Royal Bath & West showing results, 1-4 June, 2011

  • Hunter breeding, b’mare sml.— 1, V Scouller’s Bonheur; 2, K Williams’ Its Jazzy. foal.— 1, V Scouller; 2, K Williams’ Its Kings Delight. b’mare.— 1, C Upham’s Euphoria II; 2, M Maryan’s Seabourne Scotch On The Rocks; 2, V Scouller’s Tattygare My Fair Lady. foal.— 1, M Maryan; 2, V Scouller; 3, C Upham. y’ling filly.— 1, S Grace’s Trehudreth Renaissance; 2, B Sweet’s Dalcotes Baikal. colt/geld.— 1, P Hobbs’ Madrisa; 2, S Evans’ Apprentice; 3, E Savage’s Dollar. 2-y-o filly.— 1, S Edwards’ Runnon Co-Star; 2, M Baker & B Beaver’s Solveig Lady; 3, B Sweet’s Dalcotes Miruku. colt/geld.— 1, A Wareham & C Burrington’s It’s A Family Affair; 2, C Hall’s Chicago’s Dylan. 3-y-o filly.— 1 & ch, D Sexon’s Tawstock Fedora; 2, R Penn’s Lovestruck. colt/geld.— 1 & res, D Evans & P Jarrett’s Eastern Index; 2, J Smith’s Fairfield Orlando; 3, K Martin’s Rylands Special Envoy. ridden hunter, 4-y-o.— 1, Jethro Bloodstock’s Master Bandsman; 2, L Homer’s Point Of View; 3, C Jones’ Stradey Hanna. RIHS lwt.— 1 & ch, H le Moignan’s W Regal Wood; 2, A Newell’s Temple Mill; 3, V Smith’s Yarrow Special Eddie. sml.— 1, A Buckingham’s Miners Town; 2, L Miller’s Monet IV; 3, L Miller’s Amaretto. mwt.— 1, A Hall’s Bann View; 2, G Crumpler’s Killaloe; 3, Jethro Bloodstock’s Bandwagon. hwt.— 1 & res, L Homer’s Punchestown; 2, C Bardo’s Silverstream; 3, L Lockwood’s Tullys Law. ladies.— 1, G Crumpler’s Killaloe; 2, P Moon’s Darius; 3, M Sanders’ One Vision. novice.— 1, K Tait’s Redemption; 2, L Homer’s Cashel Rock; 3, C Shadbolt’s Harry Winston. amateur lwt.— 1 & res, P Ryder Phillips’ Orbitall; 2, J Baker’s Amalfi; 3, Darius. hwt.— 1 & ch, S Fisher’s X Factor; 2, Harry Winston; 3, E Gibson’s The Candleman. working hunter, nov.— 1 & res, One Vision; 2, C Stevens’ Anchorman; 3, A Clapham’s Master Charles. RIHS open.— 1 & ch, Orbitall; 2, L Cooke’s William Bonney; 3, P Ryder’s Kellys Hero. cob, nov.— 1, H Griffiths’ Corbally; 2, M Ainsworth’s Colestream; 3, H Isaac’s Rockstar. RIHS lwt.— 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ I’m A Star; 2, C Bardo’s Fait Acobbli; 3, R Bartolomy’s Benetton. hwt.— 1 & ch, L Oseman’s Ballyell Turbo; 2, V Glynn’s Randalstown Causeway; 3, C Neame’s De Monkey Business. maxi.— 1 & res, N Armstrong’s Miramax; 2, H Harper’s Atlas; 3, J Leeman’s Telemann. amateur.— 1, M G Dixon’s Chinwagg Finn; 2, S Wicks’ The Cobbler; 3, G Phillips’ Wellington. working show horse.— 1, J Beatham’s Comberton Clancy; 2, S M O’Reilly Hyland’s Pink Punch; 3, H Knight’s Dalcotes Perrazzi. riding horse/hack breeding, b’mare.— 1 & ch, A Bassett’s Walk Like A Lady; 2, N Pomeroy & C Wood’s Bootilicious. foal.— 1, A Bassett’s Festival Lady; 2, N Pomeroy & C Wood. hack y’ling.— 1 & res, P Pickford’s Comberton Copelia; 2, V Russell-Wood’s Stage Knight. RH y’ling.