Royal County of Berkshire showing results, 17-18 September, 2011

  • Ridden hunter (I Smeeth, J Gilliver) lwt.– 1 & res, J Jerram’s Shambo Spring; 2, P Moon’s Time Lord IV; 3, Sunrising Show Hunters’ Into The Blue. mwt.– 1, A Gallagher’s Ringfort Down Patrick; 2, G Campion’s Classic Caldini; 3, C Langrish’s Blushing Boy. hwt.– 1 & ch, J Jerram’s Snow Patrol; 2, K Walsh’s Orions Cruiser; 3, K Newman’s Agent 007. amateur (D Daly, A Hooley) lwt.– 1 & res, J Ryder Phillips’ Orbitall; 2, R Pickard’s Natterjack Toad; 3, Lady K Norrington’s Argument H. mwt.– 1 & ch, Ringfort Down Patrick; 2, M Ledger’s Cape De Monte; 3, D Griffiths’ Signor. ladies.– 1 & ch, Time Lord IV; 2, Natterjack Toad. sml.– 1 & res, J Jerram’s Anandu. working (R Sharp, J Gilliver) lwt.– 1 & ch, D Slatter’s Kenlis Countryman; 2, Dr J Green’s Shekan Ping; 3, J Plaisted’s Raphael II. hwt.– 1 & res, Dr J Green’s I’m A Diamond; 2, Y James’ Storm Force; 3, Sunrising Show Hunters’ Flannon Vision. in-hand sport horse (H Knight) 3-y-o.– 1 & ch, R Honey’s Diva’s Law; 2, C Mayes’ Temptation Of Pride; 3, J Webb’s Zenith. 2-y-o.– 1 & res, D Osborne-Smith’s E Serenburg. y’ling.– 1, AE Bell’s Brizmead Coalition. b’mare.– 1, Lady Clarendon’s Positively Cavalier. foal.– 1, Lady Clarendon’s Cavalier’s Pride. cob (I Haines, A Leaver) amateur.– 1, L Turner’s Code Breaker; 2, J Dare’s Mother’s Day. novice.– 1 & 2, E Bury’s Bantry Bay & Carlingford III; 3, A Hance’s Killarney Silver. lwt.– 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Gallifrey; 2, Code Breaker. hwt.– 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Skaro; 2 Killarney Silver. working show horse.– 1, Code Breaker; 2, Langson Stud’s Langson Rose. NPS/Horsequest M&M ridden grand prix (S Rowe) Exmoor, Shetland.– 1 & 2, G Hart’s Cranford Fandabbydosey & Cranford Crunchy Munchy. Dartmoor, Welsh sec A.– 1 & ch, J Newbery’s Newoak Furious. sec B/C.– 1, L Bates’ Bronheulog Harvey; 2, C Lowman’s Pennway Mantovani; 3, N Harris’ Fenbourne Bellhop. Connemara, New Forest.– 1, S Hodgkins’ Callowfeenish Mary; 2, D Stokes’ Shatterford Masterpiece; 3, A Fitzsimons’ Rosmeen Cygnus. dales, fell, Highland.– 1 & res, S Hobday’s Sunglow Philomena; 2, G Gould’s Horatio Of Langley; 3, J Jordan’s Llancloudy Gabriel. sec D.– 1, L Evans’ Broughton Morwena; 2, C Davies’ Newydd Bew Mur; 3, C Streams’ Maesyfelin Cymydog. in-hand M&M (L Hillard) Connemara, New Forest 4-y-o & over.– 1 & ch, C Saker’s Marley Denes Nashaal; 2, M Dewdney’s Applewitch Hokus Pokus; 3, A Poulton’s Tyan Talk Of The Town. y’stk.– 1, M Bryant’s Wayland Olallieberry; 2, S Kilford’s Furzley Fanfare; 3, S Jeapes’ Applewitch Mesmerise. Highland, fell, dales (B Halls) 4-y-o & over.– 1, N Raynham’s Iona Of Conway; 2, Llancloudy Gabriel; 3, C Beever’s Biggerside Black Duke. y’stk.– 1, J Stiles’ Brittleton Royal Brackla; 2, F McWilliam’s Finches Lord Lambourn; 3, D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Yasmin. Exmoor, Dartmoor (B Halls) 4-y-o & over.– 1, D Davy’s Achriesgill; 2, K French’s Blackthorn Poteen; 3, C Thompson’s Threeshires Brigadier. 3-y-o.– 1, S Vanderstegan-Drake’s Moortown Bumble Bee; 2, A Bell’s Frithesden Larisa; 3, H Arnold’s Bradford Fantasy. Shetland (J Webb) stallion.– 1, K French’s Bincombe Plowboy. mare.– 1 & res, Hodge & Walters’ Sharptor Trinity; 2, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Vesta; 3, D Woodley’s Threapwood Vela II. filly y’stk.