SCWPCA Summer Show 5 September ’04

  • SCWPCA, Summer Show Brockenhurst , Hants, 5 September

    Welsh Sec A (G Price) Gelding 4ys & over 1, Mrs A Cox’s Ronswood Galaxy; 2, Mrads and Thursting’s Farmbrook Quince; 3, Mrs J Roger’s Woodhill Jester. Barren mare 1 & ch & sup ch, Mr B White’s Boniface Nell Gwyn; 2, C Fell’s Windleway Chorus Girl; 3, Mrs & Mrs Harris’s Yaverland Delyn. Stallion 1, Miss Lovett’s Brierdene Blackberry. Brood mare 1, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Honeybunch; 2, Mrs S Page’s Floreat Crème de Cassis; 3, D Drakes Kinmel Sara. Foal 1, Mrs P Blakes Lippens Honeycomb; 2, D Drakes Wintersend Rising Star; 3, Mrs S Hansford Bridetown Gabriella. Yearling filly 1, B White’s Cefnfedw Catatonia; 2, M Plummers Bronycoed Playtime; 3, Mrs F Hardings Halnaker Dilema. Yearling colt 1, res yst & ch, M Plummers Dyfed Haribo; 2, Mrs and Miss Higgins Tiffwyl Mirage; 3, Mr& Mrs Weightmans Southwaite Classic. 2/3yrold filly1, ysk ch & res ch, M Plummers Dyfed Posey; 2, C Fells Plasderw Melody; 3, J Francis’s Gowerdale India. 2/3 yr old colt 1, Mr G Hunters Gwauniarll Romeo; 2, M M Lovatts Rhydgwillim My Lad; 3, Mr G Hunters Weston Beckham. gelding 1/2/3 yrs1, D Bartletts Castellau Crusader; 2, Mrs S Ash’s Sedgewick Branstone; 3, Schmidt and Terry’s Hengwys Cymro. Welsh Sec B (Mr C Gibbons) Gelding 4yr & over1, C Throwers Fontmell Bold as Brass. Barren mare1 & res ch C Davies Oldacres Hetty; 2, Mrs J Uptons The Hale Viola; 3, Cobden and Dennis’s Cadlan Valley Minette. Stallion1, Messrs Davies and Poulters Akadame Champagne Charlie; 2, K Ponsfords Springers Crackerjack; 3, Mrs J Uptons Bluebury Galliano. Brood Mare 1 & ch Mr & Mrs Hayes Nerwyn Eirain; 2, Mrs J Curtis’s Kingsmead Rosewood; 3, Mrs J Upton Bluebury Ember. Foal1, Mrs J Curtis’s Kingsmead Gatekeeper; 2, Mrs J Uptons Bluebury Miffy;, 3 Mr & Mrs Hayes Brockabye Elinor. Yearling Filly1, res ystk ch Mrs J Uptons Bluebury Marengo; 2, Davies and Poulters Akadame Giselle. 2/3yr old filly1, Miss D Bell’s Priestwood Pollyanna; 2, Mrs J Uptons Woodpeckers Jane Ann; 3, Bluebury Cream Profita. 2/3 yr old colt1, ystk ch & Sup ystk ch Davies and Poulters Daukester Simon. Welsh Part Bred (Mrs M Turner) Under 148cms ystk1, ystk ch & res ch Mrs S Ripper’s Hollybush Lord of the Dance; 2, J Lights Remembrance Poppy; 3, Mrs N Davey Romany River Serendipity. Under 148cms 4yr & over1 & ch, N Snellings Rhosyr Marisa; 2, Mrs S Rippers Fernedge Royal Heritage. Over 148cms ystk1 res ystk ch & res sup gelding, J Townsends Miners Town. Over 148cms 4yrs & over1, J Lights Paint Your Wagon; 2, J Townsends Heidi. Welsh Sec C ( Mrs J Hoskins) Gelding1, Schmidt and Terrys Brysmith Midas Spirit. Barren Mare1 & ch Mr&Mrs Robinsons Tyreos Furiosa; 2, V Olives Llanwneth Cariadus; 3, Mr P Willis’s Bryncefn Abbi. Brood Mare1 & res ch Granger & Mitchells Dyrfal Rosina; 2, Mr P Willis’s Hardys Rosette; 3 Mr P James Pippinbury Lillyana. Foal1, Granger & Mitchells Dycott Foal; 2, Mr P Willis’s Boniface Ronan; 3, L Moore & M Russell’s Caffreys Crusader. Yearling filly1 ystk ch & res sup ysk ch, Mrs and Miss Higgins Neuaddparc Vanity Lace; 2, Mrs J Coopers Rivervalley J-Low; 3, Bryson & Smiths Brysmith Echo Spirit. Yearling colt1, Baker & Taylors Starcrest Harry Potter; 2, Meads & Thurstings D’Abernon Cockney Rebel. 2/3yr old filly1 & res ystk ch, P James’s Pwllmelin Lily; 2, Granger & Mitchells Sycott Little Lady; 3, Mrs D Newmans Kallistalodge Anastasia. 