Say goodbye to windsucking

  • Horses that windsuck or crib bite can prove frustrating for their owners especially as many destroy woodwork in the stable and, even worse can suffer medical complications as a result of their habit.

    Miracle Collar from Weaver Leather is an all-leather collar designed to stop cribbing and wind-sucking humanely.

    The collar works by applying pressure to the larynx when the horse attempts to crib.

    The Miracle Collar can be worn at all times, even under a headcollar, allowing your horse to eat, drink and breathe normally.

    Available in sizes small, medium and large, it adjusts to fit the exact shape of your horse helping to prevent rubs, sores and hair loss.

    Cost at around£50.

    For more information visit www.equine.an.com or contact Equine Management (tel: 01273 249 788).

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