Showing results 9 August ’03


    34″ And Under – HOYS Qualifiers – Y’lings 1, Ms M Jones’ Toyhorse Hot to Trot (Q); 2, Mrs S Armitages’ Aesthete Thumberlina; 3, Mrs W Edgar’s Jodie of Zeals . 2/3-y-o 1, Messrs Sheridan & Williams’ Toyhorse Miss Dior (already Qualified); 2, Mrs C King’s MH Tuff Enuff (Q); 3, Jane Hands’ Shadowplay Elfisio’s Ecco. 4 yrs & Over 1, Miss J Domhill’s Toyhorse Prince Dillon (Q); 2, Mrs W Edgar’s Rusperfield’s Jigsaw; 3, Mrs S Armitage’s Oaklodge Whiskas. Y’ling Colts & Geldings 1 & Res Y’ling, Mr N Valentine’s Spotlight’s Red Cloud; 2, Messrs Sheridan & Williams’ Toyhorse Lord of the Rings; 3, Mrs B Barlow’s Mainestar Dallas. Y’ling Fillies 1 & Champ Y’ling, Mrs M Foulkes’ Shadowplay Crystal Amber; 2, Mrs M Lewis’ Lewingales Shakira; 3, Mrs Armitage’s Aesthete Thumberlina. 2-y-o Colts & Geldings 1 & Champ 2-y-o, Mr & Mrs Brightwell’s Birling Trumpcard; 2, Mrs & Miss Richard’s Seahorse Gold Melody Grand Buckeroo; 3, Mrs C King’s MH Tuff Enuff. 2-y-o Fillies 1& Res 2 y-o, Ms M Jones’ Toyhorse Princess Fizzy; 2, Mr & Mrs Brightwell’s Birling Eyecatcher; 3, Mrs E Yaxley’s Dancing Cloud Mariah’s Gold. 3-y-o Colts & Geldings 1& Champ 3-y-o, Ms M Jones’ Looking Glass Mini Me; 2, Mrs W Edgar’s MH Apollo; 3, Messrs Sheridan & Williams’ Toyhorse Malibu. 3-y-o Fillies 1& Res 3-y-o, Mesdames Lewis & O’Sullivan’s Birchwood UK Firefly; 2, Mrs A Kemp’s Toyhorse Lady Sapphire. Geldings 4-y-o & Over 1 & Champ, Miss G Illing’s Toyhorse Prince Darmel; 2 & Res, Ms B Eversfield’s Greenmantle Bold Bucaneer; 3, Mrs Armitage’s Peppermint Paddy. Foals 1 & Champ Ms R Brown’s MH Tuffs Blue Angel. Mares, 4-y-o & Over 1 & Champ, Mrs M Foulkes’ Looking Glass Fabuella; 2 & Res, Mrs E Yaxley’s Bernsly Annabel; Ms C Marsh’s Kerswell Natasha Stallions 4-y-o & Over 1 & Champ, Mrs M Jones’ Southfieldgate Gold Dust; 2 & Res, Mrs & Miss Richard’s La Vista Brilliant Remark; 3, Mrs W Edgar’s MHB Lucky Strike. AMHA Reg 1, La Vista Brilliant Remark; 2, Mrs J Hands’ Shadowplay Mighty Atom; 3, Dancing Cloud Mariah’s Gold. Foreign Bloodlines 1, Looking Glass Fabuella; 2, Mr N Valentine’s Kilcummer Gremlin’s Apache; 3, Mrs B Barlow’s Mainestar Navada . 100% British Bloodlines 1, Southfieldgate Gold Dust; 2, Mr N Valentine’s Pantir Marco Polo; 3, Mrs Armitage’s Aesthete Pied Piper. Riding & Driving Type 1, Mr N Valentine’s Kilcummer Alamo; 2, Mrs W Edgar’s Toyhorse Master Kris. Condition & Turnout 1, Looking Glass Fabuella; 2, Mrs Armitage’s Windmill Farm Babycham; 3, Mrs A Kemp’s Toyhorse Lady Sapphire. Novice 1, Miss G Illing’s Toyhorse May Princess; 2, Ms K Jerram’s Tanzivan Total Miracle; 3, Windmill Farm Babycham. Progeny 1, MH Apollo/MH Lucky Strike; 2, MH Buccanneer/MH Tuffs Blue Angel; 3, Mrs M Lewis’ Lewingales Sea Dancer/Lewingales Sea Fantasia Solid Colour 1, Looking Glass Fabuella; 2, Spotlight’s Red Cloud; 3, Lewingales Shakira Spotted 1, Birling Trumpcard; 2, Kilcummer Gremlin’s Apache; 3, Birling Eyecatcher Broken Colour 1, La Vista Brilliant Remark; Rusperfield’s Jigsaw; 3, Lewingales Sea Fantasia. 