Royal Norfolk showing results

  • ROYAL NORFOLK, Norwich, 26-27 June

    hunter in-hand (D Ingle) small, y’stk 1, R Buxton’s Hearnesbrook Derby Day; 2, M Hennessy & R Creber’s Bitofamadam; 3, J Bell’s It’ll do. y’ling, filly 1, A Sturges’ Redpath Angela; 2, W Embleton’s Frippet. colt/gelding 1, G Smith’s Fritz Edward; 2, S Hall’s Dosley Hoper Are High. 2-y-o, filly 1, M Larkin’s Minora Bay; 2, P Boxall’s Game On; 3, Mr & Mrs R Kemp’s Lucy Lockette. gelding 1 & ch, M Hennessy & R Creber’s Grasslands Harry De Luxe; 2, M & W Ward’s Appleton Halt; 3, A Welch’s Alfred The Great. 3-y-o, filly 1, Mr & Mrs E Merrick’s Raunds Hollywood. gelding 1, R Salter’s Super Catch; 2, N Brown’s Sunset TGrend; 3, J Bell’s Horizontal Herbert. mare, l’wt 1 & res, I Finch’s Starz Crystal Law. mare, h’wt 1, A Welch’s Gordina. ridden (Mrs R Morris, C le Moignan) 4-y-o 1, N Moore’s Interest Free; 2, K Mareshall’s Spencil Hill; 3, A Nichoills & M Yarham’s Kontiki Dream. l’wt 1 & ch, D Parker’s Sandy Lane; 2, M Jerram’s Rosenbright; 3, A McCarthy’s Mountain Road. m’wt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs J Rawding’s Reaction; 2, M Hennessy & R Creber’s Swinburne; 3, Countees Clanwilliam & Lady Wills’ Litchfield Derymor. h’wt 1 , Mr & Mrs A Williams’ Owen Buoy; 2, Lady Wills’s Litchfield Rowllan; 3, J ambler’s Another Quest. small (Miss B Millingon) 1, Mr & Mrs M Underwood’s After All; 2, Mr & Mrs Stennett’s Bright Bertie; 3, E Trembath’s Dinky Toy. ladies 1, Dinky Toy; 2, V Ramm’s Redwood Copperfield; 3, R Colson’s Cynthia. working 1, M Jerram’s Royal Academy; 2, J Armstrong Small’s Zin Zan; 3, Litchfield Derymor. Arab (N Hollings, Mrs J Crawford) in-hand, pure bred, 4-y-o & over 1, Y Fensome’s Astrid Bint Aariann; 2, Mattocks family’s Rosaliah Gold; 3, L Masters’ Sulan African Flame. stallion 1, Mr & Mrs D | Tyler’s Sky Mercury; 2, L dobson’s Limekiln Karuso. y’ling 1, Mattocks’s Shja’heil Ibn Sadik.2/3-y-o 1 & ch, A Fleming’s TFA Gertrajia. colt/gelding 1 & res, B Luckins’ Rushden Bravado; 2, S Green’s Bobby Dazzler; 3, D Tayloor’s Khushan. Anglo/part-bred, 4-y-o & over 1 & res, C Osborne’s Etherow Absolutely Fabulous; 2, J Hickey’s Blaircourt Danse Des Fleurs; 3, A Lankester’s Bonnie Sonia. stallion 1, Aqarius Stud’s Mayway Masterpiece. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs M Langtree’s Pickmere Dancing Queen; 3, LAlexandroff’s Regardez Moi. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, S Palmer’s Palmfield Nightingale; 2, L Alexandroff’s Apres Nous; 3, Mr & Mrs D Beaumont’s Hakws Hill Valentina. ridden, pure-bred 1 & res, K Upton’s Delfinia; 2, B Budge & J Dobberson’s Sambuka; 3, R Long’s Jadestar Jumeirah. Anglo, part-bred 1 & ch, Bonnie Sonsya; 2, Mr & Mrs M Carr’s Dancing Tobias; 3, G Williams’ Purple Magic. riding horse (A Steward) small 1 & ch, C Mazckenss’ Victoria Cross; 2, N Wilkes’ Robert Browning. lge 1 & res, Mr & Mrs D Curtis’ Henrys Casino; 2, Bonnie Sonya; 3, K Marshall’s Prince Rgent. cob (A Steward) 1, L Aiken’s Jester; 2, L Kidner’s Another Pippin; 3, Lady C Tyrell’s Trunk Call. Haflinger (L Brown) in-hand y’stock 1, E Bambrisge’s Oxnead Aristotle; 2, T Crane’s Oxnead Waterlord; 3, T Crane’s Sara. