Royal Bath and West Show 2 – 5 June ’04

  • ROYAL BATH & WEST Shepton Mallet, Somerset, 2-5 June

    hunter breeding (M Gibson): b’mare 1, Mrs A Bassett’s Gladness II; 2, Mrs S Iliffe’s Nutwood Exhibitionist; 3, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Eve’s Wish. foal 1, Mrs A Bassett; 2, Messrs C Upham & S Davey’s Even Tide; 3, Mrs S Iliffe. y’ling filly 1, Pencader Stud’s Pencader Ramona; 2, P McGirr’s Tyrone Ballydale; 3, Dalcotes Stud’s Zinfandel. y’ling colt or gelding 1, Pencarder Stud’s Pencader Romeo; 2, Miss V Scouller’s Dacoit; 3, L A & Mrs N P Willmington’s Plantagenet. 2/3-y-o filly 1 & ch, Miss A Brew’s Gladallover; 2, G Phillips’s Show Me Heaven; 3, Mrs A R Yeandle’s Toners Ocerina. do gelding 1 & res, D Kellow’s Mr Colman; 2, Mrs S A Simpson’s Bilbo Baggins II; 3, Mrs A Chamberlayne’s Easter Rising. ridden hunters (M Florence, Mrs A Hawkins, Miss A Collins, J Chugg, M Gibson, N Oliver): novice 1, Intergrated Packaging Ltd’s Carry The Flag; 2, Miss A Vos’s Mountain Legacy; 3, Kelanne Stud’s Gavin S Grove. RIHS sml 1, Miss A Vos’s Mountain Firefly; 2, Mrs Y J P Withey’s Mr Knightley; 3, Mrs B A Peck’s Just Miller. lwt 1 & res, Jethro Bloodstock’s Burlington Bertie; 2, Kelanne Stud’s Mister McEvoy; 3, G Landau’s Kilmore Quay. mwt 1 & ch, A & Mrs Newell’s Eoeneve; 2, Mrs S Prior’s Murphy’s Law; 3, Mrs C J Clarke’s Pipers Ovation. hwt 1, D Milner’s Spot On; 2, Miss E J & Mrs W J Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 3, Mrs J Waldron & Miss W Gibson’s Diamond White. ladies’ 1, Shelford Rupert; 2, Mrs N Moon’s Sam Brown; 3, Mrs A Southern’s Ashdale Queens Law. RIHS amateur lwt 1, Sam Brown; 2, Mrs J A Reynolds’s Joe Trigger; 3, P J Lobb’s Earl’s Quest. do hwt 1 & ch, Murphy’s Law; 2 & res, Shelford Rupert; 3, Miss E J & Mrs W J Gibson’s Newsflash. competition horse breeding (S T R Stevens): 2-y-o 1, Ms M Boyles & Ms C Wood’s Astonish; 2, Mrs E J Board’s Hello Jigsaw; 3, P K Baber’s Costa Rica. 3-y-o 1 & ch, Mrs J Mason’s Burlyns Good As Gold; 2 & res, Mrs A Chamberlayne’s Easter Riding; 3, G Phillips’s Kingscourt. working hunters (N Oliver, M Florence): novice 1, Mrs N Gittins’s Arctic Chair; 2 & res, A & Mrs Andrews’s Black Diamond Clover; 3, Dalcotes Stud’s Magenta. RIHS open 1 & ch, Mrs H Childs’ Carnsdale Quiz Master; 2, Miss M Hennah’s Le Pointe D’Or; 3, B K Bradley’s Tam-O-Shanters Puzzle. ridden cob (A Varley, J Chugg): novice 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Satelite; 2, Messrs D Andrews & H Hyde Andrews’ Admiral II; 3, Miss I Nash & Miss M R Williams’ Maytime Challenge. RIHS lwt 1 & ch, Jethro Bloodstock’s The Duke; 2, Mrs C Bardo’s Sholto; 3, Mrs M J Laity’s Hunsman III. hwt 1 Miss E Bury’s Waterford; 2, G P Warren’s Forester II; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds Equator. amateur owner/rider 1, Miss A C Wilson’s Barker; 2, Mrs K Walsh’s Buzz Lightyear II; 3, Mrs L Y Richardson’s Scorpius. working cob 1, Mrs J Henderson’s Braveheart III; 2, Mrs M J Laity’s Huntsman III; 3, Miss L Davey’s No Joke. in-hand coloured horses/ponies (S Somers, A Mickleborough): 1-3-yr-old 1 & ch, Mrs A C L Board’s Puzzles Pretty Girl; 2, Miss S Pearse’s Jasmine; 3, Mrs S P Hale’s Shybont Catbalou. 