitments.

    Normal entry requirements: No pre-qualifications. Students must complete each level before entry to the next.

    Course fees: These vary with every school.


    • Elaine Liechtie of the Equine Shiatsu Practitioners Association, (tel: 01505 682889).
    • Cathy Tindall of Holistic Horsecare and Equitation, (tel: 01604 864777).
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