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  • MALLARD-ROYLE SHOW Merrist Wood College, Surrey, 20 March

    novice SP/SHP (A Overton Ablitt) 1, N Shelling’s Rhosyr Marisa; 2, L David’s Moortown Harvest Moon; 3, J Larner’s Barnstormer. do open 1 & ch, Mrs Jago & Mrs Carvosso’s Chaseford Charmer; 2 & res, Mrs Jago & Mrs Carvosso’s Bradmore Faberge; 3, J Markham’s Mortenfield-Mark. LR 1 & res, E Boyles’s Wantcol Sir Galahad; 2, J Easton-Plummer’s Lousam Rolling Rock; 3, A Morton’s Gortston Playboy. FR 1 & ch, J Harvey’s Barkway Tommy Girl; 2, J Easton-Plummer’s Lousam Rolling Rock; 3, M Walsh Berks’s Munchkin. novice horse ridden 1, R Gambazza’s Royal Angel; 2, S Ranger’s Dori Ann; 3, N Hall’s Abbeys Dream. hunter open 1, K Mackin’s Bradstone Armani; 2, M Philpot’s Chapelwell; 3, L Russell’s Cutting Edge. cob ridden open 1, L Russell’s Satellite; Miss Callaghan’s Blue Batik; 3, S Hill’s Elgin. BSPS Heritage LR (A Overton Ablitt) 1, J Easton-Plummer’s Waitwith Dreamcatcher; 2, Mr William & P Varney’s Randen Tarrant; 3, F Heeney’s Shirina Linnett. BSPS Heritage FR 1 & ch, J Blour’s Erimus Sorceror; 2 & res, Mr Higgins’s Donys Nathaniel; 3, L Sayers Hants Newoar Nightingale. BSPS Heritage M&M novice 1, ch & sup, K Harris’s Taiforgall Dameg; 2 & res, K Gatland’s Sunglow Lady Paula; 3, A Smith’s Rhoson Loire. CHAPS in-hand open 1, L Russell’s Satellite; 2, S Lake’s Orinoco Flow; 3, H Underwood’s Lord Posiedon. CHAPS ridden pony 1 & res, S Lake’s Orinoco Flow; 2, H Rawling’s Buzz Lightyear; 3, S Lake’s As If By Magic. CHAPS ridden horse 1 & ch, L Russell’s Half Moon; 2, H Stinson’s Hanlow Puzzle; 3, S Dawes’s Celestial Traveller. y’ling 1 & ch, C Glover’s Vanity Fair; 2 & res, P Towler’s Cinntaro; 3, K Spark’s Rhydypandy Rebel II. 2/3-y-o 1, H Underwood’s Lord Posiedon; 2, Mr Watson’s Estel P; 3, A Sprake’s Shilston Captain Correlli. 4-y-o & over in-hand 1, unlisted; 2, D Avery’s Lapstone Motif; 3, N Hall’s Abbeys Dream. CHAPS M&M in-hand 1 & res, J Summers’s Wendal Tommy; 2, unlisted; 3, R Terry’s Dunkery Kookaburra. NPS M&M (lge) in-hand 1 & ch, HM The Queen’s Balmoral Jingle; 2, J Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear; 3, K Gatland’s Sunglow Lady Paula. best rider 7 & under 1, E Boyles; 2, G Heeney; 3, A Walsh. do off lead 1, A Cox; 2, unlisted; 3, A Kerry. do 9-12 yrs 1 & res, H Eden-Haigh; 2, G Holder; 3, J McPherson. do 13 yrs & over 1 & ch, N Maxwell; 2, C Morley; 3, M Dedman. M&M exc Welsh in-hand 1 & res, Dunkery Kookaburra; 2, A Sprake’s Shilston Captain Correlli; 3, M Van Meurs’s Ella. do ridden 1 & ch, A Cox’s Amber; 2, G Browrig’s Leith Limelight; 3, E Allis’s Walstead Catalina. Welsh A & B in-hand 1, S Butler’s Rosegreen Blue Adante; 2, H Couldridge’s Woodfair Fine Fox; 3, D Avery’s Lapstone Motif. C & D in-hand 1 & ch, M Sault’s De Sharland Spring Heeled Jack; 2 & res, A Connor’s Blue Willow Gigsy; 3, C Jones’s Leyswick Trixies Last. M&M sml in-hand 1 & ch, Dunkery Kookaburra; 2, H Ponsford’s Kiltinane Monica; 3, D Hodges’s Richevert First Edition. do lge 1 & res, C Winser’s Strathmore Harry; 2, K Gatland’s Sunglow Lady Paula; 3, A Connor’s Blue Willow Gipsy. veteran in-hand 1, M Williams’s Kentchurch Crusader; 2, L Sandy’s Barflat Zola; 3, A Well’s Corkarriah Grey. spotted horse/pony in-hand 1, C Jerram’s Tanzivan Total Miracle; 2, S Johnson’s Profits Cochise; 3, unlisted. jnr handler 1, J McPherson; 2, F Miller; 3, S Fry. arab, anglo, part bred in-hand 1, C East-Rigby’s Nazeeka; 2, C Fallows’s Abbas Queens Silk; 3, Mr Watson’s Estoro. competition horse in-hand 1, S Shulver’s Warbank Blue Fantasy; 2, T Smale’s Floca; 3, A Soloman’s Marty. mixed colours sml in-hand 1 & ch, C Jerram’s Tanzivan Total Miracle; 2, R Roker’s Titch; 3, A Martin’s Georgia. do lge 1 & res, S Johnson’s Profits Cochise; 2, V Glynn’s Time For Crime; 3, P Towler’s Cinntaro. A & B ridden 1 & ch, H Coudridge’s Ronswood Atlantis; 2, Mrs Burchell-Small’s Raufantinas Simply Sarah; 3, S Pearso’s Juliana. C & D ridden 1, Mrs Heywood’s Danaway Peaches; 2 & res, C Gregory’s Llangattock Star; 3, Mrs Skeet’s Walena Dancing Queen. M&M novice ridden 1, C Gregory’s Llangattock Star; A Smith’s Rhoson Loire; 3, S Pearce’s Juliana. NPS M&M Ridden IVAHL (UK) 1 & ch, H Coudridge’s Ronswood Atlantis; 2 & res, S Roberts’s Flydlyn Advantage; 3, Mrs Burcal Small’s Rowfantina’s Simply Sarah. NPS M&M ridden lge 1, J Raebingham’s Millgrove Tayberry; 2, J Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear; 3, F Rawling’s Smokey Dee.