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Mrs B J Bartlett’s Millies Midsummers Magic; 2, Ms J Simmons & N Mills’ Eclair; 3, Mrs S Ward’s Hocus Pocus. ridden coloured horse/ponies (S Somers, A Mickleborough): HOYS lge 1, Tam-O-Shanters Puzzle; 2, Mrs S J Lanz’s Spot The Fox. sml 1 & res, K Pritchard’s Brynteg Llwynau Daffodil; 2, Mrs B A Giles’ Harroway Moon Fairy; 3, Mrs J M Wood’s Ardlea A Valentine. native/cob/trad lge 1 & ch, Satelite; 2, Maytime Challenge; 3, Miss S K Rowley’s Copyright. sml 1, Miss L Cox’s Gitano Sincero Caballero; 2, Ms D S Kersley’s Bashfull Bobby Dazzler; 3, A Katkowska’s Cormac. pure-bred Arab, female (Mrs N M Stephens): mare 1 & res, E J & Mrs Jones’ Oryetta; 2, R & Mrs Carr’s Rusilia; 3, L S Coombs’ Eastworth Ammoshini. y’ling 1, Miss S George’s SG Hesster Shaklana; 2, Mrs V Brown’s Lva Natalia; 3, Miss P M Lindsay’s Krystyna. 2-y-o 1, ch & res sup, E J & Mrs Jones’ Lianna; 2, Mrs S Lugrin’s Azaria; 3, Mrs V Brown’s Redwood Lodge Chances. Arab, male (Mrs C Rowell): y’ling 1, Mrs E German’s Sahir Omah; 2, Ms J Keen & A Griffiths’ Emenes; 3, R & Mrs Carr’s Saudee. 2-y-o 1 & res, W J & Mrs Howell’s Etisha; 2, A & Mrs B Bermingham’s Lymerick; 3, Mrs A Hawke’s Maarhabi. 3-y-o 1, ch & sup, S J & Mrs M P Foreman’s Dancin Dream; 2, Miss S George’s SG Fflute. gelding 4-y-o & over 1, W J & Mrs Howell’s Shayla S Attraction; 2, Miss K Phillips’ Sirius; 3, Mrs E Vincent’s Dilmun. stallion do 1, Miss P M Lindsay’s Ekwipunek; 2, E J & Mrs Jones’ Muhajjai; 3, Miss P Morris’ Silver Highwayman. Anglo/part-bred Arab (N Hollings): sml 1-3-y-o 1, L E Bigley’s Llanarth Kitty; 2, Mrs P Gilfillan’s Deanshill Keepsake; 3, Mrs Newnham & Miss Godden’s Moorhall Sophisticat. open 1, M & Mrs Wrighton’s Moorgate First Edition; 2, C Sandison & Mrs A Ecces’ Bankswood Prince Of Rogues; 3, The Selby’s Archwood Night Fever. 2-y-o 1, Mrs S Cunningham’s Howtown Mazurka; 2, Mrs A Pritchard-Simmons’ Cupidhill Charisma; 3, Mrs C H Conway’s Hyperion Princess Lilli-Bet. 3-y-o 1, C Sandison & Mrs A Ecces’ Bankswood Scandal; 2, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Just William; 3, Mrs C H Conway’s Hyperion Shampayne Lady. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, B P & Mrs Rennocks’ Rendene Lucky Charm; 2 & res, Mr J Grace’s Renelles Sparkling Romance; 3, Selbys’ Telynau Piesporter. ridden (Mrs S Woodhouse, N Hollings): pure-bred Arab 1, R & Mrs Carr’s Rusilia; 2, Mrs P Trumper’s Ortanique; 3, L S Coombs’ Allesandro. Anglo/part-bred 1 & ch, Mrs A Fowler’s Crafton King Of Swing; 2 & res, Miss W Heller’s Towan Barnaby Rudge; 3, Mrs K E Berwick’s The Tawny Emperer. in-hand hack/riding horse (Mrs P Thorne): b’mare 1, Mrs A G Loriston-Clarke’s Catherson Jetstream; 2, M Scott’s Coogee Bay; 3, Mrs A Roper-Caldbeck’s Crime Of Passion. y’ling 1 & res, P & Mrs Hobbs’ Comberton Clancy; 2, Mrs L J Robins’ Widlake Showman; 3, R A & Mrs Worsley’s Bingham S Bernice. sml hack, 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs D Dargavel’s Romany River; 2, Mrs S Cunningham’s Howtown Mazurka; 3, Mrs J Mathie’s Waterrow Summer Storm. lge do 1 & ch, Monserat Sport Horses Poet’s Corner; 2, Mrs L D Alexandroff’s Regardez Moi; 3, C Winter’s Ardenwood Hopi Princess. riding horse 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs A Roper-Calbeck’s Hotess Veni Vidi Vici; 2, Mrs A S Hosegood’s White Gates Thingys Role; 3, Mrs J Green-Armytage’s Loose Canon. ridden hacks (Mrs A Fernyhough, Mrs P N Arkell): novice 1, Miss C Rollitt’s Diptford Distant Dream; 2, Crafton King Of Swing; 3, C Cheater’s Shady Lady IV. RIHS sml 1 & ch, Mrs J Spargo’s Whalton Appassionata; 2, Mrs S Hindle’s Henrietta; 3, Mrs S E Bate & Miss J Deadman’s Oskar Schindler. lge 1 & res, K & Mrs Gridley’s Creinloch Royal Secret; 2, Mrs C Bardo’s Catherston Squaredancer; 3, D & Mrs Curtis’ Flight Of Fancy. riding horses (Mrs J Stephens, Mrs G Tatlow): novice 1, Mrs C Bardo’s Sailor True; 2, Mrs B J Sweet’s Tregew Lace; 3, Mrs K E Berwick’s The Tawny Emperer. RIHS sml 1 & ch, Miss S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 2 & res, Mrs S Donger’s Serenity; 3, Mrs C Bardo’s Seafarer. lge 1, Miss C M & K Carter’s Garthstone Roulette; 2, Miss S J Lane’s Northlands Main Street; 3, Mrs V Macrae’s PPS. riding pony breeding (Mrs B J Evans): b’mare 1 & ch, Renelles Sparkling Romance; 2, M Coombes’ Bradmore Tango. sml y’ling 1, Miss J Clark’s Deanhills Calendar Girl; 2, H Hoy’s Universal Paper Tiger; 3, Mrs L Goodall’s Baybrook Toyboy. medium do 1, C Sandison & Mrs Ecces’ Bankswood Prince Of Rogues; 2, M & Mrs Wrighton’s Moorgate First Edition; 3, Mrs J M Topham-Barnes’ Derwent Soldiers Tale. lge do 1, Miss H Horler’s Baybrook Showman; 2, Mrs F M Kennedy’s Anton Crystal Rose; 3, Mrs P Shepheard’s Hideaway Menabilly. 128cm, 2-3-y-o 1, Mrs E P Holt’s Seawinds Exclusive; 2, Mrs E C Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tailor Maid; 3, Ms D Roberts’ Romany River Tiny Tim. 138cm, 2-y-o 1, Mrs A Pritchard-Simmons’ Cupidhill Charisma; 2, Ms J Birt’s Beverley Swansong; 3, Mesdames Tarr & Hayward’s Fofsway Winsome. 3-y-o 1 & res, L E Bigley’s Llanarth Kitty; 2, Mrs E M Warden’s Parkmead Pioneer; 3, Kesdames Hayward & Tarr’s Fofsway Black Watch. 