30″ & Under 1, Shadowplay Crystal Amber; Lewingales Shakira; Pantir Marco Polo. Jnr Showmanship 1 & Champ, Claudia Foulkes Looking Glass Fabuella; 2 & Res, Jamie Edgar Rusperfields Jigsaw. Snr Showmanship 1, Louise Edgar Madonna; 2, Lewingales Sea Fantasia. Intermediate (BOMHR 34″-42″) 1, Kilcummer Alamo; 2, Toyhorse Master Kris. Supreme Champ Looking Glass Mini Me Res Looking Glass Fabuella BMHS Grand Champ Looking Glass Fabuella Res MH Tuffs Blue Angel.

    CANWELL SHOW Canwell Estate, Sutton Coldfield, 9 August

    ridden hunter (S Payne) 1 & res Sup. M Viner’s Regal Star; 2, F Reynolds’s Burlington Bertie; 3, A Witcomb’s Brightwells Fortune. RH 1& ch. A Witcomb’s Redline Fennel; 2, S Lindsay’s Prince Oberon; 3,A Witcomb’s Private Business . hunter b’mare 1& ch. J Edward’s Game On II; 2, K Rickett’s Don’t Say a Word; 3, C Stoker’s Shirley’s Sonnet. do foal 1,K Rickett’s Hillcrest Word; 2, C Stoker’s Shirley’s Symphony; 3, J Edward’s The real McCoy III. do y’ling 1& res. A Drabble’s Lowmore Last Chance; 2, A Drabble’s Lowmoor Ladies Man; 3, B Marsland’s Gucci II. do 2/3-y-o 1, K Horsley’s Freckleton Eve; 2, L Jones’s Mr Bradshaw’s Skipsilver; 3, R Meeke’s Crown Imperial. Shires (R Alsop) y’ling 1, C Webster’sPoultney Silver Belle; 2, C Poulter’s Poultney Gunner. do 2-y-o 1& res. J Goodwin’s Silverhills Lady Tara; 2, C Webster’s Poultney Rhapsody. do mare/geld 17 ch. J Goodwin’s Silverhills Lady Jane; 2, M Milnes’s Moss Edge Charlotte; 3, P O’Hanlon’s Flavel Briar Rose. riding pony (G Hill) local 1, S Kimberley’s Bitterdale Badger; 2, L Barley’s Ricardo’s Whisper Gold; 3 K Johnson’s Blythebury Prince. open int SRT 1& ch. J King’s The Tempest; 2, N Holford’s Mirror Reflection. do SHT 1& res. S Wilde’s The Artist; 2, N Arrowsmith’s Amberellie; 3, R Semmen’s Highwell Rodovico. BSPS Res. LR 1& ch. M Haddon’s Brockwater Simply Magic. do FR 1& res. R Pawley’s Oakley Spring First Edition; 2, Brockwater Simply Magic; 3, A Rainbow’s Reylem Chewbacca. MH open SP 1& ch. C Molyneux’s Kelsborrow Creditor; 2, G Booth’s Greenacres First Light; 3, L Wiltshire’s Aoelus Electra. MH open SHP 1& res. R Jordan’s Croft Limited Edition; 2, The Artist; 3, T Glenn’s Riversdale Equviuos. riding pony breeding b’mare 1& ch. J Careless’s Fairley Chantelle; 2, A Barnard’s Bradney Flicka; 3, L Cluer’s Fairley Choral. foal 1& res. J Careless’s Fairley Wild Flower; 2, A Cleuer’s Truwater; 3, A Barnard’s BumbleBee. 