Row over designer dog perfume

  • Leading US designer goes to court over the launch of a canine perfume called “Timmy Holedigger”

    A Manhattan judge has ruled that the dog perfume Timmy Holedigger, does not infringeon the designer Tommy Hilfiger’s copyright.

    Leading designer Tommy Hilfiger has been told to “chill” and see the humour after the federal court judge threw his case out of court.

    In his lawsuit, the designer claimed the product “Timmy Holedigger” was likely to cause customer confusion with his own brand Tommy Hilfiger.

    The judge ruled that the dog perfume could not be confused with Tommy Hilfiger aftershave and said: “Even a dense, humourless consumer could not make that mistake.”

    Nature Lab, the company which has been manufacturing canine toiletries for three years, also produces other parody fragrances, such as CK-9, Miss Claybone and Aramutts.

    The judge also pointed out thatwhen faced with similar concerns, other perfume companies had not sued.

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