Saddle for all seasons

  • R & R Country’s versatile new GP saddle is suitable for all riding club disciplines

    Few riders who are competing at riding club level really need to purchase specialist dressageand jumping saddles. A correctly fitted GP saddle is likely to prove more than adequate for all riding club disciplines.

    R & R Country has extended its range to include a GP saddle. Made from soft leather, the Country GP has wide weight bearing panels giving even weight distribution over your horse’s back.

    Allowing freedom of movement in the shoulder, it is suitable for use both at home and in all phases of competitions.

    The saddle is available in fox, brown and black leather and in 17, 17.5 and 18 inch sizes.

    Cost at around £700.

    R & R Country also produce a brochure on saddle fitting, giving owners the best advice on buying the right saddle for them and their horse.

    For more information on the Country GPcontact R & R Country (tel: 01757 638 555) or visit www.randrcountry.co.uk

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