2/3-y-o. over148 1, V Simmons’s Woodview Figarello; 2, C Hardy’s Fiveacres Dream Echo. Arabs (S Plant) pure in hand 4&over 1& ch. A Ryder’s Alistar; 2, J Darlington’s Oashas Coronet; 3, R James’s Recife. Anglo/part 4&over 1& res. S Whitehouse’s Royal Command of Wentward; 2, L Morgan’s Sameon Eternal Elegance; 3, L Mullan’s Classic Lady. do 1/2/3-y-o 1, C Hardy’s Fiveacres Dream Echo. ridden pure 1& ch. J King’s Crystal Sahara; 2, J Perry’s Phoenix Samurai; 3, J Darlington’s Pashas Coronet. do Anglo & part 1& res. Kelsborrow Creditor; 2, R Minton’s Leonnes Harlequin; 3, K Parton’s Kalezar Sunstriker. M&M (S Helps) sml brds 1/2/3-y-o 1& res.E Megan’s Llanai Tuscanii; 2, E Megan’s Blithbury Welsh Rose; 3, S Sheard’s Grayfields Dancing Queen. do 4 & over 1,J Beasley’s Sunrising Bomber Boy; 2, J Beasley’s Ruthley Wild Champagne; 3, A Rhodes’s Porridge. lge 1/2/3-y-o 1,J Sidaway’s Rhalea of Dunrui; 2, C Crutchley’s Caeddaniel Sugar Hill; 3, E Hartley’s Scotts Honey Moon. do 4 & over 1& ch. Moore&Denney’s Killington Heather; 2, V Blackmore’s Caberfeidh Tipsy Laird; 3, Z Graham’s Swansea Jack. do LR 1, P Rushton’s Pinina Madoc; 2, E Saxton’s Waulkmill Jacobite; 3, M Haddon’s Ecsley Flight. do FR 1& supreme ch. J Corbett’s Wistmans Pericles; 2, J Thompson’s Bourneside Magic Flute; 3, T Bacciochi’s Thistledown Echo. do ridden large brds 1& res. J Rushton’s Estel Tempo; 2, J McAuliffe’s Wiston Mat Express; 3, L Mullen’s Llanwen Flash Harry. Shetlands (O Hawker) 2/3-y-o 1,The Britland Family’s Melland Apollo; 2, L Gregory’s Brenards Penny. mare/geld 4&over 1& res. Britland Family’s Melland Minstrel Breeze; 2, R Gwilliam’s Earlswood Enya; 3, B Joyner’s Edwina of Quimper. stallion 1& overall in hand ch. L Gregory’s Champlers Rosemarc; 2, R Gwilliam’s Southfieldgate Valiant. sml pony 4&over 1& ch. S Pinfold’s Khinjan Jester; 2, J Aspley’s Longfield Hetty; 3, B Twining’s Courmille Special. do 1/2/3-y-o 1& ch. B Twinning’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 2 & res. J Aspley’s Longfield Lisa; 3, N Hutchinson’s Longfield Lotti. coloured (I Mears) CHAPS 1/2/3-y-o. 1, C Winter’s Ardenwood Hopi Princess; 2& res. B Twinning’s Pinglewood Puzzle; 3, E Handy’s Anastazia. do horse 1& ch. J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 2, E Southall’s Little Hatti; 3, C Winter’s Ardenwood Hopi Princess. do pony 1,D Fahy’s Minnie the Minx; 2, S Gould’s Patchwork Prince; 3, D Fahy’s Painters Passion. do RH 1& ch. W Moore’s Blue Shadow; 2& res. G Seabright’s Spirit of Bowes Lyon; 3, T Hines’s Painted Spirit.

