Showing results 26 May ’03

  • SOUTH DEVON RC Redpost Showground, Littlehempdton, Totnes, 26 May

    Best Turned Out 1, Smartie (L Andrews); 2 Cassie (C Browne); 3, Elegant Fox (C Watson). Best Riding Club Horse 1, Master Fox (S Tibbs); 2, Tia Maria (D martin); 3, TC Triple Diamond (R Holloway). Best Riding Horse 1, Tia Maria; 2, Master Fox; 3, Kez. Best Ridden Cob 1, Buttons (M Stacey); 2. Maisie May (A Fairhead); 3, The Priest (G Edwards). Best Novice Ridden Hunter 1, Master Fox; 2, Elegant Fox; 3, Georgie Girl (S Lidstone). Best Open Ridden Hunter 1, Tia Maria; 2, Marshill Flynn (C Culley); 3, Craigstown Lady (K Pattison). Best Small Hunter 1, Nimrod (L Brown); 2, Hazel (R Leonard); 3, Moochie (M Wagstaff). Novice Working Hunter 1, Marshill Flynn; 2, Carlew Diamond Dancer (K Rangeley); 3, Kilkeegan (S Day). Open Small Working Hunter 1, Moochie; 2, ShorteidgeSavoir Faire; 3, Goldie (J Greenslade). Open Working Hunter 1, Pappatuu (B Wright); 2, Maybe Babe (T Upsher); 3, Marshill Flynn. Ch Master Fox (S Tibbs). res Papatuu (B Wright). Best Combination sect 1 1, George (J Green); 2, Wolferlow Little Tern; 3, Ginger Snap. Sect 2 1, Smartie; 2, Shortridge Savoir Faire; 3, The Priest. Best Rider 1, The Belgian Detective; 2, Smartie; 3, Cassie. Best Veteran Horse/Pony 1, Black Magic (K Coffin); 2, Dittoe (E Stanley); 3, Jemima. Best Coloured horse/pony 1, Smartie. Open Show Jumping 2’3″ 1, Jemini (K Long); 2, Joker (G Plaine); 3, Nimrod (L Browne). Novicer Show Jumping 2’3″ 1, Kilkeegan (S Day); 2, Village Estate (K Long); 3, Silver Ghost (C Rigg). 2’6″ 1, Jordan Peak (A Hore); 2, Harry (C Hayes); 3, O’Reilly (D Smith). 2’9″ 1, Storm (A Wych); 2, Finlake Codie (E Burns); 3, Dazzle (R Lennox). 3’0″ 1, Chantals Choice (A Strong); 2, Lolly Pops (J Hore); 3,Tit for Tat (J Rice). 3’3″ 1, Lussac Gold Sovereign (N Darling); 2, Tit for Tat (J Rice); 3, Pappatuu (B Wright).


    agricultural (C Carrick) gelding1, J Owens’ Tommy; 2, P & W Bedford’s Classic; 3, J Cowen’s Sandbed Super Star. mare 3yr & up1 & res, MC Robinson & Son’s Lady; 2, Mr & Mrs G Pinkney’s Auchenlaw Ellie. 2-y-o filly1 & ch, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Miranda; 2, J Thompson’s Redcastle Mardi Gras. 1/2-y-o colt/gelding1, G Holmes’ Billy; 2, G Holmes’ Tom. best decorated in harness (G Swan)1, S & S McLean’s Dick; 2, J & C Fairbairn’s Royal; 3, G Holmes’ George. heavy horse turnouts (G Swann) single agricultural1, G Holmes’ George; 2,J Owens’ Pride; 3, A Dixons’ Barney. do dray1, Coors Brewing; 2, R Buglass’s Ted; 3, G Holmes’ Jimmy. pairs1 & sup, Coors Brewing; 2, P & W Bedford; 3, J & C Fairbairn’s Royal & Blaze. 3 or more1 & res sup, P & W Bedford; 2, G Holmes’ Beau, Paddy & Jimmy. hunter breeding (Mrs D Walton) y’ling1, J & W Moran’s Lavender Hill; 2, G Clifford’s Cogs Collene; 3, V Hogg’s Millwalk Starsdance. 