Royal Highland showjumping results, 24-27 June

  • DC Joiners Highland Challenge.— 1, Dottie Z (L Bevan); 2, Atlantis II (P Murphy); 3, Quinton III (P Barker). George Russell A&B Stakes.— 1, Hosire Des Chaines (R Bevis); 2, Tosca (J Kirk); 3, Cree Cruiser (J Andrews). 25 June: International Stairway.— 1, Rooney IV (R Whitaker); 2, Stranger (K Shore); 3, Wexford (J Kirk). Andrew Black A&B ch.— 1, Saveur (J Clayton); 2, Wyoming (T Page); 3, Quinton III. 26 June: Ceramic Tile Warehouse accumulator A&B.— 1, Quinton III; 2, Utopie (G Taylor); 3, Argento (J Whitaker). Gillespie Investment Group grand prix.— 1, Transmission (L Whitehouse); 2, Courtney 6 (R Bevis); 3, GIG Rockim (J Clayton). Star Of The Future final.— 1, Waldemar (S Babes); 2, Mr Pink II (F Good); 3, Major Ted (A Barr). 27 June: Andrew Ballantyne Foxhunter ch.— 1, Gibside Smokey Joe (J Smith); 2, Denter (G Taylor); 3, Barco Vant Gestelhof (J Scullion). Power & Performance grade C final.— 1, Waterstone II (S Brash); 2, Denter; 3, Cumina (J Smith). South East of Scotland ch.— 1, Temple Ryefield (P Barker); 2, Quentin Tarantino (T Page); 3, Aachen (R McCrea). SJSS & Danny’s Snacks 128cm ch.— 1&2, Forever Penny & Flinor Songbird (C Dinning); 3, Madonna (S McLean). SJSS & Danny’s Snacks 138cm ch.— 1, Mitchell Troy Welsh Express (A Black); 2, Try To Hit Me (G Babes); 3, Champfleurie Cream Cracker (J Crawford). Liz Fox JC ch.— 1, Laraghmore Martin (H McMillan); 2, Miss Juno (S Boyd); 3, Calvadon (J Young). SJSS & Danny’s Snacks 148cm ch.— 1, La Tania (J Finlay); 2, Irish Hotshot (J Robertson); 3, ABC Juri (L Whiteway). Young Masters ch.— 1, Tosca (J Kirk); 2, Waterstone II (S Brash); 3, Quentin Tarantino (T Page).

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