Royal Cornwall showing results, 5-7 June

  • ROYAL CORNWALL Wadebridge, 5-7 June
    Ridden hunter (D C Kellow, G Mernagh) lwt.— 1, R Oliver’s Michelangelo; 2, S Simpson’s Jazz Band; 3, L Szutowicz & Lady Palmer’s Master Lucky. mwt.— 1 & ch, R Oliver’s Masterful; 2, W J Gibson & E Gibson’s Shanbo River King; 3, J Cooper’s Hamish VI. hwt.— 1 & res, Jethro Bloodstock’s Grand Tavern; 2, J Newbury & J Wills’ Fritz Edward; 3, W J Gibson & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert. sml.— 1, A J Buckingham’s Miners Town; 2, K Pitt’s Anfield; 3, L Miller’s Amaretto. 4-y-o (M Lowe, D Bartram).— 1, P Lally’s Soloman Brown; 2, T Ball’s Rhoman Law; 3, G Jones’ Classical Romance. mare/geld hunted.— 1, W J Gibson & E Gibson’s The Candleman; 2, C Lawrence’s Mylier; 3, C Edwards’ Blue Alvin. local.— 1, R Campbell’s Step Aside; 2, F Jones’ Chester; 3, L Taylor’s Calgary. ladies (A Collins, M Lowe).— 1, Hamish VI; 2, D Morrell-Davies’ Saxon King; 3, L Tylor’s Calgary. working hunter (D Bartram, J Bryer) open.— 1, S Arthur’s Saracen V; 2, C Benson’s Beinn Bhan; 3, E Blumenau’s Parsnip. working cob (S Butler).— 1, E Bury’s Waterford; 2, K Ledger’s Howzat; 3, I Jarvis’ Charlee. riding horse (A Collins, T Day) sml.— 1 & ch, P Allpress’ Wolvers Storyteller; 2 & res, K Smith’s First Class; 3, C Imrie’s Tea Dance. lge.— 1, S Giles’ Melody Maker; 2, E D Thomas’ Just Imagine; 3, C Blackham’s Barella. hack (A Collins, T day) sml.— 1 & ch, J Ellis’ Delta Rhythm; 2, E Burt’s River Attraction. lge.— 1 & res, W Gibson’s Whitegates Thingy’s Role; 2, K Pitt’s Center Stage; 3, K Saggers’ Garthstone Right Royal. cob (J Conifey, M Tory) lwt.— 1 & ch, S Cuddy’s The Duke; 2, J Sharpe’s What A Corking Clover; 3, T Veale’s Pussy Galore. hwt.— 1 & res, E Bury’s Waterford IV; 2, S Lanz’s Churchill III; 3, L Davey’s Lexington II. maxi (S K Butler, J Bryer).— 1, G Warren’s Rubber Ball; 2, C Luscombe & A Baulch’s Satellite; 3, G Warren’s Red Bell. sml hunter breeding (N Oliver) y’ling.— 1, H Fuller’s Laurozel Lucky Moondancer; 2, S Edwards’ Runnon Dancing Queen; 3, L Slade’s Golanth. 2-y-o.— 1, M Smith’s Fairways Fantasy; 2, E Littlejohn’s The Ginger Man II; 3, C Norman’s Finnian Jones. 3-y-o.— 1 & res, E Wilson’s Savana Blue; 2, C Wood’s Over The Rainbow; 3, D Isaac’s Cassie Corker. b’mare.— 1 & ch, V Scouller’s Bonheur; 2, J Frost’s Penny Whistle; 3, L Pooley’s Sugar And Spice. foal.— 1, J Frost’s Devonhayes Fluted Edge; 2, V Scouller’s; 3, L Pooley’s. hunter breeding (N Oliver) y’ling colt/geld.— 1 & res, C Wood & M Boyles’ Just The One; 2, H Knight’s Dalcotes Jeffries; 3, J England’s Maggie’s Ward. y’ling filly.— 1, C Wood & M Boyles’ Kiss N’ Tell; 2, L Head’s Lyndell Andorra; 3, R Penn’s Redpath Rhyme. 2-y-o colt/geld.— 1 & ch, A Bassett’s Right As Rain II; 2, E Schofield’s High Cove; 3, J Fisher & C Willis’ Bright Spirit III. do filly.