2-y-o gelding/filly1, ch & light horse ch, J & W Moran’s Port Patrick; 2, J & W Moran’s Lawdale Mayfair; 3, D Hodson’s Cloud Nine. do 3-y-o1 & res, J & W Moran’s Mansfield Park; 2, J Agnew’s Out Of Africa. ridden hunters (Miss K Redfearn) sml1, S Pittendrigh’s Earl Of March; 2, G Brown’s More Majestic; 3, S Cloy’s Irish Fayre. 12st & under1, C Richardson’s Templewood Sally; 2, K Thompson’s Just Jester; 3, G Fiori’s Langley Jigsaw. over 12st1 & ch, Mr & Mrs A Brown’s Rockhill Saucy Sam; 2 & res, L Spence’s Beech Hill; 3, Mr & Mrs R Claydon’s Jack Of Diamonds. SP (Miss J Perkins) LR1, A Mackay’s Haigend Chardonay; 2, K Angus’s Byron’s Poetic Dream; 3, M Graham’s Rosslayne Royal Harmony. FR1, Mrs Joslin’s Cnapaton Tamberine; 2, J Stuart’s RosslayneHoneysuckle; 3, K Slight’s Barkway Guest Of Honour. 128cm1, S Schofield’s Charn Kingfisher; 2, Emmersons’ Bardene Doccuita. 138cm1 & ch, Dr P Smith’s Trelawn Spring Song; 2 & res, Mrs S Dixon’s Warrendene Twilight Rose; 3, A Green’s Knowle Sprucewood. 148cm1, C Flather’s Lemington Moondance; 2, Patterson Horseboxes’ Small-land Gilt Edge; 3, D Pittendrigh’s Westhill Integrity. nov 148cm1, Mrs Joslin’s Westhill Panache; 2, R Burchell’s Secret Charm; 3, Mrs Park’s BenNeagh Spring Hooligan. mixed height int SRT1,S Dowdeswell Chardonnay; 2, Mrs Park’s Whalton Chianti. WHP (P Molloy) nursery stakes1 & mini ch, D Gibson’s Tinkerbell; 2 & res, P Stirling’s Smoketree Texas Tart; 3, C Arnold’s Iorsa Harvest Moon. 143cm1 & ch, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper. 153cm1 & res, T Baldwin’s Total Eclipse V. nov WHP (P Molloy) nursery stakes1, C Arnold’s Iorsa Harvest Moon; 2, G Wright’s Longriver Seraph. 133cm1, T Baldwin’s Chinook Canasta; 2, C Arnold’s Iorsa Harvest Moon; 3, C Lang’s Forrestburn Holly. 143cm1 & overall ch, J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper; 2, M Duggan’s Amberlyn Cerosel; 3, D Gibson’s Missy Elliot. 153cm1, J Lumley’s Sailing Light; 2, S Murray’s Carnsdale Brighid; 3, L Gray’s Windale Royal Shadow. open SHP (J Lilley) 153cm1, ch & light horse res, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tom Cat; 2, G Clifford’s Oliver XII; 3, E Jackson’s Whispering Grass. 143cm1, D Pittendrigh’s Catchphrase II; 2, K Angus’s Deyncourt Aristocrat; 3, J Thompson’s Conrhenny Domino. 133cm1, G Wright’s Longriver Seraph; 2, K Angus’s Knowle Sprucewood; 3, C Catton’s Whalton Cadet. 122cm1 & res, K Slight’s Linksbury Jester. private driving (Mrs C Kemp) open1 & res, K & L Wilson’s High Society; 2, A Todd’s Gwarchod Paddy’s Boy; 3, W Judson’s Murton Blue Smarty. tradesman’s turnout1 & ch, J Tuck’s Jimmy Boy; 2, A Dixon’s Barney.

