Royal Cornwall Show 10 – 12 June ’04

  • ROYAL CORNWALL Wadebridge, Cornwall, 10-12 June

    ridden hunter (J M Jefferson, A Webber) 4-y-o 1, A Southern’s Enduring Freedom; 2, B Sweet’s Tregew Lace; 3, J Cooper’s Frodo. regularly hunted 1, S J Quick’s Rowberton Chantilly Lace III; 2, B Peck’s Above Suspicion; 3, T A Veale’s Brocklesby. regularly Cornish hunted 1, A Buckingham’s Calvary Clover; 2, A Richards’ Woodstock II; 3, S Maddern’s Celtic Tyrera. HOYS sml 1, L Miller’s Monet IV; 2, B Peck’s Just Miller; 3, A Buckingham’s Tally Ho II. HOYS l’wt 1 & res, J Day’s Swansea Gale; 2, S & Mrs Pitt’s Luke Sharpe; 3, W J & E Gibson’s The Philosopher. HOYS m’wt 1, W J & E Gibson’s Newsflash; 2, H Harper’s Blade; 3, P J Lobb’s Earls Quest. HOYS h’wt 1 & ch, W J & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, J Day’s Fair Haven; 3, J M Waldron & W Gibson’s Diamond White. HOYS ladies (S Perham) 1, A Southern’s Ashdale Queen’s Law; 2, W J & E Gibson’s Newsflash; 3, N M A Phillips’ Bodieve Autumn Bliss. HOYS WH (S Perham, S Somers) 1, M Hennah’s Le Point D’Or; 2, R Ball’s Duke Street; 3, Dalcote Stud’s Parkmore Coleen. Working Cob (S Somers) 1, L Davey’s No Joke; 2, M J Laity’s Huntsman III; 3, P & Mrs S Hendy’s Courtgates Gilbert. riding horses (S Somers) sml 1 & ch, K Smith’s Broxwood; 2, P J Lobb’s Gypsy Joan; 3, J Sutton’s White Gates Double Role. l’ge 1 & res, E J Edwards’ Coppelia; 2, A Bassett & T Wareham’s Monte Cristo; 3, V Scouller’s Greenhorn. ridden hacks (J Lewis) sml 1 & ch, S E Bate’s Oskar Schindler; 2 & res, J G G & Mrs Thomas’ Brookwood Cinnamon; 3, G Hopkins’ Las Princess. lge 1, D R Kent’s Dolly Pentreath; 2, K Whitell’s Renaissance; 3, A Stephens’ The Advocate. ridden cobs (J Lewis) l’wt 1 & res, Jethro Bloodstock’s The Duke; 2, M J Laity’s Huntsman III; 3, J Johnson’s The Stout Fellow. h’wt 1 & ch, G Warren’s Forrester; 2, H Hyde-Andrews & Mrs Andrews’ Admiral II; 3, Mrs P C Hill’s Mrs Bridges III. small hunter in hand (H C Knight) yearling 1, C Wood & M Boyles’ Malarki; 2, E Lee’s Eyford Flower Power; 3, C Williamson’s Kings Will. 2-y-o 1, N Brown’s Military Crisis; 2, E J Lewis’ Definitive Gin; 3, S Perkins’ Turnaway Barr. 3-y-o 1, V Scouller’s Bonheur; 2, R Penn’s Penwind Raconteur; 3, S J Jones’ King’s Cadet. b’mare 1 & ch, M Scott’s Philadelphia Bay; 2 & res, T Wareham’s Trenawin Leadette; 3, V Pappin’s Golden Honey. foal 1, T Wareham’s Jessica; 2, M M Scott’s Brendon Hill Hamish; 3, S Furniss Powell’s Bright Attraction. hunter in-hand (A C M Spalding) y’ling colt/gelding 1, L Head’s Urban Legend; 2, Dalcote Stud’s Dalcotes Yeoman; 3, J Bray’s Bitter Luck. y’ling filly 1, P Laity’s Maid In Cornwall; 2, J Cope’s La Goulue; 3, A & Mrs Clemens’ Trevarren Bay. 2-y-o gelding 1 & ch, C Wood & D Chanter’s Astonish; 2, S Simpson’s Bilbo Baggins II; 3, H J Hutchins’ Formal Ambassador. 2-y-o filly 1, M Todd’s Lillibet; 2, J Bray’s Taboo III; 3, M Jarman’s Regal Rosina. 