UK INTERNATIONAL ARABIAN Towerlands, Essex. 23-24 August

in-hand y’ling filly jnr 1, J Adkin’s Alishya; 2, D Smith’s TS Halinaah; 3, M Hickford’s AJA Anouska. do snr 1& jnr female ch, Gamlin & Ratcliffe’s Athenaa; 2, S George’s SG Boranya; 3, E Jones’s Haniyyah. y’ling colt 1& jnr male ch, Pyrah & Hunt’s Judal’s Mirage; 2, V Brown’s Notorious Psy; 3, J Adkin’s Final Shadow. 2-y-o filly 1, J Adkin’s Krystal Tiara; 2, T Aggad’s Marani; 3, M bin Al-Qasimi’s Mirana. do colt 1, J Ware’s Psyche Bey; 2, Lyall & Lee’s Nabucco; 3, M Hickford’s AJA Jakarta. 3-y-o filly 1, D Anderson’s OAS Panache; 2, M Taylor’s La Dolce Vita; 3, Hickford&Ware’s Lovin Psyche. do colt 1& res jnr male, K Gore’s Ez Azniah El Shaklan; 2, J Swaenepoel’s CE Magnum; 3, E Jones’s Psynergy. mares 4-6-y-o 1& snr female ch, J Ware’s Loubna; 2, P Gamlin’s Vataga; 3, Hunt & Pyrah’s Rohara Faberge. do 7-10-y-o 1, S Hatch’s AZ Pashon; 2, A Le’vell’s Saatiah; 3, N Stephen’s Aloysia. do 11-y-o & over 1& res snr fem, D Gamlin’s A Little Passion; 2, J Ware’s Maharani HBN; 3, A Ware’s Meenah. stallions 4-6-y-o 1, Hunt & Pyrah’s Ruger AMW; 2, C Lowe’s FL Sayawan; 3, R Turner’s Azteq. do 7-10-y-o 1& snr male ch, A bin Hamaid al-Nuani’s AS Natsir Apal; 2& res snr male R Poulter’s Ali Khan; 3, H Morris’s Euryk. do 11-y-o & over 1, S Etchell’s Vodolej; 2, S Taylor’s Hakka; 3, K Sargent’s Phoenix Kalibur. geld 1-3y-o 1& res geld ch, M Foreman’s Dancin Dream; 2, D Mitchell’s Ali G; 3, H Hill’s Ali G. do 4-y-o & over 1& geld ch, A Burr’s Rushkar; 2, Givens & Ing’s Astrolger; 3, D Tryhorn’s El Carmelle. ridden geld 1& res ch, Allen & Harris’s Jawhari; 2, N Perry’s Muscodin; 3, T Linnington’s Insh’Allah Ibn Damas. do mares 1, The Princess of Orange; 2, C Phillip’s Aurellia; 3, Grant&Kettles’s Varaina. do stallions 1& ch, T McCarthy’s PHA Silvern Risalm; 2, J Powell’s Moashiro; 3, P Wainwright’s

BSPA Championships Addington EC, Bucks, 24-25 August

ridden: traditional pony 1, J Shelland’s Flying Colours IX; 2, J Harrison’s Scrumpy Jack; 3, H Locke’s The Pick Pocket. do, horse 1, H Stinson’s Hanlan Puzzle; 2, K Dixey’s Wulfstan Ama-Doo; 3, C Johnson’s Artistic Lady II. lge British & h’wt coldblood type 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Eirins Clover; 2, Hanlan Puzzle; 3, A Croft & N C Deacon’s The Mighty Samson. British coldblood horses, unverified 1, sup & sup ridden, J Buchanan’s Sudgrove Sid; 2, D Willing’s Harlequin Kerryor; 3, G Savage’s Stevi Red. do, ponies 1, J Cruden’s Mosstown JD; 2, J Chamberlain’s Woodstock; 3, M Fairburn’s Maggie’s Pride. vanners & light draughts 1, Artistic Lady II; 2, The Mighty Samson; 3, H