148cm, filly/gelding, 2-3-y-o 1, Mrs J Carmichael’s Squirrel Nutkin; 2, Mrs S Cunningham’s Howtown Melody; 3, Ms D K Reynolds’ Cheverells Promise Of Peace. do colt 1, Mrs C R Trodd’s Romany River Talisman; 2, Mrs H G Crowley’s Hollowmarsh Just William; 3, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Just William. Shetlands (Mrs J C Holt): mare 1, I & Mrs Bailey’s Vasha Of Touchwood; 2, Mesdames Pickett & Sargeant’s Champlers Rosebud; 3, M G Arden Nadin’s Claylands Gorsty Freya. y’ling 1, M G Arden Nadin’s Claylands Princess Isla; 2, Mrs B D Rae’s Samber Patch; 3, Mrs C G Rogers-Bennett’s Hayne Dayglow Dezire. filly 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs E W House’s Bincombe Pearliqueen; 2, M G Arden Nadin’s Claylands Emily; 3, Mrs W Hedley’s Starfire Sundancer. colt/gelding do 1, Mesdames Pickett & Sargeant’s Champlers Pied Piper; 2, B J Gamblin’s Oakgrove Baz-Nee; 3, S J & Mrs Rendall’s Holydell Hazard. stallion/gelding 4-y-o & over 1, Mrs B D Rae’s Samber Sarson; 2, Cozens’ Stepley Troy; 3, Mrs S A Cooke’s New Park Commando. Welsh sec A (Mrs W Frank): y’ling colt/gelding 1, H P & Mrs Hughes’ Llwyfo Bleddyn; 2, Mrs H J Meyers’ Rosmarche Holly-Sprig; 3, K Hughes’ Bryn-Oden Sebastian. do filly 1, Mrs S Crump’s Wernderris Relish; 2, D & Mrs Reynold’s Springbourne Claudia; 3, Miss J M Reed’s Haverford Miss Molly. filly, 2/3-y-o 1, J & Mrs Burbidge’s Uddens Praise; 2, Mrs I J Ball’s Vimpenny Sweet Cherrie; 3, Ms J Francis’ Gowerdale India. colt/gelding do 1, Mrs A Higgins’ Pinewell Bucks Fizz; 2, K Hughes’ Bryn-Odyn Safari; 3, Miss T Ewings’ Wilcrick Sovereign. mare 1 & res, Mrs P Blake’s Yaverland Delight; 2, R Curtis’ Randan Bambino; 3, Mrs J Hayden’s Penyrheolfawr Popper. stallion 1 & ch, J A Russell’s Gartconnel Shooting Star; 2, Mrs I J Ball’s Vimpenny Lance; 3, Nutbourne Stud’s Lippens Jackpot. sec B (Mrs D Jones): y’ling colt/gelding 1, L E & Mrs Bigley’s Llanarth Sotheby; 2, E G Prosser’s Mintfield Goldcrest; 3, K Ponsford’s Kiltinane Artistic Moments. do filly 1, J W & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Lotus; 2, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Gwyneira; 3, B & Mrs Butterworth’s Moel View Charm. filly 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs G Mountjoy’s Knivers Meadow Easter Bunny; 2, C J & Mrs Gibbons’ Rhydspence Sapphire; 3, Mrs D Bell’s Priestwood Pollyanna. colt/gelding do 1, D L Williams’ Moelgarnedd Calipso; 2, Mrs A Grimes’ Thornberry Lord Admiral; 3, C E R Tamplin’s Griashall Valentino. mare 1 & res, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Royal Gala; 2, J W & Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Geisha; 3, Mrs J L Upton’s Bluebury Ember. stallion 1 & ch, L E & Mrs Bigley’s Douthwaite Signwriter; 2, Mrs E Johnston’s Paddock Personality. Dartmoor (Miss M G Evans): mare 1, J Jordan’s Moortown Heron; 2, E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Masorah; 3, Mrs S Hastie & Mrs T Gunther’s Moortown Soda. y’ling 1, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Dunnabrook; 2, A H & M Brewington’s Dural Dionysus; 3, Mrs S Spry’s Fernridge Foxtrot. 