    NPS Area 5, Myerscough EC,26 May

    hunter pony breeding (Mr J McNaught) b’dmare1, W Merryweather’s Goldsborough Princess Royale; 2, A O’Halloran’s Forestmoor Florentine; 3, G Neve’s Mereland Mystique. do y’ling1, D Taylor’s Duntarvie Catnap. do stallion1 & ch, M Beeston’s Brocklehurst Brambling; 2, E O’Donnell’s Special Edition II. do 2/3-y-o1 & res, C Ruchwaldy’s Yealand Desdemona; 2, M Reeves’ Hackamore The Bees Knees; 3, K Allen’s Elmsfield Jonathon. Welsh part-bred in-hand (Miss SWade) 4yr & over1, L Dickinson’s Greenacres April; 2, G Neve’s Styalways Concerto; 3, Forestmoor Florentine. y’ling1 & ch, M Scott’s Fiora Double-O-Seven; 2, D McCormack’s Rivendall Splendour; 3, Duntarvie Catnap. 2/3yo1 & res, Roberton-Brown’s Rotherwood Dream-a-Long; 2, S Jones’ Dunellen Sweet Rhapsody; 3, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Saffron Surprise. stallion1, Brocklehurst Brambling; 2, Special Edition II. RP breeding (Mr C Furness) b’mare1, C Heaton’s Bylands Dawn Chorus; 2, Goldsborough Princess Royale; 3, Styalways Concerto. y’ling1 & ch, C Taylor’s Rotherwood Pretentious; 2, Rivendell Splendour; 3, J Charnock & C Lane’s Crimson Royal Ensign. 2/3-y-o1 & res, C Huyton’s Kelsborrow Touchstone; 2, M Downie’s Kingsford Drummer Boy; 3, Rotherwood Dream-A-Long. 4yr & over1, A Bradley’s Deyncourt Joyful Jinks. sport horse/pony (Mr J McNaught) 4yr & over1, Special Edition II; 2, J Fairclough’s Chattahoc; 3, Forestmoor Florentine. 1-3-y-o1, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 2, J Hartley’s Chardonnay Springtime. NPS Elite RP breeding y’ling1, K Allen’s Anton Princess Royal. 2/3-y-o1, Kelsborrow Touchstone; 2, Rotherwood Dream-A-Long; 3, E Peet’s Beckcroft Pageboy. Anglo/part-bred in-hand (Ms A Dixon) 4yr & over1, G Neve’s Mereland Mystique; 2, Deyncourt Joyful Jinks; 3, E Germaine’s Grand Oasis. stallion1, M Beeston’s Stychlands Noble Heir; 2, Maraday Stud’s Cwyrtai Remeldo. 2/3-y-o1, Kelsborrow Touchstone; 2, M Wrighton’s Anton Flirtation; 3, G Edwards’ Hazelcroft Somertime. y’ling1, Marshbrook Spring Encounter; 2, A Ainley’s Diamond Brite; 3, G Deleaney’s Rotherwood Senorita. M&M in-hand (Mrs MG Furness) sec A/B 1-3-y-o1 & ch, A Chadwick’s Stoak Valuer; 2, A Fairclough’s Waxwing Tilly; 3, S Grundy’s Tiverton Tinkerbell. 4yr & over1 & res, J Cowling’s Mower Vixen; 2, J Oates’ Starcliffe Stormtrooper; 3, M Hill’s Rosslayne Royal Promise. sec C/D 4yr & over1 & ch, D Holt’s Tardebigge Equalizer. Connemara/New Forest 1-3-y-o1, K Wainwright’s Keita; 2, S Burton’s Lintaven Moonriver; 3, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Golden Harrier. 4yr & over1 & ch, S Burton’s Lintavon Ciro; 2, K Baxter’s Wayland Lionheart; 3, J Sonnex’s Glencarrig Bobby. Fell/Dales/Highland 1-3-y-o1, C Lees’ Hedgethorpe Major General; 2, S Hurst’s Balmule Corrie Muir; 3, S Holden’s Glenmoss Of Mitchelland. 4yr & over1 & ch, D Chadwick’sSeverndale Hector; 2 & res, R Charlton’s Linnel Pearl; 3, L Thompson’s Baronshill Bailey. Shetland/Exmoor 1-3-y-o1, S Reeves’ Lathom Joanna. 4yr & over1 & ch, J Watson’s Millhouse Dictator; 2, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 3, R Johnson’s Pepe of Scotia. Dartmoor y’ling1 & res, P Tyler’s Springwater Rossini; 2, W Dunn’s Rekcliffe Jump Jet; 3, J Moore’s Shilstone Rocks Country Girl. 2/3-y-o1, J Moore’s Boveycombe Bangle; 2, P Tyler’s Springwater Symphony; 3, MBrewington’s Duval Desdomona. do b’mare1 & ch, D Hinde’s Langfield Beth; 2, A Rigby’s Dykes Daisy Mead. foal1, D Hinde’s Pumphill foal; 2, A Rigby’s Dykes foal. stallion1, M Brewington’s Whinberry Black Jack; 2, W Dunn’s Hisley Diplomat; 3, J Moore & Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks North Country Man. 4yr & over1, D Hinde’s Pumphill Bart; 2, S Phillips’ Flagstaff Koko Pops; 3, J Moore’s Cayberry Deja Vu. CHAPS(UK) in-hand (Dr J Alexander) 1/2/3yo1, R Gill’s Equal Rites. 