Quilted leg wraps

  • Leg wraps to help dry legs and prevent mud fever

    It is officially autumn and already we are experiencing wet weather. Heavy rain can play havoc with your horse’s grazing leavingfields poached and waterlogged.

    Standing for long periods in muddy fields can lead to your horse developing mud fever. Thermatex quilted leg wraps are ideal for drying off legs and keeping them warm as well as offering protection in the stable.

    Easy to put on, they are secured with three Velcro straps. The wraps are made from a double layer of quilted Thermatex, which has the ability to wick moisture to the surface of the garment where it evaporates.

    Available in a range of colours to co-ordinate with the rug range and in sizes small and large.

    Cost at around £29 (set of four).

    For more information contact Thermatex (tel: 01239 614648) or visit www.thermatex.co.uk

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