— 1, D Hoare’s Langaller Dream; 2, S Edwards’ Runnon Watregate; 3, J Frost’s Devonhayes Bonita. sml hack 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, M Reeves & J Beatham’s Cuddington Alliance; 2, E Cooper’s Moor Than Handsome; 3, G Dewick’s Legal Lass. lge.— 1, J Payne’s Whinchat’s Royal Encounter; 2, S Edwards’ Runnon Daisy May; 3, Mrs Thomas’ Rosedale Diversity. sml RH 2/3-y-o.— 1, R Timson’s Brindlebrook Pharoah; 2, C Pascoe’s Trenavey Celtic Fusion; 3, C Dilasser’s Terregles Little Balmae. lge.— 1 & res, V Russell-Wood’s Music Man; 2, V Smith’s Rocklodge Rhapsody; 3, C Stewart’s Rosetta Gold. sport horse breeding y’ling.— 1, Devonhayes Bonita; 2, Apprentice; 3, B Sweet’s Dalcotes Baikal. 2-y-o filly.— 1, L Davies’ Platinum Rolex Décor; 2, E Childs’ Polos Spring Edition; 3, S Edwards’ Runnon Co-Star. colt/geld.— 1, L Leeman’s Kellythorpe Dun Diamonte; 2, G Sinclair’s Isington Magnum; 3, C Hall’s Chicago’s Dylan. 3-y-o filly.— 1 & res, D Webb-Bowen’s Fairfax C; 2, R Penn’s Lovestruck. colt/geld.— 1 & ch, Eastern Index; 2, L Jones’ Henry Diamond; 3, J Smith’s Fairfield Orlando. HOYS CHAPS, non-native exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, Z Bartlett’s LWS Artful; 2, T Waters’ Shybont Navaho Girl; 3, unlisted. 153cm.— 1, S Lane’s Northlands Mr Chico; 2, K Pritchard’s Brynteg Llwynau Daffodil; 3, unlisted. native/cob/trad exc 148cm.— 1 & res, A Curry’s Cilmaen Gwyn Romany Lad; 2, unlisted; 3, unlisted. CHAPS in-hand, y’ling.— 1, L Wright’s Moortown Charity; 2, J Bryer’s Harroway Faerie Sprinkle; 3, S Kemm’s Tricklebank Solitaire. 2-y-o.— 1, J Bryer’s Harroway Hulaquin; 2, S Hale’s Shybont Truly Scrumptious; 3, Z Bartlett’s Bartleaze Spot The Dot. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, Fairfax C; 2 & res, E Eynon’s Penstrumbly Gone Dancing; 3, M Wood’s Palmira. nat/cob/trad.— 1, H Linfield’s Broken Arrow II; 2, J Vosper’s Riverlands Adorable; 3, A Gilbert’s The Office Junior. non-nat.— 1, M Tarrant’s Shybont Fame Game; 2, E Prosser’s Appledore Coconino; 3, Shybont Truly Scrumptious. in-hand pure-bred Arab, mare.— 1, A Lovell’s Viola Des Alpes. filly y’stk.— 1, W J Howell’s Spot The Design; 2, J E Stafford Charles’ Summers Place Pearl Drift. colt/geld.— 1 & ch, J Fraser-Brown’s Sirius OS; 2, J Hutchings’ Mellway Golden Klassic. stallion/geld.— 1 & res, D Commins’ Summers Place Mikado; 2, S Zebedee’s Piatza; 3, W J Howell’s Estisha. in-hand Anglo/part-bred y’stk.— 1 & ch, A W Thomas-Chambers’ Anton Pussy Galore; 2, M Coombes’ Goresmead Castellane; 3, K Londesborough’s Stanley Grange Sophisticat. y’ling.— 1, S Cunningham’s Howtown Waltzing Matilda; 2, A Millington’s Barrdene Belle De Nuit; 3, D Cox’s Wycroft Wedgewood. 2-y-o.— 1, Mrs Thomas’ Rosedale Diversity; 2, J Upward’s Wycroft Spring Symphony. 3-y-o.— 1, Music Man; 2, J Cox’s Rhyllandell Siskin; 3, J Bryant’s Kristal Minstral. 4-y-o & over.