148cm1 & ch, A Robinson’s Cynhinfa Crackerjack; 2, G Portnall’s Woodend Pride; 3, A Yates’ Amigo. over 148cm1 & res, J Crabb’s Banner. NPS jnr ridden (Mr C Furness) sml brds1 & res, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Kiora; 2,B Barton’s Seasider Ivanhoe; 3, A Johnson’s Boston Out Of The Blue. lge brds1 & ch, K Jones’ Synod Rosser; 2, F Tucker’s Grayswood Eclipse; 3, H Porritt’s Marl Bronze King. M&M LR (Mr A Robertson)1 & ch, Team Hollings’ Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, J Cookson’s Foxtrot Gemma; 3, K Fitzpatrick’s Lickfolds Lion Heart. FR1 & res, B Moore’s Roseisle Samantha; 2, Seasider Ivanhoe; 3, H Horsfall’s Langfield Beverley Hills. P(UK) conf nov M&M (Mr J Bradley) LR1, E Cowell’s BreamishJulian; 2, Lickfolds Lionheart; 3, A Chisnall’s Whitsand Wild Rose. do FR1, Roseisle Samantha; 2, S Hughes’ Sugarbrook Whinfield; 3, G Stones’ Joleon Tosca. open M&M LR1 & ch, Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, Foxtrot Gemma; 3, L Walker’s Rookery Souffle. do FR1 & res, Langfield Beverley Hills; 2, Sugarbrook Whinfield; 3, J Jones’ Cosley Sweet Pea. NPA Picton nov ridden M&M (Mr A Robertson) sml brd1, G Homfray-Jones’ Roseisle Picollo; 2, G Whetter’s Bluecaps; 3, Breamish Julian. do sec B/C1, L Wigglesworth’s Fingerpost Tamborineman of Moel; 2, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Precious Doll; 3, E Cowell’s Coxwold Desire. do New Forest/Connemara1, W Hide’s Lishmar Finnegans Wake; 2, K Wainwright’s Tyan Takara; 3, E Milner’s Tiercel Grasshopper. do lge brd1 & ch, J Sonnex’s Inglgerth Reveller; 2, S Davies & S Smith’s Pontsgreen Cameron; 3, G Simpson’s Kilmannan Black Wizard. NPS Ffreffi int ridden M&M (Mrs MG Furness) sml brd1, E Boardman’s Dykes Country Mead; 2, S Howard’s Sunbow Red Adniral. do New Forest/Connemara1 & ch, K Wainwright’s Tyan Takara. lge brd1 & ch, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Sapphire; 2, K Manning’s Wellbrow Jack; 3, L Brown’s Trailtrow Ealachan. P(UK) Kingsford M&M Ridden (Miss S Jull) sml brds1 & ch, F Harrison’s Shilstone Rocks Snowfox; 2, P Keepe’s Hilin Prince David. do lrg brd1 & res, W Ireland’s Village Defender; 2, S Richardson’s Sydserff Oliver; 3, K McTiffin’s Dene Delctable. OlympiaRidden M&M (Mrs J Williams) sml brds1, L White’s Springbourne Camelot; 2, H Horsfall’s Langfield Beverley Hills; 3, G Simpson’s Whitsand Warrior. sec B/C1 & res, D Waterhouse’s Northlight Galliano; 2, J Pipe’s Karsl Mohican; 3, T Hinchcliffe’s Wortley The Duchess. New Forest/Connemara1, B McGrath’s Moorbank Hale Bop; 2, Lintavon Ciro; 3, Glancarrig Bobby. Fell/Dales/Highland1, S Peet’s Townend Hamish; 2, H Prescott’s Osprey of Croila; 3, S Ashworth’s Rivington PrinceCharming. sec D1 & ch, J Murphy’s Ffoslas Ceredig; 2, I Gawith’s Kentchurch Calamity; 3, K McTiffin’s Kentchurch Trilby. SP/SHP (Mr A Robertson) LR1 & res, V Anderson’s Dinsdale Gypkin. FR1 & ch, R Merryweather’s Megland Caress.BSPS SP (Miss L Cadman) LR1 & ch, Fleming’s Charn Ring-o-Roses; 2, Dinsdale Gypkin; 3, P Starkie’s Moeltryfan Bettina. FR1 & res, J Wright’s Haighend Lullaby; 2, M Thompson’s Woodend Orinoco; 3, Megland Carress. 