Showing Results 12 – 13 April


    Class 1 1, Kavanaghs Daydream (Xanthe Barker); 2, Kelsborrow Touchstone (Mrs Huyton); 3, Elmsfield Jonathan (Mrs Allen). Class 3 1, Elmsfield Jonathan (Mrs Allen); 2, Greenhow Peter Piper (W G Parker). Class 4 1, Kavanaghs Daydream (Xanthe Barker); 2, Templars Orchestral Pearl (R Newnham/K Barnes); 3, Kelsborrow Touchstone (Mrs Huyton). Class 5 1, The Paradelles Silouette (H Mather). Class 6 1, Huntroyd Perfection (M Wrighton). Class 7 1, Dinsdale Lonestar (D White); 2, Chriss (S Wilcock); 3, Sycamore Mardi Gras (C Creeney). Class 8 1, Roecliffe Kiwi (Ann Green); 2, Calamoor Kinda Surprise (A Durrant); 3, Guywood Roscoe (P Ollerton Pleasant). Class 9 1, Glenmoss of Mitchelland (S Holden); 2, Karbeck Night Destiny (C H Robinson); 3, Castlehill Daniel (C Turner). Class 10 1, Whinberry Twilight (L Enneit); 2, Dukeshill Macho Man (S Lassey); 3, Foxgate Edward (S hacking). Class 11 1, Stockclough Joseph (A Townsend); 2, Sledale Brown Prince (R Sutcliffe); 3, Baronshill Bailey (L Thompson). Class 12 1, Greenhow Peter Piper (W G Parker). Championship Champion, Stockclough Joseph (Alex Townsend); Resrve, Kavanaghs Daydream (Xanthe Barker). Class 13 1, Bryndansi Denbeigh (P Eye); 2, Hattongate Anastasia (S wilcock); 3, Townbent Emerald (R Eastwood). Class 14 1, Langfield Beverley Hills (H Horsfall); 2, Heyburn Blaze of Glory (S Richardson); 3, Seasider Ivanhoe (M Barton). Championship Champion, Bryndansi Denbeigh (P Eye); Reserve, Langfield Beverley Hills (H Horsfall). Class 15 1, Sevenvale Hector (D J Chsdwick); 2, Royton Manor Charles (R Avery); 3, Baronshill Bailey (L Thompson). Class 16 1, Oakstead Ophelia (C Saul); 2, Hattongate Anastasia (S Wilcock); 3, Townbent Sirrus (R Eastwood). Class 17 1, Oakhill Antur Mai (E Wallace); 2, Heyburn Blaze of Glory (S Richardson); 3, Roseisle Samantha (B Moore). Championship Champion, Oakhill Antue Mai (E Wallace); Reserve, Heyburn Blaze of Glory (S Richardson). Class 18 1, Anri Piccalo (J Barton); 2, Vean Eclipse ( H Horsfall); 3, Knodishall Magician (Ms Wigglesworth). Class 19 1, Townend Ruffle (G Williamson); 2, Sevendale Hector ( Mrs Chadwick); 3, Sydserff Golden Oak (Mrs Wyslch) Championship Champion, Townend Ruffle (F Williamson); Reserve, Arin Piccalo (J Barton). Class 21 1, Small Land Checkmate (J Walker); 2, Haighend Georgie Girl (Mrs Fitzgerald); 3, Radway Mandika (Olivia Powell). Championship Champion, Small Land Checkmate (J Walker); Reserve, Haighend Georgie Girl (Mrs Fitzgerald). Class 22 1, Jackets Blue Singer (Charlotte Cassidy); 2, Kelsboro Hombre; 3, Llanarth Copycat (R J Lister). Class 23 1, Rosemore Royal Touch (J Hoyle); 2, Pointers Gaity Girl (N Patterson); 3, Sudden Thumbprint (Mrs H Perry). Class 24 1, Westhill Encore (T Shields); 2, Moorhall Cats Whisker (E Wallace); 3, Caithness Roaming Astra (A West). Championship Champion, Jackets Blue Singer (C Cassidy); Reserve, Moorhall Cats Whisker (E Wallace). Class 25 1, Spinningdale Scherzo (C Foster); 2, Fleetcraft Portrait (S Draper); 3, All Serene (L Crane). Class 26 1, Ferndale Park (S Allan); 2, Pavanna (K Cullen); 3, Highgrove (S Maczylo). Class 27 1, Shanlita (K Gallagher); 2, Strinsdale Symphony (R Timson); 3, Royal Silk (S Harrison). Championship Champion, Ferndale Park (S Allen); Reserve, Pavanna (K Cullen). Class 28 1, Hattongate Anastasia (S Wilcock); 2, Fylde Majestic Prince (Mrs Fitzgerald). Class 29 1, Ovington Kronos (R Templeton); 2, Little Fudge (L Crane); 3, Just Dino (B McGoldrick). Class 30 1, Comberton Crusader (L Twitchit); 2, Pomai Mr Macawber (R Templeton); 3, Bowlandforrest Dandelion (J Hoyle). Class 31 1, Rapture (R Timson); 2, Pavanna (K Cullen); 3, Into the Dark (J E Robins). Class 32 1, Lucky Miller (M Roddy); 2, Winmaur Rocksteady (S Greenwood); 3, Highland Saxon (S Ainsworth). Class 33 1, Fleetcraft Portrait (S Draper); 2, Pitchwood Playboy (H Walker); 3, Marshbrook Golden Dawn (C Yates). Class 34 1, Braveheart (A Costa); 2, Octon Ides of March (L Crane); 3, Birtinbrok William (L De Marco). Championship Champion, Olvington Kronos (R Templeton); Reserve, Lucky Miller (M Roddy).