— 1, K Knock’s Hammonds Half Time; 2, K Knock’s Botleigh Strathespy; 3, S Trott’s Newoak All Spice. HOYS ridden Arab, geld.— 1 & res, C Phipps-Hewlett’s Yehudi; 2, J Turner’s Hazar Afsana; 3, B Phillips’ Bon Coeur. mare.— 1, J Stafford Charles’ Summer Place Blossom Time; 2, S Murphy’s Karaselle. stallion.— 1 & ch, S Zebedee’s Piatza; 2, Georgian Arabians’ Bolaero. Anglo/part-bred ridden 148cm.— 1, K Knock’s Wychenlea Accolade; 2, K Knock’s Hammonds Half Time; 3, K Knock’s Botleigh Portrait. exc 148cm.— 1, M Pook’s Perriland Politician; 2, A Browne’s Misunderstood; 3, B Giles’ Towan Barnaby Rudge. hack, nov.— 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Wolvers Obsession; 2, Perriland Politician; 3, B Giles’ Glentons Adonis. RIHS sml.— 1 & res, K Healy’s Abbey’s Finale; 2, Lower Haldon’s Brendonhill Faberge; 3, R Bullock’s Stanley Grange Overture. lge.— 1 & ch, Lower Haldon’s Guiding Light; 2, J Billows’ Hazard Away. riding horse nov.— 1, Y Edwards’ Renelles Royal Decree; 2, B Cole’s Loot; 3, K Smith’s Silver Street. RIHS sml.— 1 & res, C Bardo’s Berkeley Square; 2, J Watts’ Marshbrook Masterpiece; 3, Lower Haldon’s Tea Dance. lge.— 1 & ch, J Beatham’s Comberton Clancy; 2, D Weston’s High Estate. Tattersalls RoR.— 1, C Blackham’s Barella; 2, J Stephens’ Best Of The Blues; 3, J Cooper’s Silver Sutton. HOYS intermediate SRT sml.— 1 & ch, L Edwards’ Valantinos Royal Touch; 2, C Mackness’ Cwmcarrog Catalin; 3, D Lacey’s Radway All Talk. lge.— 1 & res, H Broom’s Paschal High Flyer; 2, E Jenkin’s Buriana Cashel; 3, R Peytons’Ricardo. appaloosa in-hand, 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, P Halstead’s E B A Pinot Noir; 2 & res, J Shakespeare’s Dramatic Edition. y’stk.— 1, N J Bellenie’s Wise-Spares Bluecash; 2, P Halstead’s EBA Montrachet. in-hand part-bred.— 1, K Rose’s Tajfun; 2, C Richardson’s Rosswood Raindance; 3, N Moore’s Thornboro Charlotte. ridden.— 1, E B A Pinot Noir; 2, K Rose’s Tajfun; 3, A Rogers’ Rooster’s Gold. Connemara in-hand, y’ling.— 1, J Somerset’s Tesremos Sunnybear; 2, K Walters’ Holnest Coolnaha; 3, N Windsor-Horne’s Ambra Cadenza. 2/3-y-o.— 1, H Lomas’ Countess Of Lisroh; 2, T Deja’s Glenkeen Billy Whizz; 3, K Summerfield’s Kilclammon Zippy. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, J Somerset’s Tesremos Top Bear; 2 & res, J Field’s Tyan Roisin; 3, T Deja’s Glenkeen Derry Mist. dales/fell in-hand y’stk.— 1 & res, G Guy’s Severnvale June; 2, P Reeves’ Richmond Affra; 3, H Matty’s Waltersgay Joys Beauty. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, M Smallman’s Heltondale Bonny Girl; 2, G Guy’s Severnvale Rosie. Dartmoor in-hand, mare.— 1, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Sweet Talk; 2, J & D Jordan’s Moortown Mayfair. y’ling.— 1 & res, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Navara; 2, J Green’s Dunmrer Little Mill; 3, P Tyler’s Springwater Stop The Music. 2-y-o.— 1, J Jordan’s Moortown Divine; 2, A Banks’ Underhill Olearia. 