2/3-y-o 1, Mrs E Newbolt-Young & daughters’ Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Spray; 2, J Jordan’s Moortown Sweetheart; 3, A H & M Brewington’s Dural Desdemona. stallion/colt 1 & ch, J Jordan’s Hisley Craftsman; 2 & res, S & Mrs Reid’s Moortown Master Craftsman; 3, D Howarth-Podesta’s Trefursdon Nutcracker. Exmoor (H Heard): mare 1 & ch, Mrs R Wallace’s Perrier; 2, Miss M R Williams & Miss I Nash’s Knightoncombe Goldfinch; 3, D G Mannings’ Warrendale Ariadne. 2/3 y-o 1, Mrs J M Ablett & Mrs G M Langdon’s Tawbitts Golden Candyfloss; 2, Miss M R Williams & Miss I Nash’s Waltersgay Primrose; 3, Mrs J Webber’s Galaxy Pegasus. y’ling 1, Miss A Farrell’s Dunkery Firecrest; 2, Mrs R Wallace’s Viper; 3, Mrs S Crawford’s Cowbridge Torrent. stallion 1 & res, Mrs S D M Poulter’s Flying Buttress; 2, Mrs R Wallace’s Lime Juice; 3, Miss A M Watt’s Heron. Connemara (Mrs M Arrowsmith-Brown): y’ling 1, Mrs J Field’s Richfield Callum; 2, Mrs A Halfpenny’s Tyan Coral Rose; 3, Mrs C Gibbs’ Rickamore Monty. 2-3-y-o 1 & res, J Morgan’s Rosenharley Laurilly; 2, Mrs S R Cheyne’s Heather Diarmuid; 3, Mrs J Field’s Richfield Finn McCool. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs J A Wyman’s Walstead Willow Warbler; 2, Mrs B A Whitcombe’s Gatcombe Candlemas; 3, M & Mrs Hezel’s Croftbank Fergal Finn. New Forest (Mrs S J W Kittermaster): mare 1, Miss C Shah’s Kewlake Raffle; 2, Messrs Sibley’s Merrie Maydance; 3, Mrs J Whitham’s Woodrow Honey’s Dynasty. y’ling 1, S & Mrs Andree-Parson’s Peveril Pendragon; 2, Miss C Farrant’s Willoway Lake Louise; 3, Miss H J Safe’s Ashley Sensation. 2/3-y-o 1, P Knowles & Ms J A Josey’s Buttslawn Gemini; 2, A G & Mrs Bailey’s Applewitch Magister; 3, J Adams’ Burley Traveller. stallion 1 & ch, Miss E Collis’ Vernons Toy Boy; 2 & res, Miss E Collis’ Dorridge Chancellor; 3, Mrs J R Whitham & Mrs L E Booth’s Woodrow Portman. Highland (Mrs C Stevenson): 1-3 y-o 1 & res, Mrs A Hart & Mrs J Clifford’s Dunedin Feolin; 2, Mrs D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Inca; 3, Mrs D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Maverick. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs A Hart & Mrs J Clifford’s Achtriochtan Dougal; 2, Mrs N F Hoad’s Kingsmoor Feolin; 3, Mrs K A Knock’s Holmdown Cascade. Dales, Fell (Miss M G Longdon): 1-3 y-o 1, T B Capstick’s Murthwaite Magic Moment; 2, Miss A Carslaw’s Neathrose Georgie Girl; 3, Miss R Warner— King’s Murthwaite Black Shadow. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, T B Capstick’s Murthwaite Mulan; 2 & res, T D & Mrs Good’s Underwoods Icarus; 3, Miss M R & Miss I Nash’s Tamarvale Countess. Welsh Cobs (Mrs G B Lucas): sec C y’ling filly 1, D Williams’ Dyffryn Tywi Fflamgoch; 2, G & Mrs Cooper’s River Valley Ringlett; 3, S & Mrs Crutchley’s Synod Sweet Celina. do colt/gelding 1, B P Jeneson’s Hardy’s Dexter; 2, R Curtis’ Polmesk Ruan Rambo; Mrs S Patch’s Elwell Master Browson. 2/3-y-o filly 1, Mrs E Maloney’s Menai Lady Centennial; 2, Mrs C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Mayday; 3, Miss V A Stephen’s Llanidan Glesni. mare 1 & ch, Mrs Y Small’s Erwwastad Catrin; 2, Mrs J Pring’s Ashgrove Rosemary; 3, Mrs S E Howell’s Drogheda Nightshade. stallion/gelding 4-y-o & over 1 & res, P R Hussey’s Dabernon Take That; 2, A Paske’s Pavadean Pompous. sec D: y’ling filly 1, Mrs J Knowlson’s Llanarth Model Mai; 2, N & K E Laurie-Parry’s Craignant Miss Molly; 3, S & Mrs McCarthy’s Brynsleigh Pride. 2/3 y-o filly 1, Mrs P J Middleton’s Paith Nelumbium Blossom. y’ling colt/gelding 1, Mrs S Ward’s Rosecombe Symphony’s Midnight Flyer. 2/3-y-o do 1, Mrs L Saint’s Southcoast Mr Tom; 2, N J Snelling’s Cwmafon Taliesman; 3, Mrs B Hoddinott’sCrugmelyn Dai. mare 1 & res, Mrs M Baker’s Cathael Cerys; 2, Miss M Thatcher’s Llanfyllin Rosina; 3, Ms D K Reynolds’ Hengwm Fantail. stallion/gelding 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Mrs A E Waters’ Trevallioan Prince William; 2, Mrs C M Pearse’s Blaengwen Sion Aled; 3, Mrs C Howarth’s Cwmcae Comet Bach. ridden M&M (Mrs S Hore, Mrs P Campbell): New Forest, Connemara 1, Mrs C S Pollett’s Moortown Firethorn; 2, Mrs J R Whitham & Mrs L E Booth’s Woodrow Portman; 3, Mrs K French & Mrs P Sugden’s Willoway Riverdance. Fell, Highland, Dales, sec D 1, Mrs C M Pearse’s Blaengwen Sion Aled; 2, Mrs J Morgan’s Nashend Sea Bass; 3, T B Capstick’s Heltondale Misty IV. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A 1, Mrs S Goodman’s Pasadena Morgan; 2, Miss J Newbery’s Drumphin Concerto; 3, R & Mrs Sharp’s Uppacott Poligny. sec B/C 1, Mrs J Pring’s Ashgrove Rosemary; 2, Mrs K R Hughes’ Ashgrove Rebecca; 3, C & Mrs Gibbions’ Mollegaards Mr Swing King. Cuddy in-hand (Mrs A Pritchard) 1, L Bigley’s Douthwaite Signwriter; 2, J Jordan’s Hisley Craftsman. BSPS HOYS int (S Somers, Mrs J Stephens, A Illsley): SRT 153cm 1 & ch, Mrs J E Brookshaw’s Rosemore Midnight Legend; 2 & res, M & Mrs Coates’ Whalton High Jinks; 3, Miss W Heller’s Towan Barnaby Rudge. 158cm 1, Mrs C J Burrows’ Rivervale Mannequin; 2, Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 3, Miss H Lang’s Royal Doulton. SHT 158cm 1, Mrs D L Thomas’ Banjo II. Heritage M&M LR (Miss M G Evans) 1 & ch, Mrs V A Pritchard’s Horsehill Hazel; 2, Master C R Gregory’s Tiffwyl Marksman; 3, Miss T H Jones’ Jardines Minuet. FR 1 & res, Mrs R Proud’s Denbury Down Diplomat; 2, Mrs D Ward’s Garnview Lyric; 3, Miss H Jeans’ Bengad Stone Crop. ridden pony (Mrs J Stephens): novice 1, Mrs D K Day’s Stanleygrange Scholarship; 2, B A Harris’ Elwell Master Periwinkle; 3, R Webber’s Haynevalley Penny Black. 