128cm1 & res, J Wright’s Westhill Tap Dance; 2, K Walsh’s Beckside Super Trooper; 3, J Dewhurst’s Talponciau Royal Celebration. 138cm1 & ch, K Vines’ Sianwood Honeycomb; 2, J Wright’s Fosway Chanson; 3, J Berne’s Ben Neagh Foxy Lady. 148cm1, E Cassidy’s Jackets Blues singer; 2, L Lloyd’s Wilderness Piceroon. novice1, M Thompson’s Stanley Grange Beaujolais; 2, E Cassidy’s Rufforth Olympic Light; 3, L Sergeant’s Whalton Robboline. Int SRT sml1, J Stevens’ Kellsborrow Halcyon; 2, Rufforth Olympic Light; 3, Whalton Robboline. do lge1, T Allison’s Riverdale Mannequin; 2, Monseratt Sport Horses’ Sea Mistress; 3, P Mathias’s Darrowby Splendour. ridden Anglo/part-bred Arab (Ms A Dixon, Miss R Rodgers-Beesley) 148cm1, A Ainley’s Silver Sonnet Of Lostock; 2, S Draper’s Fleetcroft Portrait. over 148cm1 & ch, R Atkinson’s Readwood Redwing; 2, M Mockett’s Shadinsky; 3, C Domanski’s Helicons Lyric. ridden SHP/RP (Mr J McNaught) 128cm1, K Walsh’s BecksideSuper Trooper; 2, Talponciau Royal Celebration. 138cm1 & res, B McArdles’s Willowhill Forget-Me-Not. 153cm1 & ch, J Hoyle’s Bowlandforest Dandelion. BSPS SHP (Mr D Payne) nov1, S Barker’s The Toff II; 2, Bowlandforest Dandelion; 3, C Usher’s New Hety Shadow II. int1, V Smith’s Rufforth Rowena; 2, J Massey’s Carnsdale Oliver Twist; 3, Chattahoc. 153cm1, T Allison’s Cherrington Spotlight; 2, L Mitchell’s Dalcotes Purdy; 3, S Weaver’s The Tawny Emporer. 143cm1 & ch, M Comer’s Tyn-y-Cae Gold Kite; 2, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor; 3, L Dickinson’s Yealand Presbetry. 133cm1, R Platt’s Cardells Maximillion; 2, J Blundell’s Chiddock Speed Limit; 3, L Hinton’s Highmead Politician. 122cm1& res, C Gray’s Wortley Celebration; 2, L Dickinson’s Parkbourne Sweet William; 3, D Coles & K Harrod’s Millay Senoreta. LR1, S Wilcock’s Hattongate Anastasia; 2, L Dickinson’s Parkbourne Sweet William. CHAPS(UK) ridden (Dr J Alexander) 153cm1, J Crabb’s Banner; 2, L Bentley’s O’Jay; 3, S Brown’s Drumberry Finola. over 153cm1, P Gawthorpe’s Good Omens; 2, L Cornthwaite’s Patonwork Puzzle; 3, C Hamilton’s Lostock Sing-Song. P(UK) Shearwater M&M WHP (Miss S Jull, Ms H Morris) 122cm1 & ch, A Nordell’s Vinedale Vixen; 2, L Jones’ Bunbury Czar; 3, A Partington’s Kirsch. 138cm1 & res, D Chadwick’s Severnvale Hector; 2, J Russell’s Drogeda Black Knight; 3, R Singleton’s Pumlon Marinello. 138cm1, O Miller’s Cerddedes High Strider; 2, A Partingdon’s Sunroyd Prince Regent; 3, T Walker’s Cascob Past Times. Sealskinz nov M&M WHP (Mr Strang, Mrs Helps) 122cm1, G Jessop’s Boston Bo-Peep. 138cm1 & res, Drogeda Black Knight; 2, M Shepherd’sBrybarrows Len; 3, K Wheway’s Starcrest Mel Aur. over 138cm1, Pontsgreen Cameron; 2, Kentchurch Calamity; 3, J Heelis’ Foxglen Domino. Follywood int M&M WHP 122cm1 & res, G Whetter’s Bluecaps; 2, R Swift’s Pallidio; 3, S Larson’s Silver Silhouette. 138cm1, R Leavsley’s Sannan Valley Souvenir; 2, R Gratton’s Ryanwyb Theoden; 3, Drogheda Black Knight. over 138cm1 & ch, S Davies & S Smith’s Countryside Rambling Boy; 2, A Hibbert’s Erwwastad Llwnyog; 3, Skelwith Oscar’s Sundance. PA Business Systems HOYS M&M WHP (Mr C Furness, Mr Strang) 128cm1 & ch, Vinedale Vixen; 2, P Keepe’s Gryngallt Playsome; 3, A Peacy’s Morwyn Bronze Knight. 138cm1, R Platts’ Waunheulog Rufus; 2, Severndale Hector; 3, Sannan Valley Souvenir. 138cm1 & res, P Cox’s Burnmor Caradog; 2, S Field’s Golden Star; 3, Foxglan Domino. FR M&M WHP1, T Brooks’ Maxweltown Minder; 2, Gryngallt Playsome; 3, M Atkinson’s Shilstone Rocks September.