3-y-o filly/colt/gelding 1, D Kellow’s Mr Colman; 2, W C F Keat’s Master Lucky; 3, I Adsetts & M Lawrence’s Dare to Dream. l’wt b’mare 1, C Wood & M Boyles’ Barysha; 2, Messrs Upham & Davey’s Eve’s Wish. foal 1, Messrs Upham & Davey’s Eve ‘N Tide; 2, C Wood & M Boyles. h’wt b’mare 1, M Pannell & S Carpenter’s Joie De Vivre; 2, C A Stevens’ Against All Odds. foal 1 & res, M Pannell & S Carpenter’s Westcoombe; 2, C Pascoe’s Houstons Challenger. hunter y’stck produce groups (H C Knight, A C M Spalding) 1, King’s Composer (Mrs S J Jones’ King’s Cadet, Dalcote Stud’s Dalcote’s Yeoman, A Clemens’ & J Carne’s Trevarren). R H b’mare & y’stck (J Lewis) yr’ling 1, C Fox’s Coswarth Imperator; 2, L Ahmet’s Aquilas Studs Nigla; 3, R Penn’s Winygrafin. 2-y-o 1, C Fox’s Fairground Attraction; 2, K Saggers’ Garthstone Right Royal; 3, J Green’s Total Shaaboom. 3-y-o 1 & res, E J Edwards’ Gosford Park; 2, A S Hosegood’s White Gates Thingy’s Role; 3, S J Quick’s Rowberton Shebari. b’mare 1 & ch, C Cowling’s Endeavour; 2, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Piran Flora Dora. foal 1, C Cowling’s foal; 2, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devil or Angel. coloured in-hand (J M Jefferson): 1/2/3-y-o 1 & res, A Board’s Puzzles Pretty Girl; 2, J G G & Mrs Thomas’ Merlin’s Magic; 3, F Tilley’s Lady Summit. open sml 1, J G G & Mrs Thomas’ South Hill Royal Miss; 2, J Beagley’s Carne; 3, J Chamberlain’s Woodstock VII. open lge 1 & ch, C Knowles’ Indian Dream Catcher; 2, P Brook’s Trooping The Colour; 3, M Vining’s Travelling Light. ridden coloured: pony, stallion, mare or gelding 153cms 1, J G & Mrs Thomas’s South Hill Royal Miss; 2, V Keat’s Chinnor Defini; 3, J S Shellard’s Flying Colours. horse, pony open rider 1, Dr J Dixon’s Imperial Autumn Colours; 2, V Keat’s Chinnor Defini; 3, J S Shellard’s Flying Colours IX. open exc 153cms rider 15 yrs & over 1& ch, C Knowles’ Indian Dream Catcher; 2 & res, J R Lyon’s Lady Valentine; 3, M Couch’s Doodles. in-hand hacks (J Lewis): y’ling 1, R Penn’s Bright n’ Breezy; 2, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devils Rock. sml 2-3-y-o 1 & res, C Fox’s Fairground Attraction of Coswarth; 2, S Cunningham’s Howtown Muzurka; 3, A Beaven’s Apres Tout. lge 2-3-y-o 1, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devil At Daybreak; 2, M Janson’s Whalton High Point; 3, L Vince’s Barham Brook. b’mare 1 & ch, C R Trodd’s Graceful of Romany River; 2, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Piran Flora Dora. foal 1, A K & Mrs M Pilgrim’s Devil Or Angel. arabs (J M M Harries): y’ling 1 & res, D M Commins’ Summers Place Sunset; 2, P M Lindsay’s Cyganka; 3, D M Commins’ Summers Place Mystique. 2-3-y-o colt/gelding 1, P R Wainwright’s Fantasist; 2, S Warne’s Azzik; 3, D J & Mrs Knight’s Zarameer. 2-3-y-o filly 1, J Martin’s Mount Edgcumbe Velkova; 2, P Paton’s Summers Place Winter Magic; 3, P M Lindsay’s Golden Lanner. b’mare 1 & ch, D M Batten’s Allesandro; 2, S M Fripp’s Azara Bint Azadik; 3, N Birch’s Pizzazz. Anglo/part-bred Arabs (J M M Harries) y’ling 1, A E Eccles & C R Sandison’s Bankswood Prince of Rogues; 2, D S Porter’s Whiteleaze Laura May; 3, R Penn’s Legend Moon Falcon. 