Show jumping results 13 to 19 November

  • BLACKDYKE FARM Blackford, Cumbria, 14 November

    1m open. 1, Baruch (P Bainbridge); 2, Simon (J Armstrong); 3, Posnamo (C Calvin). Hunter Wilson Novice. 1, Ravenshill Question Of Pride (A Hartas); 2, Hollyfield (C Richardson); 3, Then Again (C Richardson). Solway Discovery. 1, Biggles (C Garlick); 2 & 3, River Dipper & Delholme Duchess (S Cuthbert). BHF Newcomers. 1, Delphus (S Laird); 2, Woodstock Miss Chatterbox (L Wood ; 3, Thunderspark (S Roundsmith).

    COLLEGE EC, Keysoe, Bedford, 14 November

    Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Irco Lee (H Tredwell); 2, Bongo Dancer(B Ensten); 3, Counter Attack (J Whinnett). 1.05m. 1, Sunshine Starburst (L Junak); 2, Classic Focus (L Waller); 3,Fedora (K Brown). BHF Newcomers. 1, Classic Focus; 2, Prince Rockaway (T Tuschiya); 3, Carlo (J Whinnett). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Downland Chancellor (E Mullins); 2, Wonderland (K Brown). Horse & HoundFoxhunter/1.20m. 1, Petite On Tailor (K Brown); 2, FI Logos (C Allen). 1.30m. 1, Red Salutation (H Tredwell).

    MARKFIELD EC Markfield, Leics, 16 November

    Mini grade C. 1, Oliver Frost (T Brown); 2, Little Richie (M Edgar); 3, Hen Party (C Robertson). BHF Newcomers. 1, The River Lady (S Cutteridge); 2, Polydor; 3, Oliver Frost. Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Hula Hoop (A Bradley); 2, Polydor; 3, Anytime. open. 1, Broker’s Caramia (B Twomey); 2, It’s Twix (M Pyrah); 3, Haleda (G Luckett).

    MEDSTEAD GRANGE EC Alton, Hants, 17-18 November

    1.10m open. 1, 2 & 3, Vogue II, Hercules II & Galopin Diariane (A Austin). BHF Newcomers. 1, Alderney Crackerjack (J Harris); 2, Mississipi Lady (R Willis); 3, Lara II (P Crago). 1.20m open. 1, Kelzelma De Launbry (R Willis); 2, Vogue II; 3, Pauldary’s Romeo (P Filer). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Ewerby’s Rio II (S Bardell); 2, Magnum III (J Harris); 3, Norcita (J Tett). B&C. 1, Beau’s Retreat (P Crago); 2, The Course Builder (M Farmer); 3, RH Imagine (L Fogarty).

    1.30m open. 1, Corrada (P Charles); 2, Primma (D Powell); 3, Vesuvius (P Charles).

    18 Nov: 90cm open. 1, Mickley Gold (R Chammings); 2, Perri (C Osmond-Smith); 3, Orka C (S Rawding). Equiline Novice. 1, Orka C; 2, Jazzed Up (E Slater); 3, Fengel (N Baird). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, China Faere (S Brown); 2, Pop It Popsie (J Edwards); 3, Mr Willoughby (A Austin). 1m open. 1, Chloe’s Dream (K Pullen); 2, La Pasadena (C White); 3, Technic (M Keen). 1.05m open. 1, Stylish Opposition (L Lodge); 2, Technic; 3, Richmond Lass (A de Verteuil).

    NORTON HEATH EC Blackmore, Essex, 17-18 November

    1.10m open. 1, Landbreeze; 2, G Boy (D Wise); 3, Temple What Ho. Blue Chip Power. 1, Handley Barns Blondie (J Renwick); 2, Diamond Dennis (G Burchmore); 3, Ja De La Roche (P Spivey). 1.15m open. 1, Landbreeze; 2, Applepip Jack (J Russell); 3, Rossana. Blue Chip Performance. 1, Kel De La Roche (P Spivey); 2, Mace Park Kryton (G Barton); 3, Socrata (J Egmore). 1.30m open. 1, Concordville (M Lipman); 2, Mysterious (S Mitchell); 3, Rinaldo II (A Lewis). table C. 1, 2& 3, Handley Barns Grandee, American Dream & Temple What A Flash (J Renwick).