Cushing’s The Earl Of Stafford. British coldblood horses, verified 1, Eirins Clover; 2, Wulfstan Ama-Doo; 3, Cgale’s Obie Kanobi. do, ponies 1 & sup ridden pony, Wulfstan Stud’s Sioux City Soo. utility horse/pony 1, M Etherington’s Cannon Ball Tom; 2, Maggie’s Pride; 3, J Bradley’s Westbrink Magharee. LR, smartest on parade 1, S Hendy’s Springcontrast. LR 1, Springcontrast; 2, L Metcalfe’s Millpond Look At Me. Noddy Penny FR 1, Springcontrast; 2, C Coulson’s Three Comms Calypso; 3, L Knowles’ Midsummer Dreams. Noddy Penny ridden 1 & ch, J Morgan’s Heidi Boo La; 2, J Shellard’s Rainbow II; 3, R Hull’s Rain Dance Warrior. 4-y-o horse/pony 1, J Stevens’ Dream Catcher; 2, Mr & Mrs Wynne-Rogerson’s Miss Money Penny; 3, S Jo’s Indigo Bay. mare of the year 1, C Buckingham’s Misty Magpie; 2, C Beever’s Jazzwan; 3, J Bradley’s Janill Prunella. stallion do 1, Pferde Stud’s Allbany; 2, P Adshead’s Springhill Bally Bay; 3, The Pick Pocket. do, gelding 1, E Hughes’ Haxey Warpaint; 2, Obie Kanobi; 3, K Loveday’s Huddson. amateur ridden horse 1, Haxey Warpaint; 2, Paddy Power; 3, Dream Catcher. do, pony 1, Heidi Boo La; 2,C Gill’s Skewpie Peppermint Park; 3, Splash Of Colour III. veteran 1, R Green’s Madam Zolena Of Hinkley. native type 1, Harlequin Kerryor; 2, Stevi Red; 3, L Barker’s Princess Maria. hunter/show/WHP 1, Wulfstan Sioux City Soo; 2, Mosstown JD; 3, A Coulson’s Adencroft Warra-U-Like. riding/SP type 1, A Yates’ Amigo II; 2, Mr & Mrs R Metcalfe’s Hollywood Planet; 3, S Wheeler’s Hollyland Chirico. small riding horse 1, K Barrett’s The Midnight Sun. do, lge 1, H Smith’s Shannon III; 2, C Vinson’s Killeshin Thatcher. small hunter 1, Jazzwan; 2, The Midnight Sun; 3, D Holt-Atkinson’s Bocherini. ridden hunters 1, G Lindley’s Tassyreagh Sunrise; 2, S Ede’s Puzzles Bambino; 3, Indigo Bay. l’wt show cobs 1, ch, sup ridden horse & overall res sup, Wulfstan Fen Tiger; 2, Sudgrove Sid; 3, P Grenfell’s Steppingstone Carnival Time. do, h’wt 1, L Garland’s Harlequines Dream II; 2, P Hegarty’s First Light III; 3, S Green’s Total Eclipse. cob type 1, Mix And Match; 2, J Gosling’s Tinker Tim; 3, S Darby’s Moonlight Shadow. ridden pony 143cm 1, F Rawlings’ Buzz Lightyear; 2, Heidi Boo La; 3, Millpond Look At Me. do, over 143cm 1, Hollywood Planet; 2, Springhills Bally Bay; 3, S Hale’s Nike. l’wt type 1, Misty Magpie; 2, Allbany; 3, Miss Money Penny. do, h’wt 1, Harlequins Dream II; 2, Total Eclipse; 3, The Mighty Samson. novice pony 1, Mosstown JD; 2, Splash Of Colour III; 3, Skewpie Peppermint Park. do, horse 1, First Light III; 2, C Welch’s Campden Kate; 3, L Ritson’s Ballysplash. jnr equitation 1, M