2-3 y-o 1, D Smith’s Glebedale Sharmannty; 2, K Andrew’s Rosedale Decision; 3, P J Honey’s Trellech Chantilly Rose. open sml 1 & res, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Catkin; 2, A G Pitman’s Clongeera Sunflower; 3, S J Newstead’s Okehayes Sunset Boulevard. open lge 1 & ch, C R Trodd’s Graceful of Romany River; 2, K Berwick’s The Tawny Emporer; 3, R L Robertson’s Nahood. ridden Arab, Anglo/part-bred/pure bred arab (J M M Harries) pure bred open 1 & res, P R Wainwright’s Saroukh; 2, D M Batten’s Allesandro; 3, P A Trumper’s Ortanique. anglo/part bred open 1 & ch, K Berwick’s The Tawny Emporer; 2, S J Newstead’s Okehayes Sunset Boulevard. appaloosas (B Ashby-Jones) in-hand open 1 & ch, S J Quick’s Rowberton Orinoco; 2 & res, S J Quick’s Sunny Boy; 3, S J Quick’s Rowberton Casanova. open 1-2-3-y-o 1, D Neale’s EBA Angelica; 2, S J Quick’s Rowberton Mysteen; 3, H Jose’s Penhalwyn Camanche. ridden open 1, Rowberton Orinoco; 2, Sunny Boy; 3, K Giddings’ Rowberton Cinnamon. HM The Queen’s Cup 1, C Wood & D Chanter’s Astonish’ 2, W J Gibson & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert. spotted pony (B Ashby-Jones) sml 1/2/3-y-o 1 & res, R Evan’s Hollowmoor Nia Blueberry; 2, V Siddall’s Hollowmoor Sol Benson; 3, L Cashmore & Mr Baulch’s Bramblecroft. open sml 1& ch V A Jones’ Brijanan Bobby Dazzler; 2, P M Hardscastle’s Boxatrix Dream Weaver Happiness; 3, F Gardner’s Aesthete Tom Thumb. lge.1-2-3-y-o 1, J Mann’s Haw Hubble Bubble; 2, J Mann’s Broomells Dolphin’s Delight; 3, M Bassett’s Broomells Dolphin’s Delight. open lge 1, M Bassett’s Broomells Malla; 2, K J Christopher’s Mr D. pony breeding (C D Ruchwaldy) b’mare 1 & res, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Catkin; 2, J R & Mrs Wilton’s Cymond Crystal. foal 1, P Greenleaf’s Deanhills Royal Portrait; 2, J R & Mrs Wilton’s Cymond Jessica. y’ling 1 & ch, A Moyniham’s Thornsett Royal Romance; 2, A E Eccles & C R Sandison’s Bankswood Prince of Rogues; 3, D S Porter’s Whiteleaze Laura May. 2-y-o 1, M Howle’s Warleigh Double Bubble; 2, J M Birt’s Beverley Swangson; 3, C Conbeer’s Clonageera Morning Rain. 3-y-o 1, D Smith’s Glebedale Sharmannty; 2, A E Macey’s Fofsway’s Cleopatra; 3, R White’s Falconhurst Simply Magic. Dartmoors (J E Paterson) mare 1, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Riverdance; 2, J Jordan’s Moortown Heron; 3, J Newbery’s Newoak First Edition. foal 1, J Jordan; 2, Miss J Newbery. stallion/colt 2-y-o 1 & ch, J Jordan’s Hisley Craftsman; 2, D Howarth-Podesta’s Trefursdon Nutcracker; 3, Reid & Parkinson’s Moortown Master Craftsman. gelding/filly 2-3-y-o 1, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Spray; 2, J Jordan’s Moortown Sweet Heart; 3, M & Mrs A H Brewington’s Dural Desdemona. y’ling 1 & res, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Sweet Talk; 2, M & A H Brewington’s Dural Dionysus; 3, L Vince’s Okeleat Mayqueen. Shetland Ponies ( J E Paterson) standard mare 1 & res, J M Walters’ Schivas Pepsi; 2, D Bowden’s Lakehead Elissa; 3, J M Walters’ Schivas Amber. standard yling 1, S & Mrs Rendall’s Hollydell Havana; 2, C G Rogers-Bennett’s Hayne Dayglow Dezire; 3, B Rae’s Samber Scotch. standard 2-y-o 1, M Day’s Horningtops Alexander. standard 3-y-o 1, S & Mrs