    NATIONAL SIDE SADDLE SHOW, Addington Manor, Bucks, 8-10 August

    Adult Open Equit. 1, Peak Royale (E Rogers); 2, Pinlands Tess (P Saxby); 3, Articulate (S Beetson). Adult Open Equit. Jump 1, Wishes to Be (D Clayton); 2, Hot Tip (B Cole); 3, The Right Idea (H Miles). Side Saddle Rider of the Year D Clayton; res L McCullock. Adult Intermediate Equit 1, Moss Trooper (L Thomas); 2, Peppermint Paddy (J Torrance); 3, Cinderellas Mischief (J A Forster). Adult Intermediate Equit. Jump 1, Dainty Brief (T Barwick); 2, Hassage Harry (A Leighton); 3, Fools Rhyme (H Allin). Adult Intermediate Ch Jennifer Torrance; res A Leighton. Adult Novice Equit. 1, Wish (S Oultram); 2, Royal Flush (J Gilbert); 3, Dudley (E Stuart-Stephens). Adult Novice Equit. Jump 1, Royal Flush (J Gilbert); 2, Earendil Elentari (C Brown); 3, Paddock Scallywag (T Badham). Adult Novice Ch Joanna Gilbert; res Tommie Badham. Junior Open Equit 1, Bolgoed Newydd Zydni (E Butterick); 2, Gwillian Eros (M F Harrison); 3, Parklands Piper (S Boxhall). Junior Open Equit. Jump 1, Parkland Phoenix (E Boxhall); 2, Duncan III (E Nettleton); 3, Starlight Pappillon (C Elliott). Junior Side Saddle Rider of the Year E Nettleton; res E Boxhall. Junior Novice Equit, 1, Just Stanley (E Carmichael); 2, Houghton’s Ruby (S Harrington); 3, Pye (K Foreman). Junior Novice Equit. Jump 1, Pye (K Foreman); 2, Treasure Tom (P Hutton); 3, Haven Justin (G Bourne). Junior Novice Ch. K Foreman; res G Bourne; Adult Novice Dressage 1, Kharlo (S Walker); 2, Babylon Precious (M Sault); 3, Brinkley (J Chamberlain). Novice Dressage 1, Brinkley (J Chamberlain); 2, Treasure Tom (P Hutton); 3, Harry (B Harris). Junior Dressage (14.2) 1, Ridgeway Senorita (P Hutton); 2, Bankswood Paprika (J Church); 3, Treasure Tom (P Hutton). Junior Dressage (over 14.2) 1, Ashby Midnight Star (B Taylor); 2, Bolgoed Newydd Zydni (E Butterick); 3, Duncan III (E Nettleton). Restricted Dressage (under 21 pts) 1 and ch, Caruso (L Taylor); 2, Parklands Piper (S Boxhall); 3 and res, The Right Idea (H Miles). Restricted Dressage (over 20 pts) 1 and ch, La Bomba (C Goode); 2 and res, Wishes to Be (D Clayton); 3, Le Grand (H Hogarth). Open Novice Dressage 1, Caruso (L Taylor); 2, Orient Magic (C Lambert); 3, The Right Idea (H Miles). Open Elementary Dressage1, Articulate (S Beetson); 2, Rococo (G Oakley); 3, Wishes to Be (D Clayton). Open Medium Dressage 1, Articulate (S Beetson); 2,Le Grand (H Hogarth); 3, Rococo (G Oakley). Junior Freestyle to Music 1, Banrioghan Baun (E Nettleton); 2, Starlight Pappillon (C Elliott); 3, Ladydown Amadeus (C Wilkins). Adult Freestyle to Music 1, La Bomba (C Goode); 2, Wishes to Be (D Clayton); 3, Caruso (L Taylor). Pas Seul 1, Shadow of Doubt (C Dawson); 2, Le Grand (H Hogarth); 3, Orient Magic (C Lambert). Adult Restricted Turn-out 1, Old Springfield Jabez (J Martin); 2, Roger (R Matthews); 3, Noble Sovereign (J Curtis). Junior Restricted Turnout 1, Flowton Firedance (B Jacomb); 2, Pentyrch Nottawasaga (G Roberts); 3, Bonniemount Tom Boy (K Fletcher). Junior Newcomers Equit. 