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  • DALES SUMMER BREED Streatlam Farm, Barnard Castle, 2 August

    ridden NPS Bailey’s Olympia qualifier (E Wray) 1, A Cowdrey & L Westwood’s Castle Hill Polly lll; 2, R Riches & D Burton’s Castle Hill Flash; 3, D & G Marsden’s Slaypits Misty. in-hand (P Ward) b’mare 4-6-y-o 1, J & I Metcalf’s Bolam Lady Sophie. do 7-y-o & over 1, W Buck’s Dartdale Nancy; 2, A Cowdrey & L Westwood’s Sowermire Jill; 3, T Ramshaw & C Glasper’s Wolsey Rosemary. do colt foal 1 & ch, D Crow’s Castle Hill foal; 2, G & E Bielby’s Silton Comet; 3, A Cowdrey & L Westwood’s Pingate Benton. do filly foal 1, D Urwin’s Colliery Foal; 2, J Daley & Sons’ Highcroft Miss Mollie; 3, T Ramshaw & C Glasper’s Wolsey Lady Tara. do b’mare progeny 1, D Crow’s Castle Hill Princess lll; 2, D & A Eccles’ Westwick Primrose; 3, J & M Metcalf’s Bolam Lady Sophie. do stallions, 3-y-o & over 1 & supreme ch J Daley & Sons’,Sunnybrowe Prince; 2, J Pennell’s Lowhouses Black Magic; 3, P Gardiner’s Millgate Baron. do geld mare, 4-6-y-o 1, R Corner’s Village Blackthorn; 2, R & J Longstaff’s Lowhouses Rebecca; 3, S Welford’s Leadgate Bluebell. do 7-y-o & over 1, R Corner’s Village Cloud; 2, D Harrison’s Tudor Bow; 3, W Buck’s Dartdale ‘Xtra. do filly 3-y-o 1, J Daley & Sons’ Highcroft Ella; C & R Parker’s Lowkbers Tilly Trotter; 3, J Daley & Sons’ Higgcroft Jess. do filly 2-y-o 1, J Daley & Sons’ Highcroft April; 2, E Jones’ Westwick Matilda; 3, J Gosney’s Bolam Lady Jane. do y’ling colt 1, D Crow’s Castle Hill Jock; 2, T Ramshaw & C Glasper’s Wolsey Saturn. do y’ling filly 1, J Sharp’s Thornville Jade; 2, W Eastwood’s Dartdale Elizabeth; 3, D & A Eccles’ Westwick Fashion. do veteran mare 15-y-o & over 1, D Urwin’s Colliery Bonny Girl; 2, R Riches & D Burton’s Hilton Gemini. do section B or C filly 1/2/3-y-o 1, D Harrison’s Tudor April Blossom; 2, D & A Eccles’ Westwick Partience; 3, W Eastwood’s Dartdale Vera. do gelding 1/2/3-y-o 1 & ch, D & A Eccles’ Westwick Billy Boy ll; 2,E Burton’s Hartbrigg Super Mac; 3, R & F Longstaff’s Lowhouses Monarch. section mares 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, J Daley & Sons’ Highcroft Laura; 2, R Corner’s Village Cargo; 3, A Wrigglesworth’s Sandcroft Princess. do gelding, 4-6-y-o 1, M Thompson’s Hilton B’George; 2, J Lowes’ Wolsey Nice Guy; 3, R Henderson’s Hollingside Boy. do gelding 7-y-o & over 1, C Atkinson’s Bedburn Lollipop; 2, D Atkinson’s Tamarvale Crusader; 3, R Riches & D Burton’s Castle Hill Flash. ridden traditional (R James), stallions 1, I & N Thompson’s Waterside William ll; 2, P Gardiner’s Millgate Baron. do mare 4-6-y-o 1, S Welford’s Leadgate Bluebelle; 2, T Ramshaw & C Glasper’s Wolsey Nightingale; 3, S Kay’s Galphay Megan. do 7-y-o & over 1, D & G Marsden’s Slaypits Misty; 2, D & A Eccles’ Slaypits Daisy; 3, I Graham & K Darnbrook’s Slaypits Cilla. YR 11-y-o & under 1, Lauren Read; 2, Amy Silsden; 3, Tamsin Martin. geldings 4-6-y-o 1, C Atkinson’s Bedburn Mischief; 2, R Henderson’s Hollingside Boy; 3, J B Marston’s Castle Hill Glen. do geldings 7-y-o & over 1, R Riches & D Burton’s Castle Hill Flash; 2, J Pennell’s Lowhouses Casper; 3, J Pennell’s Lowhouses Minstrel. driving (R Corner) private 1 & ch, T Ramshaw & C Glasper’s Wolsey Nightingale; 2, J Sharp’s Thornville Prince; 3, G Webster’s Hollingside Amba. exercise vehicle 1, M Mellor’s Monty’s Miss Molly; 2, R & F Longstaff’s Lowhouses Jessica; 3, J Marston’s Castle Hill Glen. do Tradesman’s Turnout 1,W Buck’s Dartdale Nancy; 2, M Hardcastle’s Lucky Star. young handler 11-y-o & under 1, J Atkinson; 2, J Burton; 3, E Rogan. do 12-17-y-o 1, A Silsden; 2, R Henderson; 3, R Parker.