— 1, N Hocking’s Dalcotes Ultimax; 2, A Rogers’ Sally’s Choice; 3, A Ryder’s Gracie May III. 3-y-o.— 1, Messrs D A Reynolds & M W Cook’s Sugar Rowland; 2, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Langaller Eve; 3, L Head’s Lyndell Armadallas. lwt b’mare.— 1, Messrs D A Reynolds & M W Cook’s Seabourne Swansdown; 2, C Fox’s Amazing Grace V; 3, L M Kellow & D Jordan’s Spirit Of Freedom. foal.— 1, Messrs D A Reynolds & M W Cook’s; 2, C Fox’s; 3, L M Kellow & D Jordan’s. hwt b’mare.— 1, T Wareham’s Who’s That Lady; 2, L Jones’ Diamond Rose; 3, Dalcotes Studs’ Parkmore Coleen. foal.— 1, T Wareham’s Fancy Man; 2, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Yildiz; 3, L Jones’ Jacob Diamond. riding horse breeding (T Day) y’ling.— 1 & res, J England’s Maggie’s Ward; 2, H Fuller’s Laurozel Lucky Moondancer; 3, S Edwards’ Runnon Weld Done. 2-y-o.— 1 & ch, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Trenavey Consent; 2, D Porter & A Pitman’s Wycroft Overture; 3, C Trevena’s Outatime. b’mare.— 1, Dalcotes Stud’s Pinot Noir; 2, S Edwards’ Runnon Coppelia; 3, J Fisher’s Holly Go Lightly. foal.— 1, Dalcotes Stud’s Dalcotes Woodward; 2, J Fisher’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s; 3, S Edwards’. BSPA in-hand (M Davies) y’stk.— 1, J Collings’ Aldensfarm Blue Print; 2, J Welch’s Betham Spirit; 3, D Dunscombe’s Doylan Whiz Kid. 4-y-o & over 153cm.— 1, D Dunscombe’s Gerdinen Madam To To; 2, K Broad’s HCM Warpaints Mirabella; 3, E Thomas’ South Hill Royal Miss. exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, T Veale’s Shybont Bean Dance; 2 & res, S Fry’s Wilderness Fancy Caesar; 3, T Veale’s Pussy Galore. BSPA ridden (M Davies) 153cm.— 1 & ch, S Lanz’s Misty Blue; 2, J Thrupp’s He’s The One; 3, R Cuming’s Mr Flintoff. mixed.— 1, S Fry’s Wilderness Carmen; 2, Pussy Galore; 3, E Thomas’ Just Imagine. exc 153cm.— 1 & res, S Lanz’s Spot The Fox; 2, C Luscombe & A Baulch’s Satellite; 3, S Lawrence’s Wulfstan King Of The Mountain. hack breeding (J Beatham) y’ling.— 1, A Payne’s Catchphrase. sml hack 2-y-o.— 1, B Burt’s Kingvean Celestial Trooper; 2, K Allen’s Wycroft Domingo; 3, F Harding’s Fire Dance. lge do.— 1 & res, E Jenkin’s Burianna Cashel; 2, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Delta Tango; 3, E D Thomas’ Treveglos Illusion. b’mare.— 1 & ch, S Edwards’ Little Miss Tittle Tattle; 2, S Cunningham & D Wilson’s Holtess Holly Go Lightly. foal.— 1, S Cunningham & D Wilson’s; 2, S Edwards’. in-hand Arab (T Day) y’ling.— 1 & res, S Warne’s Hidden Extravaganza; 2, T Atherton’s Rusadia; 3, A Mitchell’s Kharo. 2/3-y-o colt/geld.— 1 & ch, P Evans’ K M Haaziq; 2, M Ben-David’s A H Chyta. do filly.— 1, P Evans’ K M Ameerah; 2, T Atherton’s Kioki Moon. b’mare.— 1, J H L Phillips’ Kamillah; 2, P Wainwright’s Fantastika; 3, D Batten’s Icarus. Anglo/part-bred Arab (T Day) 2/3-y-o.