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  • STIRLING FOAL, Stirling, 2 December

    Clydesdales (G Stewart) colt foal. 1, R Black; 2, W Gemmell; 3, T Tennant. do filly. 1 & ch, J Wilson’s Blueton Millennium Lady; 2 & res, R Morton’s Stobilee Xena; 3, J Anderson’s Redcastle Conchita. filly/colt foal confined. 1, J Adamson’s; 2, C Carrick. Highland ponies (Mrs L Impey) filly foal. 1, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Xantia Of Craignetherty; 2, HS McGregor’s Kaydene; 3, HS McGregor’s Marilladene. do colt.1, R & J Alexander’s Rannoch Of Fourmerk; 2, K & E Burnett’s Drumpark Glayva; 3, L Dryburgh & M Simms’ Whitefield Prince Ivanhoe. y’ling. 1 & ch, HS McGregor’s Ballinton Islay Prince; 2, Mrs S Wardrop’s Emma Of Carlung; 3, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Birchcroft Jazzman. 2-y-o. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs R Osborne’s Charmian Na Dailach; 2, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Brittleton Tamdhu. Shetland ponies (Mrs L Impey) black foal. 1 & foal ch, J Farrell’s Cochno Dark Invader; 2, J Farrell’s Cochno Statesman. coloured foal. 1 & foal res, Mrs J Buchanan’s Copper Delight Of Clayfalls. y’ling. 1 & res, J Farrell’s Yarpha Penny. 2-y-o. 1 & ch, J Farrell’s Cochno Marcus. hunters/riding horses (G Tennant) filly foal. 1 & res & overall foal, F Reed’s Manhatten. do colt. 1, F Reed’s; 2, T Brash’s Freelander; 3, Mrs S Duncan’s Drumhead Summertime Siesta. y’ling. 1, ch & res sup, Mrs L Reid’s Lynnbank Julianna; 2, Mrs S Duncan’s Moonlight Meisterin; 3, Mrs N Orr’s Atlantic Dream. 2-y-o. 1, Mrs L Reid’s Lynnbank Quest; 2, Mrs A Barron’s Rhona Of Melfort. riding/hunter ponies (Mrs W Toomer-Harlow) foal. 1, ch & res overall foal, Mrs S Wadelik’s Heart Of Gold; 2, E Bryce’s Mactana Of Cambusdrennie; 3, Mrs J & Miss A Singleton’s Barleith Ted Baker. y’ling. 1, Mrs J & Miss A Singleton’s Windale Willow The Wisp; 2, Miss A Ferguson’s Fydlyn Elegance. 2-y-o. 1 & res, Mrs S Wadelik’s Portrait Of Gold. M&M (Mrs W Toomer-Harlaw) filly foal. 1, E Mowat’s Ceannaiteach Montana; 2, Mr & Mrs S Kay’s Tulytrogg Rebecca. do colt. 1, J Borthwick’s Glen-Brae Victor; 2, Mrs J Drummond’s Trefriw Victor; 3, I Smith’s Bracklinn Dylan. y’ling. 1 & res, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Wizard; 2, J Borthwick’s Glen-Brae Selina; 3, Miss A Ferguson’s Fydlyn Elegance. 2-y-o. 1 & ch & sup, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Velvet.

    BURTON CONSTABLE P(UK),Hull, 3 December

    M&M in-hand. 1, C Hudson’s Grenadier; 2, Mr Taylor’s Jillywood Susannah; 3, R Mills’ Oakvale Rowan. M&M in-hand confined nov. 1, Jillywood Susannah; 2, Oakvale Rowan; 3, M Stanford’s Niall Of Croila. M&M LR. 1, H Atkinson’s Dukeshill Diminuendo; 2, J Neal’s Hartwell Marigold. ridden: part-bred. 1, N Swann’s Wheldale Springe Rose. M&M: confined nov FR. 1, S Staveley’s Barnell Adonis; 2, A Swann’s Blazeby Naivaswa. FR. 1, Barnell Adonis. confined nov. 1, Niall Of Croila; 2, P Langrick’s Goosemoor Eros; 3, Grenadier. M&M ridden. 1, Barnell Adonis; 2, Niall Of Croila; 3, Grenadier. SHP: Mirage. 1, R Crosbie-Starling’s Gryngallt Prince Llewellyn; 2, E Dobson’s Leases Esquire. confined nov. 1, H Curtis’s Sycamore Special Edition; 2, Leases Esquire; 3, R Westmorland’s Ballymacooda Berry. Woodhouse. 1, Leases Esquire; 2, Ballymacooda Berry. Allerton Equitation. 1, Sycamore Special Edition; 2, Niall Of Croila; 3, Gryngallt Prince Llewellyn. Templeton International Handler. 1, Niall Of Croila. ridden horse/pony. 1, Niall Of Croila; 2, Sycamore Special Edition; 3, Gryngallt Prince Llewellyn.

