1, W Lewis’s Rhydyfelon Scarlet Pimpernel; 2, J Crane’s Nantdywyll Prince; 3, FE Davies’s Rushton Prince George. do filly 1, S Bullen’s Littletown Symphony; 2, S Dobbs’s Saethydd Coco; 3, K Local’s Serock Gypsy Rose. 2-y-o colt 1, C Fell’s Brysnith Perseus Spirit; 2, A Yarnold-Wright’s Fayre Popcorn; 3, Mrs Clark’s Hadrejet Tornado. do filly 1, P Gibbons’s Thistledown Pop-Star; 2, S Bullen’s Littletown Rhapsody; 3, Mr & Mrs Reading’s Tiverton Fair Lady. 3-y-o colt 1, Llanelli Stud’s Dyfrdwy Seren Y Nos. do filly 1, Mr & Mrs Reading’s Churchwood Day Lily. (sec B) colt foal 1 & ch, Mrs Mitchell’s Wynswood Golden Guinea; 2, D James’s Kerandi Just James. do filly 1, D James’s Kerandi Sundrop. y’ling colt 1 & res, ID Lamb’s Boreton White Prince. 2-y-o colt 1, P Hardy’s Bronllwyn Poll Mall. 3-y-o filly 1, Mr & Mrs Gibbons’s Rhydspence Welsh Gem; 2, Mrs James’s Kerandi Snowdrop.

SWPCS Taunton, Somerset, 16 November

sec A filly foal 1, J Padfield’s Dukeshill Delia; 2, J Wilson’s Putwell Seren; 3, J Hawkins’s Rosark Samara. do colt 1 & res foal, C Taylor’s Cristae Bobby Dazzler; 2, Mr & Mrs Pearse’s Crumpwell Foxwild; 3, J Francis’s Tynytid The Marquess. y’ling 1 & res y’ling, J Francis’s Gowerdale India; 2, C Taylor’s Cristae Confetti; 3, J Walker’s Criccieth Eastern Promise. sec B foal 1, Mrs Gay & Mrs Sleeman’s Lemonshill Riverdance; 2, C Hussey’s Wynswood Analisa; 3, T Oakes’s Cyfartha Bronze Spirit. y’ling 1 & Welsh & overall y’ling ch, sup ch, A Searle’s Jananda My Valentine; 2, P Bromfield’s Jananda Cherished Memories. sec C foal 1 & Welsh & overall foal ch, res sup, Y Small’s Pasadena Conquest; 2, B Mills & J Oborn’s Washingpool Lloyd George. sec D y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Pearse’s Uphill Viceroy’s Dafydd; 2, Mr & Mrs Ockleford’s Denwyn Oberon; 3, V A Stephens Brynithon Just Red. y’ling 1, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Charm. part-Welsh 1 & foal, sec foal ch, & overall foal res, P Sheppard’s Hideaway Standing Ovation; 2, M Coombes’s Goresmead Baccus; 3, M Coombes’s Goresmead Bona Dea. y’ling 1 & sec y’ling & overall y’ling res, M Coombes’s Goresmead Apollo; 2, A Pattison’s Devon Prince; 3, M Coombes’s Goresmead Artemis. M&M sml brds y’ling 1, Mrs Coles & Mrs Wilkins’s Sherberton Mulabon. do lge 1, C Gibbs’s Rickamore Monty. RP foal 1 & sec foal res, Goresmead Baccus; 2, A Pitman & D Porter’s Clonageera Maybe; 3, P Sheppard’s Hideaway Menabily. do y’ling 1, Goresmead Apollo; 2 & sec y’ling res, Goresmead Artemis. hunter pony foal 1, Hideaway Standing Ovation; 2, Goresmead Baccus; 3, Goresmead Bona Dea. do y’ling 1, Goresmead Apollo; 2, Goresmead Artemis. RH/sports horse/hunter y’ling 1, Devon Prince. conf nov M&M in-hand winter ch 1, A Brown’s Browan Prelude; 2, Mrs Russell’s Bochym Royal Amaryllis; 3, J Taylor’s Holling Bobby Dazzler. M&M in-hand winter ch’ships 1, 2 & 3-y-o 1, J Pring’s Penstacan Amos; 2, M Thatcher’s Stockham Pushkin; 3, J Westlake’s Copperhalt Hooray Henry. sml brds 4-y-o+ 1 & ch, Browan Prelude; 2, A Hill’s Cefnfedw Teleri; 3, Bochym Royal Amaryllis. do lge 1 & res, V Chilcott’s Daytona Welsh Model; 2, Holling Bobby Dazzler; 3, L Westcott’s Danesbrook Fruit Fly. conf nov M&M LR Q 1, V Chilcott’s Knighton Cherry Blossom; 2, H Halpin’s Leafycroft Rhys. nov M&M FR Q 1 & nov ridden ch, A Brown’s Browan Phoebe; 2 & res, S Grange & J Lonsdale’s Waterside Genesis; 3, Leafycroft Rhys. nov ridden M&M 1, Waterside Genesis; 2, T Parker’s Bureside Autumn Mist; 3, J E Woolley’s Stourton Sloe Berry.