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, T Crane’s Alpine; 2 & res, T Crane’s Oxnead Schining Light; 3, P Wrighton’s Oxnead Steinway. ridden 1, Alpine; 2, J Mulvey’s Glyn Eryr Aragon; 3, T Ellis’ Oxnead Sunlight. M&M in-hand (Mrs D Stavely, Mrs J McInnes) Shetland, 4-y-o & over 1, R Brighton’s Amazons Of Drakelaw; 2, K Hewitt-Allard’s Lathom Tiny Henry; 3, M Arden’s Claylands Crystal. y’stk 1, R Brighton’s Pyewipe Remagen; 2, J Land’s Degfriston Truly Wayland; 3, D Randall’s Burghwood Trevellyn. Dartmoor/Exmoor, 4-y-o & over 1, L Grant’s Fairmarsh Candy Tuft; 2, N Wright & Miss Rossall’s Treworgan Windstorm;3, E Hallan’s Monarchill Cercean. Connemara/New Forest 1 & ch, H Somerset’sFalfield Honeybear; 2, S Wensum Clematis. lge breeds 1 & res, V Smith’s Shennachie Brodie; 2, K Scorey’s Goldbrook Folly; 3, K Taylor’s Homeway Stroller. Dartmoor, y’stk 1, P Sharman’s Peps Chatterbox; 2, L Grant’s Micklehill Anhua; 3, L Grant’s Foxleat Rowanberry. lge breeds, y’stk 1, C Beenham’s Loving Lande Rosebelle; 2, J Sutton’s Fenrose Cormac. Welsh sec A (R Miller) 4-y-o & over 1 & res, E Ireland’s Idyllic Fonteyn; 2, S Clarke’s Idyllic Pavlova; 3, S Day’s Broen Pollyhanna. sec B 1, L Knight’s Rhydhowel Miss Oliver; 2, Mr & Mrs P Pointer’s Gullfields Distinction; 3, J Etheridge’s Basrhan Sculduggery. sec C/D 1, Mr & Mrs J Kirk’s Synod Rosie O’Neil; 2, P Lyon’s Quaife Megans Model; 3, Garlick & Russell’s Newhouse Ballard. sec A, y’stk 1, W Merryman’s Staines Maestro; 2, J Wales’ Springlane Harmony; 3, J Hobden’s Glenbec Apollo. sec B 1, B Banham’s Salthill Arabella; 2, M Butters’ Techon Archie; 3, A Stokes’ Bureside Cavalier. sec C/D 1, R Lynn’s Quaife Mayfly; 2, S Hawees’ Bowbells Gabriel; 3, A Thomas’ Broughton Mastermind. sec A, y’lings 1 & ch, A Overton-Ablitt & E DEvenish’s Colne Hightop; 2, B Abel’s Sporinglane Riverdance; 3, J Etheridge’s Wheerlers Valerian. sec B 1, Mr & Mrs J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Silver Mascot; 2, Mr & Mrs Greenleaf’s Brookhall Consort; 3, M Butters’ Barkway Song Thrush. M&M lead-rein (Miss J Paterson) 1, A Overton Ablitt’s Colne Trisca; 2, H Bright’s Hisley Saunter; 3, C Thorpe’s Wilby Victoria Plum. first ridden 1, Hisley Saunter; 2, B Buchanan’s Springbourne Crusader; 3, Mr & Mrs P Taylor’s Langfield Beverley Hills. ridden M &M (Mrs J McInnes) New Forest/Connemara 1 & ch, V Compston’s Castle Comet; 2, D Bridge’s Rambling Firecracker; 3, D Hunt’s Prince Of Fort. lge breeds 1 & res, M Hoare’s Mountain Rowan Of Craigie Loch; 2, B Bingham’s Millgrove Sorrel; 3, R Avery’sd Hesket Willow. small breeds 1, S Lee & S Bland’s Springwater Love In A Mist; 2, S Deary’s Springbank Atlantis; 3, S Lee & S Bland’s Senruf Galaxy. Welsh sec A & B 1, A Smalley’s Wortley Wild Jasmin; 2, J Armstrong Small’s Polarois Henrietta; 2, J Cruden’s Newcott Buccaneer. sec C&D1, D Bright’s Taiforgan Bunheddwr; 2, J Arnold’s Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 3, D Barr’s Ffald Morning Star. RP in-hand (J Careless) y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs M Langtree’s Pickmere Dancing Queen; 2, C Constable’s Bracon Top Cat; 3, C Starr’s Pearson Royal Velvet. 2-y-o 1 & res, Lady Benton Jones’ Daldorn Spring Whisper; 2, C Starr’s Pearson Rosetta; 3, Mr Law & Mrs Mackenzie’s Bracon Blueprint. 3-y-o 1 & ch, S Palmer’s Palmfields Nightingale; 2, K Dayton’s Thimbleby Fleurtation; 3, C Constable’s Bracon Top Flight. WHP (Maj E Worthington, Mrs M Appell) 133cm 1, A Newling’s Janinos Little Blue. 143cm 1, K Cole’s Kilmoneen; 2, B Bayes’ Fynnlands Oliver Twist; 3, J Savory’s Mullan Boy. 153cm 1 & ch, A Newling’s Was Double Dutch; 2 & res, J Wormall’s Thorpe Park; 3, J Greenall’s Suymmerbank Bobby. private driving, novice 1, Mr & Mrs R Bass’ Plains Black Satin; 2, J Dobson’s St Helens Regency Kate; 3, J Clarke’s Uppercraig Mb y Brenin. single non Hackney 1, W Wybrew’s Tilston Cardinal; 2, M Fox’s Thistledown Eric; 3, J Clarke. exc 138cm 1, J Taylor’s Prince; 2, J Dobson’s St Helens Regency Katie; 3, Sealmaters’ Sealmater Fantasia. Hackney 1 & ch, J Clayden’s Glenshawe Prince; 2, J Clarke’s Wentworth Senator. pair 1, G Coburn; 2, J Brown; 3, S Walrond.

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