    BSPS AREA 4A Spring Field House EC, Staffs, 12-13 April

    M&M Heritage Ridden FR 1 & res, M Steven’s Brynoffie Orion; 2, K Marrott’s Shilstone Rocks Ruanin; 3, C Gray’s Priestwood Mirth. do LR 1 & ch, M Francis’s Galways Legionaire; 2, P Francis’s Foxcroft Miranda; 3, M Prickett’s Cusop Biggles. do sml 1, J Cook’s Stowbrook Snipe; 2, M Duffern’s Thistledown Xenon; 3, M Dawson-Payne’s Dinsdale Country Celebration. do welsh 1, M Peacey’s Monwyn Bronze Knight; 2, C Preece’s Smoketree Caesar; 3, M Cook’s Eyarth Cossack. do lrg 1&ch, M Robson’s Quest of Mendick; 2 & res, M Cook’s Millfields Sportsman; 3, M Peacey’s Cymllwyd Georgie Porgie. Family produced MH SP 1, M Rushton’s Courtland Chantilly; 2, J Down’s Oakley Fiasco; 3, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire. do SHP 1, M Mitchell’s Dalcotes Purdy; 2, J Mendoza’s Canteeny West; 3, M Sunshine’s Basford Jacaranda. do SHP 122cms 1, Harrod & Coles’s Millay Senorita; 2, M Hulme’s Starlyte Orinoco; 3, M Bridgwood’s Plush Heiress. do LR 1 & ch, M Holen’s Mybella Sweet Cinamon; 2 & res, M Roseberry’s Roselle Rebecca; 3, M Patch’s Cosford Chardonay. WHP RIHS n/e 133cms 1 & ch, B Crosbie-Starling’s Halefield Regal Heir; 2, M Bissill’s Tadgarwil Magical Moments; 3, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine. do n/e 143cms 1, M Newsham’s Carnsdale Courageous; 2, E Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 3, M Mahon’s Eyecatcher. do n/e 153cms 1 & res, T Janion’s Salut; 2, M Bowling’s Mystic Napoliana; 3, M Schofield’s Johnny Hero. do Int WH: n/e 158 1 M Gornall’s Old Springfield Stravinsky; 2, M Druggan’s Carnsdale Topgun; 3, H Cubley’s The Navigator. do NS n/e 133cms 1 & res, M Farrer-Fry’s Valeparrk Holiday; 2, M Sargent’s Austens Drummer Boy; 3, M Platt’s Rhosun Matisse. do CS 1 & ch, Sue Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan; 2, E Barnes’s Master Rascal; 3, M Brown’s Guiness Pure Genius. SHT LR n/e 122cm 1, A Prince’s Brookland Nicholas Nickelby; 2, M Sargent’s Thamesbrook Fidelio; 3, M Hewitt’s Cynthias Madam Molly. do 122cm 1, Clorley’s Bronheulog Charmer; 2, M Gray’s Worthy Celebration; 3, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan. do n/e 133cm 1 & ch, Welby & Gilbert-Scott’s Bennochy Royal Ensign; 2, K Manning’s Fair Julian; 3, P Collier’s Warleigh Hot Gossip. do n/e 143cm 1, C Twiston-Davies’s Aston High Time; 2 & res, J Templeton’s Tyrdulais Marshall Monty; 3, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor. n/e 153cm 1, M Mitchell’s Dalcotes Purdy; 2, M Ludlow’s Miss Munro; 3, J Mendoza’s Canteeny West. RIHS ISHT 1, M Bink’s Penrose Swansea Jack; 2, M Andrew’s Overdrive; 3, M Knipe’s Special Fix. RIHS ISRT n/e 158cm 1 & ch, N Wood’s Rotherwood Victor; 2, C Twiston-Davies’s Whalton Highlight; 3, M Mitchell’s Crystal Phantasy. do n/e 158cm 1, M Embleton’s Longriver Eternity; 2 & res, M Tate’s Kirkwood Excalibur; 3, K Harris’s Starlyte Page Boy. do LR 1 & ch, M Dent’s Nantcol Sylphide; 2, M Fowler’s Chaseford Charisma; 3, M Roseberry’s Roselle Rebecca. do FR 1 & res, C Preece’s Veejays Chatterbox; 2, M Eager’s Wriggly Tatania; 3, M Cambray’s Sycamore Easter Tide. open SP n/e 128cm 1, Welby, Gilbert-Scott & Sheene’s Glenmoss Juliet; 2, M Edsell’s Rowanak Sorceror; 3, M Jackson’s Colbeach Sensation. do n/e 138cm 1 & res, L Minshin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2, M Brookshaw’s Rosemore Supreme; 3, M Cook’s Colbeach Soloist. do n/e 148cm 1 & ch, L Corris’s Kouros Maximillian; 2, F Twiston-Davies’s Whalton Highlight; 3,J Down’s Oakley Fiasco.