1, Pye (K Foreman); 2, Peter Pan (L Edgington); 3, Sorrell (E Cave). Adult Newcomers Equit 1, Citizens Mythical Maestro(M Cooper); 2, Alacran (J Tibbenham); 3, Earendil Elentari (C Brown). Novice WHP 1 and res, Fidra Eagles Law (L Gray); 2, Pye (K Foreman); 3, Cinderellas Mischief (J Forster). Open WHP 1 and ch, Fallowfield Gypsy Blue (J Childs); 2, Duncan III (E Nettleton); 3, Keiman Sabrina (J Forster). Historical Costume 1, Houghtons Ruby (R Matthews); 2, Noble Sovereign (P Delaney); 3, Williford Just William (T Chapman). Large RC Horse 1 and ch, Temptation (K Gambling); 2, Parklands Piper (S Boxhall); 3, Lawyers Silk (J Kennedy). Small RC Horse 1, Talland April Joker (E Harford); 2, Perrin (A Gambling); 3, Joylands Dark Gem (L Mutch-Thorpe). PC Pony 1 and res, Treasure Tom (P Hutton); 2, Gilboa Rhys (R Johnson); 3, Loveday Carey Lewis (A Digby). Veteran 15-19 yrs 1 and res, Cwmcrychan Meredith (L Lane); 2, Royal Flush (J Gilbert); 3, Finnegan III (J Carley). Veteran over 19 yrs 1 and ch, Mountwood Bally Hy (J Raffaelli); 2, Bean There Done That (K Botting); 3, Peter Pan (L Edgington). Ridden Arab 1, Bankswood Paprika (J Church); 2, Orient Magic (C Lambert); 3, Alacran (J Tibbenham). Non-Show Pony 1, Gilboa Rhys (R Johnson); 2, Paddock Scallywag (T Badham); 3, Just Stanley (E Carmichael). SHP 1, Loveday Carey Lewis (A Digby); 2, Treasure Tom (P Hutton); 3, Duncan III (E Nettleton). Show Pony 1, Bankswood Paprika (J Church); 2, Fidra Eagles Law (L Gray); 3, Bonniemount Tom Boy (K Fletcher). Large RH 1 and res, Pinlands Tess (P Saxby); 2, Orient Magic (C Lambert); 3, Parklands Piper (S Boxhall). Small RH 1 and ch, More Majestic (G Brown); 2, Rococo (G Oakley); 3, Joylands Dark Gem (L Mutch-Thorpe); Sir Lancelot Concours 1, Alannah (C Orchin); 2, Joli La Chinoise (S Hislam); 3, Clear Vision (S Truscott). Open Hack 1, Cinderellas Mischief (J Forster); 2, Grand Option (V Hodge); 3, Lasting Impression (M Mitchell). Fancy Dress 1, Woodfields Two a Penny (T Lees); 2, Charlie Brown (J Gordon); 3, Treasure Tom (P Hutton). Junior Costume 1, Bolgoed Newydd Zydni (E Butterick); 2, Osbourne Lucky Lady (E Lacey); 3, Just In Time (A Campbell). Adult Costume 1, Kharlo (S Walker); 2, Citizens Mythical Maestro (M Cooper); 3, Great Expectation III (P Clarke).