    NATIONAL SHIRE SHOW East of England showground, Peterborough, 20-21 March

    stallions (D Willams, D Worthington) y’lings 1, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Masterstroke; 2, W & M King’s Ddrydwy Cotebrook King; 3, R Bedford’s Boothay Richard. do 2yo 1 & jnr ch & ch, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Knock Out; 2, L Harrison’s Shadlac William; 3, Mr & Mrs W Massey’s Primrose Hill Eds. do 3yo 1& res jnr ch, E Williams’s Moorfield Ted; 2, W Bedford’s Brownroyd Regal Prince; 3, K & S Hasemore’s Snowhill Jumping Jack. do 4yo 1 & res ch, L Harrison’s Trem Y Wyddfa Mascot; 2, T Yates’s Skeyton Matthew; 3, L Harrison’s Holmewood Sampson. do 5yo and over 1, E Williams’s Moorfield Edward; 2, G Robinson’s Metheringham Upton Baron; 3, Wright Bros’s Leverton Oscar. mares (T Pleavin-Edge, B Winn) y’lings 1, D Brand’s Grovemere Rebecca; 2, G Ward’s Decoy Princess Dawn; 3, J Etches’s Royston April Rose. do 2yo 1 & res jnr ch, R Bedford’s Boothay Lady Dorothy; 2, T Yates’s Cowerslane Carolin; 3, E Williams’s Moorfield Rita. do 3yo 1 & jnr ch, P & W Bedford’s Phoenix Anna Mae; 2, P & J Woof’s Marieth Maid Megan; 3, J Richardson’s Toe Hill Lady Jessica. do 4yo 1 & ch, W & M King’s Cotebrook Loch Maree; 2 & res ch, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Deborah; 3, P & J Woof’s Marieth Lady Tamara. geldings (A Bull, R Borsey) 4yo and over 1, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Superb; 2, J Fletcher’s Oli; 3, E Williams’s Moorfield Flash. do 2yo 1, J Roper’s Horsmans Bobby Dazzler; 2, Messrs Phillips & Blakey’s Phoenix Delves; 3, L Young’s Farleyshire Hero. do 3yo 1 & ch & jnr ch, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Monty; 2 & res ch & res jnr ch, B & D Banham’s Acle Gladiator. RH (D De Visser, S Castle) pure-bred 1 & res ch, W Chapman’s Spring End Samantha; 2, Brookfield Shires Ltd’s Brookfield Major; 3, C Jacques’ Moorfield Maxamillion. do half-bred 1, V Irwin’s Brecknock Mercury; 2, F Richardson & Son’s Bewholme Maverick; 3, S Collins’ Flight Hill Belle. dressage 1&ch, F Robinson’s Jigsaw; 2, Brecknock Mercury; 3, Flight Hill Belle. 21 Mar: RH pure-bred 1, Moorfield Maxamillion; 2, Spring End Samantha; 3, Brookfield Major. do half-bred 1, Jigsaw; 2, L Costa-Sa’s Chapel House Arnie; 3, V Irwin’s Brecknock Deacon. dressage 1, Flight Hill Belle; 2, Jigsaw. turnout (A Bull, R Borsey) singles 1, F Robinson Ltd’s Statesman; 2, Capespan UK’s Capespan Jim; 3, Brookfield Shires Ltd’s Brookfield Comet. pairs 1, Daniel Thwaites Brewery; 2, Capespan UK; 3, Frederic Robinson Ltd. teams 2, Brookfield Shires Ltd. agricultural (G Swann) singles 1, Banham Zoo’s Taffy; 2, P Eyre’s Major; 3, M Smith’s Trelow Tudor. pairs 1, Banham Zoo’s Taffy & Alfred. harness brass 1, M Morris’s William; 2, K Taylor’s Ashby Major; 3, A cook’s Whiteborough Peter. other decorations 1, D & M Heap’s Captain; 2, J Joyce’s Titan; 3, E cole’s Duke. young handler (G Swann) 1, D Shardlow; 2, S Borsey; 3, L Emberton. best shod ch, N Andrew’s Silver Slipper Pilgrim; res ch, M & R Messer’s Decoy Princess Elizabeth. nonsuch ch’ship qualifier Deighton Knock Out & Cotebrook Loch Maree.