Rendall;s Hollydell Poseidon; 2, M Vicker’s Zennor Amethyst. standard stallion 1, Messrs D A J & A T Hodge’s Hre Bigton; 3, B M Gerry’s Darklake Polo. miniature y’ling 1, A Runnalls’ Tawna Saffron; 2, G Kelland’s Jackmoor Flight of Fancy; 3, N Burt & J L Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Little Spirit. miniature 2-y-o 1, N Burt & J L Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Morwenna; 2, A Runnalls’ Tawna Clementine; 3, M J Gillingham’s Mignon Maisie. miniature 3-y-o 1, J Lawrence’s Abrilla Naomi; 2, A Runnalls’ Tawna Mermaid; 3, J M Birt’s Donabi Kaluki. miniature stallion 1 & ch, Messrs D A J & A T Hodge’s Kerswell Crusader; 2, Capt P G McGary & family’s Little Vic of Kelly. miniature mare/gelding 1, A Runnalls’ Tawna Babysham; 2, A McLindsay’s Rexon Losal; 3, M J Gillingham’s Birchwood Gypsophelia. Welsh Mountain Ponies, sec A (J E W Hendy), yling 1, R & Mrs Curtis’ Polmesk Ganesha; 2, P A Trestrail’s Owetre Firecracker; 3, J M Wilson’s Putwell Seren Aur. 2-3-y-o 1 & res, I J Ball’s Vimpenny Sweet Sherrie; 2, L Davey’s Ronswood Emily; 3, S R & Mrs Bowman’s Baledon Model Miss. b’mare 1, Capt P G McGarry & family’s Friars Crystal Gale; 2, Y Small’s Norash Teesha; 3, Mr & Ms E Jones’s Bron Y Coed Indian Sunset. foal 1, P A Trestrail; 2, S Hooper’s Gladsdale Windy Miller; 3, H Lomas. open stallion 1 & ch, R L Miller & D M Davies’ Cascob Silver Ghost; 2, I J Ball’s Vimpenny Lance; 3, R A & Mrs Lutey’s Trevarth Alacrity. open barren mare/gelding 1, D A & Mrs Caldwell’s Lippens Nightingale; 2, R & Mrs Curtis’ Randan Bambino; 3, H Lomas’ Triad Tiger Lily. Welsh Ponies, sec B (J E W Hendy), y’ling 1, J & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Lotus; 2, E Turner’s Piran Rosella; 3, E C Jarvis’ Lemonshill Firecracker. 2-3-y-o 1, J Sleeman & S Gay’s Lemonshill Top Note; 2, J M Wilson’s Cadian Valley Rose; 3, S E Pollett’s Polborne Riverdance. b’ mare 1, J & Mrs Carter’s Millc & resroft Geisha; 2, A Lee’s Bejowans Magical Charm; 3, S E Pollett’s Douthwaite Prairie Dancer. foal 1, J & Mrs Carter; 2, A Lee’s Bochym Royal Carasell. open stallion 1 & ch, R L Miller & D M Davies’ Rhoson Shem; 2, S Spratley’s Stockham Merlyn; 3, A Staines’ Dunsford Crown Imperial. open barren mare/gelding 1, H Lake’s Newhill Delphine; 2, D Williams’ Morvah Morning Cloud; 3, M R & Mrs Price’s Bochym Magic Midnight. Welsh Ponies of cob type, sec D (H Williams), y’ling 1, P Parker & K Lutey’s Anabia Calamae; 2, J Westlake’s Bowbells Ballistic; 3, S S Ward, J D Ward & K Evans’ Rosecoombe Symphonys Midnight Flyer. 2-3-y-o 1, D & Z Buckley’s Haniel Mallory Knox; 2, J R Barrett’s Rosecombe Symphony’s Minstrel; 3, J R & Mrs Payne’s Anabia Veryan. b’mare 1, E M Collis’ Aberhosan Hariet Express; 2, D A & Mrs Caldwell’s Brambridge Sabrina. foal 1, E M Collis’ Lime Kiln Henrett; 2, D A & Mrs Caldwell. open stallion 1 & res, D & Mrs C M Pearse’s Heolyrhedyn Victory; 2, E M Collis’ Drogeda Welsh Magic; 3, C Howarth’s Cwmcae Comet Bach. open barren mare/gelding 1 & ch, D & Z Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyers Charm; 2, J R & Mrs Payne’s Hywi Red Rose; 3, A D Pow’s Plymouth Tredis Tarwyn. Welsh Cobs, sec C (H Williams), y’ling 1, R & Mrs Curtis’ Bodwenarth Candyman. 