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  • NORTON HEATH ECBlackmore, Essex, 20 February

    Norton Heath Novice.1, Got-U-Sussed (L Ganney); 2, Mollee (M Curtis); 3, Temple Phoenix (T Englefield). Charles Owen British Novice.1, Temple Whats It (A Clutterbuck); 2, Southview Mindee (N Tinworth); 3, Granges Flashman (J Attwood). Hadrian Equine Discovery.1, Humberstone (V Attwood); 2, Temple Ratina (D Skidmore); 3, Temple Ryfield (M Lockhart). 1.05m open.1, Country Minstrel (Natalie Tinworth); 2, Caveys Smash & Grab (L Pimblett); 3, Toscogo (Natasha Tinworth). BHF Newcomers.1, Little Miss Carnival (P Spivey); 2, Handley Barns Bambee (K Phillips); 3, Chapter Twelve (N Ward). 1.15m A4.1 & 2, Little Voice & Jitterbug (P Spivey); 3, La Clochette (L Abraham). 1.20m open.1, Brookend Raphaels Boy (J Biddle); 2 & 3, Little Voice & Jitterbug.COLLEGE EC, Keysoe, Beds, BSJA Seniors 20 February

    Charles Owen British Novice1, Touche II (Tim Brown);2 , Sergeant Pepper (Katrina McGladdery);3, Mister Misfit (Clare Baron);4, Killside Breeze (Tim Brown);5 , Brown Velvet (Rachel Medill);6, My Kincaid (Maggie Underwood).95cm Open1 Flora, ( Mandy Darling);2 ,Mr Watson (Felicity Wells);3, All fun Annie (Claire Gibbs); 4 Astra Daisy (Brigit Ensten);5 , Little Irish Amber (Eleanor Sherriffs).Discovery1 , Mr Watson (Felicity Wells);2 , Happy Cavalier (Felicity Wells);3 , Mr Red Fox (Felicity Wells);4, Heidies Pride II( Layla Prutton);5, Chibley Vis A Vis (Trina Lewis); 6 Weston Layla (Amy Knight).1.05m Open 1, Miss Piggy III (John-Paul Sheffield);2, Kantara V H (Helen Tredwell);3, F I Logos (Claire Allen);4, Dire Straiits II (Mandy Darling) ;5,Pas de Deux (Trina Lewis);6, Longmeads Latina (Cristina Berger);7, Dulargy William (Mandy McConechy);8, Pet (Lucy Webb);9, Angel Face (Annette Bath).Newcomers1, Future Perfect (Andrea Verdina);2, Kiss And Tell II (Helen Tredwell); 3, Catch The Tiger (John-Paul Sheffield);4 , Time To Tango II (Nicky McDonnell) ;5, Sidney Jive (Jane Baldwin).1.10m Members Cup1, Otzivchevya (Sergey Antonovich);2, Artic Lough (Delia Kemp);3 , Bonica (Sharon Burriss);4, LongmeadMoon Dust (Christina Berger);5, Miss Millenium , (Nicola Denton).1.20m Foxhunter Open1, Spring Optimist (Matthew Jay);2, Malaga II (Julia Crowson);3, Otzivchevya (Sergey Antonovich);4, Fourpost (Sergey Antonovich);5 , Kantara V H (Helen Tredwell).

    WEST WILTS ECTrowbridge, Wilts, 20 February

    Charles Owen British Novice.1, Downtown Opposition (P Urch); 2, Z For Zara (R Gove); 3, Foxham Formula (E Kenny-Herbert). Hadrian Equine Discovery.1, Hera V (B Smith); 2 & 3, Dragons Dream (L Lockwood) & Another Pop Song . BEIB Members Cup.1, Rolled Gold II (L Down); 2, Letcombe Reef (C Halim); 3, Captain Bigwig (B Smith). 1.15m open.1, FI Omar Du Pomme (N Heaney); 2, Tender Touch (L Elkins).