    SURREY COUNTY Stoke Park, 26 May

    nov hunter 1, J Dunlop’s Man At Arms; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Gavin’s Grove; 3, Mrs D Thorneycroft’s Mason II. do lwt 1 & ch, J Dunlop’s Bushmills; 2, Mrs Jerram & Mrs Moore’s Royal Academy; 3, Mrs L Bell’s Casino II. do mwt 1, Miss A McCarthy’s Ballynoe Prince; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Pukka Tukka; 3, N Moon’s Otterbourne. do hwt 1 & res, Kelanne Stud’s Cash; 2, Miss A Hutton’s True Granite. sml hunter 1, Mrs E Trembath’s Dinky Toy; 2, V Rider’s Prince Of Thieves; 3, D Boylan’s Coppenagh Lad. WHP 1, Ballynoe Prince; 2, Mrs B Hester’s James Brown; 3, Miss C Baines’ Wunathose Daze. hunter breeding b’mare 1 Mrs D Evans’ Just A Dancer. do foal 1, Mrs D Evans. y’ling 1, Mrs K Miles’ I’m No Fool; 2, J Dunlop’s Bronwen. 2-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Hill’s Belmont; 2, Mrs J Mason’s Burlyns Ad Lib. 3-y-o 1 & ch, J Dunlop’s Golden Virginia; 2, G Merton’s Penstrumbly Abram; 3, Mrs J Mason’s Burlyns Dot Com. lwt cob 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Draco; 2, Mrs B Firth’s Grenside Diamond; 3, E Rogers’ Hartley. do hwt 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Polaris; 2, E Bury’s Waterford; 3, K Walsh’s Buzz Lightyear II. ridden coloured exc 153cm 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Arturus; 2, E Halfhide’s Badges Inca; 3, Mrs N Whitelock’s Samehills Mosaic. do not exc 153cm 1, Mrs F Rawlings’ Buzz Lightyear; 2, Mrs Jean Simmons’ My Little Gem; 3, J Smith’s PatchAdams. side-saddle concours d’elegance 1, Miss S Hislam’s Joli La Chinoise; 2, Miss S Truscott’s Clear Vision; 3, J Hallet’s VIP. Arab breeding mare 1, GP Watson’s Yumana; 2, Mrs C Buckley’s Minuets Mystique; 3, Mrs P Hitchings’ Asala. do foal 1, Mrs G Bryan y’ling geld/filly 1, D Fenton’s Duchy Vendetta. 2/3-y-o colt/geld 1 & ch, Mrs M Calvert’s Christov; 2, 3, Mrs G Bryan’s Ibn Al Antoon. filly 1, Mrs S Foreman’s Ffatalia; 2, Mrs C Buckley’s MinuetsMimi. stallion 1 & res, Mrs S Coomb’s Vivek; 2, Mrs D Monckton’s Shikari; 3, S Jones’ Vidas. do ridden 1, Vivek; 2, C Hawes’ Gold Samah; 3, Mrs SE Tapsell’s Sky Comet. SP 128cm 1 & res, Mrs J Hosmer’s Marchemanor CrŠme De Menthe; 2, Team Jago’s Padraig Honeymoon; 3, Mrs J Thomas’ Oakley Spring Sophie. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs Bourne’s Lord Oaksey; 2, Team Jago’s Scary Spice 3, Team Jago’s Ninfield Wuthering Heights. 148cm 1, Misses CJ & CR Bond’s Holltess Littlesweet melody; 2, Mrs S Dennis’ Copybush Catchword; 3, Team Jago’s Rotherwood Flight Of Fancy. SHP 133cm 1, Lord Oaksey; 2, Lady Gilbey’s Culross Sunset. 143cm 1 & res Mrs J Sturgis’ Rosedale Diplomat; 2, Copybush Catchword. 