Etherington. do, snr 1, L Garland. Lola horse/pony restricted 1, Cannon Ball Tom; 2,Harlequine Dream II; 3, Scrumpy Jack. WHP 143cm 1, A Ockleford’s Calypso II; 2,Mosstown JD. do, over 143cm 1, E Smith’s Pied Piper; 2, Scrumpy Jack. working cob 1, K Kelk’s Hugo Boss; 2, M Baker’s Montana II; 3, L Jones’ Courtgates Gilbert. novice working hunter 1, The Midnight Sun; 2, Colourful Cat; 3, Ballysplash. do, open 1, Masterpiece; 2, J Southall’s Romany Carousel. WH Derby 1, Romany Carousel; 2, The Midnight Sun; 3, Hugo Boss. side-saddle 1, L McQuiston’s Wishes To Be; 2, Artistic Lady II; 3, Total Eclipse. driving 1, P Richmond’s Mulligan; 2, E Stanley’s Bertie Bassett. ridden pairs 1, H Baldwin’s The Train Spotter & Tinker Tim; 2, S Barrett’s Uncle Chadwick & V Crosby’s Mr Jingle; 3, Buzz Lightyear & L Andrews’ Smartie. best trained 1, Harlequins Dream II; 2, L Taylor’s Hearts Desire; 3, Wishes To Be. in-hand: traditional pony 1 & sup, Maggie’s Pride; 2, S Green’s The Dancing Queen; 3, L Heeley’s Jessica’s Luck. do, horse 1, Millers Mountain Shadows; 2, J Thompson’s Hamish; 3, Hanlan Puzzle. traditional horse/pony y’stk 1 & ch, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstan Blackfen Royalist. lge British & h’wt type 1, Eirins Clover; 2, Hanlan Puzzle. British coldblood horse, unverified 1, K Page’s Gypsy Rover; 2, S Churchill-Higgs’ Jack; 3, W Moore’s Blue Shadow II. do, pony 1, Maggie’s Pride; 2, The Dancing Queen; 3, S Lyndsell’s Come What May. British coldblood horse verified 1, Eirins Clover; 2, Wulfstan Cassius Clover. do, pony 1, Watersgay Lady In Red; 2, Janill Prunella; 3, J Evans’ Blenheim Hopscotch. vanner & light draught 1, The Mighty Samson; 2, Spirit Of Bowes-Lyon. utility horse/pony 1, Westbrink Magharee; 2, C Scrimegour’s Adencroft Abru Armarda; 3, R Werndley’s Trevor. driving type 1, Tinker Tim; 2, Maggie’s Pride; 3, The Dancing Queen. small native type 1, D van Praagh’s Steeley Dan; 2, Blenheim Hopscotch; 3, M Tame’s Teddy Edward. do, lge 1, Springhill Bally Bay; 2, Come What May; 3, Millers Mountain Shadows. Shetland 1, Blenheim Hopscotch; 2, K Thorpe’s Blenheim Honeybee. hunter/show/WHP type 1, T Kelly’s Riversford Love Song; 2, Janill Prunella; 3, Nike. riding/SP type 1, Amigo II; 2, Mr & Mrs Metcalfe’s Hollywood Planet; 3, Brookfarm Heaven Scent. int ST 1, V Masters’ Goshka Hilary. hack type 1, Amigo II; 2, Mr & Mrs Alsop’s Anastasia II; 3, L Packer’s Chakotay. riding horse 1, D Everett’s Dexter’s Calico Joe; 2, J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 3, Campden Kate. hunters 1, R Colman’s The Jays High Hopes; 2, Badgers Luna; 3, Miss Money Penny. cobs/cob