    BSPS AREA 16 SPRING SHOW Suffolk Showground 12 April

    WHP nov (Mrs Donger & Mr Sharpley) 133cms 1 & Res, L Martell Brownlow’s Foxy Lady; 2, J Bradby’s Trowswellion Gypsy Moth; 3, N Major’s Sannan Valley Dinky; 143cms 1 & Ch, P Martin’s Pebbly Fox Moss; 2, D Edmundson’s Chester VI; P Norton’s Noble Knightsbridge. 153cms 1, S Parrott’s Ring of Fire; 2, R Harvey-Jones’ Starz Tikka; 3, B Bayes’ Clifton Graffiti. Int 1, B Harris’ Crackenthorpe Joie de Vivre; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Noble Bing; 3, Clifton Graffiti. Heritage open NS 1, G Stoddart’s Pantycoed Robin; 2, Mrs Newton’s Tallares Sandpiper; 3, L Harris’ Lippens Mascot. not exc 128cms Pantycoed Robin; 2, Mrs Newton’s Lawntywig Myfanwy; 3, M Webb’s Frithesden Chiff Chaff. not exc 138cms 1 & Ch,R Gredley’s Grange Homeward Sparrow; 2, A Newling’s Bremar Willow; 3, K F Cole’s Caroworth Pendant. exc 138cms 1 & Res, A Macnab’s Croxton Portia; 2, S Berry’s Sienna Bright Sparrow; 3, S Greenwell’s Summer Park Bobby. RIHS WHP (Mrs Birkett & Mrs Rich) NS 1, K Hirst’s Robelle Autumn Ghost; 2, L Redman’s Moonwalk; 3, Trowswellion Gypsy Moth. 133cms 1, D Edmundson’s Brocks Minstrel; 2, W Watherston’s Parkfield Freddie; 3, Moonwalk. 143cms 1 & Res, K F Cole’s Kilmoneen; 2, I Pendred’s Sannan Valley Bobby Sox; 3, S Brown’s Chinock Nemesis. 153cms 1 & Ch, S Smith’s Black Monday; 2, C A Stennett’s Full Circle; 3, A C Newling’s Was Double Dutch. Int 1 & Res Int Ch, Was Double Dutch; 2, R E Theobald’s The Rainbow Hunter; 3, S Brown’s Ivy Hill Girl. Open WHP (Mr Hilton & Mrs Holdway) Cradle 1 & Ch, A Beaty’s Cefyn Charmer; 2, A Attwood’s Shilstone Rocks Warrior; 3, Lippens Mascot. Nursery 1 & Res, Robelle Autumn Ghost; 2, Moonwalk; 3, T O’Connor’s Larchgrove Marcus. 133cms 1, R Crane’s Burcher Marathon Runner; 2, Moonwalk; 3, Parkfield Freddie. 143 cms 1 & Res, Kilmoneen; 2, R Gredley’s Myteline; 3, K Hirst’s Rising Star II. 153cms 1 & Ch, Was Double Dutch; 2, Full Circle; 3, P Cox’s Fortunes Enigma. PUK WHP (Mrs Turner & Mrs Sannick) Style & Perf 1 & Ch, J Hopkins’ Sinton Fairy Daisy; 2, A Howard’s Warleigh Serenade; 3, Black Monday. Style & Perf. M&M 1 & Res D & R Shaw’s Paxhall Delights Dancer; 2, Croxton Portia; A Howard’s Rhydfendigaid Sion. Nov M&M mixed ht 1, Frithesden Chiff Chaff; 2, A Robertson-Chalmers’ Sunroyd Dafydd; 3, R Last’s Murrayhall Tiffany. Open M&M (Mrs Turner & Mr Hood) not exc 122 1 & Ch, Cefyn Charmer; 2, Frithesden Chiff Chaff; 3, J Walker’s Pwllgwyn Neddie. not exc 138cms 1 & Res, K F Cole’s Caroworth Pendant; 2, L Martell-Brownlow’s Northlight Solero; 3, A Howard’s Corstan Miranda. exc 138cms 1, Rhydfendignaid Sion;2, P Cox’s Burnmoore Caradog; 3, H Armstrong-Small’s Hungry Hall Penny Come Quick. RIHS SHP (Mrs Hart) 122 cms 1 & Ch, J Beaty’s Lemington Cliquot; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Wingland Make Believe; 3, C T Willett’s Boreton Spyman. 133cms 1, S Kivlochan’s Nuthurst Snowbird; 2, C Williams’ Whalton Minstrel Boy; 3, R Francis’ Pheasant Hill. 143cms 1 & Res, A Marling’s Scorlton Cornerstone; 2, L Guyett’s Stambrook Romany Fayre; 3, M Banks-Browne’s Winnmere Piccollo. 