    BSPS AREA 14 WINTER SHOW Sands Farm 21 March

    BSPS “Heritage” M&M Nov WHP not ex 122cm 1, Halaker Alf (P Ryder & J Phillips); 2, Waitwith Ruby (T Strapp); 3, Moorcock Jambo (S Crander). BSPS “Heritage” M&M Nov WHP not ex 138cm 1& res ch, Meadow Rose Plover (Mrs C Kingham; 2, Valentine Cadince (J Marsh-Smith); 3, Morwyn Prince Nimrod (K Meekins). BSPS “Heritage”M&M Nov WHP ex 138cm 1&ch, Winning Streak (Mrs C Kingham); 2, Stormyweather (F Kent); 3, Maesmynach Gwallter (G Mercer). BSPS “Heritage” M&M Open(rest)WHP not ex 122cm 1, Dryfe China Doll (D Barr); 2, Halnaker Alf (P Ryder & J Phillips); 3, Waitwith Ruby (Mrs Strapp). BSPS “Heritage”M&M Open(rest)WHP not ex 138cm 1, Perrymans Daybreak (Mrs Strapp); 2, Longhalves First Edition (A R Way); 3, Valintine Cadince (J Marsh-Smith). BSPS “Heritage” M&M Open(rest)WHP ex 138cm 1, Stormyweather (F Kent); 2, Rosscastle Ripping Ross I (A Johnstone). BSPS Mixed Hth Nov WHP 1, Longfield Flip Dragon (K Meekins); 2, American Pie (K Marks); 3, Champers Spring Fever (R Obbard). BSPS Open (rest) Nur Stakes 1, Morwyn Prince Nimrod (K Meekins); 2, Collenna Hebe (S Rampling); 3, Janinos Little Blue (A R Way). BSPS Nov Int WHP 1, Westpoint Spot On (J Hendriksen); 2, Exton Glass Slipper (JNC Wooldridge). BSPS Open Int WHP 1, The Navigator II (K Marks); 2, Exton Glass Slipper (JNC Cooldridge); 3, Westlands Spot On (Mrs J Hendriksen). BSPS Mixed Hth Open WHP 1, Pistols at Dawn (C de Freitas); 2, Exton Glass Slipper (JNC Wooldridge). BSPS Mixed Hth Nov SHP 1, Oakhurst Silver Cloud (J Sturgis); 2, Lockbit Purple Eclipse (C Grisdale); 3, Macarthur Park (P Ryder & J Phillips). BSPS Mixed Hth Open SHP 1 & ch, Langfield Flip Dragon (K Meekins); 2 &res ch, Basford Jacaranda (P Coulstock); 3, Macarthur Park (P Ryder & J Phillips). BSPS Open L.R. Pony of HT 1&res ch, Prince Charming (H Armstrongsmall); 2, West Firle Miss Mittens (S K Davidson); 3, Glenbec Apollo (D Barr). BSPS Open FR of SHT 1 & ch, Rawgley Royal Antropener (B Frith); 2, Glenbec Apollo (D Barr); 3, Granefields Sweet Silver (J Crander). BSPS “Heritage”M&M LR 1, Firle Appley Dapply (D Barr); 2, Springbourne Delia (N Crouch); 3, Teamside Henny Popcorn (D Barr). BSPS “Heritage”M&M FR 1 & ch, Moorecock Jambo (J Erander); 2 & res Ch, Glenbec Apollo (D Barr); 3, Halnake Alf (P Ryder & J Phillips). BSPS “Heritage” M&M Mix.Hth.Nov Ridden 1 & ch, Fydlyn Adventage (S Roberts); 2, Governor of Whitefield (Mrs Hawkins); 3, Idyllic Nureyeu (E Young). BSPS “Heritage” M&M Mix.Hth.(rest) Open Ridden 1, Fydlyn Adventage (S Roberts); 2 & res ch, Governor of Whitefield (Mrs Hawkins); 3, Seaholm Guardsman (J Moyers).

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