types 1, Woodstock; 2, Paddy Power; 3, First Light III. best female 1, Come What May; 2, H Smith’s Shannon III; 3, B Marshall’s Chase. best gelding 1, Sub Zero Thyme; 2, Nike; 3, Gypsy Rover. pony y’stk 1, Brookfarm Heaven Scent; 2, S Hale’s Shybont Catbalou; 3, Riverford Love Song. warmblood 1, D Wilkins’ Pintofields Lancaster Maine; 2, C Bates’ Free Spirit II; 3, M Shaw’s Urbanus. open y’stk 1, K Wilson’s Heiland Slim Shadey; 2, L Jones’ American Gem; 3, B O’Rourke’s The Magic Minstrel. TB & first cross verified 1, Anastasia II; 2, Huntsmans Pride And Joy; 3, J Miller & C Winter’s Ardenwood Hopi Princess. British coldblood & first cross verified 1, Watersgay Lady In Red. American breeds/part-breds verified 1, S Painter’s Straight N Boston Chick; 2, Amigo II; 3, M Rickards’ Docs Smokin Apache. cobs/vanners & draught types 1, H Lock & D Strtham’s May Bell. pot sports pony verified 1, Goshka Hilary; 2, Heiland Slim Shadey; 3, Shybont Catbalou. do, horse 1, Free Spirit II; 2, Pintofields Lancaster Maine; 3, Pferde Stud’s Pferdestud Sinatra. y’ling colt 1, Sybont Catbalou; 2, K Lawrence’s Hawksbury Storm; 3, S & R Walker’s Irco’s Moonlight Surprise. do, filly 1, Straight N Boston Chick; 2, Brookfarm Heaven Scent; 3, S Pratt’s Sweet Charity. coldblood y’stk 1, Wulfstan Cassius Clover; 2, Watersgay Lady In Red; 3, Springhills Bally Image. 2-y-o 1, Heiland Slim Shadey; 2, Urbanus; 3, Ardenwood Hopi Princess. 3-y-o 1, Free Spirit II; 2, Stanhopes He’s The One; 3, Goshka Hilary. b’mare 1, J Evans’ Blenheim Bunny Girl; 2, Stapleford Fanta Rosa; 3, Come What May. do, graded 1, Come What May; 2, Calico. amateur in-hand horse 1, The Jays High Hopes; 2, B Story’s Kathys Clown; 3, V Howden’s South Bartons Kissimee. do, pony 1, Greenhills Folly; 2, Trevor; 3, Splash Of Colour III. l’wt 4yrs & over 1, Sub Zero Thyme; 2, S Brownstone’s Ziegfeld; 3, E Dash’s Ice ‘N’ Fire. m’wt 1, L Wiseman’s American Apache; 2, Uncle Chadwick; 3, P Roome’s Harlequin Jest. do, h’wt 1, Eirins Clover; 2, Gypsy Rover; 3, The Mighty Samson. novice of the year 1, The Magic Minstrel; 2, D North’s Dante’s Choice; 3, First Light III. miniature 1, Blenheim Hopscotch; 2, Teddy Edward; Blenheim Honeybee. y’stk horse/pony 1, Straight N Boston Chick; 2, C Sasse’s Raspberry; 3, Docs Smokin Apache. horse/pony 4yrs & over 1, Ice ‘N’ Fire; 2, Amigo II; 3, Sub Zero thyme. y’stk best colour & mrkings 1, K Dayer’s Centre of Attention; 2, C Johnson’s Double Oh Seven; 3, Straight N Boston Chick. do, 4yr & over 1, Gypsy Rover; 2, S Brady’s Looks Like Trouble; 3, L Stacey’s Absolutely Patsy. BSPA progeny group 1, Amadeus; 2, Masterpiece; 3, Allbany.