– 1, Hodge & Walters’ Kinkell Giulia; 2, D Woodley’s Threapwood Vela III; 3, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Victoria. miniature Shetland (D Sykes) stallion.– 1 & ch, CT Percy’s Snelsmore Jasper. b’mare.– 1, G Mather’s Snelsmore Eclair; 3, DE Gerring’s Wytchlife Melini. foal.– 1 & 3, G Mather’s Shawdene Eraj & Shawdene Escargot; 2, CA Reeves’ Wintermoore Bright Star. mare.– 1, N Burt & J Brandon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Mabena; 2, M Taylor’s Ministeed Blue Velvet; 3, JB Evans’ Blenheim Hopscotch. 2/3-y-o.– 1, D Elphick’s Buxted Jemima; 2, CT Percy’s Snelsmore Maximus; 3, G Mather’s Shawdene Chichani. y’ling.– 1 & res, G Mather’s Shawdene Duchess; 2, CT Percy’s Snelsmore Nutmeg; 3, M Taylor’s Ministeed Easter Magic. sec A/B (D Puttock) 4-y-o & over.– 1 & res, D & J Clarke’s Gleiniant Vanessa; 2, JM Beasley’s Bunbury May Morn; 3, L Caccavale & L Wren’s Fosterhouses Paloma. y’stk.– 1 & ch, R Smith & S Ellis’ Islyn Gwennol; 2, G White’s Wedog Bobby Dazzler; 3, H Roberts’ Jenkira Havanah. sec C/D (R Hunt) stallion/geld 4-y-o & over.– 1 & res, G Deller’s Climaengwyn Welsh Jac; 2, L Pittman’s Llechryd Ap Jedd; 3, D Hughes’ Arborfield Charlies Zippy. y’stk.– 1 & ch, L Moore & M Russell’s Caffreys Indiana; 2, A Booth’s Rainhill Pendragon; 3, C Reid’s Sarnical Caredig. M&M WHP (L Hillard, S Hore) 122cm.– 1 & ch, CA Kingham’s Cefn Busy Boy; 2, J Suffling’s Briars Amaretto. 138cm.– 1 & res, V White’s Gwyllan Rooney; 2, L Pope’s Peasedown Postman Pat; 3, V Taheri-Sinfield’s Mallards Wood Full Monty. exc 138cm.– 1, M Norris’ Dolellog Ceris; 2, F Goodsir’s The Quiet Man; 3, V Connor’s Murphy’s Law. NPS/Micor Demolition mini (S Phelan) LR.– 1, TE Thorneycroft’s Waitwith Briar Rose; 2, Runshaw’s Runshaw William Ap Aries; 3, C Lowman’s Mountain Spruce. FR.– 1, AJ Ryan’s Mr Mufti; 2, D Plumb’s Rowfantina Tibute; 3, East Soley’s Fosterhouse’s Finale. M&M FR WHP (J Webb).– 1, LJ Freedman’s Lacy Monty; 2, Mr Mufti. NPS/RHR Demolition M&M jnr (P Cox) sml.– 1, Rowfantina Tribute. 138cm.– 1, A Donnachie’s Ben Ruadh Of Meggernie; 2, LR Reid’s Gurnos Welsh Shirley. lge.– 1, G Gould’s Horatio Of Langley; 2, L Pope’s Village Favourite; 3, Rosmeen Cygnus. coloured (A Leaver) y’stk.– 1, SP Hale’s Shybont Truleyn Scrumptious; 2, P Richmond’s Hurt Hill High Jinks. non-native in-hand.– 1 & ch, Shybont Truleyn Scrumptious; 2 & res, Hurt Hill High Jinks. nat/trad in-hand.– 1, S Brady’s Rocky Royale. non-native ridden.– 1 & ch, A Sykes’ Perceus; 2, Langson Rose; 3, GA Carlisle’s Tetcott Not A Bother. nat/trad ridden.– 1 & res, CM West’s Zenith II; 2, J Nicholls’ Waunoris Blue Flash; 3, Dr & RB Mallett’s Brightling Amelia. British appaloosa (J Ryde-Rogers) in-hand 4-y-o & over.– 1 & res, P Halstead’s EBA Pinot Noir; 2, K Buttery’s Cruise Control; 3, L Webster’s Chapalowe Bee A Star. in-hand y’stk.– 1, ch & 3, P Cooper’s Peyres-Catori Cat & Princesse Pascale; 2, NJ Bellenie’s Wise-Spares Bluecash. ridden main & part-bred.– 1, LD Reeves Gizmo; 2, EA Pinot Noir; 3, Cruise Control. in-hand part-bred.– 1, P Oliver’s Stamford Pride; 2, Gizmo; 3, K Buttery’s Indian Melody. retrained racehorse (C Oliver/R Allcock) in-hand/TARRA.– 1, SC Potton’s Emtee; 2, C Sutton’s River City; 3, SL McKenzie’s The Frog Queen. Tattersalls/RoR ridden show horse.– 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Stealth Project; 2, E Goddard’s Alcazar; 3, H Kington’s Todlea. jumping challenge.– 1, CL Herrington’s Nashville Star; 2, Stealth Project.

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