Rowallan AC show jumping results, 30 December – 1 January

  • ROWALLAN AC Fenwick, Ayrshire, 30 December – 1 January
    30 Dec: starter stakes 1, Dynamite Diggy (P Locke); 2, Miss Magic (C Sharp); 3, She’s Spot On (E Hawcroft) 90cm 1, Springleigh Switched On (M Russell); 2, Bicardi Edge (J Hawcroft); 3, Dooneen Coola Boy (D Hughes) Blue Chip Newcomers 1, Dooneen Future Star (R Howley); 2, Hard Times (R Connor); 3, Comet (A Barton) 1m 1, Fountain Ranger (J Crosby); 2, Cappagh Cindy (E Howell); 3, The Cyber Spaceman (D Thompson) 128cm 1, 2 & 3, Get Ready Freddie, Charleys Angel & Spring Disney (J Mendoza) 138cm 1, Fountain Ranger; 2, Cappagh Cindy; 3, Creative Dancer II (S Roe) 1.10m 1, Moonlight Flight (D Thompson); 2, Above and Beyond (G Taylor); 3, Erraroey (R Harrison) Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter 1, Oakenshaws Apollo (E Grant); 2, Hard Times (R Connor); 3, Huxley III (G Taylor) jnr open 1, Moy Dancer (R Howley); 2, Shearwater CJ’S Kemosabi (R Ginley); 3, Tick Tock Two Tone (E Stoker)

    31 Dec: starter stakes 1, She’s Spot On; 2, Dynamite Diggy; 3, Dooneen George (R Aird) 90cm 1, Dexter VI (E Grant); 2, First Lady Du Guerre (D Ward); 3, Dooneen Coolala Boy 1m 1, The Cyber Spaceman; 2, Fountain Ranger; 3, Cappagh Cindy Blue Chip Newcomers 1, Spotswood Blue Steel (E Rogers); 2, Carramore Champ (D Thompson); 2, Prime Example (N Williams) winter 128cm 1, Get Ready Freddie; 2, Silver Wonder (Y Tanfield); 3, Charleys Angel 138cm 1, Fountain Ranger; 2, Loch Corrib (G Gillespie); 3, Creative Dancer II jnr 1.10m 1, Drishoge Khiro (G Clarke); 2, Emerald Reward (R Connor); 3, Moonlight Flight Squibb & Davies Foxhunter 1, Magners (M Cadden); 2, Hard Times (R Connor); 3, Fuzzy (C Dougan) jnr open 1, Moy Dancer; 2, Our Foreman (R Howley); 3, Moonlight Flight 31 Dec: starter stakes gp 1, Jims Jet (S Selby); 2, Charmsdale Mini Me (B McGoldrick); 3, Corralass (C Dinning) 1m 1, Du Lally (G Hilton); 2, Clover Dash (S Gibb); 3, Spiffy (H Rankine) jnr 1.10m gp 1, Drishoge Khiro; 2, The Cyber Spaceman; 3, Millie II (E Stoker) 128cm gp 1, Get Ready Freddie; 2, Spring Disney; 3, Charleys Angel 138cm gp 1, My Bugsy Malone (L Whiteway); 2, Emoe Jessie (S Roe); 3, Atlantic Swift (J Robertson) 148cm gp 1, Shearwater CJ’S Kemosabi; 2, Above and Beyond; 3, New York Spritzer (R Roe).

    1 Jan: 148cm accumulator with joker 1, Applejax Mr Ed (L Whiteway); 2, The Cyber Spaceman; 3, Dexter VI (E Grant) sml pony open accumulator with joker 1, Blues to Remember (J Mendoza); 2, Grey Palace (D ward); 3, Pussy Cat Doll (D Ward) starter stakes accumulator with joker 1, Dynamite Diggy; 2, Watermans Cartier (J Aston); 3, Chamsdale Mini Me (B McGoldrick) 148cm snooker classic 1, Moy Dancer; 2, Our Foreman; 3, Touch of Joy (C Aston) 138cm snooker classic 1, Dooneens Coolala Boy (S Howley); 2, Gwaun Benjamin (C Aston); 3, With All Due Respect (E Howell) 128cm snooker classic 1, Rockfild Charm (J Aston); 2, Celton Lara (D Cassel); 3, Forever Penny (C Dinning).

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