Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping Finals 2008

  • This DVD features 90 minutes of show jumping, including highlights from the qualifying World Cup rounds and the final in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    From the home menu there is the option to watch just the highlights of the season, the final, or to play all. I would recommend that you watch the whole lot, as it is actually put together very nicely. With scenic introductions and cultural narration to each of the host locations of the qualifying rounds, you feel as though you are being taken on a tour of the international show jumping circuit.

    The jumping, particularly the final, is exciting even if you know the outcome, with the likes of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and her superstar Shutterfly, Ludgar Beerbaum, Jessica Kurten, Michael Whitaker and Nick Skelton jumping up to 1.65m.

    It also features Arielle jumping a beautiful round in the early stages with William Whitaker, and subsequently ditching her new rider after her sale this year.

    If you are a show jumping fan, you can’t go wrong with this DVD — in the words of the commentator and former international show jumper Stephen Hadley: “This is show jumping at its very best.”

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