Riders sign up for global trek

  • Riders from around the world will be heading out to Jordan later this month to ride across the desert and raise funds for the Brooke Hospital for Animals

    Twenty-seven riders will be travelling to Jordan later this month to take part in a 160km trek across the desert to raise funds for the Brooke Hospital for Animals.

    The group, which includes riders from Britain and Canada will be leaving Heathrow on Saturday 21September and return on 30 September. They will fly to Jordan and then travel to Wadi Rumn, where their ride will start on 23 September.

    Accompanied by Bedouin guides, a Jordanian vet and doctor, the group will travel the 160km to Petrausing local horses.

    The ride is scheduled to take five days and the group will be sleeping out under the stars at night.

    The ride finishes on 28 September and the group will then spend two days in the ancient city Petra attending organised events and looking at the work done by the Brooke Hospital.

    Each of the 27 riders taking part has pledged to raise £2,000 and it is hoped that the ride will raise between £40,000 and £45,000.

    The Brooke’s UK community fundraiser Clare Gough said: “The purpose of this ride is to raise funds and people’s awareness of the Brooke’s work overseas.”

    All of the riders have been advised that they need to get fit – so hopefully they will have all been out running!”

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