153cms 1, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Carnsdale Class Act; 2, J E Moss’ Flyaways Manor Marco; 3, S Nelson’s Stepaside. LR 1, K Hirst’s Colby Starglow; 2, C Willett’s Waxwing Magnum; 3, R Nott’s Tom Kitten II. Int SRT (small) 1, K Chambers’ Yealand Quixotic; 2, P Baker-Bealle & C. Willett’s Courtland Country Ways; 3, J Lister’s Yealand Quintessence. (large) 1, D Stennett’s Traveston Trendsetter; 2, Mesdames Lucas & Willett’s Aquila. Int SH 1 & Int Ch, L Strathern’s Doctor Doolittle; 2, N A Heseltine’s Little Gem II; Mr & Mrs underwood’s Noble Bob. Open SHP (Mrs Holdway) 122cms 1, A Marling’s Willowjoy Steward; 2, R Reason’s Halfway Little Crummer Girl; 3, S Greenwell’s Bengad Wheel of Fire. 133cms 1, M Banks-Browne’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 2, Whalton Minstrel Boy. 143cms 1 & Ch Scorlton Cornerstone; 2, Winmere Piccollo; 3, T Maestrani’s Cusop Brad. 153cms 1 & Res, H Armstrong-Small’s, Mundon Mallow Haze; 2, Stepaside; 3, Starz Tikka. Nov mixed ht 1, Cusop Brad; 2, Pebbly Fox Moss; 3, R E Theobald’s Fynnlands Bonjovi. SP (Mr Wright) LR 1 & Mini Ch, J W Wortley’s Morning Glory; 2 & Res Mini Ch, S Few’s Princess Fiji; 3, L Hillyard’s Westleake Sophistication. FYFR 1, Mrs Short’s Barkway Pape Moon; 2, S Veale’s Deben Georgina; 3, K Brar’s Linksbury Silver Princess. FR 1, Barkway Paper Moon; 2, S Prosser’s Barkway Peter Pan; 3, Linksbury Silver Princess. Nov mixed ht 1, L Hillyard’s Maisie’sFairie; 2, Cusop Brad; 3, V Thomson-Carr’s Rendene Gypsy Romance. Open 128cms 1 & Res, Cooper Corporaation’s Ainsty Fair and Square; 2, L Hillyard’s Hightopps Lucy Lockett; 3, C Williams’ Lewlawrem Talisman. 138cms 1, J W Wortley’s Classic Connection; 2, C Murray’s Devine Lyric; 3, Cusop Brad. 148cms 1 & Ch, Yealand Quixotic; 2, K Ramsey’s Hamptonne Dreamcatcher. Family produced LR 1, Morning Glory; 2, Princess Fiji; 3, M L D’Agati’s Romany River Tittle Mouse. FR 1, J Barrnet’s Barkway TipToes; 2, D Barr’s Lowland Paper Lace. SP 1, Devine Lyric; 2, S Dennis’ Copy Bush Carch Word; 3, Hamptonne Dreamcatcher. 122cms SHP 1, Lemington Cliquot. SHP 1, A Basham’s Sheer Charisma; 2, Nuthurst Snowbird; 3, Flyaways Major Marco. RIHS M&M Ridden. (Mrs Sabin) Heritage Open lge 1 & Ch, A Whitehead’s Millfield Traveller; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Carnsdale Master Smokie; 3, K Lloyd’s Drumbad Sargent Pepper. Welsh B & C 1, S Darlington’s Marden Merlin; 2, Mr & Mrs O’Brien’s Wian Playboy; 3, V Jenkin’s Khan James. sml 1 & Res, S Darlington’s Fishleigh Saracen; 2, M Burnett’s Stowbrook jenny Wren; 3, K Mackenzie’s Horselode Horatio. LR 1& Ch, D Barr’s Lacy Targed; 2 & Res, M Burchall-Small; 3, H Breach’s Sarum Just William. FR 1, S Brockbank’s Forlan Blue Print; 2, D Barr’s Roseisle Secret Mission; 3, M Burchall-Small’s Eastleigh Amadeus. PUK M&M ridden (Mrs Sharman) Jun Sm breeds 1, L Sykes Moelgarnedd Romano; 2, Mrs Greatorex’s Barkway Christobelle; 3, Horselode Horatio. lge 1, Khan James; 2, A Attwood’s Maenaw Casi; 3, Sunroyd Dafydd. M&M ridden sml 1, Mrs Newton’s Tallares Sandpiper; 2, Moelgarnedd Romano; 3, Bengad Wheel of Fire. lge1 & Ch, J L Rose’s Murdock of Sunnyneuk; 2, R Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear; 3, Maenaw Casi. Conf Nov 1 & Res, Tallares Sandpiper; 2, Drumbad Sargent Peper; 3, D Barr’s Waitwifth West Wind. LR 1 & Ch, Lacy Targed; 2, Sarum Just William; 3, S Veale’s Deben Tiger Lily. FR 1 & Res, C Thorpe’s Senruf Galaxy; 2, Roseisle Secret Mission; 3, K Brar’s Elkon Fifer.