    Langston WH 1, Hot Tip (B Cole); 2, Parkland Phoenix (E Boxhall); 3, Kellys Charm (M Channin). Pure-bred M&M 1, Gilboa Rhys (R Johnson); 2, Cwmcrychan Meredith (L Lane); 3, Mercury’s Oddessey (L Gray). Part-bred M&M 1, Stambourne Hope (S Beetson); 2, Fielden Mica (C Sutton); 3, Barkway Elusion (M McCullock). Ladies Hunter (HOYS qual.) 1, Rosenbright (K Moore); 2, Tailor Made (E Gibson); 3, Blamire Manana (J Collins). Mature Rider under 51yrs: 1 and res, Lawyers Silk (J Kennedy); 2, Noble Sovereign (P Delaney); 3, Juke (D Haddock). Mature Rider over 50 yrs 1 and ch, Buster III (A Derby); 2, Spinway Zest (M Nicholson); 3, Knowle Excelsior (S Fernside). Restricted Equit. Jump 1, Zoomball (D Smith); 2, Spinway Zest (M Nicholson); 3, Arthur (T Lees). Pony Rider Stakes 1, Fidra Eagles Law (L Gray); 2, Denny Charlie (B Taylor); 3, Banrioghan Baun (E Nettleton). Horse Starter Stakes 1, Wishes to Be (D Clayton); 2, Parkland Phoenix (E Boxhall); 3, Lharken Around (T Green). Top Hat Stakes 1, Wishes to Be (D Clayton); 2, Fools Rhyme (H Allin); 3, The Right Idea (H Miles). Area Team Show Jumping 1, (Area 16); 2, (Area 4); 3, (Area 10); Adult Concours 1, Turmeric (H Barton); 2, Atlantic Traveller (C Wofford); 3, Le Grand (H Hogarth). Junior Concours 1, Parklands Piper (S Boxhall); 2, Bolgoed Newydd Zydni (E Butterick); 3, Osbourne Lucky Lady (E Lacey). Open Cob 1, Juke (D Haddock); 2, Brinkley (J Chamberlain); 3, Locheen Blue Sapphire (H Spencer-Austin). Young Rider 1, Haven Justin (G Bourne); 2, Granby Silver Sian (C French); 3, Barkway Elusion (M McCullock). All Breeds 1, Rococo (G Oakley); 2, Earendil Elentari (C Brown); 3, Starlight Pappillon (C Elliott). Small Show Hunter 1 and ch, More Majestic (G Brown); 2, Hot Tip (B Cole); 3, Atlantic Traveller (C Wofford). Large Show Hunter 1 and res, Orient Magic (C Lambert); 2, Turmeric (H Barton); 3, Parklands Piper (S Boxhall). Pairs 1, Earendil Elentari (C Brown) and Mosscarr Manchino (H Davies); 2, Ashby Midnight Star (B Taylor) and Just Love Jessie (E Lees); 3, Birkham Balou (L McCullock) and Barkway Elusion (M McCullock). Novice WH 1, Fools Rhyme (H Allin); 2, Bean There Done That (K Botting); 3, Hassage Harry (A Leighton). Small WH 1 and ch, Hot Tip (B Cole); 2, Ashby Midnight Star (B Taylor); 3, Talland April Joker (E Harford). Large WH 1 and res, Caruso (L Taylor); 2, Birkham Balou (L McCullock); 3, Rath Call (J Strange). Coloured 1, Wish (S Oultram); 2, Gilboa Rhys (R Johnson); 3, Fiddlers Flight Of Fancy (S Hislam). Family Pony 1, Just In Time (A Campbell); 2, Charlie Brown (J Gordon); 3, Treasure Tom (P Hutton) Family Horse 1, Ashby Midnight Star (B Taylor); 2, Joylands Dark Gem(L Mutch-Thorpe); 3, Just Love Jessie(E Lees).

    AVON & BORDER COUNTIES W.P.C.S. MEDAL SHOW, Bristol, 10 August