    18 Nov: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Borboletta (L Abraham); 2, Odds On Onyx (C Nowland); 3, Llorettas Cher Delight (J Attrell). 1m open. 1, Landbreeze; 2, Willowpark Fantasy (A Brannon); 3, Phoenix Ostrov (G Barton). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Glenhawk Fraser (C Dubbin); 2, Winta Warmer (A Harris); 3, Shiraz (S Goldsworthy). 1.05m open. 1, Macepark Jitta (G Barton); 2, Escada II (NChanning-Williams); 3, Entre Star (J Biddle). BHF Newcomers. 1 & 2, Glengold & Opposition GB (N Channing-Williams); 3, Kariana (K Harris). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Brookend Raphael’s Boy (J Biddle); 2, Fundus (N Embleton); 3, Living Legend(N Channing-Williams).

    HAND EC Clevedon, Avon, 18 November

    128cm discovery. 1, Little Barney Bear (B-J White); 2, Paddy’s Delight (S Tatchell). do, 138cm. 1, Little Barney Bear; 2, Smokey Cot Windsor (S Tatchell). 128/138cm. 1, My Daughter (J Kington); 2, Two Tone Express (B-J White); 3, Jack The Nipper (C Mills). 1m jnr open. 1, EMR Cateto (K Neath); 2 & 3, Bowhaylands Skylark & Sweet Sampson (K Bloomfield). 148cm novice. 1, The Current Affair(K Maddalena); 2, Dunmore Lady (K Neath); 3, TNT Dark Star (L Coward). 148cm discovery. 1, The Current Affair; 2, Bella Luna (K Small); 3, Mr Windell (E Paul). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, Alacrity Lad (S Hacker); 2, Let’s Take A Chance(L-J Dale); 3, Thurlestone Red Cirrus (M Grove). 1.05m jnr open. 1, Just Sheer Chance (S Norman); 2, Cosmic Bubbles (L Bonas); 3, Jack’s Game (K Bloomfield). 1.15m jnr open. 1, EMR Cateto.

    10 & under. 1, 5 tied. jnr British novice. 1, 6 tied. 1, Flyaway Peter (D Smith); 2, Much Too Much (J Newnham); 3, Taylors Kyfe Kay (J Taylor). .winter 138cm. 1, Flyaway Peter; 2, Much Too Much. Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, WH Miss Molly (F Lymburn); 2, Definitely Dee Jay (N Stockill). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter.1, It¨s Not My Fault (L Raw); 2, Little Babushka (R Towers);. 1.10m jnr open. 1, Star Trek Boy (K Doyle); 2, It¨s Not My Fault.

    WARWICKSHIRE COLLEGE Moreton Morrell, Warks, 18 November

    jnr British novice. 1, Desert Secret (S Upton); 2, Shiplers Lad (H Howsam); 3, Majestic Joker (J Hoare). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, RockJay Robin (M-J Crawford); 2, Abbey Leap (H Eaton; 3eq, Mystic Millie (L Kerr) & Millbrook Ifor (H Eaton). jnr 1.10m open. 1, R Joe (A Hammond); 2, Houdini’s Great Illusion (H Blunsdon); 3, The Great Houdini (C Blunsdon). Blue Chip Jnr Sparkle. 1, Rolling Sea (J Marshall); 2, Cider Sue (C Graham); 3, Skybourne II (S Heaven). jnr intermediate open. 1, Garlands Cashman (S Upton); 2, Babog Dubh (C Spence); 3, Master Bill (J Marshall).

    EXETER EC Poltimore, 18-19 November

    British novice. 1, Brightness (C Hayes); 2, Rosewood (H Pavey); 3, Copper Two (S Hendy). discovery. 1, Holly’s Folly; 2, Shaabmoor (B Barrett); 3, Fairisle Girl (M Lilley). members. 1, Laughton James (C Baker); 2, Maestro Rosini (T Kuszek); 3, Imperial Saluut (M Medcraft). 1.15m. 1, Get A Grip (J Rosewell); 2, Dignity (A Valentine); 3, Tonto’s Horse (G Izod). open/foxhunter. 1, Sulgrave Murphy (B Ford); 2, Matcho ‘S’ (M Gladstone).

