Royal Highland Show 24 – 17 June ’04

  • ROYAL HIGHLAND Ingliston, Edinburgh, 24-27 June

    Highland in-hand male (S Leslie Melville) stallion 1 & res sup, W & J Ralston’s Moss-side Iain Mhor; 2, W & M Nelson’s Glenmuir Lochinvar; 3, R S McInroy’s Taymount Of Milroy. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, B & A Wells’ Magnus Of Millfield; 2, D Freer’s Perfect Jubilee Of Ryedale. colt/geld y’ling 1, L Gourdie’s Ardnagaisk Piper; 2, A Taylor’s Tower Scottish Pride; 3, M McCloy’s Carlung Innes.do 2/3-y-o 1, S Brooks’ Jainy Of Ednam House; 2, D Spears’ Kieran Of Forglen; 3, A McLeod’s Drambuie Of Rosbheinn. do 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, S Fairfield’s Macallum Of Millfield; 2, A McLeod’s Howard Of Forglen; 3, R & G McLintock’s Harris Of Fourmerk. in-hand female (J A Baird) brood mare 1, J Hendrie’s Tower Lucky Charm; 2, K & W Taylor’s Marierose of Strathmore; 3, W J Allan’s Misty ll Of Millfield. foal 1, K & W Taylor’s ex Marierose Of Strathmore; 2, C McQuattie’s ex Mirren Of Strathmore; 3,W & J Allan’s ex Misty ll Of Millfield. yeld mare entered in ridden classes only 1, F Hunter’s Cranachan; 2, P Gray & G Duncan’s Pipers Black Bryony; 3, D Brown’s Moss-side Iona. do, entered in in-hand only 1 & sup ch, M & M Forrest’s Trailtrow Rhuann; 2 & res, C McQuattie’s Eilish of Strathmore; 3, A & N Sykes’ Catriona Of Stevenson Hall. filly 3-y-o 1, S Wardrop’s Grace of Carlung; 2, J Hendrie’s Tower Fraoch; 3, W Simpson ‘s Chapelhill Tess. do 2-y-o 1, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Magic Flute; 2, J Alexander’s Fourmerk Heather Honey; 3, J Hendrie’s Tower Tiger Lily. do y’ling 1, S Wardrop’s Islay Of Carlung; 2, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Silver Flute; 3, R Davidson’s Trowan Madonna. Shetlands (A Howie) stallion 1 & sup ch, H P Sleigh & Sons’ Wells Highlight ll; 2, H P Sleigh & Sons’ Wells Premier; 3, C Marshall’s Highfield Delius. entire colt, 2/3-y-o 1 & jun ch, H P Sleigh & Sons’ Wells Masterclass; 2, E Martin’s Struie Park. geld 1, E Coppock’s Sapphire Valdor; 2, D Ryder’s Eyebright of Transy; 3, L Fairlie’s Kinness Challenger. brood mare 1 & ch female, W Anderson’s Westpark Perfection; 2, C Marshall’s Struie Dalma; 3, J Farrell’s Eastlands Golden Dawn. foals 1, C Marshall’s ex Struie Dalma; 2, J Farrell’s ex Eastlands Golden Dawn; 3, W Anderson’s ex Westpark Perfection. yeld mare1 & res female, H P Sleigh & Sons’ Wells Pristina; 2, W Anderson’s Westpark Princess; 3, S Moro’s Westpark Ebony-Rose. filly, 2/3-y-o 1 & res jun, A Finnie’s El Rose of St Ninian; 2, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Belle; 3, W Anderson’s Strocherie Puzzle. colt, filly, y’ling 1, W Anderson’s Strocherie Essence; 2, H P Sleigh & Sons’ Wells Royal Rebel; 3, E & S Dunnett’s Arrianna of Auckhorn. Group, one male, two female C Marshall’s Highfield Delius, Struie Dalma, & Struie Dena. Highlands ridden (E MacKechnie) 14hh 1 & ch, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 2, S Fox’s Trossachs Hiker; 3, G & F MacDonald’s Achtriochtan Corrin. do