2-3-y-o 1, C Gibbs’ Popsters Champagne; 2, R & Mrs Curtis’ Wyedean Chester. b’mare 1, E Maloney’s Windwillow Gwendoline; 2, R A & Mrs Lutey’s Trevarth Furore. foal 1, R A & Mrs Lutey; 2, E Maloney. open stallion 1, L Tropman’s Parc Harry. open barren mare/gelding 1 & ch, J Taylor’s Bakersfield Ginger Rogers; 2 & res, J Pring’s Ashgrove Rosemary; 3, C M Green’s Glynwyn Gwilym. New Forest Ponies (V G De Quincey), open 1 & ch, J R Whitham & L E Booth’s Woodrow Portman; 2, E M Collis’ Vernons Toy Boy; 3, P A Williams’ Chyvounder Rock N Roll. 1-2-3-y-o 1 & res, E M Collis’ Dorridge Lone Piper; 2, E M Collis’ Dorridge Curly’s Double; 3, L A & L E Booth’s Hurtstock Bright Light. Exmoor Ponies (J Moon), open 1 & res, H Walker’s Hazelnut; 2, M R Williams & I Nash’s Knightoncombe Goldfinch; 3, P Cox’s Penbrynddu Moorland Mouse. 1-2-3-y-o 1 & ch, Hon Mrs J M Price’s Woodmans Sheena; 2, D Luckhurst’s Crowan; 3, G M Langdon’s Knightoncombe Kingfisher. Highland Ponies (L E Impey), open 1 & ch, W Bridges’ Holmedown Cobweb; 2 & res, S W & Mrs Bridges’ Clandon Outragious; 3, HM The Queen’s Balmoral Jingle. 1-2-3-y-o 1, A King’s Woodmills Queen of the May; 2, A King’s Fourmerk Hannah. Connemara Ponies (V G De Quincey), open 1 & ch, B Jasper’s Spinway Kestrel; 2, G Vincent’s Gew Trogon; 3, S Wills’ Connerton Earl Grey. 1-2-3-y-o 1 & res, C Moore’s Shipton Morning Starlight; 2, M Osborne’s Gew Sandpiper; 3, A J Thornton’s Walstead Princess Patricia. Dales Ponies (P Boustead), open 1 & ch, L Ahmet’s Dartdale Bobbie; 2 & res, B J McRink’s Rosebarr Maxie. 1-2-3-y-o 1, L Ahmet’s Aquilas Stud Pendragon. Fell Ponies (P Boustead), open 1 & ch, Y Watson’s Townend Bonny; 2 & res, M Goddard & M Longsdon’s Bewcastle Blinky Bonny; 3, S Williamson & G Taylor’s Rundales Garry. 1-2-3-y-o 1, A Norman’s Midtown Monty; 2, A Groglino Tredellans Danny Boy; 3, A Devonshire’s Chyvounder Waterlily. The Cuddy Supreme In-Hand Championship qual 1, R L Miller & D M Davies’ Rhoson Shem; 2, C Wood & D Chanter’s Astonish. The 2004 Royal Lancashire Red Rose In-Hand Championship 1, R L Miller & D M Davies’ Rhoson Shem; 2, C Wood & D Chanter’s Astonish. The Simpson Refractories M&M Pony of the Year ridden M&M ponies (V G De Quincey, P Boustead), Dales, Fell & Highland open 1, R Penny’s Hesket Willow; 2, L Ahmet’s Dartdale Bobbie; 3, Y Watson’s Townend Bonny. New Forest & Connemara open 1 & ch, J Webb’s Bunowen Castle Ri; 2, C Richardson’s Sydserff Oliver; 3, J R Whitham & L E Booth’s Woodrow Portman. Dartmoor, Exmoor & Shetland open 1 & res, Reid & Parkinson’s Denburydown Democrat; 2, C Ward’s Uppacot D’yquem; 3, K Girdler’s Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord. Welsh, Sec A&B 1, R & Mrs Sharp’s Islyn Annwylyd; 2, K Harris’ Gunthwaite Tail-Race; 3, C & Mrs Gibbions’ Mollegaards Mr Swing King. Welsh, Sec C 1, S Warden’s Bryndir De Niro; 2, D & Mrs C M Pearse’s Finglebridge Field Fare; 3, A Abrahall’s Wyken Llwynella. Welsh, Sec D 1, C Richardson’s Cwmclydon Oscar; 2, S Taskis’ Blaengwen Jonah Lomu; 3, D & Mrs C M Pearse’s Blaengwen Sion Aled. Children’s Riding Ponies (C D Ruchwaldy), BSPS 128cm 1 & ch, K Westaway’s Willowheath Amethyst; 2, C A Masters’ Bluegate Punchline; 3, C Burrows’ Devon Aratzi. BSPS 138cm 1, G & Mrs Semmens’ Lowland Tradeprint; 2, J D Stokes’ Overdale Vanity Fair; 3, J Newbery’s Newoak Azaro. BSPS 148cm 1 & res, S J Newstead’s Okehayes Sunset Boulevard; 2, J E Edwards’ Vagabond; 3, M Pannell & S Carpenter’s Longriver Shotting Star. BSPS LR (D Kellow) 1, C Wonnacott’s Hammonds Precocious; 2, S Lobb & F Dymond’s Cosford Charmaine; 3, A S Lovell’s Cherrytop Imperial Starlight. SHP LR 1, D A Brown’s Bracon Moonlight; 2, M J Thomas’ Nantcol Smallprint; 3, S A Colwill’s Cwmderw Lyric. BSPS FR 1, E A Crew’s Courtway Autumn Belle; 2, S L Plesae’s Rosslayne Royal Glory; 3, A E Enticott’s Moorhall Limelight. HOYS ridden M&M (L E Impsey, P Boustead), LR 1 & res, P Francis’ Foxcroft Miranda; 2, F M Vincent’s Trevassack Dallas; 3, M J & Master R Stokes’ SOS Windwillow Magician. FR 1 & ch, S Grange & J Lonsdale’s Waterside Genesis; 2, V O’Connor’s Fairmarsh Marbou; 3, S Woyka’s Treowen Rhian. Open SHP (C D Ruchwaldy), BSPS 122cms 1 & ch, S & L Gould’s Twylands Paean; 2, S L Please’s Rosslayne Royal Glory; 3, A Fry’s Megan. BSPS 133cms 1, C A Masters’ Bluegate Punchline; 2, D A Brown’s Stainswick First and Foremost; 3, M Barbery’s Newoaks Celebration. BSPS 143cms 1 & res, E J Edwards’ Star Edition; 2, K Pitt & Messrs Buckingham’s Tyrdulais Tell The Truth; 3, F E Richards’ Riveroaks Country Life. BSPS 153cms 1, E C Stanleick’s Simply Magic; 2, G & Mrs Semmens’ Hope; 3, H G Laity’s Carnkief Toyboy. WHP (D C Kellow), BSPS 133cms 1 & ch, N Thompson’s Spinningdale Sienna; 2 & res, C Bayley’s Amesbury Casablanca; 3, C Rowcliffe’s Wilmor Mr Bizzie. BSPS 143cms 1, C J Howells’ Gaelic Prince; 2, M Pannell & S Carpenter’s Herr Varagnac; 3, C Rowcliffe’s Toyd Zeppy. BSPS 153cms 1, H Ottaway’s Hillside Drumer Boy; 2, R Webber’s Tollerhayes Fescue; 3, H Martin’s Classic Orchid. Miniature Horses (B Ashby-Jones), 2-3-y-o 1, W Edgar’s Zeals House Romantic Duet. open 1 & res, W Edgar’s Minimul Barnicle; 2, C & T Marsh’s Kerswell Natasha. Colt/stallion 1 & ch, V A Jones’ Brijanan Bobby Dazzler; 2, V A Jones’ Broomells Sunup; 3, J & K Richards’ La Vista Brilliant Remark. Morgan horses (Ms K Kearns) in-hand, pure/part bred 1-2-3-y-o 1, G Knight’s Briarpatch Talisman; 2, E Keeling’s Rinsey Pride; 3, H Smee’s Briarpatch Fine N Dandy. pure part/bred 4 yrs & over 1, D L Russell’s Monnington Ultra Sonic; 2, H Smee’s Landside Valentine; 3, R Price’s NGM Jupiter. ridden, road hack pure/part bred 1, R Price’s NGM Jupiter. Heavy horses (P D Y Tribe), registered shire y’ling-2-3-y-o 1 & res, P Tonkin’s Lady Jay; 2, D James’ Heathfield Harvester; 3, P Tonkin’s Bolenoe April Moonlight. reg shire open 1 & ch, B N & Mrs Willis’ Trelow Isadora. heavy horse/shire non reg1-2-3-y-o 1, R White’s Rosevean Just William. heavy horse/shire non reg open 1, B N & Mrs Willis’ Medstead Royale. Inter-hunt relay 1, Four Burrow; 2, Four Burrow; 3, South Tetcott.

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