Ride and shine on the roads

  • A new concept in high-visibility clothing will ensure you are seen when riding on the road this winter

    A new high-visibility waistcoat has been developed to help riders stay safewhen exercising their horses on the roads, especially when the light is poor, such as during winter mornings and afternoons.

    The Pulsarneon waistcoats are made from florescent yellow material with reflective inserts and include a strip of flashing or constant light, which can be seen clearly from up to 1000m away. The waistcoats fasten at the front with a Velcro strip.

    The light system is designed to make drivers aware of a rider’s presence earlier, giving them more time to slow down and avoid them. It can be set to flash or stay on constantly and is battery powered.

    The average life span of the light cord is 24,000 hours while the replaceable batteries last 35 to 40 hours if used on constant and up to 100 hours if used in flashing mode.

    The light cord is detachable which allows the waistcoat to be washed when necessary.

    The Pulsarneon waistcoat is available from Halfords stores and costs around £30.

    For more information contact Praybourne (tel: 01527 514111)

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