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  • SWPA GOOD FRIDAY SHOW Poltimore EC, Exeter 9 April

    PUK Glyn Greenwood M&M In-Hand (Mrs H Houseman)Y’ling Shet/Dart/Ex/Welsh A&B 1, K Whitley’s Felldownhead Amadeus; 2, N Snowdon-Windsor’s Linksbury Speculation; 3, Cozens Family’s Stepley Charm. 2/3yr 1, A Searle’s Jananda My Valentine; 2, S Plummer’s Firsedge Royal Breeze; 3, V Woodland’s Trecelynen Gismo. 4yr Shet/Dart/Ex 1, Cozens’s Family’s Hallstatt Arizona; 2, B Rae’s Odette; 3, G Tomlinson’s Dolbury Delight. Welsh A&B 2/3yr 1, Mrs Roberts’s Millcroft Sting; 2, S Broad’s Oldacres Velvetine; 3, M Sewell’s Drakelands Celica. Y’ling Lge Brds 1, J Westlake’s Bowbells Ballistic; 2, T Good’s Murthwaite Barnaby Rudge. 2/3yr 1, J Woodland’s Gelli-Haf Harvey; 2, E Maloney’s Menai Lady Centen niac. 4yr+ 1 & Ch, T Good’s Underwoods Icarus; 2 & Res Ch, J Pring’s Ashgrove Rosemary; 3, J Taylor’s Bakersfield Ginger Rogers. SWPA Saith/Stepley Breeders Challenge (M&M)Y’stk 1, A Searle’s Jananda My Valentine; 2, Mrs Whitey’s Felldownhead Amadeus; 3, Cozens Family’s Stepley Dangermouse. 4yr+ 1, G Tomlinson’s Dolbury Duchess; 2, Cozens Family’s Stepley Tiffanney; 3, B Rae’s Odette. Nov LR 1, J Jones’s Swinford Paper Lady; 2, J Thornton’s Rowfantina Rosalind; 3, J Treweec’s Pip. Beg FR 1, S Harrison’s Gwynng Pryderi; 2, L Wilson’s Crossbrook Solo; 3, S Woika’s Treowen Rian. PUK Rosettes Direct LR 1, C Burrough’s Homeshill Mongoose; 2, T Gibson’s Milford May Flower; 3, S Hawken’s Ardenhall Samsara. FR 1, S Wolka’s Pasadena Carisma; 2, Ms Skelley/Clinnick’s Cottrell Camelìa; 3, K Whitewell’s Dilly Daydream. PUK Pretty Ponies SHP LR 1 & Ch, C Burrough’s Homeshill Mongoose; 2, C Holbert’s Woodfair Fire Fox; 3, C Risdale’s Sarum Calypso. SWPA FR SHP 1, Ms Skelley/Cunnick’s Cottrell Camellia; 2, M Tooze’s Fauldshope Duncan; 3, S Harrison’s Gwynno Pryderi. PUK Lobster Pot M&M LR (Mr D Brewer) 1,T Balsdon’s Mister Mouse Of Quimper; 2, S Wolka’s Treowan Rhian; 3, H Couldridge’s Bockmer Joker. PUK Brineton M&M FR 1 & Res Ch, H.Couldridge’s Ronswood Atlantis; 2, L Wilson’s Crossbrook Solo; 3, S Woyka’s Pasadèna Carisma. SWPA Y’ng Handler under 8yrs (Miss H Woolley) 1, Mrs S Lovell’s Solomans Finley; 2, B McMenamie’s Toya Tortella; 3, L Wilson’s Crossbrook Solo. 8-12yr 1, C Cowling’s Rosewall Just William; 2, F Kellow’s Chywoon Pollyanna; 3,S Broad’s Oldacres Velvetine. 