— 1, F Harding’s Fire Dance; 2, D Porter & A Pitman’s Wycroft Aphrodite; 3, T Alderson’s Meneth Rhythm ‘N Blues. 148cm.— 1 & ch, C Trodd’s Heavenly Suprise; 2, M Barbery’s Rendene Musical Charm. exc 148cm.— 1 & res, Holltess Holly Go Lightly; 2, M Barbery’s Croft Original IV. ridden Arab (L Lidbury, S Parsons) pure-bred.— 1, D M Batten’s Icarus; 2, J Tamblyn-Hayward’s Aritiv; 3, S Tyne’s Eternal Spirit. Anglo/part-bred.— 1 & ch, M Barbery’s Croft Original IV; 2 & res, K Waters’ Bowlandforest Dandelion; 3, M Hannam’s Miss Saigon. Appaloosa in-hand (N Faulconbridge) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, L Halstead’s E B A On The Rocks; 2, K Adams’ Alder Good Friday; 3, K Hammond’s Rowberton Galaxy. y’stk.— 1 & res, K Weldon’s Tamerton Lottie; 2, D Wilson’s Tober Dubulay. ridden Appaloosa (N Faulconbridge).— 1, L Halstead’s E B A Pinot Noir; 2, A Rogers’ Roosters Gold; 3, H Menhennet’s This Way Up. pony breeding (M R Jones) b’mare.— 1 & res, Heavenly Surprise; 2, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 3, N Budd’s Ninfield Evita. foal.— 1, C Trodd’s Romany River Heaven Sent; 2, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Fanfare; 3, E Stanleick’s. y’ling 143cm.— 1, G Trevenna’s Colby Velvet Charm; 2, Turberry Stud’s Trellech Victoria Plum; 3, S E Pollett & J Ogbourne’s Holyoake Shakira. 2-y-o filly/geld 146cm.— 1, D Porter & A Pitman’s Wycroft Aphrodite; 2, C Sandison & A Eccles’ Bankswood Honeysuckle; 3, L Goodall’s Fofsway Truly Scrumptious. 3-y-o filly/geld 147cm.— 1 & ch, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Springtime; 2, M Davies’ Towan Tom Fiddler; 3, L Goodall’s Lowland Party Girl. spotted pony (N Faulconbridge) y’stk.— 1, M Pollard’s Cranleigh Madonna; 2, J Mann’s Penwarne Fleur; 3, A Fuller’s Hollowmooor Pebbles. 4-y-o & over 42in.— 1 & res, R Jones’ Broomells Sunup; 2, F Gardner’s Aesthete Tom Thumb; 3, J Barnett-Deakin’s Kilcummer Piccolo. y’stk 42in to 148cm.— 1 & ch, J Walkers’ Broomells Storm Flakes; 2, J Drummond-Dunn’s Moonspark Sweet Toffeepoppet; 3, J Mann’s Penwarne Angel Delight. do 4-y-o & over.— 1, J Mann’s Haw Hubble Bubble; 2, J Underwood’s Rialton Silver Jaypie. Dartmoor (A Roeves) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & res, K Locke’s Okeleat Heather Queen; 2, J Newbery’s Newoake Musical Edition; 3, A Bassett’s Dunmere Black Bryony. foal.— 1, K Locke’s. stallion/colt 2-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, D Jordan’s Moortown Countryman; 2, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Dunnabrook; 3, Lanwarnick Native Ponies’ Firsedge Royal Rebel. 2/3-y-o geld/filly.— 1, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Southwesterly; 2, D Jordan’s Moortown May Fair; 3, S Aylesbury-Rogers’ Wistmans Camelia. y’ling.— 1, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Nightingale; 2, D Jordan’s Moortown Heavensent; 3, D Alford’s Cawsand Linnet. Shetland (A Stevens) stallion 4-y-o & over.