2/3 yr old colt1, Bryson & Smiths Brysmith Eros Spirit; 2, Granger & Mitchells Sycott Touch of Class. Welsh Sec D (Mr B Williamson) Gelding 4yrs & over1 & sup gelding ch, Mrs L Saints Southcoast Dirty Harry; 2 D Coopers Rangehill Duke. Barren mare1, Berrows & Travers Dalcrest Jessie; 2 D Coopers Rhystyd Wendy; 3, K Reynolds Hengwm Fantail. Stallion1 & res ch, Granger & Mitchells Thorndon Park Jet; 2, Mr Ruscoe’s Aran Callisto. Brood Mare1 & ch & res sup ch, Peaty & Deabills Trefaes Golden Pearl; 2, Mr&Mrs Ocklefords Denwyn Welsh Sonnet. Foal 1, Peaty & Deabills Drogheda Princess Rachel; 2, Mr & Mrs Ocklefords Denwyn Thomas. 2/3yrold Filly1 &ystk ch Mrs C Willis-Burtons Pentrefelin Miss Money Penny; 2, Mr & Mrs Tombs Hengwm Gwyneth. 2/3yr old colt1 & res ystk ch, Granger & Mitchelss Dycott Twysog; 2, Mr Ruscoes Newydd Prys; 3, Mrs L Saints Southcoast Mr Tom. Gelding ystk1, Mrs B Hoddinotts Crugmelyn Dai. Grass roots ridden (Mr D Sykes) Best Rider1, J Scource, Fayre Charmaine; 2, H Mackin, Menai Mountbatten; 3, S Martin, Tnaglewood Phoebe. Beg 1st Ridden1, J Young’s Trewithian Popeye; 2, K Harris’s Forlan Emma; 3, A Tilburys Weston Finesse. Nursery Novice A, B sm PB1 & ch K Harris’s Forlan Emma; 2, J Young’s Trewithian Popeye; 3, A Tilburys Weston Finesse. Nursery Novice C,D lg PB1 & res ch, L Porters Laurtem Queen of Hearts; 2, T Young’s Clements Supernova; 3, T Roche’s Wernderris Fancy That. Open A,B, Sm PB1, J Young’s Trewithian Popeye. Open C,D lg PB1, T Young’s Clements Supernova; 2, L Porters Laurtem Queen of Hearts. Ridden ( Mr J James, Mrs Oldham) Partbred open 1 & Ch, J Lights Paint your Wagon; 2 & res ch, N Snellings Rhosyr Marisa. Dalkeith Junior Sec C/D1, A Tilburys Pantyfid Fairy Queen; 2, T Roches Wernderris Fancy That; 3, N Richardsons Dunegar Miss Phoebe. Sec A/B1 & ch, V Wilcox’s Lapstone Samson; 2 & res Ch, Mr& Mrs Sheens Ovington Juno; 3, A Hatch’s Rostnew Dolly Daydream. Novice Sec A1, Mr& Mrs Sheens Ovington Juno; 2 V Wilcox’s Lapstone Samson; 3, Mrs A Cox’s Ronswood Galaxy. Sec B1, S Darlingtons Millcroft Dune; 2, C Throwers Fontmell Bold as Brass; 3, A Corneys Frethi Nuthatch. Sec C1 & res ch, A Corney’s Somerford Agron; 2, P Schmidts Brysmith midas Spirit; 3, S Buckleys Horton Tyson. Sec D1 & Ch, P Willis’s Westdawn Welsh Magic; 2, B Jenesons Hardys Valentine; 3, Mr&Mrs Berrymans Jupitor Llamore. Kingsford Open Sec B1, A Corneys Frethi Nuthatch; 2, A Hatch’s Rostnew Dolly Daydream; 3, Mr&Mrs Sheens’s Gryngollt Prospect. Sec C1 & Res & res sup, J Coopers Synod Rufflette; 2, K Olives Llanweneth Cariadus; 3, A Corney Somerford Agron. Sec D Gelding 1, Mr&Mrs Berrymans Jupitor Llamore; 2, N Harbuchs Llaneylun King Flyer; 3, C Jones’s Leyeswick Tricksies. Sec D Mare1 ch & sup ch, K Harris’s Park Morfa Betsan; 2, Berow & Travers Dalcrest Jessie; 3, E Johnsons Wylye Portalegre. Sec D Stallion1, P Willis’s Westdawn Welsh Magic. Lobster Pot Lead Rein1 & Ch, A Cox’s Ronswood Galaxy; 2 & res Ch, S Darlingtons Redin Ace A Base; 3, S Martins Tanglewood Phoebe. Brineton M&M 1st Ridden1, A Hatch’s Rostnew Dolly Daydream; 2, V Wilcox’s Lapstone Samson; 3, Mr&Mrs Sheens Scrafton Pheobe. Driving ( Mrs M Ford) Private Driving & Concours d’Elegance1 & Ch, Berrow & Travers Dalcrest Jessie; 2, D pritchards Northleach Roulette; 3, G Gouldings Glansiedi Solo. Novice Driving1, Berrow & Travers Dalcrest Jessie; 2, D Pritchards Northleach Roulette. Pleasure drive/exercise vehicle 1&resch,NHarbuchs Llaneylun King Flyer; 2, D Pritchards Northleach Roulette; 3, Davies & Porters Rangeview.

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