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  • ROYAL NORTHERN SPRING Thainstone, Inverurie, 25 February

    Clydesdale (W Barclay) filly y’ling 1 & ch, N Christie’s Anguston Amy; 2, A Greenhill’s Tulloes Flora; 3, V Peterkin’s Bogton Snowdrop. colt/filly/gelding 2-y-o 1, A & C Drummond’s Pitreuchie Lady Ellie; 2, W Grant’s Phesdo Marjorie; 3, V Peterkin’s Phesdo Ben. mare 3-y-o & over 1 & res, J Aitken’s Phesdo Michelle; 2, G Wight’s Sunnyside Claira; 3, N Christie’s Anguston Megan. young handlers 1, M Noble; 2, S Noble. Shetland (S MacArthur) stallion 1 & ch, HP Sleigh & Son’s Wells Highlight II. mare/gelding 1 & res, HP Sleigh’s Wells Paula; 2, W Anderson’s Westpark Eliza; 3, W Anderson’s Cresco Elite. filly 2/3-y-o 1, HP Sleigh & Son’s Wells Temptress; 2, W Robertson’s Hedderwick Veronica; 3, C Forbes’ Cathedral Toots. colt/filly y’ling 1, W Anderson’s Strocherie Puzzle; 2, M Greaves’ Invincible Of Chapelhill; 3, G & M Hamilton’s Tyrie April. miniature 1, M Smith’s Redburn Island Legacy; 2, N Wilson’s Firth Ivory Talisman; 3, C Forbes’ Lynemore Misty. young handlers 1, C Prentice’s Clothie X-toll; 2, M Stuart’s Pandora’s Nik Nak. Highland (W Allan) stallion 1, M & W Taylor’s Concorde Of Whitefield; 2, P Watson’s Edindurno Glen Clova; 3, R Alexander’s Rannoch Of Fourmerk. mare 1, J Reid’s Shevock Sapphire Speedwell; 2, J Brown’s Corra Of Priorswood; 3, A Barron’s Kincardine Biddy. gelding 1, ch & res sup, J Munro’s Edindurno Glen Rannoch; 2, C Philips’ Cairns Viscount; 3, S Knowles’ Wrestlaw Robbie. filly/gelding 3-y-o 1, J Reid’s Rose O’ The Glens; 2, C Simpson’s Benspey Mhegan. colt/filly/gelding 2-y-o 1 & res, A Barron’s Kincardine Gael; 2, C Simpson’s Benspey Millie. do y’ling 1, A Barron’s Kincardine Hazel; 2, H Duncan’s Zara Of Craignetherty; 3, A Clark’s Endrig Bruars Samson. M&M (A Hinde) stallion 1, ch & sup, W Ireland’s Village Defender; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs D Anderson & L Anderson’s Dunmere Buff Ermine; 3, Mr & Mrs P Millar’s Pinina Firedrake. mare/filly/gelding 4-y-o & over lge 1, W Ireland’s Slaypits Rosie; 2, F Stevenson’s Ravenscairn Siobhan; 3, R Innes’s Lowthwaite Lady III. do sml 1, B Forbes’ Fifeshill Gem Boy; 2, H Oswald’s Fernbrae Solitaire; 3, S Scott’s Criccieth Evana. filly/gelding 2/3-y-o 1, M Andrew’s Kingswells Solo; 2, R & H Nairn’s Deersden Tugela; 3, S Scott’s Oddies Eclipse. colt/filly/gelding y’ling 1, S Scott’s Oddies Eldorado; 2, Retanach Stud’s Retanach Malachi; 3, M Andrew’s Kingswells Sky’s The Limit. hunters & hacks (Mrs J Reid) mare/filly/gelding 4-y-o & over sml 1, G Greig’s Apollo’s Shaunagh; 2, F Reid’s CT Royal Justice; 3, E Pope’s Cool Knight. do lge 1 & res, R Paterson’s Aberandy; 2, F Ross’s Ringside Critic; 3, F Reid’s Littlehill Liam. filly/gelding 3-y-o & over 1, E Duncan’s Craigmancie Flash Harry; 2, J Skinner’s Mystery Blaze; 3, S Ennis’s Strathorn Morning Star. do 2-y-o 1, L Kewley’s Quest; 2, J Skinner’s Dealach. colt/filly/gelding y’ling 1, R Aiken’s Tranquil Ginger Fair; 3, W Sim’s Tiger’s Surprise; 3, R Aiken’s Mountain Dew. stallion 1 & ch, F Reed’s Bollin Terry; 2, J Readhead’sAthens Abercadabra; 3, A Middler’s Spartan Heights. Arab/Anglo/part-bred Arab (Mrs C Roebuck) stallion/colt 1 & ch, K Stephen’s Monarque; 2, L-A Mitchell’s Nikkodemus; 3, K Stephen’s Monaiah. mare/filly/gelding 3-y-o & over 1, V Mylius’s Flaxman’s Sid; 2, E Duncan’s Safleck. filly/gelding 2-y-o 1 & res, S Williamson’s Eskside Opal. ponies (Mrs P Clifford) stallion/colt 1 & res, K Homer’s Naderson Rossini. mare/filly/gelding 3-y-o & over 1, I Jamieson’s Malaysian Promise; 2, J Readhead’s Kirkston Skylark; 3, C Chisman’s Silly Miss Milly. colt/filly/gelding y’ling 1 & ch, L Kelbie’s Lyndrose Lady Penelope. warmblood (D Reid) stallion/colt 1 & ch, Ridinghill Stud’s Ridinghill Drambuie; 2, A Middler’s Craigmancie Gold. mare/filly/gelding 3-y-o & over 1 & res, J Brown’s Ridinghill Belladonna. filly/gelding 2-y-o 1, D Atkinson’s Loaded. colt/filly/gelding y’ling 1, S Knowles’ Overhall Granite; 2, R Donaldson’s Vesuvius VU.

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