    19 Nov: 1.20/1.25m. 1, Laughton James (C Baker); 2, Pendarves Churchill (L Heywood); 3, Call Me Tom (C Keevil). Blue Chip Pro B&C Q. 1, Match ‘S’; 2, Riverchase (J Loffet); 3, Diamond Delmonte (A Rees). foxhunter/open. 1, Oula (A Rees); 2, Darcline (T Dunn). 1.30m. 1, Darcline. British novice. 1, Rufus Revenge (A Kent); 2, Skyboy’s Magic Mouse (D Price); 3, Law-A-Bider (A Walker). discovery. 1, Hello Ballistic (D Price); 2, Law-A-Bider; 3, Jalewin (M Marino).

    NORTH WEST RIDERS Bilsborrow, Lancs, 18-19 November

    Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Clover Caval (R Jenkinson); 2, Serene (J Mustoe). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Badgerdale (K Bowman); 2, Lowther Glow Bug (J Bowman); 3, Glendarius (K Phillipson). 1.25m open. 1, Connaught (J McGlory); 2, Ulysses De La Forge (N Coupe). 1.15m open. 1, Surprise Package (N Coupe); 2, Windmere Teidi (A Ashman); 3, Ricoh (D Richards). BHF Newcomers. 1, Miss Polly Perkins (A Nagy); 2, Mr Roberto (D Richards); 3, Duncrynes Copper Queen (M Doyle). small open. 1, Miss Polly Perkins; 2, Ribbleside Grandee (D Gee); 3, Arthur’s Girl (J Parkinson). 19 Nov: BHF Newcomers. 1, Kingston De Morzaine (K Douglas); 2, FI Futuro (N Phillips); 3, Norwegian Wood (D Perez). 1.05m open. 1, Tolerance (P Murphy); 2, Cruising Tom (N Martin); 3, Over & Dun (C Hulme). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Kellington Kola (R Barton); 2, Grimley Fiendish (P Conway); 3, Cleo Springs (J Carr). CharlesOwen British Novice. 1, Dalton Imperator (M Powell); 2, Kellington Kola; 3, Artino (J Carr). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, My Little Soldier (J Shaw); 2, Knaptons Pride (R Jones); 3, Northern Magic B (P Murphy). open. 1, Ivor (P Murphy); 2, Felton Limited Edition (M Cliffe); 3, Highland Skyboy (J Mustoe).

    ROYAL LEISURE EC Henfield, West Sussex, 18-19 November

    Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Tessa’s Folly (D Baker); 2, Costra Nostra Z (D Charles); 3, Southgate Top Of The Range (A Hempleman). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Tessa’s Folly; 2, Beau Diamond II (J Langmead); 3, Chloe On Line (M Dimmick). 1.05m open. 1, Royal Connection; 2, Let’s Take It Easy (S Tiley); 3, Beau Diamond II. BHF Newcomers. 1, Krug; 2, Skip Two Ramiro (N Charles); 3, Casino. Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Carnival Son; 2, Casino; 3, Fabrice (L Oxland);. 1.30m open. 1, Miss Fifi (K Brown); 2, Machiavelli II (D Charles).

    19 Nov: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Tessa’s Folly; 2, Annakin Skywalker; 3, Dazzler’s Muddle (D Gill). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Tessa’s Folly; 2, Corcorde D’Or (N Charles); 3, Star Blazer (C Ripley). 1.05m open. 1, Rivendell Kavaliet (K Willard); 2, Royal Connection; 3, Little Tommy Tucker. BHF Newcomers. 1, Krug; 2, Special Cavalier (D Charles); 3, Glen Pipe Diamond (C Watters). 1.15m open. 1, Jance (J Whibley); 2, Kingsley (C Ellis); 3, Fables Promise (C Osmond-Smith). 1.25m open. 1, Lucky Step (D Charles); 2, Cassetta (H Coulstock); 3, Little Voice (D Charles).

    SOUTH VIEW EC Winsford, Cheshire, 18-19 November

    jnr British novice. 1, Wentworth Violetta (M Thomas); 2, Priory Drummer Boy (N Moores); 3, Welton Camelia (R Pilkington). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, Betty Boo (M Williams); 2, Noble Colette (T Davison); 3, Watson Thornton Denim (P Shelbourne). 1m jnr open. 1, Little Bobby (H Arnold); 2, Applejax Mr Ed (D Smith); 3,Necta Peebles (J Davison). winter 128cm. 1, Myra’s Boy (C McNaughton). 138cm. 1, Ashbrook Lad (H Arnold); 2, Strawberry Fair (P Dobby); 3, Little Bobby. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter. 1, Willowpark Skywalker (E Darnborough); 2, Applejax Mr Ed. 1.05m jnr open. 1, Forever Rosie (S Ryan); 2, Redmoor Holly (L Coppack).

