Restore tired muscles

  • Sore No More is a 100% natural herbal blend perfect for rejuvenating sore and tired muscles

    Winter hacking involves mud and deep going, which can leave your horse’s legs feeling sore and tired.

    Sore No More is an herbal liniment that promises to provide relief and help ease aches and pains.

    Forumulated using arnica, rosemary, lobelia, lavender and witchhazel – all renowned for their soothing properties. This blend is effective and gentle and suitable for horses with sensitive skin.

    It can be used on thin soles prone to bruising, neat on any “hot” spots or diluted as a refreshing body wash.

    Sore No More is available as a 100ml bottle (pictured) or in the form of 40 ready to use wraparounds.

    Cost at around £10 for the bottle and £25 for the wraps.

    For more information contact Horsefair (tel: 01794 389085).

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