Quick and easy knee protection

  • A new design from Westropp is an easy alternative to fitting separate knee and brushing boots

    Even the most sure-footed horse can slip on the roads or trip on uneven terrain. Broken knees can be a serious injury taking many months to heal and often leaving unsightly scars.

    Knee boots offer excellent protection to this delicate area and there are many types and styles available.

    But if you are in a rush it can be tempting not to bother fitting them as they can often be quite fiddly.

    Westropp have an developed the ideal solution – a Neoprene brushing boot with a built in kneepad. It offers a strike pad on the inside of the leg, aswell as one on the knee area.

    Three Velcro straps hold the boot firmly in place, while the back of the knee area is free from any straps.

    Available in black only and in pony, cob and full sizes.

    Cost at around £30.

    For more information contact Matchmakers International Ltd (tel: 01274 711101) or visit their website www.westropphorseboots.com

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