    EAST SOLEY EC Hungerford, Berks, 3 December

    M&M in-hand small breeds. 1, Miss Thomas’s Rosedale Crystal Fairy; 2, H Traynor’s Grynbalt Prospector; 3, A Bud’s Triffyl Trudi. lge. 1, S Prior’s Sunnybrowe Jack; 2, S Settle’s Lomond Of Alltnacailleach; 3, G Collins’ Penclose Sonny Vim. M&M LR. 1, Rosedale Crystal Fairy; 2, J Plummer’s Springbourne Elerie; 3, S Barnett’s Springwater Della Rubble. PC/RC pony. 1, W Morrissey’s Midsummer; 2, P Kent’s Laurelside Maggie May; 3, A Hoare’s Ernford Beauman. M&M WHP newcomers. 1, BBarnett’s Follywood Fantasy; 2, C Barnett’s Shilstone Rocks Picador; 3, R Tucker’s Moortown Bramble Boy. Horselode M&M WHP. 1, R Tucker’s Yaverland Carlo; 2, Bradley Barnett’s Follywood Fantasy; 3, Ernford Beauman. M&M FR. 1, ShilstoneRocks Picador; 2, H Traynor’s Grynbalt Prospector; 3, C Digby’s Bryndffa Olympia. M&M small. 1, S Darlington’s Pantmans Jog-on; 2, Shilstone Rocks Picador; 3, H Harrison’s Bincombe Percy. lge. 1, C Isaac’s Allin’s Welsh Robert; 2, D Isaac’s Pattern Rosinda; 3, L Curant’s Home Down Jade.

    EXMOOR PONY SOCIETY FOAL AND YOUNGSTOCK SHOW, Knowle Manor, Timberscombe. 3 December

    Moorbred Colt Foal 1, Mrs R. Wallaces Roebuck; 2, Tawbitts Studs Tawbitts Mystic Magnus. Moorbred Filly Foal 1, Foal Ch. And Res. Sup. Hawkwell Studs Hawkwell I’m Smartie Too; 2, Mrs R. Wallaces Rosemary; 3, Mrs S. Mansells Pinkery Pteris. Up-Country Colt Foal 1, Res Foal Ch. Mrs D. Suters Cuckolds Samuel Whiskers; 2, Mrs P. Neys Teal; 3, Mrs S. Crawfords Cowbridge Millstream. Up-Country Filly Foal1, Mrs W. Vints Dunkery Pochard; 2, Mesdames Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Tansy II; 3, Mrs W. Vints Dunkery Quetzal. Three Year Old Colt, Filly Or Gelding 1, Youngstock Ch & Sup. Ch. Miss M. Watts Heron; 2 & Gelding Ch. Mesdames Williams & Nashs Dunkery Harrier; 3, Miss S. Cutcliffes Hawkwell Smartie Pants.Two Year Old Colt, Filly Or Gelding 1, Miss K. Kennistons Sweetcombe Sunvalley; 2,Mrs S. Poulters Flying Buttress; 3, Mrs R. Wallaces Orange Juice.Yearling Colt, Filly Or Gelding 1 & Res. Youngstock Ch. Mrs P. Coxs Penbrynddu Moorland Mouse; 2, Mrs R. Wallaces Perrier; 3 & Res Gelding Ch. Hon Mrs J Prices Hazelbrigg Montgommery.GRAMPIAN FOAL, Inverurie, 9 December

    Clydesdale horses (M Carrick) 2-y-o. 1 & ch, M Thomson’s Phesdo Morag; 2, N Christie’s Anguston Megan; 3, T Gillies’ Heatherwick Lady Heather. y’ling. 1, D Henderson’s Millbuie Breeze; 2, I Drummond’s Molinsburn Emma; 3, E Leith’s Deystone Minnie. filly foals. 1 & foal res, A & J Greenhill’s Tulloes Mary Ann; 2, I & H Anderson’s Middlebank Carlogie Sophie; 3, J M Thomson’s Phesdo Michelle. do colts. 1, foal ch & res, I & H Anderson’s Middlebank Carlogie Sneddon; 2, C Jamieson’s Powburn Duke; 3, S Sutherland’s Howegillside Sans Puer Sam. cross-bred foals/y’stk. 1, S Knowles’ Petal. young handlers 1, B Smith; 2, M Noble; 3, E Weir.

