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  • WEST ESSEX RIDING CLUB Hobbs Cross Equestrian Centre, 5 August

    YORKSHIRE SPORT HORSE Port Royal, E Yorks, 6 August

    WEST ESSEX RIDING CLUB Hobbs Cross Equestrian Centre, 5 August

    ridden hunter 1, S Holdsworth’s Fair Do’s; 2, A Paitence’s Sonic; 3, H Neilson’s Grey Kashmir; 4, S Henry’s Rio; 5, A Nethercott’s Marco; 6, N Westgarth’s Tullulah; 7, T Landley’s Game Boy; 8, S Collett’s Autumn Breeze.ridden cob 1, J Miller’s Kallarny; 2, P Holland’s Troy; 3, C Lightfoot’s Lady Marmalade; 4, C Evershed’s Calico Bay; 5, J Matthews’ Mr. Quigly II; 6, K Thompson’s Mister Big Tot; 7, L Wartony’s Mollie; 8, C Gibbs’ Aglywyddiaeth.riding horse 1, A Paitence’s Sonic; 2, C Poyser’s Kinwara; 3, L Howgate’s Touchdown Maddison; 4, J Cavanagh’s Abbotiffin; 5, S Henry’s Rio; 6, D Doubleday’s Ramdika; T Langley’s Gameboy; V Scanell’s Ashwood Barney.Arab and part bred Arabs 1, A Fenn’s Harvards Dunlin; 2, A King’s Twinkie; 3, A Bond’s Kristal Dawn; 4, V Scannell’s Ashwood Barney.coloureds ridden 1, D Palmer’s Coleman’s Maverick; 2, L Smith’s Jacobs; 3, D Brooks’ Annie; 4, D Withers’ Louis III; 5, L Wolsey’s Tyas Monarch; 6, A Hetterley’s Harry’s Pride; 7, Z Allen’s Arnie.M&M ridden 1, N Fallowfield’s Tamarvale Comet; 2, K Holmes’ Pavic Lady Elizabeth; 3, Sarah Turner’s Silhouette Charlotte; 4, T Doring’s Navestock Surreal; 5, C Gibbs’ Arglyddiaeth Tyson; 6, L Wolsey’s Tyas Monarch; 7, S Kimber’s Inhoolmes Blackberry; 8, C Cassidy’s Martleaves Lady Model.leading rein 1, B D’Agrati’s Romany River Tittlemouse; 2, B Barfoot’s Dang Cendin; 3, R Geoghegan’s Kez; 4, R King’s Annie.M&M working hunter 1, N Falloefield’s Tamarvale Comet; 2, K Hollock’s Cygnus Tudor Rose; 3, G Dockerill’s Cygnus Welsh Poppy; 4, T Caine’s Mizzwhizz; 5, R Gunnell’s Sarah. small working pony 1, S Parrott’s Ring of Fire; 2, Z Allen’s Arnie; 3, K Dartnell’s Berrywood Aristocrat; 4, K Hollick’s Cygnus Tudor Rose; 5, G Dackerill’s Cygnus Welsh Poppy; 6, C Mearing’s Lady; 7, J Emery’s Oliver; 8, L Howell’s Mr. H.working hunter horse 1, S Holdsworth’s Fair Do’s; 2, L Sharp’s Flojo; 3, M Fursedonn’s Premier Rendezvous; 4, M Howell’s Brentwood Bouncer; 5, H Rix’s Finn; 6, K Hollick’s Keldawyth; 7, K Holmes’ Tooley’s James Too; 8, F Mallows’ Danpo.pony’s UK Bobby Dazzler – ponies 1, K Gardner’s Vilagant Prize of Distinction; 2, A Fenn’s Harvards Dunlin; 3, L Howell’s Mr. H; 4, A Forester’s Bella Mayvida; 5, C Lightfoot’s Lady Marmalade; 6, A Lewis’ Annie.ponies UK Bobby Dazzler – horses 1, A Patience’s Sonic; 2, J Cavanagh’s Abba Tiffin; 3, L Sharp’s Flojo;4, E Norris’ Wayland Avant; 5, N Harries’ E.T.ponies UK – Sir Lancelot smartest on parade – section A 1, V Gardner’s Valiant Prince of Distinction; 2, A Hetterley’s Harry’s Pride.ponies UK – Sir Lancelot smartest on parade – section B 1, L Howgate’s Touchdown Madison; 2, H Hopkin’s Gemini; 3, P Holland’s Troy; 4, N Harries’ E.T.fancy dress 1, R Geoghegan’s Rez.veteren’s ridden 1, J Hale’s George; 2, C Bird’s Sam; 3, M Wiffen’s Arab Mare; 4, J Tommaso’s FairBrenin; 5, Y Colta’s Nellie; 6, R Flight’s Libby; 7, B Brace’s Kimbo Jim; 8, P Forster’s Pyms.stablemate 1, C Mearing’s Lady; 2, R Jennings’ Whilwotitwaz; 3, M Howell’s Brentwood Bouncer; 4, L Hasting’s Dancing Belladonna; 5, J Emery’s Oliver; 6, H Salter’s Shannon; 7, S Cox’s Oh So Harvey; 8, L Emery’s Jeromes Jeep.equitation 1, C Gullen’s Mr Willoughby; 2, K George’s Valiant Prince of Distinction; 3, S Soundy’s Pocket Edition; 4, Liesa Howgate’s Touchdown Madison; 5, J Emery’s Oliver; 6, H Neilson’s Grey Kashmir; 7, A Lewis’ Annie; 8, H Hopkin’s Gemini.youngstock in hand 1, S Simmons’ Torlyn Rose Shadow; 2, J Tommas’ Champagne Charlie; 3, Z Calex’s Menarks Ester May; 4, J Serra’s Thunder; 5, C Warrington’s Victor.Arabs, Anglo & part bred 1, L William’s Cara; 2, D Mayhew’s; 3, J Beatts’ Rocky; 4, S Burnage’s Oliver.coloureds in hand 1, Z Ellen’s Arnie; 2, G Bullock’s We’ve Got Nookie; 3, D Mayhew’s Benson; 4, A Smith’s Jacob; 5, C Hollick’s Keidwyth; 6, K Holmes’ Miss Piggy; 7, S Purdon’s Annie; 8, L Paterson’s Limeric Tic Tac.M&M in hand 1, R Ford’s New House Dominic; 2, C Artis’ Brindle Mogs; 3, J Cledwin’s Blue Barford; 4, M Atkins’ Jasper.best condition in hand stable & grass kept 1, G Bullock’s We’ve Got Nookie; 2, V Maxted’s Adam; 3, L Gardner’s Old Acres Blue Boy; 4, J Boxall’s Prolific Yvette.veterens in hand 1, C Hedge’s Zinta; 2, S Evershed’s Diable; 3, P Forster’s Pyms; 4, C Bird.tack & turnout in hand 1, V Maxted’s Adam; 2, Z Code’s Mia; 3, J Ford’s Dominic; 4, S Wood’s Megan; 5, L Hasting’s Catheston Dancing Belladonna; 6, S Turner’s Silhouette Charlotte; 7, S Purkis; 8, A Moran’s Monarch Tyas.tack & turnout ridden 1, L Riddell’s Big Ben; 2, G Hodges’ Loriens Kittywake; 3, F Hallows’ Danpo; 4, S Turner’s Silhouette Charlotte.champion in hand S Summonds’ Tonlyn Rose Shadow. champion ridden A Paitence’s Sonic. supreme championS Summonds’ Tonlyn Rose Shadow.

