Royal Windsor Show 12 – 15 May ’05

  • ROYAL WINDSOR Home Park, Windsor Castle, 12-15 May

    polo pony (O Ellis) lwt 1, A Kent’s Malindi; 2, R Mathews’s Fifi; 3, A Johnson’s Ruffian. hwt 1, R Matthews’s Gamble Bay; 2, B Vestey’s Andareigo; 3, A Reid’s Basil. riding horse (N Hall) nov 1, J Williamson’s Lyncombe Blue Print; 2, P Rackham’s Woodfield Alf; 3, N Sibley’s Spital Hill. do small 1 & res, Dell Park Stud’s Gosh; 2, S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 3, L Smith-Crallow’s Captain Hastings. do large 1 & ch, Soldier Brave; 2, Atkinson & Hayler’s Broadstone Doulton; 3, V Ramm’s Sirius. nov hunter (C Hunnable, C McGrann) l’wt 1 & ch, C Bardo’s Lowmoor Edward; 2, J Dunlop’s Finn McCool III; 3, The Queen’s March Past II. hwt 1 & res, W Smith’s Initial Intent; 2, Baileys Horse Feed’s Cutting Edge; 3, unlisted. hunters (P Cook, L Killingbeck) lwt 1 & ch, Kelanne Stud’s Mister McEvoy; 2, J Jerram’s Advance Party; 3, C Elwes’s Kilmore Quay. do m’wt 1 & res, H le Moignan’s Principal Partner; 2, Cheffings & Cowley’s Lord Byron; 3, Rawding & Wilson’s Reaction. hwt 1, E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, P Hastie’s Pewter; 3, Philpot & Sibley’s Chapelwell. sml 1, J Bartle’s State Policy II; 2, E Blissett’s Michaelmass Monarch; 3, M Underwood’s Paddington. ladies’ 1, J Dunlop’s Little Alice; 2, K Hardy’s Sunset Trend; 3, Shelford Rupert. coloured horse (C Mould) in-hand non nat/trad 1, N Nash’s Northern Inspiration; 2, S Brownstone’s Zeigfeld; 3, S Mynard’s Puzzles Star Struck. nat/trad 1, Deacon & Croft’s Mighty Sampson; 2, A Seymour’s Billy Boy; 3, R Short’s Cheeky Chap. do ridden non nat/trad over 15hh 1, C Martin & Dell Park Stud’s Merrigan; 2, Northern Inspiration; 3, N Oliver’s Henrys Out Of This World. 14.2hh 1, Baileys Horse Feed’s Sattelite; 2, S Darby’s Chadwick; 3, I Greig’s Tapestry. riding cob (D Hunt, A Fernyhough) lwt 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Draco; 2, E Lewis’s Findlay II; 3, Mannanon Studs Tobermory. hwt 1 & ch, Bardo & Ross’s Robocop; 2, Osbourne Refrigerators Lexington; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Equator. working cob 1, R Brierley’s Barney Rubble; 2, J Wittens’ Emily Bronte; 3, J Head’s Andy Capp. WH (R Morris, K Jerram) lwt 1 & res, J Armstrong-Small’s Zin Zan; 2, L Cooke’s William Bonney II; 3, L Bell’s Cruise Control. do hwt 1 & ch, L Bell’s Out Of Sight; 2, K Wills’s Lichfield Derymor; 3, J Snedker’s Killowen Rocket. hack (P Stacy) nov 1, S Hawkins’s Courtland Be-Fair; 2, Y Burt’s Rhodium; 3, Edgar & Ellis-Owen’s Wilderness Carmen. sml 1 & ch, J Keen’s Absolutely; 2, I Lucas’s Henrietta; 3, Bardo & Powell’s Dangerous Liason. lge 1 & res, Lady Benton Jones’s Daldorn State Melody; 2, S Carey’s Secret Thoughts; 3, R Gambazza’s Royal Angel. ladies’ side-saddle (K Butler) 1, G Andrews’s Over Drive II; 2, Draco; 3, Royal Angel. open SP (P Clifford) FR 1, J Templeton’s Holtess Whoops A Daisy; 2, C Spencer’s Barkway Bridesmaid; 3, J Harvey’s Wentward Royal Secret. LR 1 & mini ch, Cooper Corporation’s Cosford Persica; 2 & res, M Horne’s Princess Fiji; 3, C Smalley’s Barkway Black Jack. BSPS SP nov (L Partridge) 128cm 1 & res, R Templeton’s Barkway Birthday Surprise; 2, K Brar’s Secret Charm; 3, C Willett’s Fofsway Orinoco. 