EDENBRIDGE & OXTED Surrey, 24-25 August

RH (D Bartram) sml. 1, P J Lobb’s Gypsy Joan (Fiona Dymond); 2, A Lance’s Cool Roy Caspian; 3, L Fonnereau’s Swift Curtis. lge 1, L Burton Taylor’s Dragon Fly; 2, A Lance’s Merlin; 3, D Curtis’s Henty’s Casino. nov 1, C.G. Brewer’s MacQueen; 2, Dragon Fly; 3, K Hennessey’s Seabourne Dizzy Heights (P Cooper). side-saddle (J Cooper) concours d’elegance 1, S Truscott’s Clear Vision; 2, S Hislam’s Joli La Chinoise; 3, J Boxall’s Parklands Piper. M&M WHP (S Hore) 122cm 1, D Barr’s Dryfe China Doll (I Barr); 2, J Hobden’s Sarum Lily; 3, T Strapp’s Waitwith Ruby. 138cm 1, C Ross-Thomson’s Underwoods Fortune; 2, V Nunn’s Grayswood Sea Spray; 3, J Marsh-Smith’s Llangeitho Pebble. over 138cm 1, F Pearce-Thomas’ Tardebigge Royal Magic; 2, F Goodsir’s The Quiet Man; 3, C Jenden’s Mascal Lily of Laguna. nov SP (A Blaker) 148cm 1, M Springett’s Chinook Discovery; 2, V Link’s Oasthill Ginseng; 3, G Donovan’s Brighton Belle. Welsh sec A (E G Prosser) mare 1, J Hayden’s Springbourne Harmoneer; 2, S Ash’s Sedgwick Party Popper; 3, J Hayden’s Blanche Mandy. foal 1, J Hayden’s Blisland Maskerade; 2, E Garside’s Garside Bethan; 3, F Harding’s Eastgate Lady Mystina. stallion/geld 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Airey’s Santara Honey Bronze; 2, J Higgins’ Churchwood President; 3, P S Dean’s Halnaker Marten. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Reynolds’ Springbourne Columbine; 2, C Higgins’ Dyfed Dinah; 3, R Thacker’s Tanglewood Morgan. 2-3-y-o 1 & sup ch, Mr & Mrs Reynolds’ Springbourne Corona; 2, P Dean’s Halnaker Maggie’s Model; 3, J Hayden’s Halnaker Myra. Welsh sec. B y’ling 1, D Bell’s Priestwood Pollyanna; 2, R Thacker’s Llangeitho Lisa; 3, J Rylah’s Priestwood Ella. mare 1 & ch, R Thacker’s Farchynys Rhianwen. 2-3-y-o 1 & res, R Thacker’s Farchynys Shani; 2, K H C Bowyer’s Symondsbury Roxie; 3, Mr & Mrs Butler’s Gigman Sapphire. Welsh sec. C (G Mitchell) 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mr P Hussey’s Dabernon Take That; 2, R J Bettell’s Donys Flash Harry; 3, Mr & Mrs James’ Fairbourne Masterpiece. 2-3-y-o 1, P Hussey’s D’Abernon Icon. Welsh sec. D 4-y-o & over1 & ch, G Aldred’s Divad Welsh Model; 2, L Pittman’s Llechryd Ap Jedd; 3, K Fleming’s Chuggs Lightning Bobby. y’ling Twyneash Stud’s Twyneash Sugar Ray; 2, W Bruce’s Davada Red Rock; 3, Mr Thoroughgood & Mr & Mrs Gillam’s Nebo Cariad Am Byth. 2-3-y-o 1 & res, P Sharp’s Stondon Park Showman; 2, M Apicella’s Thorndon Park Lady; 3, W Wenham’s Montel King Louie. M & M in-hand (J M Custerson) sml brds 1, K Gatland’s Landsmill Caramelle; 2, S & J Rand’s Cruachan Night Owl; 3, Beechford Riding School’s Bittleford Peter. lge brds S Burt’s Cutlers Lucky Gem; 2, C Ross-Thomson’s Underwoods Fortune; 3, D Main’s Chapelhill Spencer. Shetlands in-hand (A W Hurst) nov 1, H King-Smith’s Halstock Fairy Oriana; 2, P Bailey’s Halstock Petra; 3, E Bowers’ Longcot Zoe. y’ling 1, M Ball’s Cranford Emily; 2, D Brown’s Braywood Charcol; 3, P M Cooper’s Byways Muskit. 