    Fell Pony Society Breed Show Broughtom Hall Farm, Penrith, Cumbria 2 August

    Mare 4 –7 Years 1, Lunesdale Stardust (M Rawlinson); 2, Ludworth Gale (Mr. B Mallinson); 3, Brackenbank Poppy (Mr And Mrs Wilkinson). Mare8 Years Old And Upwards 1, Lunesdale Evening Star (Mr And Mrs Morland); 2,, Lownthwaite Bramble (Miss A Morton); 3, Thornbeck Poppy (Miss L Emerton). Mare 4 Years Old & Upward With Own Filly Foal At Foot 1, Murthwaite Dainty (Mr Tb Capstick); 2, Brackenbank Romany (Mr And Mrs Wilkinson); 3, Tarnbeck Sheba (Williamson Family). Filly Foal 1, Brackenbank Maggie May (Mr And Mrs Wilkinson); 2, Tarnbeck Sharnia (The Williamson Family); 3, Thornbeck Jade (Mr J M Rawlinson). Yearling Filly 1, Murthwaite Meadowsweet (Mr Tb Capstick); 2, Midtown Moment Of Madness (A Norman); 3, Lunesdale Jubilee Queen (Mr And Mrs Morland). Filly 2 Years Old 1, Lunesdale Penny Black (Mr And Mrs Morland); 2, Hedgethorpe April Morning (Miss Dj Chadwick); 3, Graysons Dinkie (Mr G Jackson). Filly 3 Years Old 1, Rackwood Magic (Mrs Ea Mothersole); 2, Dene Droll Lass (Mrs Aad Newall); 3, Hardendale Heather Bell (Mr Ghb Mallinson). Female Champion Rackwood Magic. Reserve Murthwaite Dainty. Heltondale Lucy X Trophy 1, Brackenbank Rosie (Mr And Mrs Wilkinson); 2, Hardendale Heather Bell; 3, Wellbrow Carmen (Thorpe Family). Gelding 4 To 7 Years Old 1, Hedgethorpe Blackthorn (Miss Dj Chadwick); 2, Baronshill Bailey (Mrs L Thompson); 3, Ludworth Rufus (Mrs A Cussons). Gelding 8 Years And Upwards 1, Townend Septimus (Williamson Family); 2, Inglegarth Apollo (Miss Cj Singer); 3, Barnend Jack The Lad (Miss S Forsman). Mare 4 Years & Upwards With Own Colt Foal At Foot 1, Murthwaite Mulan (Mr Tb Capstick); 2, Lunesdale Henrietta (Mr And Mrs Morland); 3, Lownthwaite Fable (Miss A Morton). Colt Foal 1, Lunesdale I’m The Man (Mr And Mrs Morland); 2, Lownthwaite Foal (Miss A Morton); 3, Thornbeck Lightning (Mr Jm Rawlinson). Yearling Colt Or Gelding 1, Carrock I’m Yer Man (Mrs Gm Cockbain); 2, Wellbrow Black Knight (Thorpe Family); 3, Littletree Bodini (Mr N Woolley). Gelding 2 Years Old 1, Townend Sonny (Mrs Ejm Jones); 2, Farleton Freddie (Miss C Simpson); 3, Scaitcliffe Felspa (Mrs Brunt). Gelding 3 Years Old 1, Murthwaite Sarge (Miss T Barlow); 2, Orton Hall Dandy (Mr Jm Rawlinson); 3, Brackenbank Ronan (S Rackwood Prince D Lownthwaite Lapis). Male Champion Townend Septimus. Reserve Carrock I’m Yer Man. Riding Class For Geldings (Open) 1, Darrenvale Jason (Mrs P Sutcliffe); 2, Lunesdale Rowan (Mr P Metcalfe); 3, Wolds Woodcock (Mrs S Audley). Riding Class For Mares (Open) 1, Lunesdale Honey (Mr P Metcalfe); 2, Greenholme Kitty (Williamson Family); 3, Linnel Pearl (Miss L Charlton). Riding Class For Ponies To Be Ridden By A Boy Or Girl 12 Years And Under On Day