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  • TALK OF THE NORTH Birchinley Manor, Lancs, 25-6 June

    TALK OF THE NORTH Birchinley Manor, Lancs, 25-6 June

    nov ridden (A Munnis & R Hargreaves) l’wt. 1, Walker & Evans Bourne Bank Golden Law; 2, Mr & Mrs Hall’s Cool Brawn; 3, Mr Holmes Balvenie Castle. h’wt. 1, I Susca’s Ballyhoo; 2, Calanne Stud’s Ardenode; 3, Lady Kirkham’s Golden Ridge. amateur. 1, E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, I Susca’s Jamaica Bay; 3, J Tasker’sLedwyche Rymer. sml. 1, Lady Kirkham’s Sporting Sam; 2, S Roberts’ Square Deal; 3, Mr & Mrs Curtis’s Red Alert. open hunters (A Munnis & G Taylor) l’wt. 1 & ch, Jethro Enterprises Meynell Tumbler; 2, Mr Parker’s Sandy Lane; 3, J Warner& D Bartram’s Beamish. m’wt. 1 & res, Mrs Moon’s Enigmatic; 2, E Gibson’s News Flash; 3, Mrs McLoy’s Major. h’wt. 1, A Newall’s Otter Point; 2, Mrs Mather’s Sledwich Harvest Mouse; 3, E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert. ridden coloureds not exc 15hh. 1, H Patterson’s Copybush Chuckles; 2, J Keepe’s My Little Nutmeg; 3, L Greenwood’s Dolly Mixture. exc 15hh. 1, W Thorneycroft’s Domino Dancing Sox; 2, H Gallagher’s Indiana Flash; 3, R Templeton’s Holy Land Pacific. traditional cob type. 1, D Ellerton’s Tomahawk; 2, A Meehan’s Shamos McMurphy; 3, J Snowden’s Knights Design. WH nov (A Munnis & S Somers). 1, J Armstrong’s Zin Zan; 2, J Cooper’s William VI; 3, K Lyon’s Sundown. l’wt (G Taylor & S Waddilove). 1 & ch, T & C Fairburn’s Scotch The Rumours; 2, S Gallagher’s Special Affect; 3, H HughesF Aragon. h’wt. 1 & res, G List’s Heatwave; 2, K Lyons’ The Barsteward; 3, H Hughes’ Galtree Star.

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