138cm 1 & ch, G Gender’s Sudden Truprint; 2, C Sandison’s Brantswood Camilla; 3, H Crowley’s Hollowmarsh Daisy. 148cm 1, M Andrew’s Braeglen Masquerade; 2, K Stone’s Chiddock New Limit; 3, Thomas & Cutherbertson’s Mountcaulfield Freedom. BSPS open SP (J Murfitt) 128cm 1, M Dent’s Colbeach Salaman; 2, W Harvey’s Chaseford Chanel; 3, R Cambray’s Wyndham Peek-A-Boo. 138cm open 1 & res, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Chatterbox; 2, Jago & Carvasso’s Rotherwood Flamenco; 3, C Robertson-Brown’s Rotherwood Peep Toes. 148cm 1 & ch, Lady Benton-Jones’s Daldorn Spring Whisper; 2, Hendrie & Tomkinson’s Westhill Vanity Fair; 3, M Kapadia’s Radway All Talk. BSPS int SRT 153cm 1, C Chubb’s Stanley Grange Puppeteer; 2, K Chamber’s Yealand Quixotic; 3, S Hawkins’s Courland Be-Fair. 158cm 1, G Twitchett’s Comberton Cavendish; 2, Lyncombe Blue Print; 3, L Millman’s Ruby Tuesday. Lusitanos (J Marczak) ridden 1, J Brazier’s Optimum; 2, S Cave’s Oasis; 3, J Lloyd-Francis’s Heroi. high school 1, S Rahmatallah’s Moreno; 2, Heroi; 3, A Fois’s Lucca. BSPS (R Oliver) int SHT 1, J Williamson’s Springbok; 2, Over Drive II; 3, J Clarke’s The Tawny Emperor. SHP 122cm 1 & res, S Cornforth’s Meadowlands Sun Kissed; 2, T Salter’s Sianwood Goldflake; 3, Thompson & Kapadia’s Stoak Glamour. 133cm 1, L Dixey’s Fairholme Rasputin; 2, A Finlay’s Romai Mr Micawber; 3, M Dent’s Warleigh Small Talk. 143cm 1, J Averis’s Scorlton Cornerstone; 2, M Kapadia’s Rotherwood Maybe; 3, L White’s Pebbly Silver Fox. 153cm 1 & ch, J Parry’s Chiddock Valentine; 2, J Findlow’s Fielding Tom Sawyer; 3, The Tawny Emperor. BSPS WH (D Kellow) NS 1, S Cook’s Mickey Finn V; 2, R Blount’s Treowen Foxglove; 3, L Gaunt’s Thamesbrook Sebastian. 133cm 1 & ch, Treowen Foxglove; 2 & res, L Gaunt’s Ernford Bittersweet; 3, Mickey Finn V. 143cm 1, K Ramsey’s Greenfields Bits And Pieces; 2, A Green’s Stambrook Pavaroti; 3, Y Dixon’s Johns Choice. 153cm 1, K Marks’s American Pie; 2, S Smith’s Black Monday; 3, S Curtis’s Full Circle. BSPS int WH 1, Y Dixon’s Pebbly Tuff Stuff; 2, M Underwood’s The Midnight Sun; 3, S Skillman’s Carnsdale Vanity Fair. Connemara, 1-3-y-o 1 & sup, Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Cartier; 2, S Dunford’s Bardsey Saphir; 3, Mr & Mrs A Humble’s Kingstown Barney. 4-y-o & over 1, P Fitzsimmons’ Killary Cashel; 2, Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Mimosa; 3, Miss A Kelly & Miss S Burt’s Walstead Amaryllis. Welsh sec A 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs A Burchell-Small & Mrs J Sheilt’s Rowfantina Ottoman; 2, Mrs SJ Weightman’s Southwaite Charity; 3, Mrs E Waller’s Delami D’Artagnon. 4-y-o & over 1, Mrs E Waller’s Idyllic Tosca; 2, Miss V Tottle’s Tame Valley Bo Peep; 3, Miss P Caley & Mrs K Robinson’s Littlestones Silver Ghost. sec B, 1-3-y-o 1, Miss F Leadbitter’s Thornberry Catrin; 2, Miss C Smalley’s Wortley Pazzi; 3, Mrs D Bell’s Priestwood Pollyanna. 