128cm 1, Mrs K Westaway’s Willowheather Amethyst; 2, Haynevalley Penny Black. 138cm 1, Mrs T L Bailey’s Green Barrow Gladness; 2, Miss S Treeby & Mrs M H Johnson’s Queensdale Araminta; 3, Mrs A M J Rix’s Redvale Faberge. 148cm 1, R Windmill’s Westhill Gay Sovereign; 2 & res, Mrs S J Golombeck’s Sweet Dream; 3, Miss S J Joules’ Blaircourt Fleur De-Nuit. SHP (Miss J Lewis) 122cm 1, Mrs D Ward’s Twylands Paean; 2, Dr & Mrs S Williams’ Brynoffa Blue Boy; 3, Mrs K Westaway’s Broomells McKenzie. 133cm 1 & res, Mrs M J Thomas’ Llandaman Curuso; 2, R Webber’s Tricula Morning Wren; 3, Miss J G Hosgood’s Charma Swift Dragonfly. SHP 143cm 1 & ch, Mrs B A Giles’ Seren Esquire; 2, Mrs J Averis’ Scorlton Cornerstone; 3, Hon C Digby’s Loveday Carey Lewis. 153cm 1, D G Doble’s Romany River Gypsy Girl; 2, Mrs C Creasey’s Granby Mint; 3, R Webber’s Dancing Lace. WHP (D J Wood, Mrs D Plummer): 133cm 1 & ch, T J Browning’s Whitemere Christopher Robin; 2, Mrs C Bayley’s Amesbury Casablanca; 3, Mrs K Westaway’s Blaenpentre Showman. 143cm 1, Mrs C Rowcliffe’s Toyd Zeppy; 2, Mrs C Silvey’s Rudgeway Toreador; 3, Mrs T L Bailey’s Pebbly Duncan. 153cm 1 & res, Mrs S A Grose’s Bombay Mix; 2, Mrs I A Wotton’s Matthew Mead; 3, R Webber’s Tollerhayes Fescue. M&M WHP (Miss J Cooper, Miss M G Evans): 122cm 1 & ch, Mrs J M L Horton’s Brandsby Zircon; 2, Mrs K Westaways Broomells McKenzie; 3, Mrs E A Shillam’s Twyford Cador. 138cm 1 & res, Mrs K Westaway’s Blaenpentre Showman; 2, Mrs R E Lauder’s Burley Gossip; 3, Mrs C Gibbs’ Kingdown Sapphira. exc 138cm 1, Miss L A Hughes’ Nyton Mister Mistofolos. private driving (Mrs S Vintcent, G Mitchell): single/pair/tandem 1, Mrs M Alford’s Thorneyside Black Velvet; 2, G A Allen’s Jethro; 3, Mrs P Baker’s Baldwin’s Dandy Boy. light trade vehicles 1, Mrs H M Noad’s Titan Summer Storm; 2, Miss N McGrail’s The General; 3, M J Davies’ Muddygate Bill & Muddygate Ben. heavy horses (R Gowing): turnout pair trade 1 & ch, R J Hiscock & Badger Brewery’s Donheadhall Alexandra & Donheadhall Constance; 2 & res, Wadworth & Co Ltd. heavy horse (R Gowing): gelding 1, B N & Mrs Willis’ Medstead Royale; 2, Messrs K & S Hasemore’s Snowmist Arimist. mare 1, B N & Mrs Willis’ Trelow Isadora; 2, G F Mayo’s Harbour Light. 2/3 y-o colt/gelding 1, Messrs K & S Hasemore’s Phoenix Charlie; 2, K J & Mrs Wide’s Maesknoll Tudor Rose; 3, S M Haines’ Barwood Blend. y’ling do 1, Mrs D James’ Heathfield Harvester; 2, Mrs D James’ Heathfield Skylark; 3, Miss A K Clemence’s Brickell Loselybelle Anverdia.

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