Royal County of Berkshire showing results, 15-16 September 2012

  • Cob, amateur.– 1, S Gwilliam’s Chadwick Too; 2, L Freedman’s Cochrane; 3, A Hance’s I’m A Star. nov.– 1, L Haines’ Deards Blue Bayou; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Zodiac II; 3, T Harris’ Mister Munroe. lwt.– 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Gallifrey; 2 & res, I’m A Star; 3, S Gwilliam’s Chadwick Too. hwt.– 1, Zodiac; 2, Mister Munroe; 3, Mannanan Stud’s Mannanan Cool Customer. working show horse.– 1, S O’Reilly Hyland’s Pink Punch. coloured, y’stk.– 1, D Childs’ Southway Rhianna; 2, S Hale’s Shybont Desirae In Mind; 3, A Poulton’s Ty-Draw Wishes With Diamonds. non-native in-hand.– 1, Shybont Desirae In Mind. native/cob/trad in-hand.– 1 & ch, Southway Rhianna; 2, S Kemm’s Tricklebank Billabong; 3, S Hamer’s Oh Micky. ridden coloured, non-nat.– 1, M Richards’ Richards Harvest; 2, K Marks’ Charleville Cavalier. nat/cob/trad.– 1 & res, J Nicholl’s Playingfields Mac The Knife; 2, C West’s Zenith II; 3, K Faith’s Manny. ridden hunter, lwt.– 1, J M Jerram’s About Town; 2, L Freedman’s Mr Mick; 3, H Todd’s Bombay Sapphire. mwt.– 1 & res, S Fisher’s X Factor; 2 C Ebdon’s Father Ted III; 3, S Simpson’s Sugar Roland. hwt.– 1 & ch, J M Jerram’s Snow Patrol; 2, K Marks’ Inn Of Court; 3, A Davis’ Kenlis Caruso. amateur hunter, lwt.– 1 & ch, G Merton’s Rock Of Cashel; 2, S J De Vesci’s Clyde King; 3, P Moon’s Darius IV. mwt.– 1 & res, Sugar Roland; 2, X Factor; 3, G Campion’s Classic Caldini. hwt.– 1, C Langrish’s Stradey’s Pride. ladies.– 1 & ch, Mr Mick; 2, Darius IV; 3, E Rostron’s Penstrumbly Our Abram. sml.– 1, J Elkington’s Crack The Code; 2, J M Jerram’s Favour; 3, A Lance’s Fred Robinson. working hunter lwt.– 1 & res, D J Slatter’s Kenlis Countryman; 2, J H Martin’s Firecroft Tolkein. hwt.– 1 & ch, Y James’ Storm Force; 2, A Davis’ Kenlis Caruso. NPS/Ringside Stud M&M open ridden, sml.– 1, unlisted; 2, unlisted; 3, Whitehall Trailer’s Chisken Jaguar. lge.– 1, J Wood’s Dycott Elegant Lady; 2, C Streams’ Hillymead Cabaret; 3, unlisted. Kilmannan Stud M&M in-hand silver medal.– 1 & ch, P Armitage’s Blakeswater Serenade; 2 & res, C Thompson’s Achriesgill. Connemara, New Forest 4yo & over.– 1 & res, W R Newman’s Topaze De Kinlara; 2, K Gorman’s Anbally Cloud; 3, A Poulton’s Tyan Talk Of The Town. y’stk.– 1 & ch, Blakeswater Serenade; 2, W Webber’s Armadale Sir William. Highland, Fell, Dales 4yo & over.– 1, G Guy’s Severnvale Gypsy Rose; 2, F McWilliam’s Finches Ladybird; 3, S R Jerrard’s Clandon Something Special III. y’stk.– 1 & ch, G Guy’s Severnvale Jasmine; 2, H Parker’s Banksgate Song Bird; 3, S Moran’s Conway Harlequin. Exmoor, Dartmoor 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, C Thompson’s Achriesgill; 2, N French’s Blackthorn Poteen; 3, H Arnold’s Bradford Prophecy. y’stk.