    Sec A (R.Bowen) y’ling colt 1, Mr & Mrs Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy; 2, C. Taylor’s Forlan Eclipse; 3, Mrs J Wilson’s Ruperra Candyman. filly 1, Katie Reynolds’ Broughton Enchantment; 2, N.Edwards’ Telaid Tilia; 3, Mrs J Wilson’s Sardis Picturesque. 2/3-y-o colt 1, & Res. L Brown’s Friars Golden Mark; 2, N Edwards’ Polaris Red Rock. filly 1, Mr J.J DeKanter’s Flydon Rosie’s Last; 2, Mrs I.J Ball’s Vimpenny Sweet Sherrie; 3, D.Wallace & S.Courtney’s Clements Mayflower. y’stock geld 1 & ch.geld. Mr & Mrs J Collorick’s Oldacres Coram; 2, Mr & Mrs J Burbidge’s Uddens Gethin; 3, A J.Cooke’s Finnigans Rainbow. geld 4 & over 1, M.Cook’s Meadowood Taliesin; 2, S.J.& L Abrahall’s Flydon Rhew; 3, S. Butler’s Abbeybells Pier Anton. barren mare 1, ch.& res.welsh J.Thomas’s Glenwood Sian; 2, D.Wallace & S.Courtney’s Churtoncroft Faith; 3, G.Nicholls’ Flydon Lafant. brood mare 1, S.J & L Abrahalls’ Flydon Eos; 2, Mrs J Salter’s Craydon Bon Bon; 3, N.Edwards’ Telaid Pili Pala. foal 1, N.Edwards’ Telaid Mari Posa; 2, Mrs I J Ball’s Vimpenny Sweet Charity; 3, Mrs J Salter’s Craydon Bambinella. stallion 1, Mr J Dykes’ Dyfrdwy Seren-y-Gogledd; 2, Mrs Y Small’s Fronbach Lethal Weapon; 3, Mrs I J Ball’s Vimpenny Lance. Sec B (M.Lewis) y’ling colt 1, C E Tamplin’s Graishall Monarch filly 1, Davies & Poulter’s Daukester Silico; 2, Mrs J & V Stephens’ Annandale Evita; 3, Mr & Mrs S Hayes’ Anri Loucette. 2/3-y-o- colt 1, C E Tamplin’s Graishall Valentino; geld 4 & over 1 & res. geld. Mrs J & V Stephens’ Knivers Meadow Commodore. barren mare 1, Mr C Davies’ Oldacres Hetty; 2, Mrs J & V Stephens’ Annandale Miss Rio; 3, Mr & Mrs Hussey’s Wynswood Analisa . brood mare 1, F. Leadbitter’s Thornberry Love Song; 2, Mr M Garland’s Combehill Sabrina; Mr & Mrs Hussey’s Paddock Gillyflower. foal 1 & res. F.Leadbitter’s Thornberry Peer Gynt; 2, Mr & Mrs Hussey’s Moon Shadow; 3, Mrs A Allen’s. stallion 1 & ch. Mrs L A Symon’s Thornberry Ptarmigan. Sec C – (G.Davies) y’ling colt 1, R.Jordan’s Ty’reos Kristian; filly 1, Mr.M.Kehoe’s Nye Coleen; 2/3-y-o- colt 1 & res. S.Coburn’s Croniarth Texas Storm; filly 1, S & T Jones’ Maenan Cybill Shepherd; geld 4 & over 1, Mrs.M McCrow’s Master Harvey; 2, R.C.Cater’s Pontsarn Flyer; barren mare 1, Mrs S Locke’s Saethydd Red Rose; b’mare 1, & Ch. R.J.Davies’ Hywi Moonbeam; 2, S. Patch’s Merioneth Nerys Fly; foal 1. R.J Davies’ Hywi The Messiah; 2, Mr.M Garland’s ; 3, S.Patch’s Elwell Master Branson. stallion 1, Tinvaal Studs’ Parc Hywel; 2, J.K Walters’ Hymi General. Sec D – y’ling colt 1, D & Z Buckley’s Haniel Nemesis; filly 1, ch.& ch.welsh Mr & Mrs J Batt’s Abergavenny Sally; 2, Mrs J Cuming’s Abergavenny Sylvia. 2/3-y-o-colt 1, & Res. Mr J.H Dykes’ Crossfield Del Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs Woodington’s Bronfoel Calon Lan; 3, Mr T Higgs’ Kaydence Adonis. filly 1, D & Z Buckley’s Cascob Valient Lady; 2, Mrs H Sullivan’s Lympsham Sea Rosa. y’stock geld 1 & 2 Mrs.J Cuming’s Everest Rheiwalt & Maysmoor Ambassador. 3, Mrs J Brown’s Rangehill Meteor. 