    BLEWBURY CENTRE Blewbury, Oxon, 21 February

    mini grade C.1, Codey Too (Z Taylor); 2, Mr Mautley (P Tucker); 3, NC Lets Go (N Price). small open.1, Richmond Lass (A de Verteuil); 2, Khartoum (S Benson); 3eq, Maple Far N Away (J Watson) & Highland Pass (K Boggis). Milton 5-y-o.1, Overa (S Pharo); 2, Tequila (A Thompson). BHF Newcomers.1, Dutch Delight (A Thompson); 2, India IV (S Lowe); 3, Vulcan Nick (J Tett). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/small open.1, Sparticus (B Smith); 2, Granos (N Price); 3, Classic Queen (A Thompson). 1.25m select.1, 2 & 3, Jurius, True Grit & McCoist (T Fletcher). 25 Feb: jnr British novice.1, Red Hot Pepper (G Horner); 2, Kanga B (E Ashworth); 3, Bascote Boy (G Horner).jnr discovery/12 & under.1, The Daneway (H House); 2, Three Dog Night (C de Verteuil); 3, Blaen-Y-Fan Jubilee (J Reynolds). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers.1, Stoatley Jasper Carrot (K Southerland); 2, Tom Line Lad (R Prater); 3, Fiz Pop Bang (S French). small jnr open.1, Doms Choice (E Akers); 2, Capella (H Aston); 3, Tea Cosy (K Baxter). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter.1, Princetown Lad (S Payne); 2, Velika (R Prater); 3, Tea Cosy. jnr intermediate open.1, Maxton Hijack (R Prater); 2, Sorcerers Apprentice (S Oliver); 3, Ossie Bear (W Houlbrook).

    PATCHETTS ECAldenham, Herts, 21 February

    jnr British novice.1, Conifers Coloured Delight (A Hanson); 2, Nosey Parker (J Stillwell); 3, Sheridans Archangel (S Pirie). jnr discovery.1, Cinderella (J Poyser); 2, Girls Knight (J Dent); 3, Top Line Lad (R Prater). jnr newcomers.1 & 2, Velika & Mulberry Big Ben (R Prater); 3, Okehurst Crackerjack (V Gower). jnr members cup.1, Blue Diamond Mist (V Callaghan); 2, Right Said Freddie (A Holley); 3, Crystal Storm (A-J Bravington). jnr intermediate open.1, Blue Diamond Mist; 2, Ballykissangel II (L Pavitt); 3, Little Yoyo (J Rothstein).

    SUMMERHOUSE ECHardwicke, Glos, 22 February

    jnr British novice.1, Misty Violet (J Bilboe); 2, Lovelace Autumn (M Costello). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers.1, Jesters Illusion (S Merchant); 2, Rincen Wild Honey (V Sadler); 3, Captain Snuggles (J Shhers). jnr members cup.1,Hells Angel (T Hutchins); 2, Batman II (L Whitehouse); 3, Mars Kyfe Jake (C Spence). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter.1, Princetown Lad (S Payne); 2, Hells Angel. Charles Owen British Novice.1, The Painted Lady (C Bean); 2, Independence Bay (S Baylis); 3, Jolly Jasper (C Webb). BEIB Members Cup.1, Pebley Queen (B Talbot); 2, Cockleford Mystery (R Moore); 3, Amazon Chit Chat (C-L Bond). Horse & Hound Foxhunter.1, Blubberlumps (P Price).

    CHEQUER FARM STABLES, Elvington, York. 22 February

    Senior BSJA British Novice 1, No Mour Fooling (J. Kerr), 2, Cheep To Keep (V. Baker), 3, Ambidextrous (V. Baker). Discovery 1, Ambidextrous (V. Baker), 2, Prophecy (C. Wilde), 3, Springwell Flight (M. Swineburn).1m Open 1, Sportsfield Seashell (T. Hall), 2, Mr Combo (M. Basnett). Newcomers 1, Sportsfield Seashell (T.Hall).