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs G Holder’s Hammonds Next Time; 2, Mrs N Whitelock’s Helsington Next Generation. RP in-hand y’ling 121cm 1 & res, Miss P Jobson-Scott’s Jobanker Double Delight; 2, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exclusive; 3, Mrs J Weedon’s Jipson Avocet. 131cm 1, Mrs B Skeet’s Devon Touch Of Class. 141cm 1, Mrs K Hillman’s Kelmstone Royal Crystal; 2, Mr & Mrs P Cole’s Pennway Tap Dance. 2/3-y-o 124cm 1 & ch, Mrs V Wigg’s Barkway Tiger Moth; 2, Mr S Arrowsmith & Miss J Vowles’ Anton Princess Nadia; 3, Mrs J Godden’s Rhos Exquisite. do 134cm 1, Mrs F Kennedy’s Spinningdale Tomasina; 2, Mrs K Sarling’s Colbeach Sofistication; 3, Mrs J Weedon’s Jipson Pipit. do home-prod 148cm y’ling 1, Devon Touch Of Class; 2, Rhos Exclusive; 3, Jipson Avocet. 2/3-y-o 1, Spinningdale Tomasina; 2, Mrs T Sage’s Henleydown High Society; 3, Rhos Exquisite. M&M in-hand sec A y’stk 1 & res, Mr & Mrs V Harris’ Yaverland Delyn; 2, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Benita; 3, Mr & MrsD Clarke’s Gleiniant Vanessa. do 4yr & over 1 & ch, Mrs J Higgins’ Brysmith Diamond Spirit; 2, Mrs J Hayden’s Springbourne Harmoneer; 3, JP Jones’ Lapstone Umber. sec B y’stk 1 & res, Mrs PA Cole’s Pennway Peregrine; 2, Mr & Mrs C Butler’s Gigman Sapphire; 3, Mrs P Reynolds’ Priestwood Dixie Chick. do 4yr & over 1 & ch, Mrs H Lake & Mrs J Peate’s Pendock Victoria; 2, Mrs E Johnston’s Paddock Personality. New Forest, 4yr & over 1 & ch, Mrs R Milton’s Bickaton Merry Music Man; 2, Miss S Lee’s Gosden Sweet Briar; 3, Mrs D Dale’s Huredale Silver Quest. do y’stk 1 & res, P Knowles & J Josey’s Buttslawn Galaxy; 2, P Knowles & J Josey’s Buttslawn Cavalier; 3, Paula Barrett’s Brock Simone. do Connemara y’stk 1, Miss F Goodsir’s Sydserff Finnadoon; 2, Mr & Mrs M Hezel’s Croftbank Finnola. do 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mr R Blackburn’s Glencarrig Eleanor; 2 & res, Mrs S Barraclough’s Walstead Topical; 3, Miss F Goodsir’s Colum Don Carlos. Shetland, 4yr & over 1, ch & sup ch, Mrs D Pickett & A Sergeant’s Champlers Ebony; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs I Bailey’s Vasha Of Touchwood; 3, Mrs L & C Buchanan-Jackson’s Dryknowl Ennar do 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs D Pickett & A Sergeant’s Champlers Elsa; 2, Mr & MrsR Turvill’s Highwood Veracity; 3, Mrs A Page’s Rushetts Empress. Dartmoor 1 & res sup, Mr A Rollo’s Lickfolds Spring Fever; 2 & 3, Santon Stud’s Wilby Solo & Santon Solitaire. Exmoor 1, Mrs J Miles’ Cholderton Honey; 2, Mrs J Payne’s Tawbitts Golden Fudge; 3, Mrs J Healey’s Sunglow Woodlark. Highland 1, Mrs V Lock’s Brittleton Straith Isla; 2, S Carr-Bains’ Fern Of Glenmarkie; 3, J Hopkinson’s Auchcyne MacDougal. Dales/Fell 1, Mrs M Kingham’s Izadale Heidi; 2 & 3 Sunglow Stud’s Sunglow Sabrina & Sunglow Peregrine.

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