    19 Nov: jnr British novice. 1, Juventino (A Crockett); 2, Knight Hawk (A Evans); 3, Orial Savanna (S Hughes). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, Poplars Little Bitsa (A Done); 2, The Wolfman (K Wright); 3, This N That (S Ryan). 1m jnr open. 1, Torwood Amarige (A Crockett); 2, Little Bobby; 3, Tilston Raven (R Steel). winter 128cm. 1, Myra’s Boy; 2, Carnival Lady (D Hughes). 138cm. 1, Little Bobby ; 2, Clonross Little Chip (V Davies); 3, Torwood Amarige. Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter. 1, Redmoor Holly; 2, Blackberry Mojo (K Forsyth). 1.05m jnr open. 1, Forever Rosie; 2, Galway Sidestep (H Lowry).

    ARENA UK Grantham, Lincs, 19 November

    Charles Owen British Novice. 1, The Short Straw (N Smith); 2, Emma’s Star (A Brady); 3, Croft Little Doll (B Twomey). Arena UK Novice. 1, Marlborough Of Haynes (C Berger); 2, Ackworth Borderline (J Eastwood); 3, Atomic (D Burnham). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, Centa II Z (M Williams); 2, Laureat D’Amour (M Williams); 3, Longmeads Latina (H Berger). 1.10m. 1, Sullivan’s Way (R Holden); 2, Dun And Dusted (D Doyle); 3, Major Impression (R Ward). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Laureat D’Amour; 2, Madner Retto (J Hill); 3, Scarlett II (R Hill). 1.20m. 1, The Fox (A Brady); 2, Crown Alliance (P McKeever); 3, Jelmer (S Brady). 1.25m. 1, Brokers Caramia (B Twomey); 2, It’s Twix (M Pyrah); 3, Lamaree (S Jack).

    CROFT TOP Haslingden, Lancs, 19 November

    jnr British novice. 1, Plain Old Ted (D Warburton); 2, Timothy Bear (S Graham); 3, Mystery Lady (R Connor). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, Tia For Two (C Thackray); 2, Kiltown Lad (P Sims); 3, Eurostyle (E Fletcher). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter. 1, Willowpark Skywalker (E Darnbrough); 2, Applejax Mr Ed (D Smith); 3, Blue Icicle (J Bullock). jnr 90cm. 1, Miss Moon (D Jolliffe); 2, Spot The Lady (L Ferguson); 3, Tia For Two. jnr members cup. 1, Applejax Mr Ed; 2, Timothy II (N Bampton); 3, Dusty Road (E Darnbrough). winter JC. 1, Willowpark Skywalker; 2, Millennium Crossword (K Griffiths. jnr intermediate open. 1, Ocean Colour Scene (D Smith); 2, Timothy II.

    MARKFIELD EC Markfield, Leics, 19 November

    Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Western Royale (G Wells); 2, My Leading Lady (T Janion); 3, Spur Of The Moment (L Page). mini grade C. 1, Supersonic Soz (C Foley); 2, Rory II (I Cart); 3, Total Exchange (D Jenkins). BHF Newcomers. 1, Our Ashby; 2, Leo Z (D Lampard); 3, Malanda B (E Saxton). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Leo Z. open. 1, Valentino R (D Lampard); 2, Lady Do (M Hugyecz).