    SYKEHOUSE ARENADoncaster, Yorks, 23 February

    Charles Owen British Novice.1, Nethertown Rascal (G Hoare); 2, Tally Ho Magna (C Pearson); 3, Henna II (A Bell). Hadrian Equine Discovery.1, Aberdust (L Henson); 2, Reconee (P Lawn); 3, Oscar II (L Henson). 1m open.1, Roxy Royale (C Wilkinson); 2, Garners Hill Dorothy (L Hughes); 3, Merlin G (C Curtis). BHF Newcomers.1, Ambers Talisman (A Garner); 2, Bally Ferris Diamond (C Curtis). BEIB Members Cup.1 & 2, Baydale Court Case & Curtissy (A Garner); 3, Cavalier Mist (H Lister). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m open.1, Atlantic Clover (S Smith). LOANHEAD EQUESTRIAN CENTRE, JUNIOR BSJA 24 FEBRUARY

    New Recruits1, Sultan of Bruni (H.Ferguson);2, Sligo Change (A.Feruson). 10 Years and Under1, Midnight Dynamite (H.Haig);2, Drysgoed Timmie (H.Haig);3, Lara Jane (R.Hayes). Blue Chip Newcomers1 , Bishopston Second Episode (Y.Geddie); 2, Emerald Crystal Clear (L.Bradford); 3, Jimmy (L.Barclay). 128 Royal Highland Qualifier1, Midnight Dynamite (H.Haig);2, Sligo Chance (A.Ferguson);3, Lara Jane (R.Hayes). Small Open1, Rose of Sligo (C Cumming);2, Bowes Charlie Brown (L.Hutt);3, Clare Galway Star (E Gilbert). 138 Royal Highland Qualifier1, Bowes Charlie Brown (L.Hutt);2, Guinness Special (J.Kirk);3, Artus (L.Hutt). Squibb & Davies Foxhunter1,Weavers Legacy (T Shearer);2, Bishopston No Limit (Y.Geddie) 3rd – Kc’s Challenger (K.Connor). Junior Members Cup1, Johnstone Boy (S.Hutt);2, Guinness Special (J.Kirk);3,Weavers Legacy (T.Shearer). Junior Intermediate Open1, Shes Elastic (J.Kirk);2, Johnstone Boy (S.Hut Sparkling Special Edition (S.Hutt).

    COLLEGE EC , Keysoe, Beds, 25 February

    1 Metre Open1, Dinacle Bois Dene (John Whinnett);2, Little Irish Amber (Eleanor Sherriffs) ;3, Weston Bannerman (Helen Wells);4 , Ath Luan (Helen Wells);5, Arrow-Matic (Clare Whitehead).Equiline Discovery1, Bilbo (Henrietta Cook);2, Marlborough Of Haynes (Christina Berger);3, Ridgeside Tabboo (Emma Slater);4, Castle Mint (Hannah Janulewicz); 5, Prime Time Percy (Sarah Rippon);6, Aplology Accepted (Ruth Wolllerton);7, Carlton Cowboy Ruth Wollerton);8, Just Juice (Ross Walker);9, Thornbank Clover (Ross Walker) ;10, Waylands Lady Warrior (Lana Junak); 11, Irco Lhee ( Helen Tredwell).Newcomers1, Kiss And Tell II (Helen Tredwell) ;2, Blakeney Castle (Patrick Kelly);3, Santana Magical Moment (Kirsten Farr).1.10 M Members Cup1, Spring Optimist (Mather Jay);2, Longmead MoonDust (Christina Berger) ;3, Sir Lancelot V (Rory Gilsenan);4 , Crows Secret (Diane Ross).Foxhunter/ 1.20 M1, Dunhill Du Cotil ( Katie James).

    WEST WILTS ECTrowbridge, Wilts, 24-25 February

    BHF Newcomers.1, Bog Diamond (B Smith); 2, The Fellanderer (B Ford); 3, Dot Com (B Tait). Blue Chip Power.1, Dot Com; 2, Bog Diamond; 3, Voltaires Cracker (J Harris). Charles Owen British Novice.1, Industrial Diamond (M Marino); 2, Oh So Smart (K Powell); 3, Saffita (C Halim). Hadrian Equine Discovery.1, Another Pop Song (L Lockwood); 2 Texas (J Webb); 3, Olita II (J Gate). 1.05m open.1, Amazon Chit Chat (C L Bond); 2, The Painted Lady (C Bean); 3, Possi Primo (A Valentine). 1.15m open.1, McCoist (B Smith); 2eq, Rolled Gold II (L Down) & Spring Along (D Dick). Blue Chip Performance.1, Spring Green (T Fletcher); 2, The Viking (B Smith); 3, Bog Diamond. Charles Owen British Novice.1, Griffin (J Wilson); 2, Nestor B (J Harris); 3, Talisman (V Boys). Hadrian Equine Discovery.1 & 2, Dragons Dream & Coven Moon (L Lockwood); 3, Kiama (J Rimmer). 1.05m open.1, Solid Gold (L Elkins); 2, Red Path River Dancer (L Lockwood); 3, Bally Blaze Away (H Cole). BEIB Members Cup.1, Oyster Hill (K Harding); 2, Arctic Del (R Collett); 3, Solid Gold.