12-18yr 1 & Ch, B Hodge’s Stepley Tiffanney; 2 & Res Ch, T Jeffery’s Ollerset Prince; 3, J Pring’s Ashgrove Rosemary. Junior Ridden non-M&M (Mr D Brewer) n/e 138cms Res Ch & 1, C Burroughs’s Devon Aratzi; 2, C Masters’s Bluegate Punchline; 3, S Eccles’s Stafford Kittyfisher. Exc 138cms 1, A Tubb’s Just Timothy IV; 2, S Eccles’s Millers Gift. PUK Travel Extras Dalkieth Junior M&M.Sml Brds 1, H Couldridge’s Ronswood Atlantis; 2, C Pollett’s Kiltinane Crispian; 3, S Cozens’s Stepley Tiffanney. Lge Brds 1, C Pollett’s Moortown Firethorn; 2 & Ch, S Andrew’s Burley Moonlight; 3, V Gilbert’s Golden Kings Express. PUK Kíngsford M&M Sml 1, H Couldridge Roswood Atlantis; 2 & Res Ch, J Price’s Tawbitts Mystic Maggy; 3, C Masters Kalavam Amarillo. M&M Lge 1 & Ch, S Andrew’s Burley Moonlight; 2, V Gilbert’s Golden Kings Express; 3, S Broad’s Llandsantffraed Dainty Lady. PUK Sir Lancelot (Miss A Hill) LR 1, S Hawken’s Ardenhall Samsara; 2, T Balsdon’s Mister Mouse of Quimper. 12yr & under 1 & Res Ch, Cherrytop Stud’s Stourton Sloe Berry; 2, A May’s Moonstone Royale Rascal. 18yr & under 1, V Gilbert’s Golden King’s Express. Over 18 yr 1, D Willing’s Harlequin Kerryor; 2, R Willing’s False Alarm. M&M 1 & Ch, V Gilbert’s Golden King’s Express; 2, C Masters’s Kalevan Amarillo; 3, Cherrytop Stud’s Stourton Sloe Berry. SWPA In-Hand Hack/RH Y’stk 1, C Fox’s Fairground Attraction Of Coswarth; 2, A Brown’s Welsh Rabbit; 3, V Penny’s Footloose II. 4yr+ 1, A Pitman’s Foxwood Tilimon; 2, A Martin’s Top Cracker; 3, Mrs Rutherford’s Zelstone Funny Flutter. H’ter any age 1, L Jeffer’s Killiney Bay; 2, L Robbins’s Widlake Waterlilly; 3, L Stutt’s Deacon Blue. PB M&M Y’stk 1, P Shepeard’s Hideaway Standing Ovation; 2, A Pattison’s Devon Prince; 3, C Fox’s Cosworth Mr Owl. 4yr+ 1, L Stewart’s Fofsway Jenny Wren; 2, N Budd’s Langwedh Sweet Dream; 3, D Willing’s Waltersgay Lady In Red. Arab/PB Anglo Y’stk 1, P Wainwright’s Fanasist; 2, P Shepeard’s Hideway Standing Ovation; 3, P Paton’s Syrian Magic. 4yr+ 1, D Batten’s Allesandro; 2, P Wainwright’s Saroukh; 3, P Wainwright’s Fantastika. Vet 18yr+ 1, C Fox’s Piran Fair Rosalind; 2, K McMillan’s Master Charles. Coloured Y’stk 1, R Evans’s Hollowmoor Blueberry; 2, E Wells’s Riverford Lovesong; 3, Cozens Family’s Stepley Charm. 4yr+ 1, Cozens Family’s Hallstatt Arizona; 2, M Rowe’s Top Hat & Tails; 3, A Fairhead’s Sixth Sense. Show/RP Y’stk 1, J Taylor’s Chaceside Coincidence; 2, M Sewell’s Drakelands Corsa; 3, K Allen’s Hightopps Crown Jewel. 4yr+ 1, M Sewell’s Drakelands Celica; 2, A Rix’s Redvale Faberge; 3, M McCarthy’s Langage Spring Flower. SHP Y’stk 1, P Shepeard’s Hideaway Standing Ovation; 2, Ms Weaver/Drake’s Cornashton Cherry Flight; 3, Hyperion Stud’s Hyperion Pink Lady. 4yr+ 1 & Ch, J Thomas’s Breaglen Symphony; 2, C Burrough’s Dark Secret; 3 & Res Ch, M Sewell’s Drakelands Celica. Comp H/P Y’stk 1, Hyperion Stud’s Mystic Manner; 2, H Loaring’s Gold Rush; 3, A Egerton’s Moonlight Mystique. 