Show ring conditioning

EquiDermis is a feed supplement from Feedmark formulated to maintain healthy skin and coat

With the show season here, owners looking for help to improve their horses coat for the ring a new supplement from Feedmark could help.

Designed specifically to help improve a horse’s coat and skin condition, a new supplement from Feedmark has been formulated using specially selected herbs and omega-3 oils. This supplement is said to benefit horses suffering from dull coats, poor skin, itchy skin or skin complaints.

EquiDermis will help promote a healthy shiny coat and changes can usually be seen after just one week of feeding.

Available in a 4kg tub, 28 days supply for a 16hh horse and 8kg tub enough for 57 days supply.

Cost £23 for 4kg and £38 for 8kg.

For more information contact Feedmark (tel: 0800 585525) or visit www.feedmark.com

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