– 1 & res, N French’s Blackthorn Poem; 2, S J Allen & S D Cave’s Anchor Fauna; 3, H Arnold’s Bradford Fantasy. Shetland stallion.– 1 & res, A Page’s Barns Saint George; 2, N French’s Bincombe Plowboy. mare, geld 4yo & under.– 1 & ch, Messrs Hodge & Walter’s Schivas Kirsty; 2, R D Jones’ Emerald of Quimper; 3, A Page’s Somahouse Holly. colt/geld y’stk.– 1, A Page’s Buxted Discovery. filly 3yo & under.– 1, P Hopkins’ Buxted Emma-May; 2, Cozens Family’s Stepley Tiara. miniature.– 1 & ch, Messrs Hodge & Walters’ Halstock Velvet Fox; 2 & res, F Hodder’s Eiger Hugo; 3, C Percy’s Snelsmore Jasper. b’mare.– 1, G Mather’s Halstock Pearl Sox; 2, C Reeves’ Mardlebrook Killerton Lady. foal.– 1, G Mathers’ Shawdene Faberge; 2, C Reeves’ Wintermoore Fire Cracker. mare/geld.– 1, F Hodder’s Eiger Jasmine; 2, G Smith’s Newton Elegance; 3, A McGuinness’ Cromac Musical Surprise. 2/3yo.– 1, C Percy’s Snelsmore Nutmeg; 2, Messrs Hodge & Walters’ Halstock Sugar ‘N’ Spice; 3, Messrs Hodge & Walters’ Halstock Milton. y’ling.– 1, L Crew’s Snelsmore Odele; 2, D Gerring’s Witcombe Eros; 3, C Percy’s Snelsmore Oral. Welsh sec A/B.– 1 & ch, L Burt’s Fosterhouses Challenger; 2, M Dewdney’s Putwell Sentinal; 3, A Jackson’s Teifi Lucky Luke. y’stk.– 1 & res, L Burt’s Denrib Lily Of The Valley; 2, C Brook’s Blanche Musical; 3, S Ellis’ Pinelodge Pickpocket. sec C/D stallion/geld.– 1, L Moore’s Abborfield Prince Michael; 2, L Wilkinson’s Popsters Ricochet; 3, G Deller’s Cilmaengwyn Welsh Jac. mare.– 1, A Booth’s Rainhill Olwen. y’stk.– 1, L Wilkinson’s Hillgarth Mai Fair Lady; 2, M Snelling’s Blaencrymlyn Hywel; 3, M Snelling’s Blaencrymlyn Winston. M&M WHP 122cm.– 1 & res, J Suffling’s Briars Amaretto; 2, L Brill’s Briars Valhalla. 138cm.– 1 & ch, V White’s Gwyllan Rooney; 2, S Darlington’s Tynwydd Good Friday. exc 138cm.– 1, K Gibbard’s Grange Bobbing Surf; 2, S Wheway’s Bstone Diva; 3, A Bebbington’s Willoway Court Jester. NPS Micor Demolition M&M LR.– 1, S Proctor’s Gangsdown Brodie; 2, H Roberts’ Jenkira Havana; 3, A Board’s Ulverscoft Eastern Surprise. FR.– 1, Ulverscoft Eastern Surprise; 2, T Thorneycroft’s Waitwith Briar Rose; 3, A Ryan’s Mr Mufti. M&M FR WHP.– 1, Ulverscoft Eastern Surprise; 2, G Paske’s Aislaby Johannes; 3, Mr Mufti. M&M jnr ch sml.– 1, P Thomson’s Shilstone Rocks Southwesterly. 138cm.– 1 & res, S Darlington’s Tynwydd Good Friday; 2, J Wood’s Dycott Elegant Lady; 3, H Rogers’ Bryn Gelli Bronze Bronwen. exc 138cm.– 1 & ch, H Jeans’ Sydenham Mithras; 2, N Felton’s Harradene Golden Nugget; 3, M Tucker’s Hardy Rocks. retrained racehorse, in-hand TB.– 1, S Capell’s Mountainview Rover; 2, L Sandford’s Cherry Plum; 3, L Clinkard’s Myrtle Bay. Tattersalls RoR show horse.– 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Stealth Project; 2, L Kozak’s Golden Feather; 3, V Ayers’ Follow The Trend. challenge.– 1, B Molter’s Capal Garmon; 2, J Hurrell’s Lady Chastity.

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