    YORKSHIRE SPORT HORSE Port Royal, E Yorks, 6 August

    in-hand sport horse (Mrs P Stirling) y’ling 1, E Scott’s Pen Y Gent; 2, Mr & Mrs M Grubb’s Lambwath Olivia; 3, Moore’s Jemoon Star Catcher. 2-y-o 1 & res, S Cruickshank’s Rabenowitz; 2, M Harnett’s Acorn; 3, L Parker’s Jessop Charming Lord. 3-y-o 1 & ch, K Bloom’s Classic Collection; 2, E Jackson’s Roundhill Dutchman; 3, A Hope’s J D Trout. hunter (R Bowers) b’mare, small 1, J houseman’s Eastern Breeze; 2, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Vision; 3, Mr & Mrs NM Grubb’s Clay Bank Topsy. foal 1, Mr & Mrs M Grubb’s Lambwath Classic Pearl; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Flying Officer; 3, J Houseman’s Eastern Gale. mare, over 158cm 1 & res, H Lee’s Argonaut; 2, H Bramley’s Liberty Light; 3, J Moore’s Jemoon Coral Reef. foal 1 & ch, S Fenwick; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Sea Spray; 3, H Lee’s Classic Supreme. y’ling 1, Pen Y Gent; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Wall Street; 3, Lambwath Olivia. 2-y-o 1, Jessop Charming Lord; 2, Rabenowitz. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Classic Collection; 2, S Fenwick’s Baydale Hector; 3, H Ketley’s kirkmoor Early Mourne. ridden hunter (Miss J Armstrong-Small, P Hobbs) novice 1, S Tennant’s Master Kilkenny; 2, P Atkin’s Two Twenty; 3, R Dugmore’s Blansby Park. l’wt 1 & ch, M R Boundy’s Royal Flush; 2, D Bartram & J Warner’s Beamish; 3, M Barbour’s Dancing Dan. m’wt 1, I Susca’s Jamaica Bay; 2, A Hunt’s Trendy Tax; 3, G Smith’s Anchorman. h’wt 1, A Grime’s Pacific Time; 2, N Jones’ Horstead Aristoc; 3, H Glendinning’s Askwith Blue Princess. small 1 & res, Lady Kirkham’s Sporting Sam; 2, D Curtis’ Red Alert; 3, J Stephenson-Ganner’s Fortissimo. 4-y-o 1, K Scholes’ Teddy Edward; 2, H Gallagher’s Dancing Debonaire; 3, P Scott’s Pandoras Box. working (Mrs P Stirling, Miss E Morley) open 1 & ch, Beamish; 2, E Chandler’s Impeccable; 3, M Pearlstine’s Belair Prince. novice 1 & res, C Bell’s Ferguson; 2, G Smith’s Lowmoor Bentley; 3, A Atkinson’s Sydney Sheldon. Winergy young event horse, 4-y-o 1, J Bradwell’s Rhodium; 2, J Bradwell’s Claudette; 3, J Bradwell’s Watermill Ratu. 5-y-o 1, L Henson’s Early Rising; 2, D Doyle’s Regal Storm; 3, T Garside’s Dunauger.

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