Q&A: “Working livery” insurance

  • Q: I am moving to a livery yard where the yard owner gives a few private lessons. My 10-year-old ID/Thoroughbred mare will be used for one or two lessons a week, with my consent.

    My horse is covered for accident, illness, death, fire and theft. Will I need extra insurance to cover the use of my horse in lessons, or is that the yard owner’s responsibility?

    Simon Mackaness, director of insurance brokers BEIB replies: “It is essential that additional cover is sought for the use of your horse for instruction.

    The cover should beorganised by the instructor and the policy should be extended to cover you as the owner, in case someone sues following an accident.

    Your own horse insurance will only cover you for private use of your horse. If this use is to change, the insurance broker must be informed, as this will affect the validity of your policy.

    Many owners also have personal liability cover, which is often included in the membership of an equestrian society or association, such as the BHS or BSJA. Again, this is only suitable for private use, so for the type of activity you have detailed above, extra cover should be sought.

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