Rescue pony set for TV fame

  • A Welsh Mountain pony rescued as a youngster looks set to become a film and TV star

    A Welsh pony bought because his new owner felt sorry for him has been flooded with calls from agencies wanting to sign him onto their books.

    Kaiser, a six-year-old grey gelding, was three when his owner Mark Palmer from Woodseaves in Suffolk bought him.

    I wasn’t looking for a pony,” said Mark “I was actually looking for a horse, but he was in such a terrible state I decided I couldn’t leave him .”

    Through some detective work Mark managed to track down Kaiser’s breeders who told him Kaiser was not five, as Mark had originally been told, but only three and that his registered name was Bradeney Manpheonix.

    “It was a bit of a shock to find out he was only a youngster, especially as his previous owners had broken him to ride and drive.”I suddenly thought – what can I do with him now? Particularly as he doesn’t enjoy being ridden.”

    Mark has always been interested in training horses to perform stunts and tricks and decided to try and teach Kaiser a few basics.

    “Each year I spend a couple of daysworking with Gerard Naprous and his Devil’s Horsemen Stunt Team. I asked his advice and began training Kaiser,” said Mark

    “It was amazing Kaiser is a complete natural and a very quick learner.”

    Kaiser now boosts an impressivearray of around 40 tricks and stunts. These include walking on his hind legs, as well as sitting like a dog, lying down and pulling a blanket over him.

    He is also the only pony able to perform a full capriole, a move made famous by the Lipizzaners from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

    “I watch Kaiser out playing in the field and simply mould his natural movements into tricks. He is a complete show off and adores people so performing comes naturally to him.”

    Mark is busy putting the finishing touches to Kaiser’s portfolio and eventually hopes to break into television.

    Anyone interested in seeing one of Kaiser’s performances should contact Mark (tel: 01785 824 765)

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