    WESSEX ARAB SPRING Hurstbourne EC, 12-13 April

    riddennov pure-bred, jnr 1 & res, A Wheeler’s Moharbee; 2, R Edwards’s G Lanzelot; 3, M Maryon’s Ravor. snr 1, nov ch & res pure-bred, G Ayub’s Shabana Mareschaya; 2, Mr & Mrs L Coombs’s Aurijm; 3, C Hawes’s Gold Samah. Anglo/part-bred 1, J Burtenshaw’s Longstock Royal Mint; 2, E Edwards’s New Horizon; 3, B Small’s Lenmar Shades Of Mink. open stallion 1 & ch, J Powell’s Moashiro; 2, J Davidson’s Samhire; 3, Mr & Mrs P Wainwright’s Saroukh. mare 1, A Robinson & L Behenah’s Khatifa; 2, C Sussex’s Sa’Ira; 3, C Dabbs’s Ramilla. gelding 1, J Adkins’s Rajar; 2, S Hancock’s Tawoos; 3, A Boyle’s Maleikero. Anglo/part-bred sml 1 & res sup, J Edwards’s Rythmical Miss; 2, J Brewster’s Jasmine Queen Of The Desert; 3, A Richards’s Rillaton Fernando. lge 1 sup ch, L Smart’s Fernedge Debonnaire; 2, M Johnston’s Marstacre Playgirl; 2, J Langcake’s Olympic Minuet. pure-bred ch gelding 1 & ch, Tawoos; 2 & res, Maleikero; 3, G Rees’s Valletta Madirigal. mare 1, Ramilla; 2, Mr & Mrs L Coombs’s Eastworth Ahmoshini; 3, Khatifa. stallion 1, J Davidson’s Samhire; 2, Saroukh; 3, G Rees’s Valletta Hunters Moon. in-hand, y’stock y’ling colt 1, D Commins’s Montoya; 2, Mr & Mrs P Butt’s Ebbershaan; 3, D Fenton’s Duchy Vendetta. filly 1, E Jones’s Haniyya; 2, L Shawyer’s Elkana Kastalya; 3, J Jacobs’s Jazanina. gelding 1, res, & res gelding, D Mitchell’s Ali G; 2, V Huddleston’s Ecuador; 3, C Sussex’s Star Silk. 2-y-o colt 1, Mr & Mrs R Jones’s FH Ibn Daggeegah; 2, J Keen & A Griffiths’s Memfis; 3, S Clyma’s Gladiattor. filly 1, S Foreman’s Ffatalia; 2, L Shawyer’s Dream Dancer; 3, D Ash’s Jalisca. 3-y-o 1 sup ch, Mr & Mrs P Butt’s Eddashaan; 2, L Maryon’s Mazeer Ibn Maarouf; 3, Mr & Mrs A Atkin’s Pikirovka. 3 gen British-bred A Burr’s Hasleem; 2 & 3, K Carr’s Rusila & Shareem. mare 1, R McCormick’s Khayda; 2, Mr & Mrs L Coombs’s Eastworth Ahmoshini; 3, L Shawyer’sLady Illusion. gelding 1, gelding ch & res snr, D Batten’s Allesandro; 2, R Naper’s Geeves; 3, C Fowler’s Chi Lin Tarquin. stallion 1 & snr ch, R Poulter’s Ali Khan; 2, R McCormick’s Narismma; 3, K & M Maryon’s WLA Falcorr. Anglo/part-bred y’st 1 & res sup, Hon F Guinness’s Dandelion; 2, J Vallentin’s Towerlanze Diamond Cluster; 3, Hon F Guinness’s Erodium. snr 1 & res, G Ayub’s Sandby Sabrea; 2, S Griffin & T Newman’s Classic Birichen; 3, L Lidbury’s Turning Point.

    BSPS AREA 15 Braintree, Essex, 13 April

    WHP: nursery 1, Mrs S Gaunt’s Ernford Bittersweet; 2, A Johnstone’s Twynholm Dark Desire; 3, Mrs L Redman’s Moonwalk. 133cm 1, Mrs W Watherston’s Parkfield Freddie; 2, Mrs D Edmundson’s Brocks Minstrel; 3, Moonwalk. 143cm 1 & res, Mrs J Pendred’s Stannan Valley Bobby Sox; 2, K Hurst’s Rising Star; 3, Mrs S Brown’s Chinock Nemesis. 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs P Underwood’s Red Alert; 2, Mrs P Underwood’s Laughton Bramble Pie; 3, K Hirst’s Kenilwood Nikolai. SHP: LR 1, C Carver’s Waxwings Magnum; 2, B Firth’s Linksbury Silver Princess; 3, B Firth’s Kerrells Chardonay. 122cm 1 & ch, C Willett’s Boreton Spyman; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Wingland Make Believe; 3, A Marling’s Willow Joy Steward. 133cm 1 & res, Mrs S Kivlochan’s Nuthurst Snowbird; 2, Mrs C Williams’s Whalton Minstrel Boy; 3, Twynholme Dark Desire. 143cm 1, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Mooncoin; 2, Mrs L Guyatt’s Stanbrook Romany Fayre; 3, A Marling’s Scorton Cornerstone. 153cm 1, Mrs H Armstrong-Small’s Mundon Mallow Haze; 2, Mrs S Nelson’s Stepaside. intermediate: sml SRT 1, R Miller’s Regal Dancer; 2, Mrs Baker-Beall & C Willett’s Courtland Country Way; 3, J Ellis’s Ponsbourne Deception. do, lge 1 & res, Mrs P Oliver’s Spyanfly Storm Trooper; 2, L Willett’s Definitely Maybe; 3, A Lucas’s Litton Magical Minstral. WH 1, Mrs A Skulman’s Ladys Iced Ginger; 2, Mrs R Theobald’s The Rainbow Hunter; 3, Red Alert. SHT 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs M Underwood’s After All; 2, Ladys Iced Ginger; 3, Mrs R Theobald’s Sporting Huzzar. Heritage M&M: lead-rein 1, Mrs A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Trisca; 2, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Minsterley Carlo; 3, Mrs V Jenkins’s Tirfelin Hector. FR 1, Mrs G Tavener’s Colliers Pearl Bracelet; 2, K Brar’s Ekens Flier; 3, Mrs J Bloor’s Atherstone Bonzobie. family-produced: LR 1, Mrs J Harvey’s Barkway Tapdance; 2, Mrs M D’Agati’s Romany River Tittlemouse. FR 1 & res, T & A Salter’s Lowland Bronwen Cariad; 2, Mrs F Allsop’s Barkway Miss Tittlemouse; 3, J Barnett’s Barkway Tiptoes. RP 1 & ch, T & A Salter’s Sandlings Dream On; 2, Mrs C Murray’s Devine Lyric; 3, Mrs S Livlochan’s Rollswood Phantom. SHP 1, Stepaside; 2, Nuthurst Snowbird; 3, T & A Salter’s Caleyhall Exclamation.

