Seasonal show shirts

  • Equetech’s new showerproof competition shirt is ideal to wear at shows during the changeable spring months

    Getting caught in a spring shower when warming up for your class usually means wearing a bulky coat over your show outfit for protection.

    Thanks to Equetech’s innovative new design in show shirts, however, there’s no longer the problem of what to wear when the dark clouds are threatening.

    The new Showerproof Competition Shirt is made from a breathable fabric with a Teflon finish, which means that any rain simply rolls off.

    Even better, there’s no risk of the material becoming see-through or sticking to your body.

    Classically styled with short sleeves and neatly shaped at the waist, this white shirt is machine-washable and easy to care for.

    Cost at around £26.95

    Contact Equetech (tel: 01923 839900) or visit www.equetech.com

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