Bedmax Highland Challenge.– 1, Zegreanne Z (K Shore); 2, Quiberon D (A Craig); 3, Zidane VIII (R Maguire). Lochore Meadows A&B stakes.– 1, Wexford (J Kirk); 2, Rambo III (S Price); 3, Jousca De Grieges (A Hamilton). Power & Performance grade C final.– 1, JJ’s One Fine Day (J Kirk); 2, Steady The Helm (T Page); 3, Mary T (J Smith). International Stairway.– 1, Campino II (J Clayton); 2, Barici (V Young); 3, Mr Darcy V (J Clayton). Andrew Black A&B stakes.– 1, Nethertowns Valentine (V Young); 2, Ximena (E Whitaker); 3, Zegreanne Z. The Marsh gp.– 1, Wonder Van De Roshoeve (G Taylor); 2, Santa Cruise II (T Page); 3, Zidane VIII. AW Jenkinson star of the future final.– 1, Mary T; 2, Sonas Dearg (T Page); 3, Quiberon D (A Craig). SJSS & Dannys Snacks 128cm final.– 1, Bellfield Benjamin (S Greig); 2, Glen Hill (N Lockhead Anderson); 3, Tatty Desire (A McLean). SJSS & Dannys Snacks 138cm.– 1 & 2, Alfie III & Kaiserheld (G Babes); 3, Llettycrudd Cardi Bach (M Argo). SJSS & Dannys Snacks 148cm.– 1, Dollar Girl (G Babes); 2, Paddioco (A Black); 3, Killyfassey Freddie (J Weir). Boqhuan Estates & Rural Supplies Young Masters final.– 1, Wexford; 2, Quincy 126 (J Kirk); 3, Emilia Van Het Scheefkasteel (J Clayton). Liz Fox JC.– 1, La’s Dream (L Coia); 2, Applejack RB (M Thompson); 3, Llettycrudd Cardi Bach.