exc 14hh 1 & res, B R Bingham’s Millgrove Tayberry; 2, C McVicar’s Dalblair Stanford; 3, M Nicoll’s Edindurno Glen Fiddich. M&M ridden (L Briant) LR 1 & mini-ch, L Robertson’s Waxwing Xcel; 2, E Gammie’s Tullibardine Golden Rod; 3, S A Smith’s Hector Of Transy. FR 1 & res mini-ch, L Edzell’s Springtime Mischief; 2, E Gammie’s Tullibardine Golden Rod; 3, K Miller’s Wolverton Rita. M&M open ridden (L Impey) Shetland1, M Warren’s Riccalton Flint; 2, S Smith’s Hector Of Transy; 3, D Ryder’s Eyebright of Transy. do Exmoor, Dartmoor 1, S Lean’s Moortown Highlander; 2, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Raphael; 3, M & J Gunn’s Greenferns Ptarmigan. do Welsh A 1, S Speak’s Arddyn Ben; 2, L McNab’s Cosford Wisdom; 3, J Cousens’ Lippens Mascot. do sec B 1, E Crate’s Blainslie Valentine; 2, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 3, E McCulloch’s Greenbarrow Grandee. do Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara 1 & ch, W Ireland’s Kilmannan B lack Velvet; 2, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Toffee; 3, N Woolley’s Lunesdale Mountain Heather. do sec C & D 1 & res, G Burnie’s Durris Lord Brett; 2, G Burnie’s Blaentawe The Charmer; 3, J Shiels’ Togsbarn Morwenna. M&M in-hand (J B Williams), Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, 4-y-o & over 1, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Sapphire; 2, W Patterson’s Bowerwood Partisan; 3, J-A Brydie’s Lockinge Flossy. do Dartmoor, Exmoor 1, G Whetter’s Kinbrylie Bramble; 2, A McRobbie’s Wind in the Willows; 3, S Burns’ Sweetcombe Sun. do Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, 2/3-y-o 1, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Magic; 2, C Sanderson’s Holling Holy; 3, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Honeycomb. do Dartmoor, Exmoor 1, C J Anderson’s Rushfield Monarch; 2, F Dickson’s Beinnliath Hartshorm Pike; 3, J Caulfield’s Heathpool Vetch. Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, y’ling 1, Transy Stud’s Transy Bracelet; 2, Messrs Smith’s Waverhead James. do Exmoor Dartmoor 1 & res, C J Anderson’s Rushfield Bailey; 2, F Dickson’s Coed-y-Wern Helibour; 3, D & L Anderson’s Greenferns Rannoch. Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, Dartmoor, Exmoor, stallion, colt 1 & ch, W Ireland’s Village Defender. sec C & D (J Llewellyn-James) stallion, mare, gelding, 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, L Breeze & E Gant’s Finneyhill Mad Max; 2, B Thomson’s Neauddparc Heidi; 3, L Anderson’s Llansantffraed Twywsoges. colt,filly,gelding, 2/3-y-o 1 & res, C J Anderson’s Haylers Jazz; 2, S Murray’s Brimstone The Mascot; 3, L Breeze & E Gant’s Northwick Lady Lisa. colt/filly/gelding y’ling 1, Meikle Welsh Cobs’ Meikle Delicious; 2, R Blacklock’s Eldrock Redoubt. sec A (J Roberts), brood mare 1, A B & AW Dobinson’s Brierdene Nicole; 2, J Russell’s Gartconnel Sarah; 3, Tullibardine Stud’s Tullibardine Megga Charge. foal 1, S Kennedy’s ex Ceannaiteach Marguerite; 2, A B & A W Dobinson’s ex Brierdene Nicola; 3, Tullibardine Stud’s