4-y-o & over 1, Miss V Evans’ Barkway Springbock; 2, Mrs L Wenham’s Bronheulog Freedom. sec C, 4-y-o & over 1, Mr & Mrs P Hussey’s D’Abernon Take That; 2, A Vineall’s Tonlyn Charlie Chan; 3, P Cooper’s Leyeswick The Geezer. sec D 1-3-y-o 1, D Smith & A Jones’ Broughton First Lady; 2, JR Axon’s Hafodyrynys April Rose. 4-y-o & over 1, Miss E Collis’ Drogeda Welsh Magic; 2, MC Newman’s Tydfil Survivor; 3, A Thomas’ Navestock Welsh Flyer. Shetland, 1-3-y-o 1 & res, Mr & Mrs RG Turvill’s Highwood Vitality; 2, Mrs WJ hedley’s Starfire Jazz; 3, Mrs D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Eros. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs BR Gammond’s Tweeside Spotlight; 2, C Buchanan-Jackson’s Dryknowl Ennar; 3, Mrs D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Elsa. Exmoor 1, Miss V Evans’ Galaxy Capricorn; 2, Miss L Larkman’s Elsinore Simon Sparoow: 3, Miss J Cony’s Threeshires Arminda. New Forest, 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs C Richard’s Willoway Lake-Loiuise; 2, Miss A Darnton’s Rodlease Jubilation; 3, Mr & Mrs Humble’s Burley Hallmark. 4-y-o & over 1, Miss E Collis’ Vernons Toyboy; 2, Mrs F Kin’s Fijal Giselle; 3, Mrs J Whitham’s Woodrow April Delight. Dartmoor, 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs A Sprake’s Vean Mandolin; 2, Ms SM Prior-Parry’s Broxdown Panache; 3, Mrs H Stinson’s Firsedge Zircon. 4-y-o & over 1, Miss L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight; 2, Mrs JA Reeves’ Firsedge Rhapsody; 3, Mrs J Sands’ Fishleigh Saracen. Fell 1 & res sup, T B Capstick’s Murthwaite Mulan; 2, Miss W Davies’ Rundales danny; 3, K Amos’ Heltondale Black Knight II. Dales 1, Mrs J Crane’s Hazelway Nobleman; 2, CR Francis’ Marsett Dolly; 3, Mrs K Evans’ Faradale Jasmine. Highland, 1-3-y-o 1, Mrs N Raynham’s Iona Of Conway; 2, Mrs D Cunningham Reid’s Balleroy Montague; 3, unlisted. 4-y-o & over 1, M Stanford’s Torrin Of Croila; 2, Mrs H Skirton & Mrs C Baker’s Stewart Of inverdarroch; 3, Mrs A Hart’s Ellen May Of Forglen. M&M WHP 122cm 1, Mrs A green’s Gryngallt Playsome; 2, Mrs P Ryder & J Phillips’ Forlan Honey Dundandy; 3, Dr & Mrs S Williams’ Manordeilo Shannon. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs S Boldock’s Somerford Lady May; 2, Mrs RE Launder’s Burley Gossip; 3, Mrs E Bedford’s Bellevue Huckleberry. exc 138cm 1 & res, Mrs C Purkis’ Sienna Bright Sparrow; 2, Mrs G Burgan’s Woody Warm Welcome; 3, F Pearce-Thomas’ Tardebigge Royal Magic. NPS/Baileys Olympia, Connemara, New Forest 1 & ch, Mrs J Webb’s Bunowen Castle Ri; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Village Fayre; 3, Miss J Timpson’s Canal Village Poacher. Dales, Fell, Highland 1 & res, The Queen’s Balmoral Jingle; 2, M & H Pearce-Burke’s Wellbrow Hercules; 3, Mrs SW Varlet’s Guinivere Of Whitefield. sec B/C 1, Mr & Mrs J Carter’s Millcroft Ghost; 2, Mr & Mrs D Bright’s Waxwing Rheel; 3, Mrs JR Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A 1, Team Hollings’ Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, Mr & Mrs M Underwood’s Halnaker marten; 3, Mrs A Lucas’ Moortown Huntsman. sec D 1, Mrs T North’s Pentrepiod The Judge; 2, Saith Stud’s Saith Magical Dream; 3, Miss L Carey’s Cwmtae Kinsey.

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