    NPS SPRING FESTIVAL Moreton Morrell College, Warwicks, 13 April

    ridden M&M open sml 1, J Corbett’s Wistmans Pericles; 2, J Waterhouse’s Northlight Gallinao; 3, A Chadwick’s Mynach Moonwalk. do lge 1, G Brown’s Wyken Limelight; 2, D Baker’s Starcrest Discovery; 3, Y Watson’s Townend Bonny. M&M jnr ridden sml 1, J Barton’s Shilstone Rocks Rough Day: 2, C Webb’s Bincombe Ebony; 3, D Bright’s Cwmbachstel Dion. do lge 1, G Brown’s Murrayhall Buccaneer; 2, M Stanford’s Niall Of Croila; 3, D Bright’s Taiforgan Bonnheddwr. M&M LR1, J Stuart’s Bengad Statice; 2, S Alder’s Rosmasche Holly Berry; 3, J Barton’s Greenferns Rob Roy. do FR1 & sup, D Bright’s Cwmbachstel Dion; 2, J Barton’s Hisley Saunter; 3, J Barton’s Greenfern Rob Roy. M&M Olympia qualifier sml 1 & res sup, L Collett’s Tiffwyl Truffle; 2, A Mimms’ Glenwood Caradog; 3, J Barton’s Shilstone Rocks Rough Day. do Welsh sec B/C 1, S Challinor’s Morwyn Bronze Knight; 2, C Isaac’s Parkvadean Gelert; 3, L Collett’s Longhalves Crown Jester. do New Forest, Connemara 1, S Burton’s Lintavon Ciro; 2, E Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear; 3, T Jones’s Huckleberry. do lge 1 & sup, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Velvet; 2, P Robson’s Quest Of Mendick; 3, J Barton’s Mackenziedene. do sec D 1, & res sup, D Bright’s Taiforgan Bonnheddwr; 2, C Isaac’s Llanina Maredudd; 3, J Hanger’s Langarth Lucky Boy. ridden nov RP mixed height1, K Lee’s Tara Suprize; 2, M Johnson’s Queensdale Flamenco. ridden nov HP1, M Brewster’s Fosterley Court Jester; 2, S Mendoza’s Basford Jasmine. ridden British riding/HP n/e 128cm1 & sup, L Stockley’s Chinook Bramble; 2, Tara Suprize; 3, S Mendoza’s Peter Rabbit. do n/e 138cm1, P Sowerby’s Rotherwood Take-A-Peep; 2, L Stockley’s Ainthorpe Morning Surprise; 3, G Bourne’s Lord Oaksey. mini FR1, K Lee’s Elliote Suprize; 2, J Mendoza’s Peter Rabbit; 3, G Holder’s Charlesforge Prince Charming. do LR1 & res sup, D O’Neil’s Barkway Engima; 2, S Mendoza’s Peter Rabbit. ridden int M&M Ffrethi, sml 1, K Arnold’s Lickfold Infidel. do sec B/C1, G Johnson’s Boston out of the Blue. do New Forest, Connemara1, Z Evans’ Hayselden Phoebe; 2, G Norris’s Bollingswell Hopscotch. do lge 1, J Rogers’ Penchwintan Cadfridig; 2, G Browen’s Murrayhall Buccaneer. young handlers, 5-10yr1, H Abrahall’s Ponthafren Sandman; 2, S Fitt’s Yaverland Carlo; 3, C Stuart’s Bengad Statice. do 11-18yr1, L Stockley’s Chinook Bramble; 2, E South’s Twyneash Prince Valiant; 3, J Holder’s Charlesforge Prince Charming. RP in-hand, n/e 148cms, y’ling1 & res, L Bishop’s Deanhills Great Expectations; 2, J Weedon’s Jipson Avocet; 3, M Nott’s Chasecroft Double Delight. do 2/3-y-o1, M Robertson’s RotherwoodPrecocious; 2, Mrs P Dunster’s Kittens Artistic Impression.stallion or mare, n/e 148cm1, A Pritchard-Simmons’ Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 2, J Baker’s Colquiann Self Portrait; 3, Ainthorpe Morning Surprise. HP breeding y’ling, n/e 153cm1 & res, P Byrd’s Comberton Carina. do stallion/mare, 4yr or over 1, A Pritchard-Simmons’ Cupidhill Mystic Maid Of Martell; 2, P Byrd’s Comberton Charisma. Trellech Elite RP yearling n/e 148cm1, P Nott’s Chasecroft Double Delight; 2, J Weedon’s Jipson Avocet. 3, B Skeel’s Devon Touch Of Class. in-hand M&M sml , 1/2/3-y-o1, K Arnold’s Blacknest Prince Hal; 2, B Gammond’s Gamon Beatrice Ruth. do 4yr & over1, B Gammond’s Tweedside Spotlight. do lge , 1/2/3-y-o1, CFrayne’s Valerock Sweet Sorrel. do 4yr & over1 & sup, E Briant’s Townend Ruth Vl; 2, M Dale’s Rackwood Robin; 3, G Guy’s Severnvale Grey Bobby. do sec A/B 4yr & over1, H Wade’s Ruthley Wild Spartacus; 2, E Grundy’s Laingdale Scarlet Ribbons. do sec C/D 1/2/3-y-o 1 & res sup, C Isaac’s Spraywood Penny Black. do 4yr & over1, K Howdle’s Ridgehill Elgar.