Of Show 1, Lunesdale White Heather (Miss J Woolley); 2, Murthwaite Elle (Miss Ej Scott); 3, Stennerskeugh Joe (A Bradley). Riding Class For Ponies To Be Ridden By Boy Or Girl Between 13-16 Years Of Age On Day Of Show 1, Townend Biggles (J Webster); 2, Lunesdale Mountain Princess (E Woolley); 3, Inglegarth Reveller (J Sonnex). Ridden Veteran Class Mare Or Gelding 18 Years Or Over 1, Sleddale David (Gm Callister); 2, Heltondale Bellman (Miss J Glass); 3, Rackwood Velvet (Mrs Ea Mothersole). Riding Class For Novice Geldings 1, Inglegarth Reveller (J Sonnex); 2, Darrenvale Dandy (Y Marsden); 3, Cavarra Alpha (R Forsyth). Riding Class For Novice Mares 1, Crackwood Beauty (A&Ed Ashcroft); 2, Thornbeck Poppy (Miss L Emerton); 3, Dene Refine (Mrs Aad Newall). Champion Ridden Pony Darrenvale Jason. Reserve Lunesdale Rowan. Best Turned Out Heltondale Bellman (R Barratt). Qualifying Class For Olympia 1, Darrenvale Jason (Mrs P Sutcliffe); 2, Lunesdale Rowan (Mrs J Robinson); 3, Wellbrow Hercules (Miss Pearce). Mare Progeny 1, Dene Dilettante (Mrs Aad Newall). Stallion Progeny 1, Waverhead Prince Ii (Progeny As Above) (Mrs Aad Newall). Driving – Stallion Mare Or Gelding 1, (As A Tandem) Severnvale Grey Bobby (Mr G Guy) And Lunesdale Prince Henry (Mr P Metcalfe); 2, Tebay Tommy (Mrs S Millard); 3, (As A Pair) Drybarrows Rosanna And Drybarrows Hollyii (Mr M Jopling). Best Trade Turnout Drybarrows Rosanna And Holly Ii. Cone Driving 1, Drybarrows Rosanna/Holly (Mr M Jopling); 2, Tebay Tommy (Mrs S Millard); 3, Lunesdale Prince Henry (Mr P Metcalfe). Handy Pony Competition Junior 1, Linnel Pearl (Miss L Chalrton); 2, Murthwaite Elle (Ej Scott); 3, Stennerskeugh Andy (L Clayton). Senior 1, Waverhead Roasnna Ii (V Johnson); 2, Ludworth Rufus (A Cussons); 3, Kerbeck Night Jewel (Miss Cj Singer). Working Hunter Pony Classes Novice 1, Barnend Jack The Lad (S Forsman); 2, Murthwaite Elle (Ej Scott); 3, Stennerskeugh Andy (L Clayton). Intermediate 1, Albiechapel Romany King; 2, Guards Joseph (S Wardle). Open 1, Albiechapel Romany King; 2, Waverhead Rosanna. Foot Classes Pony With Best Set Of Feet Shod 1, Inglegarth Apollo (Miss Cj Singer); 2, Severnvale Grey Bobby (Mr G Guy); 3, Lunesdale Rowan (Mr P Metcalfe). Pony With Best Set Of Feet (Never Been Shod) 1, Farleton Freddie (Miss C Simpson); 2, Wolds Laverock (Miss J Glass); 3, Hardendale Heather Bell. Costume Class 1, Stennerskeugh Andy; 2, Ludworth Rufus; 3, Heltondale Emma (Miss E Woodruff). Young Handlers 1, Scaitcliffe Diatomite (J Craig); 2, Lunesdale White Heather (J Woolley); 3, Hegdale Harry (D Whyte). Packway Bellman Trophy For Pony With Most Points Overall Waverhead Rosanna Ii. Supreme Overall Champion Townend Septimus. Reserve Rackwood Magic.

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