ex Tullibardine Megga Charge. barren mare1 & ch, B Kennedy’s Ceannaiteach Monaliza; 2, J Cormack’s Tullibardine Autum Breeze; 3, D McIntyre’s Ceannaiteach Miss Saigon. colt/filly/gelding, y’ling 1, A Shaw’s Rushifauld Halo; 2, E Ferguson’s Brierdene Navada; 3, J Farrell’s Brierdene Nidian. stallion/colt 1, S & J Thomson’s Cromagtir Dylan; 2, E Ferguson’s Brierdene Newsflash; 3, C Thomson’s Ceannaiteach Monarch. filly/gelding, 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Waxwing Stud’s Waxwing Painy Dainty; 2, A Anderson & K Scott’s Bryndefaid Anja; 3, J Cormack’s Waxwing Harlequin. sec B (M Smithwick) brood mare 1, R Gardner’s Linksbury Little Diamond. foal 1, R Gardner’s ex Linksbury Little Diamond. barren mare 1 & res, Waxwing Stud’s Millcroft Pleasure; 2, A Newlands’ Lindisfarne Sweet Pea; 3, A Simpson’s Pepperwell McVitie. colt/filly/gelding, y’ling 1, M Gethin’s Mynach Oceana; 2, A Bogle’s Cottrell Sara; 3, B Campbell’s Rhoson Dubonnet. stallion/colt 1, G Stables’ Eyarth Thowra; 2, R Duncan’s Eyarth Mowgli; 3, V Laing’s Perpop Neptune. filly/gelding, 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, M Gethin’s Mynach Oriana; 2, R Duncan’s Bannut Cherished Light; 3, T Nimmo’s Duntarvie Venetia. Clydesdale male (W Clarke) stallion/colt 3-y-o & over 1 & res, W Dow & C Johnston’s Kelvinhead Express. 2-y-o 1, R Hamilton’s Dillars Striker; 2, S Gunn’s Hawthorn Tommy. y’ling 1 & ch, A Greenhill’s Tulloes Sir Alex; 2, T Tennant’s Singlie Spook; 3, Messrs Christie’s Dalfoil Draughtsman. geld 1, H Ramsay’s Tom; 2, P Tennant’s West Forth Simpson; 3, T McMillan’s Sir John. 3-y-o 1, J McMillan’s Rab; 2, J & C McNab’s Kypehall; 3, G Skinner’s Tom. female (J Marshall) b’mare 1, J Anderson’s Redcastke Alena; 2, W Hair’s Harwell Emma; 3, S Greenhill’s Hillhouse Melanie. foal 1, J Anderson’s foal; 2, W & I Craig’s foal; 3, S Greenhill’s foal. yeld mare 1 & ch & sup, R Black’s Collessie Duchess; 2, G Gray’s Fawnspark Elizabeth; 3, I Young’s Arradoul Sweet Melody. mare/filly 3-y-o 1, R Sibbald’s Thorn Orange Blossom; 2, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Miranda; 3, R Anderson & J Harkness’s ‘Sorn Mains’ Princess Chanell. filly 2-y-o 1 & y’stk ch & res & res sup, T Tennant’s Singlie Lady Gail; 2, C Carrick’s Littleward Jennifer; 3, J Adamson’s Barlauchlan Jubilee Princess. y’ling 1 & y’stk res, A Jackson’s Boat Perfect Lady; 2, J Wilson’s Blueton Pride; 3, J Adamson’s Glenside Cleopatra. national final Clydesdale yng handler (J McDermid) 1, M Noble; 2, C Crawford; 3, R Zawadski. yng stockman 1, A Craig; 2, C Crawford; 3, M Noble. HOYS hunters in-hand (L Cavendish) l’wt b’mare 1, Summerhill Stud’s Welton Romance; 2, F Thomson & M Flett’s Carron Aline; 3, F Reed’s Puddledub Manhattan. foal 1, Summerhill Stud; 2, F Thomson & M Flett; 3, F Reed. m’wt/h’wt b’mare 1, J Corner’s Deeva Spirit; 2, M English’s My Irish Charm; 3, L & N Reid’s Lynnbank Juliana. foal 1, M English; 2, L & N Reid; 3, J Corner. y’ling filly 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Dream On; 2, A Black’s Off Piste; 3, L Brodie’s Tumbarhumba. colt/geld 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Clifton’s El-cid. 2-y-o filly 1 & ch & sup, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Lavander Hill; 2, M Reid’s Vicky B; 3, B Wilson’s Broadstone Ladies Night. geld 1, C Reid & P Stevenson’s Highland Master; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Cliftons Eldorado; 3, E Coppock’s Hi Starell. 