— 1, B Gamblin’s Oakgrove Baz-Bee; 2, T Banger’s H R E Clumlie. do miniature.— 1 & ch, Messrs J A T & D AJ G Hodge’s Halstock Velvet Fox; 2, L Cook’s Keensacre Casino; 3, B Chugg’s Mardlebrook Dancer. y’ling.— 1, M Matthews’ Goodworth Karina; 2, J Walters’ Sharptor Chiffon. 2-y-o.— 1, B Gerry & N Collings’ Broadspring Crystal; 2, B Gamblin’s Oakgrove Blaze; 3, A Foster’s Lovaton Waterlily. 3-y-o.— 1, M Day’s Darklake Daysy; 2, J Harris’ Ferns Egan. b’mare.— 1, M Matthews’ Moorfield Harriet; 2, J Walters’ Schivas Pepsi; 3, B rae’s Samber Spritzer. do miniature.— 1, Messrs J A T & D AJ G Hodge’s Blackertor Moesha; 2, L Lawrence’s Trelaske Midnight’s Magic; 3, A Blamey’s Collytown Savanna. do y’ling.— 1, A Runnalls & F Hammond’s Tawna Rosella; 2, Messrs J A T & D AJ G Hodge’s Halstock Pip’s Madonna; 3, A Blamey’s Collytown Indian Princess. do 2-y-o.— 1, A Blamey’s Collytown Valentino; 2, B Watton’s Balmedie Snuff; 3, Messrs J A T & D AJ G Hodge’s Halstock Gracious Sox. do 3-y-o.— 1, A Runnalls & F Hammond’s Tawna Rubus; 2, J Gillingham’s Mignon Poppy; 3, S Rawlings’ Treworder Grange Rhapsody. do mare/geld.— 1, Messrs J A T & D AJ G Hodge’s Halstock Puzzle; 2, N Burt & J Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Mabena; 3, N Burt & J Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Little Millie. in-hand Welsh, sec A (J Williams) y’ling.— 1, S Franklin’s Sarum Rose Petal; 2, N McGuire’s Sarum Japhet; 3, C Tibbey’s Lacy Jaffa. 2/3-y-o.— 1, S Franklin’s Sarum Rosamunde; 2, S Day’s Blethyn Bobby Dazzler; 3, S Hooper’s Gladsdale Silver Charm. b’mare.— 1, S Bowman’s Rowfantina Prima Diva; 2, K Whitley’s Felldownhead Alcema; 3, J Johns’ Tehelig Chiffon. foal.— 1, K Whitley’s Felldownhead Achilles; 2, E Jones’ Tresparrett Spirit Of Two-Rivers; 3, S Bowman’s. stallion.— 1 & ch, C Johnston’s Vervale Galileo; 2, J Bowerman’s Rosegarth Pioneer; 3, P Trestall’s Cwmsarah Antur. barren mare/geld.— 1 & res, S Anderson’s Thistledown My Fair Lady; 2, D Lloyd’s Weston Confetti’s Charm; 3, R Curtis’ Rawdan Bambino. sec B (J Williams) y’ling.— 1, C Gibbons’ Rhydspence Serena; 2, S Pollett & J Ogborne’s Heaton Sequin; 3, A Lee-Shute’s Bochym Magic Amber. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & res, J Carter’s Millcroft Iska Roc; 2, L Hillard’s Gryngallt Pretty Picture; 3, P Cheetham’s Carrwood Phoenix. b’mare.— 1, V Stephens’ Annandale Evita; 2, E Jones’ Piran Rosella; 3, S Smith’s Esgairfochnant Jasmin Topaz. foal.— 1, V Stephens’; 2, E Jones’; 3, S Smith’s. stallion.— 1 & ch, E Lynes’ Moelgarnedd Derwyn; 2, G Trevenna’s Hilin Telstar; 3, H Banbury’s Milltop Rio Grande. barren mare/geld.— 1, G Mountjoy’s Knivers Meadow Easter Bunny; 2, S Smith’s Brynoffa Juliet; 3, H Banbury’s Kerrells Razetta. sec C (D P Jones) y’ling.