3-y-o.— 1, E Newbolt-Young’s Shilstone Rocks Cottage Craft; 2, M Giles’ Haida Tarragon; 3, M Giles’ Haida Foxtrot. 4-y-o & over.— 1, L Carpenter’s Graimere Jack Snipe; 2, J Newbery’s Newoak Star Edition. stallion/colt, 2-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, J Jordan’s Moortown Countryman; 2, E Collis’ Dunmere Billy Green. Exmoor in-hand, mare.— 1, E Nicholls’ Bournefield Rosebud; 2, N Fear’s Hawkwell Valentine; 3, M Williams’ Waltersgay Rosebud. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, J Wharton’s Albert; 2 & res, W Vint’s Dunkery Whimbrel; 3, M Richardson’s Dunkery Wigeon. y’ling.— 1, W Vint’s Dunkery Palmchat; 2, K Knock’s Anchor Fancy Tequila; 3, M Richardson’s Buttondown Jasper. 4-y-o & over.— 1, E Nicholls’ Blackthorn Pagan; 2, N Fear’s Waltersgay Juniper. stallion.— 1, A Westcott’s Cider Apple; 2, K French’s Blackthorn Poteen; 3, D Wallace’s Bourneville. Highland in-hand, y’stk.— 1 & ch, C Radice’s Holmedown Charlotte; 2, D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Izzy. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & res, W Bridges’ Holmedown Chicago; 2, H Horler’s Nashend Lady Ribble; 3, K Knock’s Holmedown Kansas. New Forest in-hand mare.— 1, T Nineham & J Young’s Brock Baccarat; 2, W Dibdin’s Ashley Marshioness; 3, J Lowth’s Burley Holly. y’ling.— 1 & ch, W Dibdin’s Ashley Fascination; 2 & res, S Kilford’s Furzley Fanfare; 3, K Armitage’s Blakeswater Serenade. 2/3-y-o.— 1, K Robb’s Knavesash Northstar; 2, E Morgan’s Wayland Olallieberry; 3, W Gover-Fromm’s Purewell Pepper. 4-y-o & over.— 1, K Armitage’s Willoway Royal Oath; 2, S Mead’s Frankium. stallion.— 1, C Saker’s Marley Denes Nashaal; 2, E Collis’ Ashley Enterprise; 3, E Pearson’s Woodrow Easter. Shetland, mare.— 1 & res, A Summerfield’s Stepley Ocean; 2, S Cozen’s Stepley Jenny Wren. y’ling.— 1, S A Chapple’s Westbridgepark Cherry Brandy; 2, K Woolley’s Slades May Queen. 2/3-y-o filly.— 1, M Sargeant’s Champlers Victoria; 2, L Rowland’s Coppice Maggie May; 3, J Walters’ Sharptor Bellisima. colt/geld.— 1, B Rae’s Samber Scholar; 2, K Woolley’s Helawi Nicotiana Calico; 3, M Sargeant’s Champlers Starlite. stallion/geld.— 1 & ch, D Hodge’s Email Of St Ninian; 2, B Gamblin’s Oakgrove Baz-Bee; 3, G Smith’s Yaffle Of Breamore. Welsh sec A in-hand mare.— 1 & ch, M Cobley’s Tryfel Bethan; 2 & res, J Abrahall’s Flyden Arian Byw; 3, M Kilbey’s Idyllic Fire Princess. y’ling filly.— 1, M Kilbey’s Idyllic Vienna; 2, R Miller’s Heniarth Chiff Chaff ; 3, S Anderson’s Thistledown Silver Charm. colt/geld.— 1, V Mardon’s Ronswood Grasshopper; 2, K Shell’s Dukeshill Dancing Digger; 3, V Dyvig’s Sunwillow Rochester. 2/3-y-o filly.— 1, E Waller’s Brynrodyn Blodwen; 2, S Day’s Blethyn Starflower; 3, J Abrahall’s Flydon Llwy De. colt/geld.— 1, J Devenne’s Haverford Imp; 2, R Donati & B Hooper’s Ceulan Calon Lan. stallion/geld.