4yr+ 1, A Pitman’s Foxwood Tillmon; 2, Mrs Thornton’s Milford Ranger; 3, C Burrough’s Dark Secret. SWPA Saith/Stepley Breeders Challenge (non M&M) Y’stk 1, A Browne’s Welsh Rabbit; 2, L Robbin’s Widlake Waterlily; 3, Hyperion Stud’s Hyperion WKD. 4yrs+ 1, N Budd’s Langwedh Sweet Dream. PUK Pollyanna (Miss A Dunn) LR 1 & Res Ch, S Hawken’s Ardenhall Samsara; 2, T Gibson’s Milford May Flower; 3, L Wilson’s Crossbrook Solo. RP 1 & Ch, C Burrows’s Devon Aratzi; 2, A Rix’s Redvale Faberge; 3, L Wilson’s Charlegrove Ebonita. SHP 1, C Burrough’s Dark Secret; 2, C Haynes’s Candy; 3, E Webber’s Dancing Lace. RH 1, D South’s Along Came Polly. PUK Brineton SP (Mr Morgan) 1 & Ch, J Thomas’s Sedgelands Riverdance; 2, C Burrows Devon Aratzi; 3, A Rix’s Redvale Faberge. SHP n/e 122cms 1, S Please’s Rosslayne Royal Glory; 2, M Tooze’s Fauldshope Duncan. SHP exc 122cms 1, J Thomas’s Breaglen Symphony; 2, J Doble’s Romany River Gypsy Girl; 3, C Cowling’s Rosewall Just William. PB M&M 1 & Res Ch, Y Burrows Devon Aratzi; 2, S Eccles’s Stafford Kittyfisher; 3, J Streeter’s Vlacq Alwen. Rid Pure/PB/AA Arabs 1, Thomas Family’s Sedgelands Riverdance; 2, A Rix’s Redvale Faberge; 3, E Henderson’s Lelista. Nov Rid Show/RP n/e 148cms (Miss A Dunn) 1, L Wilson’s Chalgrove Ebonita. SHP 1 & Res Ch, S Harrison’s Gwynno Pryderi; 2, J Thomas’s Breaglen Symphony; 3, S Please’s Rosslayne Royal Glory. Intermediate 1, E Webber’s Opportunity Sox. Nov Rid Hack/RH 148-160cms 1, D South’s Along Came Polly. Nov Rid M&M Sml Brds 1,S Broad’s Oldacres Velvetine; 2, E Webber’s Thornbury Court Jester; 3, M Whitlock’s Greycott Inspiration. Lge Brds 1 & Ch, E Badder’s Critirion Dynamite; 2, J Fox’s Sparrowhawk; 3, C Conway’s Hardys Dynamite. SWPA Goatlake M&M Rid Shet/Dart/Ex 1, J Price’s Tawbits Mystic Maggy. Sec A&B 1, C Hewlett’s Ingodown Fable; 2, C Pollett’s Caspian; 3, E Webber’s Tricula Morning Wren. NF/Con 1 & Res Ch, C Pollett’s Kevin; 2, S Plummer’s Kirtling Rob Roy. Dales/Fell/High 1, A Smith’s Lyncrests Rhonda Lass. Sec C&D 1 & Ch, J Taylor’s Bakersfield Ginger Rogers; 2, E Badder’s Criterion Dynamite; 3, T Jeffery’s Ollerset Prince. Rid Vet 1, C MacMillan’s Master Charles; 2, P Thomlinson’s Solitaire; 3, C Fox’s Piran Fair Rosalind. Rid Col 1, D Willing’s Harlequin Kerryor; 2, T Kelly’s Mocha Sahne; 3, R Willing’s False Alarm. Rid Hack 1, Mrs Rutherford’s Zelston Funny Flutter; 2, Ms Hopkins & Mr G Arnold’s Last Princess; 3, S Bate’s Oskar Schindler. Rid Hunter 1 & Ch, S Bate’s Rio Grand; 2, Hopkins Brockesby; 3, L Jeffery’s Killiney Bay. PUK Cedarwood Rid Comp/Sport/Pot Dress H/P (Mr Morgan) Comp Pony 1, S Broad’s Llandsantffraed Dainty Lady. Comp Horse 1, N Bennett’s Edward IV; 2, S Knowles’s Afríca. PUK Lloyd Show Classic 1, Thomas Family’s Rosedale Glamour Puss. PUK Hazelden Rosettes RH 1, A Martin’s Top Cracker; 2, A Pitman’s Foxwood Tilimon. PUK Ardenne Int SHP 1, E Webber’s Dancing Lace. PUK Kempley Rid Cob 1 & Res Ch, A Fairhead’s Maise May; 2, A Tubb’s Just Timothy IV; 3, N Bennett’s Edward IV.

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