3-y-o filly 1, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Lawdale Mayfair; 2, H McKendrick’s Gee Gemeni; 3, J McGrandles’ Fortria Express. geld 1 & res, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Four Acres; 2, S Monaghan’s R oyal Connection II; 3, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Port Patrick. HOYS WH (A Hogarth, S Campbell) 1, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 2, L Anderson’s Pendora; 3, C Lindsay-Brown’s Carrig Bawn. ridden hunters (S Campbell) nov l’wt 1, D Richardson’s Simone; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Melford Park; 3, P Guy’s Ardochs Harvester. do h’wt 1 & o’all ridden res, R Boyd’s Connswater; 2, D Butcher’s Trackstar; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Kelly’s Hero. HOYS l’wt 1, J Roncoroni’s Coots Hill; 2, C McAlpine’s Castleton Beau; 3, A & E MacGregor’s Larjo. m’wt 1, Mr & Mrs A McCowan’s Bally Quirke; 2, H Rodgers’ Red Rock District Court; 3, K Marshall’s Spencihill. h’wt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Drummond’s Ben Mhor; 2, Mr & Mrs R Claydon’s Jack of Diamonds; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Dramore. sml 1 & ch & o’all ridden ch & res sup, A Vos’s Mountain Firefly; 2, G Clifford’s Another Leaeno; 3, S Pittendrigh’s Earl of March. RP in-hand (W Toomer-Harlow) b’mare 1 & o’all ch, J Grace’s Rendelles Sparkling Romance. foal 1, J Grace. 2/3-y-o 128cm 1, P Gilfillan’s Deanhills Keepsake; 2, Mr & Mrs N Harper’s Antoinette’s Tick Talk; 3, Mr & Mrs C Sanderson’s Colandra Image. 138cm 1, E Sherrard’s Parkhill Royal Charm; 2, E Sherrard’s Parkhill Golden Girl; 3, Mr & Mrs N Harper’s Braeglen Piper. 148cm 1 & y’stk ch & o’all res, Mr & Mrs W McEwan’s Northview Diamond Wedding. y’ling 121cm 1, J Clark’s Deanhills Calendar Girl; 2, E Sherrard’s Parkhill Little Aria; 3, Mr & Mrs C Sanderson’s Colandra Pride. 131cm 1 & y’stck res, J McKenzie’s Aytounhill Carousel; 2, B Webster’s Croftcourts Tigerlily; 3, M Bingham’s Annfield Storytime. 141cm 1, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Royal Secret; 2, M Robertson’s Rotherwood Pavarotti. HP breeding (Mrs J Oliver) y’ling 133cm 1, E Sherrard’s Parkhill Beckham; 2, D Bain’s Heugh Pendragon. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Coltart’s Tricula Tongue Twister; 2, E Sherrard’s Parkhill Golden Girl; 3, S Cranston’s Dykebeck Wild Hazlenut. y’ling 153cm 1, C Rogerson’s Royal Rebel. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, S Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Talk Of The Town; 2, A Redpath’s Gorfenletch Camelot; 3, P Mason’s Arwen Evenstar. ridden Arab ( Mrs P Hollings) Anglo/PB 153cm 1, F Stewart’s Aytounhill High Society; 2, V & C Powell’s Audene Blue Disciplin; 3, M Gilchrist’s Isley Walton Amber. over 153cm 1, F Stuart’s Free Magnum; 2, C Newlands’ Arabian Faroh; 3, E Maclean’s Arctic Fire. pure-bred Arab 1 & ch, V Mylius & R Low’s Flaxmans Sid; 2 & res, P Willox-Hamilton’s Saiyid El Kheil. Arab in-hand (M A Wragg) pure-bred male 1, K MacDougall’s Ledarb; 2, A Turner’s Northashalabar; 3, E MacLewan’s Razif. female 2-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs S Wadelik’s Rose Of The Nile; 2, C Newbould’s Imperial Silk; 3, Mr & Mrs S Wadelik’s Shannies Girl. y’ling 1, D Ing & J Givens’ Amour Etoile; 2, Mr & Mrs T O’Regan’s Riverside Kaiser. Anglo/PB 4 & over 1 & res, V Mylius & R Low’s Apres Moi; 2, L Allan’s Behesht Ahuramazda; 3, V & C Powell’s Audene Blue Disciplin. 2/3-y-o 1, M Sivewright’s Blackford White Wedding; 2, T Whiting’s Whalton Celebrity; 3, A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dreams. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs C Duke’s Greenbarrow Miss Ellie; 2, J Clark’s Deanhills Calendar Girl; 3, B Webster’s Croftcourts Tigerlily. RP (Mrs E Aitken)BSPS mixed height nov 1, P Murray’s Ashlands Chorus Girl; 2, L Govan’s Tom Kitten II; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Rosevale Seren Splendour. 128cm 1 & res, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 2, M Cousin’s Fenwick Fleur; 3, M Crichton’s Deanhills Royal Symphony. 138cm 1, L Govan’s Blackford Padrig Preserve; 3, M Gilchrist’s Isley Walton Amber. 148cm 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Coltart’s Harlaw Simply The Best; 2, G Rooney’s Greenacress Festival; 3, M Gilchrist’s Kavanagh’s Masterclass. BSPS LR & FR (Mrs E Aitken) FR 1 & res, C Bankier’s Drumphin Tiddleywink; 2, C Mason’s Romany River Periwinkle; 3, M Graham’s Rosslayne Royal Harmony. LR 1 & ch, J Cousens’ Caridines Greetings; 2, F Wallace’s Spinningdale Royal Salute; 3, M Gilchrist’s Twylands Pearly King. WHP (C Alder, W Bowie)BSPS open int 158cm 1 & res, K Miller’s Hillside Honey; 2, P Murray’s Swedish Rhapsody; 3, S Cloy’s Dante. 153cm 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Braeview Maximus; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s High Flyer; 3, E Gray’s Sharp Practice. 143cm 1, Mr & Mrs R Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 2, J Aird’s Copper Fox; 3, V Gair’s Barnaby Bay. 133cm 1, C McCullagh’s Little Storm; 2, P Simpson’s My Moonlight Magic; 3, M Coghill’s Midnight Magic. nursery 1, P Murray’s Penmaric Miss Moppet; 2, R Meikle’s Landswood Jack of Diamonds; 3, J Buchan’s Eyarth Amigo. SHP (D Machin) 122cm 1 & ch, K Slight’s Linksbury Jester; 2, E McCulloch’s Rosedust Aristocrat; 3, L Ogilvie’s Oldemere Windchime. 133cm 1, C Dudgeon’s Tenynau Grenadier; 2, C Catton’s Whalton Cadet; 3, J Millar’s Bengary’s Benjamin. 143cm 1, M Inglis’s Colmuir Little John; 2, F Stewart’s Aytounhill High Society; 3, D McRonald’s Aytounhill Midnight Express. 153cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s High Flyer; 2, A Donn’s Merris Astro; 3, K Davidson’s Pebbly Pall Mall. int 1, J Knipe’s Special FX; 2, F Johnstone & H Outram’s Imperial Measure; 3, J Burgess’s Coronea Kestrel. HOYS RH ( A Steward) nov 1, D Gomes’ Braveheart; 2, M Bowie’s Kingsford Krackerjack; 3, A Hodgson’s Whispering Heights. sml 1 & ch, J Knipe’s Special FX; 2 & res, L McCulloch’s Oso Fair; 3, J Mathison’s Celtic Warrior. lge 1, M Kennedy’s Balblair Mark Up; 2, J Burgess’s Griffindore; 3, H McCloy’s Classic Court. coloured ( R Avery) CHAPS (UK) y’stk 1, R Serex & A Stormonth’s Umenno; 2, J Mouat’s Taurom Dazzling Daniel; 3, D Still’s Hyndshillend Maine Attraction. do open non-native in-hand horse/pony 1, A Kennedy’s Rayna; 2, M Metcalfe’s Hollyland Planet; 3, R Serex and A Stormonth’s Edwina. do native/cob/trad ( R Avery, C Patrick) 1, K & L Hutchings’ Butterfly Express; 2, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Boy; 3, D Smith’s Checkmate II. HOYS pony non-native ridden 1, C Hamilton’s Lostock Sing Song; 2, J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 3, B Liddle’s Mini Tidkin Soldier. do horse 1 & ch, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, J Wilson’s Basil Brush; 3, D Faithfull’s Rocketeer. do pony native/trad cob/show cob 1, V Prescott’s Magic May; 2, G Beattie’s Father Ted; 3, S Ross’s Double ‘O’ Heaven. do horse 1, R Bennet’s Springhill Bally Bay; 2, G Beattie’s Easy Oasy; 3, A Taylor’s Touch of Class. side saddle (Mrs J Gillespie) SSA equitation champs 1, J Kennedy’s Lawyers Silk; 2, K Fletcher’s Lindenhall Debutante; 3, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana. concours d’elegance 1, F Reid’s Littlehill Liam; 2, J Cameron’s Jean Alesi; 3, S Loder’s Glengaile Mountain Dew. donkey (A Barrows) yeld/b’mare 1, E Crawford’s Blackford Altar Girl; 2, E Cunningham’s Tap O’ Noth Seonaid; 3, S Shand’s Inverythan Millequine. stallion/geld 1 & res, C Armet’s Baxter; 2, P Moon’s Westra Park; 3, E Crawford’s Adamton Fizzy Flyte. 3 & under 1 & ch, H Naden’s Glendene Taboo; 2, I Thompson’s East Lodge Ekansoo; 3, A French’s Boothby Anthem. harness, grooming & decoration (G Skinner, A Ferguson) best kept harness 1, S & N Alston; 2, B & N Cameron; 3, S & N Alston. best groomed horse 1, S & N Alston’s Bob; 2, B & N Cameron’s Clyde; 3, S & N Alston’s Ben. best decorated harness, floral 1, S & N Alston; 2, B & N Cameron. wool 1, S & N Alston. heavy horse turnout (R Leclaire) single, twin axle 1, J Anderson’s Sam; 2, P Tennant’s Simpson; 3, A & D Govan’s Tam. do, single axle 1, G & A Robertson’s Rabbie; 2, Glasgow City Council’s Duke; 3, J Skinner’s Jeff. tandem 1, A Steel & Son; 2, H Ramsay; 3, A & D Govan. pair 1 & res, P & W Bedford; 2, J Anderson; 3, H Ramsay. unicorn 1, H Ramsay; 2, P & W Bedford; 3, E Garner & Sons. team of four 1, H Ramsay; 2, P & W Bedford; 3, J Anderson. team of six 1 & ch, H Ramsay; 2, E Garner & Sons; 3, Brookfield Shires Ltd. HOYS Cuddy Breeders Challenge (J Dudgeon) 1 & ch, J Grace’s Renelles Sparkling Romance; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Lavander Hill.

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