    VALLEY SPRING United Counties Showground, Carmarthen, 13 April

    best turned out1, J Howell’s Crawel Royal Gold; 2, A Pittard’s Dolly Mixtures Starshine Express. veterans1, Mr & Mrs D Bethell’s Coed Coch Onid; 2, P Mander’s Hadleigh of Spring Cottage; 3, D Cole’s Boris. RP breeding 4yr & over1 & ch, D Morgan’s Lowland Pizzaz; 2 & res, C Williams’s Romany River Phoenix; 3, Crawel Royal Gold. b’mare1, D McKenzie’s Deehaven Fairy Tale. 2/3-y-o1, S & H Vaughan’s Waltza Perfect Night; 2, M Bowen’s Highlawn Penny Black; 3, D Kelvey’s Bentley Brook Splendor. exc 148cm1, D Dargavel’s Romany River Ramesis. HP breeding, snr1 & ch, Romany River Ramesis; 2 & res, K Bissmire’s Bryncadoc Lucky Charm; 3, Deehaven Fairy Tale. n/e 128cm1 & res, C Watkins’s Grimdales Mr Punch;2, Crawel Royal Gold; 3, D Thomas’s Starlyte Hobnob. n/e 138cm1 & ch, B Cuthbert’s Chinook Marissa. n/e 153cm1, Romany River Phoenix; 2, Romany River Ramesis; 3, R Lewis Jones’s Millay High Society. LR1, B Cherry’s FairywoodStar Attraction; 2, A Curry’s Radweay Black Knight; 3, F Perry’s San Aquila. do FR1, Radway Black Knight; 2, L Phillip’s Annabelle Rosa; 3, A Davies’s Cadlan Valley Gold Dust. Shetlands standards, y’ling1, P Braddock’s Lloeger Damson; 2, Whiaker & Davies’s Seva Irene. 2/3-y-o1, Mr & Mrs J Davies’s Hose Elinora; 2, P Braddock’s Buckland Destro; 3, Carmilo Stud’s Celtic Mosiac. mare/gelding1 & ch, Whittaker & Davies’s Seva Fantasia; 2 & res, Carmilo Stud’s Abbeyfield Cleo; 3, J Rubbery’s Manselfold Firefly. stallion1, G Bennett’s Seva Captain Marvel; 2, Hadleigh Of Spring Cottage. miniature y’ling1, Whitaker & Davies’s Seva Imogen; 2, J Thomas’s Threeacre Golden Amber; 3, G Bennett’s Brochwel Captain Laddie. 2/3-y-o1, J Rawlings Goytre Jack Of Hearts. mare/gelding1 & res, F Perry’s Bedwbach Isla. stallions1 & ch, J Rawlings Goytre Edward; 2, K Card’s Birchwood Viscount; 3, K Taylor’s Merrylees Arrow. Appaloosa & spotted, n/e 148cm1 & ch, S Prynne’s Tiptoe Star Spangled Banner; 2, J Hunter’s Glanffrwd Hotspot. exc 148cm1 & res, R Rosser’s Rivaz Oracle; 2, S Prynne’s Cammarch Pink Rosie. coloured n/e 148cm1 & ch, Seva Captain Marvel; 2, L Griffiths’s Tomo; 3, D Pittard’s Texan Dutchess. exc 148cm1 & res, M Anthony’s Atlais; 2, H Parker’s Darius. palomino, n/e 148cm1, A Howell’s Sunny. part-bred, jnr1 & res, Walza Perfect Night; 2, A Hillier’s Ysgwynfawr Ace; 3, P Tsoflias’s Bryncadoc Explorer. snr1 & ch, W Gwilliam’s Perrington Statesman; 2, Bryncadoc Lucky Charm; 3, P Tsoflias’s Copybush Park Royal. young handlers, 10yr & under1 & res, N Matthews; 2, F Currell; 3, A Davies. 11-16yr1 & ch, no646; 2, E Harries; 3, A Howell. ridden coloured/Appaloosa1 & ch, Atlais; 2, Rivaz Oracle; 3, L Thomas’s Call Me Madam. palomino1, K Hooper’s Gryngallt Perseus; 2, Sunny; 3, R Phillip’s Gryngally Pretty Polly. part-bred1 & res, Romany River Phoenix; 2, Millay High Society; 3, Grimdales Mr Punch. novice1, Atlais; 2, M Dixon’s Wyken Discovery; 3, S Day’s The Clown. Welsh sec A y’ling colt1 & res, A & N Jones’s Nicton Carreg; 2, K & D Matthews Caerhosyn BirthdayBoy; 3, D Morgan’s Windmill Ashley. y’ling filly1, Caeharris Hyfryd; 2, Caeharris Sally Manny; 3, B Andrews & R Osborn’s Mynyddtarren Roxanne. 