SCWPCA Show 14 November ’04

  • SCWPCA Foal & yearling Show Sparsholt College, Hants, 14 November

    Welsh sec A (F Goggin) colt foal 1, Mrs French’s Forlan Toy Soldier; 2, Diane Drakes Wintersend Solomon; 3, Riverdown Valentino. filly foal1 & ch A foal, Wallis and Osbournes Nynnwood Hosanna; 2 & Res A foal, G Hunters Fiveiron L’Amour; 3, Mrs J Francis’ Crumpwell Cleo. Welsh sec B colt foal 1. Mrs J Uptons Bluebury Dakar. filly foal 1 & Ch B foal, Mr & Mrs Allsops Khaya Royal Lily; 2 & Res B Foal, Messrs Davies & Poulters Akadame Garbo; 3, Mrs J Uptons Bluebury Miffy. y’ling colt 1 & B Yrlg ch, Nutbourne Studs Caraway Tigers Eye. y’ling filly 1 & res ch B yrlg, Mr & Mrs Ward Burtons Rhydspence Pandora; 2, Mrs & Mrs Hayes Brockabye Madison; 3, Mrs J Uptons Bluebury Marengo. Welsh partbred colt foal 1 & res PB foal ch, Peaty & Deabills Drogheda Danny Boy; 2, Mouse and Johnsons St Andrews Sergeant Pepper. filly foal1 & ch PB foal, D Plascotts Plasdavrene Hazel; 2, L Barrows Perriland Paprika; 3, J Townsends Midtown Magic. partbred y’ling Filly 1& ch yrlg PB, Sarah Eberles Rosewater Manakin. Welsh sec C (Mrs A Abrahall) colt foal 1 & res C foal, P Husseys D’Abernon Prince of Wales; 2, Mrs C Gregorys Bookhamlodge Peter Pan; 3, R Irelands Fencers Sir Derek. filly foal 1 & ch C foal, K Aburrows Birchcourt Daisy May; 2, Mr & Mrs G Coopers Rivervalley Mary Lou; 3, M Pages Llanidan Jasmine. y’ling Colt 1 & res C Yrlg, Baker and Taylors Starcrest Harry Potter. y’ling filly 1& C yrlg ch, Janet Babeys Brightlands Charity. sec D colt foal 1 & res D foal, Peaty and Deabills Drogheda Prince Charming; 2, Janet Babeys Brightlands Tarragon; 3, C Clements Hwylog Iwan. filly foal 1 & D ch Foal, Peaty & Deabills Drogheda Princess Rachel; 2, Nick Snellings Blaengwen Roxan; 3, Peter Barneys Middlewonders Elegance. y’ling colt 1& res D yearling, Denwyn Studs Denwyn Oberon; 2, Chris Fords Brynithon Miami Vice. y’ling filly 1 & ch D yrlg, Mrs M Martins Caedelyn Royal Gold. sup ch foal 1, Wallis and Osbournes Nynnwood Hosanna. res 1, K Aburrows Birchcourt Daisy May. sup ch y’ling 1, Nutbourne Studs Caraway Tigers Eye. res 1, Janet Babeys Brightlands Charity. SCWPCA member owner bred foal ch 1, K Aburrows Birchcourt Daisy May. res 1, G Hunters Fiveiron L’Amour. SCWPCA member owner Bred y’ling ch 1, Janet Babeys Brightlands Charity. res 1, Denwyn Studs Denwyn Oberon.

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