— 1, R Miller’s Heniarth Mr Milligan; 2, M Kilbey’s Idyllic Entrepreneur; 3, S Murphy’s Dukeshill Darcy. sec B in-hand mare.— 1, C Davies’ Daukester Silica; 2, V Stephens’ Annandale Evita; 3, D Reynolds’ Rockbury Pandora. y’ling filly.— 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Sea Shanty; 2, J Hall’s Grias-Hall Lara; 3, V Stephens’ Annandale Miss Saignon. colt/geld.— 1 & res, R Davies’ Adagio De L’Aurore; 2, S Collishaw’s Demdare Moonshine. 2/3-y-o filly.— 1, R Miller’s Rhosen Dorti; 2, J Carter’s Millcroft Wild Fire; 3, P Rade’s Northlands Le Miserable. colt/geld.— 1 & ch, S Anderson’s Thistledown Artic Fox; 2, K Fletcher’s Brookhall Maxi Million; 3, R Gay’s Lemonshill Bellbird. stallion/geld.— 1, C Tamplin’s Grias-Hall Kiwi; 2, K Walker’s Brynoffa Jazz; 3, J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon. sec C in-hand mare.— 1, Tyngwndwn Stud’s Tyngwndwn Angharad; 2, J Batt’s Abergavenny Bayleaf. y’ling filly.— 1, J Bowerman’s Synod Romanticka. colt/geld.— 1 & res, A Thomas’ Fronarth Giovani; 2, M Cobley’s Caebryn Voyager. 2/3-y-o filly.— 1, Rhydeilian Stud’s Rhydeilian Naughty But Nice; 3, G Cooper’s Popsters Movie Star. colt/geld.— 1, K Fletcher’s Popsters Gazzeila; 2, S Peeke’s Danbury Hot Chocolate. stallion/geld.— 1 & ch, J Williams’ Glynwyn Kenicki. sec D in-hand mare.— 1 & ch, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Chatterbox; 2, A Booth’s Rainhill Olwen. y’ling filly.— 1, S Chairman’s Coppathorne Sweet Rosalie. colt/geld.— 1, A Booth’s Rainhill Pendragon; 2, E Eynon’s Llanveynoe Thumbs Up; 3, H Jeans’ Y Ddol Robin. 2/3-y-o filly.— 1 & res, C Davies’ Trevallion Rambling Rose; 2, Tyngwndwn Stud’s Storhaugs Gwenllian; 3, J Bowerman’s Foxhillfarm Golden Velvet. colt/geld.— 1, B Robinson’s Menai Spittin’ Image; 2, L Moore & M Russell’s Cafferys Indiana. stallion/geld.— 1, S Parker’s Janton Philanderer; 2, K Matravers’ Blaengwen Welsh Magic. BSPS Olympia Heritage sml.— 1 & res, J Ablett’s Tawbitts Mystic Major; 2, J Jordan’s Moortown Countryman; 3, S Roberts’ Newoak Furious. sec A/B.— 1, Mr & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Iska Roc; 2, J Newbery’s Eyarth Osprey; 3, J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon. dales, fell, Highland.— 1 & ch, Tower Clyde; 2, W Bridges’ Holmedown Chicago; 3, D Bright’s Moss-Side McLaren. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, J Bloor’s Knockanroe Champ; 2, C Dugmore’s Prince Nestor; 3, S Kilford’s Furzley Accolaide. sec D.— 1, Bowlby Equine’s Kentchurch Charity; 2, C Davies’ Newydd Ben Hur; 3, P Margolin’s Fochnant Waldo. sec C.— 1, D Bright’s Waxwing Rheel; 2, M Alford’s Reset Sir Lancelot; 3, V Moor’s Tycwm Triple Crown. NPS LR.— 1 & ch, J Newbery’s Newoak Star Edition; 2, D Singer’s Menedh Babycham; 3, L Opperman’s Fontmell Beau Garcon. FR.— 1 & res, A McHale’s Dryknowl Branzil; 2, J Brain’s Plasderw Marina. SP nov 148cm.