2/3-y-o colt/gelding1, I Dark’s Caerhosyn Anrheg Aur; 2, L Brown’s Friars Golden Mark; 3, J & T Wilson’s Raci The Dreamcatcher. do filly1, I & J Oliver’s Henrhyd Danielle. mare/gelding1, F Perry’s San Pageboy; 2, K Curtis’s Polmesk Tiparpia; 3, M Owen & daughters Courtway Fantasy. stallion1 & ch, K & D Matthew’s Boniface Llewellyn; 2, B Andrews & R Osborn’s Glenwood Lancelot; 3, I & J Oliver’s Blaenau Golden Sovereign. sec B y’ling colt1 & res, E Prosser’s Mintfield Sandpiper; 2, M Yorath & P Barnes’s Hollyvale Minstrel. y’ling filly1, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Minuette; 2, Mr & Mrs L Partridge’s Rosedale Bronze Fairy. 2/3-y-o colt/gelding1, A Cox’s Gigman El Vaquero; 2, Robinson, Withers & Modplan’s Hollyvale Kadet. 2/3-y-o filly1 & ch, Mr & Mrs L Partridge’s Caraway Royal Anthem; 2, H Brockbank’s Thamesbourne Purple Heiress. mare/gelding1 & 2, I & S Davies’s Yr Enfys Petita & Brianne Little Gem; 3, D McKenzie’s Trewithian Cinnamon. stallion1, D Matthews’s Wrayton Regal Prince; 2 & 3, Mr & MrsD Bethell’s Cross Foxes Coron & Polaris Elmer. sec C y’ling colt1, J Bowerman’s Wynbrook Pacify. y’ling filly1, R Reading’s Yarty Firebird; 2, M Keyhoe’s Nye Colleen; 3, D Williams’s Erfan Grace. 2/3-y-o colt/gelding1 & res, J hadley’s Laurton Glyndwr; 2, Z Hard’s Yarty Telynor. do filly1, C Rutley’s Yarty Roseanna; 2, J & T Wilson’s Raci Bobbi Sox; 3, G Dyfrig Williams’s Gerdig Cracker. mare/gelding1, D Stone’s Maenerw Rosie; 2, A Wilson’s Dulas Brenhines Du. stallion1 & ch, P Davies’s Maesymor Richard; 2, R Curtis’s Maenan Ronan. sec D y’ling filly1, J & S Cooke’s Stormydown Sunshine; 2, N James’s Ronin Eva; 3, L Jones’s Carnwallon Eldra. 2/3-y-o colt/gelding1 & res, T Baldwin’s Janton Phoenix; 2, J Spain’s Yarty Bobby Dazzler. do filly1, G & S Williams’s Rhoslan (B) Deilen Haf; 2, J Evans’s Maesmynach Dirgel; 3, M Keyhoe’s Nye Actress. mare/gelding1, J Eynon-Davies’s Heol-Las Myfanwy; 2, N Powell’s Taffernchan Crystal; 3, S Percy’s Rhosfach Mena. stallion1 & ch, R Reading’s Yarty Dafydd Du; 2, J Toye’s Thorneyside The Bizz. mixed M&M sml 1, R Lewis-Jones’s Defaelog Lady Jane; 2, Trewithian Cinnamon; 3, R Springett’s Ethellmors Amazon. large 1, & ch & 2 & res, Mr & Mrs T Good’s Underwoods Icarus & Severnvale Sophie; 3, Janton Phoenix. Lobster Pot LR1, R Jones’s Menai Silver Sian; 2, San Pageboy; 3, B Cherry’s Carnalw Shanco. Brineton FR1, L Phillips’ HaverfordTom Thumb; 2, C Watkins’s Lemonshill Forever Autumn; 3, Cadlan Valley Gold Dust. Kingsford ridden sml1, L Philips’s Fontmell Romanov; 2, Haverford Tom Thumb; 3, Cadlan Valley Gold Dust. lge1, Yarty Dafydd Du; 2, G Humphries’s Ddwyryd Alwen; 3, Severnvale Sophie. Picton novice sml1 & ch, R Miller & M Davies’s Heniarth Quip; 2, Coles, Rees & Johnson’s Gorfelyn Honey Roan; 3, L Allen’s Cwmllwchwr Brent. sec B/C1, R Miller & M Davies’s Rhoson Shem; 2, Defaelog Lady Jane; 3, L Allen’s Cwmaddoc Neifion. lge1 & res Ddwyryd Alwen; 2, Mr & Mrs C Williams’s Sydenham Gooseberry; 3, C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Amber.

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