    Highland ponies (Hon Mrs S Leslie-Melville) 2-y-o. 1 & ch, Mrs R Porter’s Annabell Of Craigiecat; 2, J Reid’s Geordie O’ The Glens; 3, Mr & Mrs C McQuattie’s Inga Of Strathmore. y’ling. 1, A Clark’s Auchlea Highland Mary; 2, Mr & Mrs C McQuattie’s Islay Of Strathmore; 3, K & R Stewart’s Caladh Of Brathens. filly foal. 1, foal ch & res, J Reid’s Rose O’ The Glens; 2 & foal res, Mrs R Porter’s Kirsty Of Craigiecat; 3, Mrs R Porter’s Megan Of Craigiecat. do colt. 1, Mr & Mrs C McQuattie’s Strathmore Rowan; 2, C Simpson’s Benspey Mitch; 3, M Dobbie’s Wemblys Maccallum. part-bred foal/y’stk. 1, Mrs A Barron’s Rhona Of Melfort. Shetland ponies (I Thomson) young handlers under 11. 1 & ch, B Sayers; 2, S Angus. do over 11. 1 & res, F Burnett; 2, S Angus; 3, K Leslie. 2-y-o black. 1 & ch & res sup, S & F Young’s Cushenquarter Victoria; 2, Mrs S Burnett’s Westpark Velvet. do y’ling. 1, S & F Young’s Cushenquarter Verity; 2, W Anderson’s Westpark Elegance; 3, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Rowan. do filly foal. 1, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Jay; 2, Mrs S Burnett’s Schivas Roseanne; 3, E Smith’s Heidi of Berry. do colt.1, res & foal res, W Anderson’s Westpark Punchline; 2, J& G Wilson’s Myreton Oswald; 3, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Black Jack. 2-y-o 33in or under (J McMaster). 1, J Burrs Northwells Princess Rose; 2, T Mackays Kellas Christo; 3, Mrs J Stewart’s May Of Lochside. y’ling 32in or under.1 & res, S Wilson’s Mingulay Moonshine; 2, S Wilson’s Snelsmore Cleopatra; 3, J & G Wilson’s Northwells Golden Dando. colt foal 31in or under. 1, J Burr’s Hartside Tarragon; 2, S Wilson’s Mingulay Matador; 3, E Bruce’s Redburn Mr Magoo. do filly. 1, foal ch, ch & sup, J Burr’s Tillyorn Magic May; 2, S Wilson’s Hardlebrook Flicker; 3, Mrs W McLean’s Redburn Special Angel.2-y-o coloured. 1 & res, S Wilson’s Mingulay Montana; 2, E Smith’s Paula Of Berry; 3, G Angus’s Shelmeg Sheridan. do y’ling.1, Mrs W McLean’s Hallstatt Fudge; 2, J & G Wilson’s Glenwhapple Sunrise; 3, G Angus’s Shelmeg Annie. colt foal coloured., 1 & ch, M Sams’ Kumara Gianni; 2, S Wilson’s Mingulay Marksman; 3, A Kahanov Kloppert’s Tonno Of Munness. do filly. 1, G Angus’s Shelmeg Wendy; 2, E Bruce’s Redburn Solitaire; 3, M Sams’ Kumara Rhiannon. Small M&M (Mrs S Williamson) colt/filly foal. 1 & ch & sup, A Anderson & Mrs K Scott’s Bryndefaid Arran.

    part-bred 1/2-y-o orfoal. 1 & ch, B & A Anderson’s Naderson Rossini; 2 & res, J McKilligan’s Texas. large M&M (Miss S Ravenshear) 2-y-o. 1, ch & res sup, E & J Stephen’s Cwmduad Harry Enfield; 2 & res, Mrs R Fiddes. y’ling. 1, Miss J Ironside’s Lunesdale Shadow. colt/filly foal. 1, S Sampson’s Boharm Shadowfax. 1 & ch, F Thomson’s Star Traveller; 2 & res, S Sampson’s Boharm Bow Belle; 3, M Durno’s Glenlivet Secret Affair.

    OLYMPIA, London, 18 December

    NPS/Baileys M&M ridden ch (Mrs J Beatham, M Sharpley). – 1 & ch, E & O Briant’s Snowydene (Highland); 2 & res, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Pearl (Dales); 3, S Darlington’s Pantmanrs Jog-On (Dartmoor); 4, C Light’s Longhalves Sword Of Gold (Welsh sec B); 5, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Drummer Boy (New Forest); 6, P Metcalfe’s Lunesdale Rowan (Fell). other best of breeds. – A McHale’s Bawdsey Blue Murder (Connemara); G Whetter’s Subhainn (Exmoor); C Webb’s Bincombe Percy (Shetland); G Simpson’s Whitsand Warrior (sec A); K Heppenstall’s Tranmoor Vulcan (sec C); N Head’s Taiforgan Bonheddwr (Welsh Cob).

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