— 1, C Fell’s Parvadean Diana; 2, C Granger & G Mitchell’s Dycott Lady Bouncer; 3, A Lutey & P Parker’s Brohedydd Flying Lady. 2/3-y-o.— 1, S Watts’ Trixies She’s Proper; 2, S Smith’s Tyntyla Osian; 3, S Thompson’s Maenan Time After Time. stallion.— 1 & res, J Bowerman’s Llanweneth Flash Jack; 2, N Musson’s Dycott Man-Y-Brenin; 3, R Lutey’s Trevarth Cola. barren mare/geld.— 1 & ch, C Fell’s Laurtom Gwenllian; 2, M Booth’s Ashgrove Red Rose; 3, J Payne & J Braddon’s Twyford Conker. sec D (D P Jones) y’ling.— 1 & res, C Granger & G Mitchell’s Tynybryn Rolo; 2, T Higgs’ Solloway Orlanda; 3, S Ackers’ Parciau Miri Mai. 2/3-y-o.— 1, S Watts’ Trixies She’s A Goodan; 2, K Holmes’ Trevarth Delightful; 3, N Harrison’s Maesmynach Arwr. b’mare.— 1 & ch, A Waters’ Abergavenny Orianna; 2, P Hendra’s Brimstone Derwena; 3, S Payne’s Dirion Seren Ebrill. foal.— 1, A Waters’; 2, P Hendra’s; 3, S Payne’s. stallion.— 1, E Collis’ Drogeda Welsh Magic; 2, H Woolley’s McCilveen Mattie; 3, P Hendra’s Trofarth Tegid. barren mare/geld.— 1, D Caldwell’s Peaceriver Sioux; 2, M Thatcher’s Llanfyllin Rosina; 3, G Knapman’s Heolyrhedyn Generator. in-hand fell (G Cockbain) 4-y-o & over.— 1, S Webb’s Baronshill Babe; 2, Y Watson’s Lockholme Thomas; 3, A Devonshire’s Chyvounder Waterlily. y’stk.— 1 & ch, G Guy’s Severnvale Grace; 2 & res Y Watson’s Greenbeck Candy; 3, L Norris’ Oldmill Mountain Breeze. Exmoor (A E Weston) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, R Martin-Williams’ Northcroft Thistle; 2, A Tuckett’s Hebe; 3, J Payne & J Braddon’s Dunkery Tawny Owl. y’stk.— 1 & res, P Hall’s Anchor Budweiser; 2, J Ablett & G Langdon’s Coed-Y-Wern Jonquil; 3, J Ablett & G Langdon’s Tawbitts Holly. Highland (Mrs D Steains) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, A Douglas’ Dunedin Monach; 2 & res, N Hoad’s Salcroft Raithneach; 3, A Cockburn’s Lyncrests Rhonda Lass. y’stk.— 1, A Greening’s Darragh of Craignetherty; 2, S Bird’s Smokey Of Cragie Loch. Connemara (C M Fletcher) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, A James’ Rebel’s Ghost; 2 & res, M Ash’s Beenleighford Skylark; 3, J Wyman’s Walstead Willow Warbler. y’stk.— 1, A Gibbs’ Chandaem Mr Blue Sky; 2, M Ash’s Beenleighford Firefly; 3, Lovelyhill Stud’s Lovelyhill Village Cygnet. dales (G Cockbain) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, S Briant’s Colliery Charm; 2, S Allison’s Fulford Comet. y’stk.— 1 & res, Mr Jones’ Lowhouses Chesney; 2, Mr Jones’ Lowhouses Bright Star. New Forest (M Western) 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, E Collis’ Dorridge Fifinella; 2, C Large’s Willoway Minstrel; 3, E Collis’ Dorridge Curlys Double. y’stk.— 1 & res, J Furse’s Brock Defoe; 2, L Booth’s Hurtstock New Moon; 3, J Lowth’s Rushpole Goldcrest. M&M ridden (M Western) dales, Highland, fell.— 1 & res, P Cox’s Stockclough Joseph; 2, A Cockburn’s Lyncrests Rhonda Lass; 3, P Davis’ Imogen Of Carlung. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, C Large’s Willoway Minstrel; 2, M Pannell & S Carpenter’s Willoway Lord Of The Rings; 3, C Large’s Willoway Free Spirit. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland.— 1, S Please’s Tawbitts Mystic Maggie; 2, K French’s Bincombe Pilgrim; 3, J Chamberlain’s Westhaven Silver Shadow. sec A/B.— 1, L Matravers & R Guppy’s Carrwood Olympian; 2, L Sayers’ Jananda My Valentine; 3, F Thompson’s Powys Jack Flash. sec C.— 1 & ch, A Abrahall’s Wyken Lady Jasmine; 2, R Curtis’ Maenan Ronan Keating; 3, M Booth’s Ashgrove Red Rose. sec D.— 1 & res, J Pring’s Penstacan Pansy; 2, C Pearce’s Heolyrhedyn Rhosyn Y Mynydd; 3, H Price’s Trenewydd Viking Warrior. SP (P Baker-Beall) 128cm.— 1 & ch, H Laity’s Cottrell Special Edition; 2, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Woods; 3, P Hendy’s Bluegate Punchline. 138cm.— 1, D Simmonds’ Newoak Designer Label; 2, J Sleep’s Rosegate Dantino; 3, S Colwill’s Eskdale Cherry Sunburst. 148cm.— 1 & res, C Burrows’ Holltess Paparazzi; 2, J Stokes’ Jackets Vaudeville; 3, K Waters’ Bowlandforest Dandelion. int SRT (P Baker-Beall) sml.— 1, Mrs Bowden’s Lunar Eclipse; 2, L Miller’s Regal Quest; 3, G Semmens’ Nutschullyng Good Faith. lge.— 1, K Saggers’ Garthstone Right Royal; 2, E Crew’s Florentina; 3, J Saunders’ Farrier Tom. int SHT.— 1, C Burrows’ Weggs Tiger Mountain; 2, F Thompson’s Monarch Of The Glen; 3, L Miller’s Monet IV. SHP (P Baker-Beall) 153cm.— 1 & res, L Harper’s Tilstock Red Fox; 2, M Barbery’s Croft Original IV; 3, T Kelly’s Henrietta. 143cm.— 1, J Dawe’s Country Dancer; 2, S Cranston’s Dykebeck Wild Nettle. 133cm.— 1 & ch, K Clinnick’s Edward V; 2, G Laity’s Beverley Swan Song; 3, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V. 122cm.— 1, M Laity’s Rillaton Fair Trade; 2, C Wonnacott’s Arf A Bob. LR (P M Pattinson).— 1 & ch, S Lobb & F Dymond’s Okewood Delightful; 2, C Pooley’s Danibeck Thumbelina; 3, N True’s Covenham Tittle Tattle. FR.— 1, A Wilcox-McLean’s Wynswood Jonquil; 2, T Gibson’s Small-land Rosetta; 3, T Alderson’s Forgeland Hill Wind. LR of SHT.— 1, S Lobb & F Dymond’s Gryngallt Picture Puzzle; 2, R Brown’s Toya Tickled Pink; 3, C Pooley’s Toya Tortella. M&M (G Cockbain, C Fletcher) LR.— 1, J Rushton’s Nantdywyll Triban; 2, K Pretty’s Forlan Hero; 3, Mr & Mrs Wilson’s Ceffyl-Llwyd Snowdrop. FR.— 1 & ch, N Picknett’s Chetwyn Crackerjack; 2 & res, F Thompson’s Powys Jack Flash; 3, P Hendy’s Rhydspence Renown. WHP (P M Pattinson, M R HJones) 133cm.— 1 & ch, E Crew’s Pebbly Dungaree; 2 & res, H Jeans’ Brianne Hapni; 3, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V. 143cm.— 1, J Trethewey’s Kilrush Happy Hurricane Harvey; 2, S Cranston’s Dykebeck Wild Nettle. 153cm.— 1, S Smith’s Fia’s Pride.

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