Scottish Spring Show 1 May ’04

  • SCOTTISH SPRING Gleneagles EC, 1 May

    hack (Mrs P Stacy) nov 1, S-J Ross’s Rosevale Regalstar; 2, J Walsh-Wright’s Becconsall Northern Promise; 3, K Bellinger’s Ozymandias. RIHS hack sml 1, R Loughlin’s True Illusion; 2, D Hargreaves’ Strawberry Fair. lge 1 & ch, L Kelbie’s Lord Derby; 2 & res, J Walsh-Wright’s Saville Row; 3, P Atkinson’s Diamonds Are For Ever. RH (Mrs P Stacy) nov 1, A Hodgson’s Whispering Heights; 2, M Bowie’s Kingsford Krackerjack; 3, L Lynch’s By Invitation. RIHS sml 1 & res, R Miller’s Amoreto; 2, Cowburns Majestic Moonlight; 3, L McCulloch’s Oso Fair. lge 1 & ch, D McCloy’s Classic Court; 2, T Hinchliffe’s Amazing Ace,3, M Kennedy’s Balblair Markup. RIHS cob ( S Somers) lwt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Ellistown Duchess; 2, T Winfield’s Faith II; 3, Mr & Mrs J Atkinson’s Lindowlea Charles. hwt 1 & ch, H Erner’s Macateer; 2, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Harper; 3, A Everett’s Mr Magee. CHAPS (S Somers) non-native open ridden qualifier 1, D Fairfull’s Rocketeer; 2, D Still’s Emmaculate; 3, S Brodie’s Poldark. do native/cob/traditional 1, N Luti’s Merlin The Magicmaker; 2, J Smith’s Lady In Red; 3, I Allan’s ILPH The Harley. WH ( S Somers) RIHS open 1, A Hanson’s Omega’s Boy; 2, S Low-Mitchell’s Ramiro II; 3, R Bowling’s Freddie Joe. nov (Mrs L Sims) 1, T Richardson’s Simone; 2, L Spence’s Beech Hill; 3, S Murray’s Quelleur Du Seigneur. ridden hunters (S Somers) nov 1, A Brewster’s Dramore; 2, P Clegram-Brown’s Just A Lyric; 3, J Roncoroni’s Coots Hill. RIHS amateur (Mrs L Sims) open 1, L Spence’s Beech Hill; 2, A Brewster’s Dramore; 3, Mr & Mrs G Gale’s Fergie St George. ladies’ 1, T Richardson’s Playboy IV; 2, J Jeffries’ Marek; 3, L A Dobson’s September’s Choice. RIHS sml 1 & res, L Kelbie’s Brown Bob; 2, R Clifford’s Another Legend; 3, K Waterston’s Derby Park Berlyn. lwt 1, S Lane’s Way Out West; 2, Mr & Mrs A Bowie’s Knight Time; 3, A Cooper’s Sandy Lane. mwt 1, A Rodgers’ District Court; 2, L Young’s Waterfront; 3, J Jeffries’ Marek. hwt 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs G Drummond’s Ben Mhor; 2 & 2nd res, L Kelbie’s Milov; 3, A Brewster’s Dramore.

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