2/3-y-o filly 1, Mr & Mrs R James’ Buxted Penny Black; 2, J Wady’s Kirkstall Zesta; 3, Howe & Hecks’ Helza Delilah. 2/3-y-o colt/geld 1, F Hodder’s Eiger Charlie; 2, S Read’s Kerswell Smokey; 3, P Bailey’s Monkshill Ewan. mare 1, Hart & Whitmee’s Cranford Pas De Deux & foal; 2, F Hodder’s Eiger Bonnie; 3, Howe & Hecks’ Clapham Princess. stallion/geld 4-y-o & over 1, Hart & Whitmee’s Cranford Pasa Doble; 2, F Hodder’s Kerswell Magnet; 3, Countess de la Warr’s Fairy Flavian. Shetlands in-hand standards (R Bown) nov 1, E Goldsmith’s Coppice Duke; 2, P J Price’s Portia of Quimper; 3, Rushetts Bracken. y’ling 1, Hart & Whitmee’s Waulkmill Jubilee; 2, Mr & Mrs Bailey’s Valetta of Touchwood; 3, P Crawford’s Arbour Hanahbellissimo. 2/3-y-o filly 1, Mr & Mrs R Jones’ Emerald of Quimper; 2, P J Price’s Maid Marion of Quimper; 3, A Page’s Rushett’s Empress. mare 1, Mrs L Buchanan-Jackson’s Lady Eleanor; 2, Mr & Mrs Turvill’s Highwood Fidelity; 3, H Somerset’s Gilia of Annwood. stallion/geld 4-y-o & over 1, T C Johnson’s Rushetts Highlander; 2, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Dryknowl Ennar; 3, Mr & Mrs I Bailey’s Boodle of Touchwood. ridden hunter (M Gordon-Watson) l’wt 1 & res, Mrs M Jerram & Mrs K Moore’s Royal Academy; 2, S Prior’s Hazewind; 3, Kellane Stud’s Mister McEvoy. m’wt 1, The Lord Dulverton’s Spirited Saint; 2, Bailey’s Horse Feeds’ Bailey’s Pukka Tukka (L Russell); 3, J Dunlop’s Pencader Owen Glendover. h’wt 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs A Newell’s Otter Point; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Imperial Imp. sml 1, Beaverfast Ltd’s Field Day (J Jenkins). side-saddle (J Phillips) 1, J Cooper’s Backchat; 2, Kellane Stud’s Imperial Imp; 3, J Tasker’s Ledwyche Rymer. SHP (J Cooper) nov 133cm 1 & res, T Strapp’s Fayre Chico; 2, J Marsh-Smith’s Strawberry Fayre; 3, R Fifield’s Llangeitho Rascal. nov over 133cms 1, M Farley’s Smland Cadarela; 2, R Obbard’s Champlers Springbok; 3, H Armstrong-Sml’s Kingsford Hallmark. over 143cm 1 & ch, J Marsh-Smith’s Longhalves Dawn Raider. hunter breeding (P A Powley) y’ling 1, Selden & Allen’s Cvs Leo; 2, G Merton’s Broadstone Last Song; 3, C Dodd’s Debutante II. 2-y-o A Bateman’s Hum in the Park; 2, G Merton’s Standen Secret Agent; 3, P Rowling’s Contessa V1. 3-y-o 1, Hennessey & Creber’s Sky Walker II; 2, V Brooks’ Bluewood Indiana; 3, S Morgan’s Aureola. mare with foal 1, Maryon & Sturges’ Seaborne Redpath Ruby; 2, D J Evans’ Just A Dancer; 3, Mr & Mrs Ellis’ Nogara. foal 1, D Howes’ Beau; 2, Maryon & Sturges’ Red Sea Cruise; 3, C & D Macdonald’s Rory.