Rescue dog is fund-raising star

  • Clapper, a terrier found abandoned on the streets of Derby in 1997, has become a canine charity’s chief fundraiser after demonstrated a “party trick” that saved his life.

    When the Corgi-cross was found the local authority operated a seven day-policy where any animal which was not reclaimed or re-homed after seven days was put to sleep.

    On the day Clapper was scheduled to be put down, the veterinary nurse approached his kennel and he sat up and started to clap. She was so touched that she contacted Just for Dogs and asked them to take him for re-homing.

    Clapper was one of the newly established charity’s first rescue dogs and was re-homed with Mike Baxter, an executive of British Polythene Industries Plc (BPI), from Biggin near Ashbourne in Derby.

    Clapper now splits his time between fundraising for Just for Dogs and participating in recycling campaigns. In the last 18 months he has managed to raise over £3,000 by attending and fronting charity events.

    The busy hound has two separate email addresses – one for Just for Dogs and the other for BPI, and also has his own business card.

    Margaret Smith, Just For Dogs centre manager at Mansell Meadows in Brailsford, Derbyshire, said: “Clapper is such a comical looking little dog with his Queen Anne type legs and long body. He has helped us enormously with fundraising and is a really good mascot.”

    Clapper accompanies Mike to work each day, but his life certainly isn’t all work and no play — according to Mike the cheeky terrier likes nothing more than a swift half in the pub after work.

    “Given the choice between chasing rabbits and coming to the office with me Clapper chooses the office everytime,” says Mike. “At the end of the day once we have checked our emailsand answered any correspondence Clapper and I often go the pub with our colleagues.”

    For more information on Just for Dogs visit www.justfordogs.org or to send Clapper an email click here.

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