Ride safely: Ride with a mobile

The advantages of carrying a mobile phone while riding, especially when out hacking, may sound obvious in these hi-tech times, but it’s surprising how few riders actually do so.

Accidents happen and this common-sense measure maylimit the consequences in the event of an emergency.

One of the most frequently cited reasons for not carrying a phone is that the ring tone may upset the horse, but most phones can be set to a silent or vibrate mode or don’t even have to be switched on.

Riding with your mobile ensures that help is just a phone call away should you need it. HORSE readers can purchase a Fixaphone mobile phone carrier, normally costing £12.99, at a special discounted price of £6.50. See the Summer issue of HORSE for full details.

Top tips for riding with a mobile

  1. In an emergency, dial 999 and be ready to give your exact location or details of the nearest landmark
  2. Store important numbers, such asthe main person to contact in an emergency and the number of the yard, on your phone
  3. Switch your phone to silent or vibrate when you are riding so it is less likely to spook your horse, especially if he’s unused to phones and you’reunsure how he’ll react, or he’s a youngster
  4. Ensure your phone is fully charged before setting off on a ride
  5. Be aware of any areas where your phone has poor or no reception and consider changing your service provider if itwill make a difference
  6. Never use your phone, especially to send text messages, while riding on roads. Horses tend to be at their most unpredictable when you are distracted
  7. As a courtesy to other riders, always ensure your phone is switched off while at a lesson, show or event. You won’t be popular if your phone causes a horse to spook at a crucial moment!

The British Horse Society has no official policy on the use of mobiles while riding, although Wendy Peckham, the organisation’s media and public liaison manager, urges riders to exercise caution at all times

“Although they are useful in emergencies, the BHS wouldn’t recommend the use of mobiles while mounted, as you should keep both hands on the reins,” she says.

“Riders must also be careful about where they store their phone while riding in case they fall on it and injure themselves.”

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