Ride on air with new saddle pad

  • The Korrector saddle pad from First Thought Equine, enables riders to experience “riding on air” without the expense of having the Flair system fitted to their saddle.

    Incorporating four air bags with foam inserts, Korrector’s air bags are inflated while the rider is mounted using a small pocket-sized pump.

    This enables the fit and balance of the saddle to be easily adjusted as the horse changes shape, or if one saddleis used for more than one horse.

    First Thought Equine’s David Kempsall explains: “Llywnon saddlery has pressure tested the Korrector and found the exceedingly large bearing surface gave pressures of 1lb per square inch at sitting trot.”

    The Korrector is described as equally suitable for correctly fitting and ill-fitting saddles with either traditional woof flock or Flair air bags.

    Korrector also features a patented gullet locking plate which locks the saddle pad up into the saddle’s gullet, preventing it from putting pressure on the spine. It is available separately at £4.95 for attachment to existing saddle pads or numnahs.

    Korrector is priced at around £125, including pump and valves, and can be used with English, Spanish or Western style saddles. A side-saddle version has also just been launched.

    Contact (tel: 01227 831614) or visit www.korrector.com

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