    RICHMOND EC, Richmond, North Yorks, 19 NovemberCharles Owen British Novice. 1, Hassells Mr Punch (D Halliday); 2, Classical Man (A Mills); 3, Sierra Nevada (H Walker). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Ferndale Clei (A Wall); 2, State Slip (J Thornton); 3, Stainsby Sacrifice (C Ramsay). 1m open. 1, Phileas Fox (S Cuthbert); 2, Its Fella (C Abbott); 3, Ted¨s Way (C Hill). BHF Newcomers. 1, Delholme Little Earner (N Nunn); 2, Tullyoran(J McElroy); 3, Thunderspark (S Roundsmith). 26 Nov: jnr British novice. 1, Sherry Brown (D Smith); 2, Bowes Misty Grey (H Swailes); 3, Zindagi Alpine Shadow (S Rumis). Blue Chip Jnr Newcomers. 1, The Red Rhino (B Valks); 2, U Rock We Roll (G Walker); 3, Sherry Brown. jnr members cup. 1, Darraks Tonto (J Taylor); 2, Copper Shell (A Walker); 3, Sir Watkin (B Meek). Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter. 1, Kings Pyon (M Kent); 2, Copper Shell. jnr intermediate open. 1, Sagitarrius II (A Valks); 2, Sir Watkin.

    PRESCOTT EC Baschurch, Shropshire, 19 November

    Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Della’s Pride (G Hirst); 2, Wistanwick Kerry Gold (C Rathmill); 3, Docks Dilemma (C Tebos). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Ynysacen Idris (S Mahn); 2, Della’s Pride; 3, Flatt Jack (K Brown). area 25 qual. 1, Ashgrove Diamante (A Trickett); 2, My Man Finnegan (O Haydon); 3, Qalyso (A Broster). BHF Newcomers. 1, Rockhill Willow (J Kolind); 2,Royal Rockstar (K Jones); 3, Yoshin (K Bosworth). BEIB Members Cup. 1, The Publisher (L Birke); 2, The Main Man (P Linning); 3, Castle Buzz (N Bennett). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m open. 1, Star Quality (K Webster); 2, Stable ExpressTadoriyce (G Glazzard); 3, Bethany (D Moreton). select 1.25m. 1, It’s The Business (G Glazzard); 2 & 3, Will-E-Squeak & Millaurabu (K Bosworth).

    WIX EC Wix, Essex, 19 November 90cm open 1, Llanfyllin Diane (C Moody); 2, StarCracker (M Cooper); 3, Ballin Rose (S Cooper)., Equiline Discovery. 1, Capital Gray (K Thurston); 2, Sailaway (S Meanley); 3, Morley Junior (S Shimmons). BHF Newcomers. 1, Derby Duchess (J Thelwall); 2, Rhana (A Olliff); 3, Hombline De L’Etang (R Power). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Everything But (M Cooper); 2, Diamond Consul (E Wrigley); 3, Abbeyoaks Otto (S Cooper). 1.15m open. 1, Clearies Town Boy (L McLachlan); 2, Everything But; 3, Harbour Lights (L Wrigley). 1.20mopen. 1, Toy (L McLachlan); 2, Oso Risky (N Hughes); 3, Colorado V (J Egmore).

    PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 19-20 November

    Charles Owen British Novice 1, American Pie (P Kelly); 2, Me And My Shadow (K Holt); 3, Sir Bentley(A Paton). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, Val D’Isere (R Bird); 2, Diamond Brillante (S Reeve-Young); 3, Counter Attack (J Whinnett). 1.05m A4. 1 & 2, Marble & Little Carnival (P Spivey); 3, Fergal Rock (J Redding). BEIB Members Cup. 1, Braunston Retreat (S Mileham); 2, Kadichicco (C Read); 3, Arouane (L Burchmore). 1.20m open. 1, NEGD (L Burchmore); 2, Glorant (S Reeve-Young); 3, Fashion House (A Hardie).

    20 Nov: Charles Owen British Novice. 1, Positively (D Mattock); 2, Strolling Waters (T Fabrello); 3, Mr Jooster (N Pirie). Hadrian Equine Discovery. 1, American Pie; 2, Diamante Brillante; 3, Reet Petite (N Fiddes). 1.10m open. 1, Jaffeur (L Junak); 2, Red Firethorn (J Crippen); 3, Jitterbug (P Spivey). Horse & Hound Foxhunter. 1, Traxdata Kel De La Roche (P Spivey); 2, Jarva (L Huzzey); 3, Geoffroy D’Anglin (L van Heyningen). 1.20m open. 1 & 2, Temple What A Flash & Handley Barns Grandee (J Renwick); 3, Exton Sea Lord (PCornish). 1.30m open. 1 & 2, Aventurine & Bullands Ladalco (T Stockdale); 3, Estranged (P Cornish).

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