— 1, D L Thomas’ Pendley Mastermind; 2, K Knock’s Botleigh Portrait. 128cm.— 1 & res, B Moore’s Chinook Easter Magic; 2, S Horton’s Trelawn Gaiety Girl. 138cm.— 1, B Moore’s Beckside First Impression; 2, K Knock’s Botleigh Strathespy. 148cm.— 1 & ch, D Thomas’ Hollowmarsh Oliver; 2, B Moore’s Pessall Fanfare; 3, S Hendy’s Jackets Vaudeville. BSPS LR.— 1 & res, A Boucher-Board’s Newoak Paint Box; 2, A Kibbey’s Seamoor Nutcracker; 3, T Gibson’s Milford Mayflower. FR.— 1 & ch, V Trice’s Audene Amariage; 2, H Chard’s Charn Fairy Rose. SHP 122cm.— 1 & ch, D Thomas’ Greylands Maid In The Dark; 2, S Kernan’s Llanai Penthea. 133cm.— 1, S Hendy’s Crimson Night Light; 2, A Frazier’s Harry Potter V; 3, L Batchelor’s Hollowmarsh Digby. 143cm.— 1, G Holder’s Warleigh Eclipse; 2, M Tarrant’s Ellie-Blue; 3, H Jeans’ Nicadaemus Scimitar. 153cm.— 1 & res, Bowlby Equine’s Shroughan Mairtin; 2, A Baybutt’s Tom Thumb II; 3, J Sleep’s Wiske. WHP 133cm.— 1, S Taylor’s Visneagh Princess. 143cm.— 1 & res, D Ward’s Sannan Valley Ovation; 2, L Norton’s Buachaill Maith; 3, J Meyrick’s Carnsdale Mighty Mouse. 153cm.— 1, C Crocker’s Little Ruby Red; 2, D Ward’s Prim and Proper III. int.— 1 & ch, A Frazier’s Suni Royal Regatta; 2, D Ward’s Get Set II. HOYS int SHT.— 1, S Cuddy’s Galtee Park; 2, S Gwilliam’s First Edition; 3, D Lacey’s Half Moon Bellvista. M&M WHP 122cm.— 1 & res, A Shepherd’s Carmilo Magician; 2, E Launder’s Gorfelyn Go Lightly; 3, S Kernan’s Lickfolds Saracen. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Millcroft Iska Roc; 2, K Gorman’s Llwynhywel Victoria’s First; 3, K Walters’ Oaklands Rowan. 148cm.— 1, S Andree-Parsons’ Sabina’s Gold Sovereign; 2, F Goodsir’s The Quiet Man; 3, V Wilson’s Gristhills Caradog-Y-Cawr. HOYS miniature, stallion 3-y-o & over.— 1, R Parson’s Spotlights Bo Diddly; 2, B Thompson’s Dayhill Travelling Technicoloure; 3, C Barnard’s Ujenik Bantam Showers Of Gold. mare/geld 3-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, R King’s Scott Creek My Key To Fashion; 2 & res, C Lindsey’s Apollos Little Rose; 3, C Foulkes’ Zealshouse Black Jack. y’ling/2-y-o.— 1, B Thompson’s Scott Creek Monarch Red Graffiti; 2, L Edgar’s Spotlights Untouchable; 3, L Edgar’s Spotlights Finale. Shetland mare.— 1, D Hodge’s Sharptor Dubonnet; 2, T Waterhouse’s Edern Pansi; 3, E Smith’s Shoscombe Chic. y’ling.— 1, E Smith’s Batscombe Chic’s Eagle Cloud; 2, J Page’s Romansleigh Bretta; 3, C Percy’s Snelsmore Nevada. 2/3-y-o filly.— 1 & res, D Hodge’s Halstock Sugar N Spice; 2, G Mather’s Shawdene Coco Chanel; 3, F Hodder’s Eiger Kassandra. colt/geld.— 1, T Ridgers’ Wotknotts Buccaneer; 2, C Percy’s Snelsmore Maximus; 3, G Lloyd’s Kerswell Senator. stallion/geld.— 1 & ch, F Hodder’s Eiger Charlie; 2, T Waterhouse’s; 3, N Burt’s Jay Of Jopa; 3, J Brendon-Cook’s Treworder Grange Mischief.

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