4 & over 1, Mrs M McCrow’s Penstacan Mishak; 2, Mrs H Sullivan’s Rotherdale Glain Goch. barren mare 1, D & Z Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyer’s Charm. 2, Mr S Hopson’s Bleangwen Red Lady; 3, Mrs M Lewis’ Llanveynoe Silk. b’mare 1, Mr M Kehoe’s Caebryn Helena. foal 1. Mr M Keyhoe’s Nye Playboy. Y’stock – (M.Lewis)- pot.driving 1, J.Vosper’s Wedog Welsh Warrior; 2, Judy Brown’s Rangehill Meteor; 3, L.Collins’ Stainmore Sunday. pot.LR 1 & ch. Mrs C Trodd’s Beckside Quest for Gold; 2, Mrs L Perrott’s Waitwith Charity; 3, M.Cooke’s Littlewern Ivy. pot.FR. 1, Miss.Roberts’ Reset Cha Cha; 2, Mrs D Allen’s Billy; 3, Littlewern Ivy. RP 1& res.ch. Mrs C Trodd’s Romany River Talisman. HP 1, Miss J Robert’s Jubilee Express; 2, Rangehill Meteor. exc.14.2 1, Mr&Mrs Walker’s Ircos Moonlight Surprise; 2, Rangehill Meteor; 3, L.Collins’ Willow Primitive Trysor. Welsh P/B (S. Nelson) y’stock 1&ch. Beckside Quest For Gold; 2, Jubilee Express. 4 & over 1&res. J.Hughes’s Jazz; 2, Mrs H Saxby’s Tyddyntyhen Annie. M&M sml. y’stock 1&res. Waitwith Charity; 2, Mr&Mrs Derricks’ Kirred Rhapsody; 3, Reset Cha Cha 4 & over 1, Mr & Mrs Derrick’s Kirred Rhiannon; 2, Meadowood Taliesin; 3, Janines’ Brier. lrg. y’stock 1, Wedog Welsh Warrior. 4 & over 1, Saethydd Red Rose; 2, Miss E Warr’s Cashelbay Joe; 3, Llanveynoe Silk. unreg. 1, K.Sampson’s Cilbran Sam. 2, P.Davies’ Golden Coin. 3, K.Moorland’s Rosie Lee. Palamino 1, Golden Coin. Coloured 1, Ircos Moonlight Surprise. Arab/PB 1, ch & sup. Romany River Talisman; 2, G.M.Rawlings’ Amarula Angel of Joy. Ridden (S.Charlton) – M&M LR 1 & res. Mrs.Alford’s Roslyn Moondaisy; 2, Mrs D Spring’s Saethydd Shot; 3, Mrs D Allen’s. Buster. FR 1& ch. Saethydd Shot; 2, L.A Symons’ Gwauniarll Nathan. 3, N.Klaiber’s Oldcastle William. Novice sml. 1.& res.. M.Nevin’s Pendock Comfrey; lrg. 1, M.Nevin’s Hywi D.J.; 2, Llanveynoe Silk; excl. welsh 1& ch. Cashelbay Joe. P/B 1, Tyddyntyhen Annie; 2, Jazz; 3, M. Nevin’s Fauldshope Duncan. Sec.A 1, Pendock Comfrey; 2, Saethydd Shot. Sec. B 1, Oldcastle William. Sec.C 1& ch. Mrs. G Brown’s Wyken Limelight; 2 & res. J.Vosper’s Gareth of Bushbach; 3, Hywi D.J. Sec. D 1, Mrs.G Brown’s Murrayhall Buccaneer. Ridden (M.Paull) Novice 1, M.Welton’s Midge. RH. 1& ch. J.Simmons’ Creephole Late Arrival; 2, J.Thomas’ Harmony Harvest Gold; 3, Amarula Angel of Joy. Palamino 1, Saethydd Shot; 2, Harmony Harvest Gold. Arab,P/B 1 & res. Mrs.B Bournes’ Wotlands Little Tsar. 2, Amarula Angel of Joy; 3, S.Dyer’s Sophie. Coloured 1, Creephole Late Arrival; 2, Elizabeth Sprackman’s Rosie. Child Handler – sec.A 1, Jessica Nevin; 2, Miss Spring; 3, Elizabeth Sprackman. Sec. B 1, J. Grey; 2, Alex Stanley; 3, Amy McCrow. LR. 1, D.Allen’s Llanafanfawr Buster; 2, E. Sprackman’s Bengad Bottle Brush; 3, J.Grey’s Bengad Patience Lucy. FR 1 & ch. Oldcastle William. Veteran 1. P.Davies’ Golden Coin; 2. Midge. Unreg.M&M 1.& res. Rosie.

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