    SOUTH VIEW EC Winsford, Cheshire 25 February

    12& under.1 & 2, Lakeside Riddler & Clonross Little Chip (V Davies). Scope Jnr Novice.1, 5 tied. 1m jnr open.1, Irish Frost (S Edenborough); 2, Topo Gigio (K Griffiths); 3, Hilltop Bess (E Ford). Scope Progressive Jnr Open.1, Walnook Anonymouse (K Shaw); 2, Brooklands Dun Dreamin (S Owens); 3, Crystal Magic (T Knox). 1.10m jnr open.1, Irish Frost; 2, CJs Kemosabi (S Jeffries); 3, Topo Gigio.

    FIELD HOUSE Marchington, Staffs, 25 February

    1.20m open.1, Leandro (P Bevan); 2, Millenium (M McCourt); 3, Locarno (P Bevan). Blue Chip Performance.1, Sunburnt (M Jones); 2, Candle Queen (S Wild); 3, Crown Rhodonite (E Shaw). 1.25m open.1 & 2, Fergus Boots & Red Wharf Clover Light (S Gee); 3, Provincial Broker (J Daly). members cup.1, Provincial Broker; 2, Tamla Motown (C Spanner); 3, Hauphy Du Torts (N Phillips). BHF Newcomers.1, Miss Mulberry Hill (I Wynne); 2, Amina (R Wilkins).

    MOORHOUSE ECDoncaster, Yorks, 25 February

    Future Investment Nursery Stakes.1, Shredder (M Sampson);2, Its Only Money (A Valks); 3, Crookbank Firebird (L Saywell). small pony open.1, Its Only Money; 2, Crookbank Firebird; 3, Tangos Twist (S King). jnr British novice.1, Bowes Misty Blue (J Swale); 2, Fireball XL Five (B-J Coller); 3, Bletchendon Fanfare (D Megson). jnr discovery.1, Please Call Me Madam (L Skidmore); 2, Little Running Girl (S King); 3, National Express (M Elliott). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers.1, Linwood Misty Blue (S Jimminson); 2, Emerald Reward (G Teal); 3, Freddy Fox (B Sutcliffe). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter.1, Wagwood Ophelia (L Mowbray); 2, Freddy Fox. jnr members cup.1, Mittenhill Classic (A Strawson); 2, Darraks Babe (J Taylor); 3, Toleman Express (D Moseley). jnr intermediate open.1, Not Smart Enough (S Strawson); 2, Darraks Babe (J Taylor); 3, Ryans Touch (K Allison).

    PATCHETTS ECAldenham, Herts, 26 February

    Charles Owen British Novice.1, Autumn Leaf (G Burchmore); 2, Maggie May II (T Vance); 3, Occie (J Whinnett). Hadrian Equine Discovery.1, Landgraf Gril (L King); 2, Peebles Allegedly (P Kelly); 3, Sister Bing (A Lyons). BHF Newcomers.1, Naomi III (S Davies); 2 & 3, Miss Quidam & Lilly Concorde (N Channing-Williams). 1.10m open.1, Inspiration II (J Egmore); 2, Technic (M Keen); 3, Pas De Deux (T Lewis). Horse & Hound Foxhunter.1, Reet Petite (N Fiddes); 2, Lanson (E Brook); 3, Naomi III. 1.20m open.1, Leona (P Kelly); 2, Hot Two Step (N Tinworth); 3, What A Game(S Aston). 1.30m open.1, Colorado VI (J Egmore); 2, Leona; 3, Ballinar (J Pay).

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